The harder I tried to fit in, the louder my difference would SCREAM – Victoria Rubadiri

Citizen TV news anchor Victoria Rubadiri is one journalist whose name when mentioned elicits respect and awe. Why? The beautiful gap-toothed anchor is one of the best examples of journalistic excellence and class having been on TV for close to a decade.

And while it might seem to have come easy to her, Rubadiri has revealed that it took some getting used to, this after she relocated from USA to Kenya, 10 years ago.

Victoria Rubadiri
Victoria Rubadiri

She revealed her struggles to fit in Kenya yesterday in a post on her Instagram page, in a post dedicated to people who always feel like outsiders or misfits wherever they are.

“So here’s to the outsiders, the misfits, the quirky, awkward, quiet ones. Celebrate your difference, while daring to shape the world around you.”

 Victoria Rubadiri shows off weight loss transformation on 34th birthday

“I’ve always wanted to fit in. I’ll admit it’s been a weakness of mine. I guess it stemmed from that insecure 10-year-old Kenyan girl trying to find a place in this ‘New World,’ called America. My ‘funny accent,’ and ‘funny name,’ would ensure my square peg would never fit in their round holes.”

Victoria Rubadiri
Victoria Rubadiri

The mother of one said she first struggled to fit in when she went to the US as a 10-year-old and after 14 years of staying in the US, came back to Kenya but still struggled fit into the Kenyan culture which felt so different, and the harder she tried to fit in, the easier it was to know she was different.

“A decade ago when I returned to Kenya, after 14 years in the US, I was met with the same dilemma this time trying to fit in to a culture that was my own but was so foreign. Again my ‘funny accent,’ 😜and ‘funny name,’ (Rubadiri is Malawian🇲🇼) made sure of that. I realised the harder I tried to fit in, the louder my difference would SCREAM.

“Something helped though and that was becoming a journalist right when I got back home. It turned me into a student of my Kenyan people, language and peculiarities. Every story I told was a lesson.”

Victoria Rubadiri
Victoria Rubadiri

Ms Rubadiri mentioned that becoming a journalist really helped her learn the Kenyan culture through everything she did.

“Each year I grew in my career, I accepted my ‘outsider’ tag a bit more and used it to my advantage. I gained a unique perspective on the world around me and tried to articulate that through my storytelling.”

With time, she got to accept the outsider tag she had been given by many and used it to her advantage, and always worked to better herself each day.

Victoria Rubadiri
Victoria Rubadiri

“Not having the comfort of ‘belonging’ kept me hungry to learn more and strive to tell a story as it is. It is a privilege to do what I do and give my audience a view of their world through my lens.

“Once I accepted that I’m terrible at fitting in and better off working on myself and my craft that changed everything for me,” she finished off.

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Larry Madowo excites Kenyans as he flaunts new American accent (video)

Even while abroad in the USA, Larry Madowo still has a talent for getting Kenyans animated. Yesterday, the former Nation TV anchor appeared in an interview with Victoria Rubadiri on Citizen TV discussing the covid-19 pandemic.

The journalist, who spoke to Rubadiri via Skype, has been in America from mid-2019 as he advances his studies at the Columbia School of Journalism, which is located in New York.

Larry Madowo with some of his foreign friends
Larry Madowo with some of his foreign friends

On Saturday, March 28, he was interviewed by Rubadiri during the 9pm news and talked broadly on the major strategies that the US was taking to combat the spread of the virus.

“There is a lot of messaging to social distance in the US. The medical facilities in the US could be strained due to high numbers of infections,” he said.

The reason Larry Madowo has been forced to leave New York City

Despite sharing much on how the US was dealing with the virus, the journalist also took issue with the manner in which the police were implementing the curfew in Kenya.

“I was horrified watching people being brutalized by police as the curfew took effect yesterday. We cannot have police, who are ‘Utumishi Kwa Wote’ beating up Kenyans. How do we justify that?” he posed.

Larry Madowo vacationing
Larry Madowo smiling

While Larry’s interviewed carried a lot of oomph, some Kenyans were torn about the accent that he had developed since his move to the country.

Larry would be heard struggling to maintain the local accent but occasionally got himself off with American accent in which he pronounced words such as city as “cirry”, saying thirty as “thirry”, among many others.

Check out the interview below:

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 Victoria Rubadiri shows off weight loss transformation on 34th birthday


The stunning Citizen TV news anchor made a promise in 2018 to hit the gym and shed weight.

Well we can confidently write that she has been successful, and we love it.

Victoria’s impressive weight loss journey became public knowledge after she introduced her trainer and gushed over her.

She wrote

Can I just say I absolutely adore this woman right here! My trainer @vinitaotieno is the fuel to my fitness journey. I’ve been out of training for a minute which warranted the onslaught of side👀👀👀👀from her. But V, the sports bra challenge is duly accepted come 2020. I’m going hard. 👊🏽I’m ready to get back into it.💪🏽🏋🏽‍♀️

Janet Mbugua – Politicians approached me for intimacy while I was marriedvictoriarubadiriwhitetrousersuit

Happy birthday Victoria and may you have an awesome day.


Several other famous people have embarked on a weight loss journey and among them include Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja, Heiress Anerlisa Muigai, and most recently singer Adele.
Adele showed off her incredible weight loss while attending Drake’s birthday party, following her divorce. The 31-year-old star looked sensational as she partied.

Dj Evolve speaks out on injury: I’m scared

adele skinny 1
Adele shed weight


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Victoria Rubadiri shows us the one food we really need in our life

While most of us are doing our best to use forks and knives, this lass isn’t afraid to get her fingers on food.

TV presenter Victoria Rubadiri is giving us a peek into what she eats.

She was in Kisumu where she chowed down on some Ugali, samaki and sukuma wiki.

Victoria is a self declared foodie. Who doesn’t love some ugali, and fish?


Victoria and former co-host Larry Madowo recently made ii to Netflix after a comedian featured their review of a movie.


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Victoria Rubadiri Speaks Out After Being Trolled For Addressing CYBER BULLYING Which Led To The DEATH Of a Young Girl

Gospel singer Jimmy Gait recently revealed the pain and heartbreak he went through from nasty comments on social media after he debuted his song Yesu Ndiye Sponsor back in 2016.

The Kenyan artiste confessed that the cyber bullying that came with the release of the song made him very disappointed with some Kenyan fans and more so for being trolled for his funny songs titles.

‘One Song Made Them Think I’m Trash,’ Jimmy Gait Weeps Uncontrollably On Live TV, Claims Kenyans Are Ungrateful

During the interview on The Trend with Anita Nderu, Jimmy Gait broke down as he explained the insensitive comments and feedback he got from his fans, saying that he felt like trash.

This comes in the wake of another cyberbullying report where a lady by the name, Brenda Akinyi, took her life because she couldn’t stand the humiliation and ridicule she got after seeking help online.


Brenda, who committed suicide by throwing herself into oncoming traffic on Waiyaki Way, had gone through a series of disappointing life incidences that saw her little one defiled and not getting any justice from the police, who even took advantage of her.

This news shocked everyone with celebrities taking to social media to urge Kenyans to stop cyber bullying.

One of those celebrities who was saddened by the news was media personality Victoria Rubadiri, who decided to give her voice on this matter on her show, but this got out of hand when some people trolled her for talking about the sad topic.


Rubadiri then went online to share her disappointment for those who actually attack people fighting cyber bullying:

Ah the irony, you get trolled for having a convo on cyberbullying. Just a mention of the word and folk go ham. Like playing fetch.

Ironically, one of the people to troll her was Robert Alai, telling her to get her facts rights as a journalist. Check out the tweet below.


Here are more comments from the tweet.