‘He prayed so passionately and even blessed the dead’ Jamal Gaddafi’s friend reveals his last actions before his gruesome death

David Alliwah and his Vioja Mahakamani counterparts are still in shock after the death of the shows Judge Jamal Nassul.

Jamal died after his girlfriend Grace Namu stabbed him in Mlolongo, Machakos, last week.

Alliwah, who plays the role of a prosecutor in the show, told Word Is yesterday Jamal saw his death coming.

“After the last segment, Jamal said a very long prayer for us, which was unlike him. I asked the audience to stand up and requested Jamal because he was Muslim. He prayed so passionately and even blessed the dead. He then told me to make sure we keep in contact.

I have worked with him since 2016 and our friendship was very close, more like a brother to me. We created a team together because my role and his role were similar. Although we had to appear as judge and prosecutor, we had good unity.”

‘I didn’t know this was my last pic with you’ Kenyans mourn Vioja Mahakamani actor Jamal Gaddafi

Jamal Nassul and David Alliwah
Jamal Nassul and David Alliwah

Alliwah also recounted a day Jamal came to looking agitated.

“Last week during our last shoot, Jamal was very disturbed. I remember his phone was cracked and he told me it was a quarrel with his ‘wife’ because someone had called Jamal at night, so she smashed the phone. I was so close to him and everything that happened in his life,” he said.

Namu, the suspect in the murder, was arrested on Wednesday last week.

“She was not a side chick. Jamal had introduced her to many of us and we knew she was his wife. It was not someone who was intruding in his life,” Alliwah said.

RIP: Jamal Gaddafi alias ‘Baba Junior’ stabbed to death by his ‘lover’ under unclear circumstances

Fellow actor Julius Masaai, alias Ole Tipis, said

 “We have something called blend in the show, and I have blended well with Jamal; he was like a brother. We could fight and laugh. I could feel bad and hit him but then we would laugh. The show has lost the driver.”

King Kaka, who also features in the programme, said Jamal was a happy person and he will be missed.

“We shared a lot with him and Jamal was always happy for the one year we worked together,”

Jamal was the nephew of veteran radio presenter Leonard Mambo Mbotela, who broke the news of his death.

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Aged To Perfection: Vitimbi actress Mama Kayai is getting better with age

Mama Kayai and the late Mzee Ojwang captured national attention years back.

We all loved the relationship the two had as husband and wife, and parents to Kayai.

Legendary TV comedian Mary Khavere aka Mama Kayai was among the big winners during this past weekends Riverwoods Movie awards.

Mary Khavere took photos with Fatuma Hirsi, Principal Secretary, Broadcasting & Telecom. and she hasn’t aged one bit.

The Ps has praised Mary Khavere saying;

She is consummate. She is fluid and she is real. She, for the longest time, was not only the defining face of Kenyan situational comedy on TV but was also the only source of training and learning on how to act and express on TV. This is because when she reigned, there was no other training school for acting other than watching her and her TV husband act alongside other pioneer TV artistes. At some stage the real wife of legend Ojwang Hatari, Augusta Wanjiru Wanjau expressed worries that her husband might have been stolen by this charming silver screen star. Unknown to many, the ultimate Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe acted as her daughter. She has inspired many more. The Kenyan TV and Kenyan people owe it to her. She is the undisputed Queen of Kenyan and East African SitCom who articulated public policy and home realities that humanized and warmed at times morose situations. The history of Kenyan film and theatre can never be complete without mentioning her. She is the Grand Warrior of Riverwood and star of all times. She is Mary Khavere and She is Mama Kayai 

See the picture of Mama Kayai



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EXCLUSIVE: Vitimbi And Vioja Mahakamani Crew Talk Leaving KBC, This Is The UNBELIEVABLE Reason Why

This writer sat down with Vitimbi’s Mama Kayai, the judge to Vioja Mahakamani Lucy Wangui and Gibson Mbugua also a veteran from Vija Mahakamani.

It turns out that the two local drama shows were owned by KBC and according to them, some people felt that they were too “old” for the job and decided that a new crew should take over.

This meant that the former Vioja Mahakamani crew would be left jobless as what they called ‘young’ minds were set to take over the job.

Aisha Khavere, Mama Kayai’s real name,  says Vitimbi crew then came together in solidarity to defend their friends of Vioja Mahakamani who had been kicked out.

But then, were they paid well?

“Hio kidogo tulikua tunalipwa lazima ujipange nayo.Si eti unalipwa kidogo inakushinda kujipanga. Ikiwa hiyo ndogo unapatiwa inakushinda kujipanga kwa hiyo hata hiyo nyingi ukipewa itaisha kabisa. Kwa hivyo nilikua najipanga na hio kidogo nilikua napewa.”

For three years now, the crew from the two local drama shows have gone MIA (Missing In Action). Good news fellas! They now have a new show that will premiere this Sunday 30th July.

Here is an exclusive interview with the crew as they talk new project and family:

Bringing humor to law and order:Lucy Njoki

She has graced out television screens for over two decades, entertaining and making us laugh. She plays the role of the no nonsense judge on Vioja Mahakamani. Lucy Njoki is a household name to many and i got a chance to ask the youthful looking judge six random questions. Here is her take:

Who are the most influential people you have met because of acting?

I have met american actress Meryl Streep,  reggae musician Tanya Roberts,  actor Robert Redford, all kenyan heads of states and the list is endless.

Did you always wanted to be an actor?

I wanted to become a nurse or a secretary from a young age. I actually went to college to study secretarial and got a job as a secretary but quit as soon as acting came calling.

How much were you paid back then and how much are you paid now?
I was being paid Sh 20 and that was a lot of money back in the day. For now i earn a good sum per show. My acting has paid off.

Have you ever been arrested?
I am a law abiding citizen but i have been arrested before and taken to court and charged with drinking after hours. I pleaded not guilty as i was only drinking soda and i had evidence, the judge believed me.

Some upcoming actors say it doesn’t pay why?
This is because they do not want to start from somewhere. I didn’t start making the amount of money i am making now. I started somewhere and i had the patience to let my craft pay. My advice to everyone whow ants to join the arts is have patience, start somewhere, drop the attitude it will pay someday.

Mashujaa day is coming up would we term yourself a shujaa?
There are shujaaz in every field who have made an impact to our country, Baba Kayai for example is a shujaa of arts. I wish our country would recognize our shujaaz when they are aive. Kenya has the tendency of honoring people after they die.