Plane carrying Saudi Arabia’s football team to world cup 2018 catches fire after take off

Saudi Arabian football team were left shaken after their plane caught fire after take off in Russia during this years world cup.

According to Daily Mail Flames were spotted coming out of the engine before the plane safely landed in Rostov leaving no one harmed.

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The team are set to play Uruguay there on Wednesday. An official statement from the football association said:

‘The Saudi Football Federation wishes to reassure everyone about the safety of all members of the mission of the national team after a minor technical malfunction in an engine.

‘The plane landed a few minutes ago at Rostov on Don Airport, and UNOMIG personnel are now safely heading to their residence.’

This comes weeks after a Kenyan aircraft Fly-Sax Cessna C208 aircraft, crushed into the Aberdares killing 10 people on the spot among them the pilot Barbara Kamau and her co-pilot Jean Mureithi.

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The ill fated aircraft was flying from Kitale to Nairobi crashed at the Aberdares. Another aircraft accident that caught attention in Kenya is when a helicopter crashed into Lake Nakuru in 2017.

Five people among them Apollo Malowo (the captain), bloggers; Anthony Kipyegon, John Mapozi, Sam Gitau and a woman identified as Veronica Muthoni lost their life.

The bodies were later retraced with some retraced weeks after the accident took place.

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Apollo Malowa
The late Apollo Malowo captain of the helicopter that crashed in lake Nakuru

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Meet The Woman Who Died In The Horror Lake Nakuru Chopper Crash

Family and friends of Veronica Muthoni, the female occupant in the ill-fated chopper that crashed into Lake Nakuru, are mourning her sudden demise. Ms. Muthoni, who was a fresh graduate from Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology, has been described by many as a jovial woman.

According to her family members and close friend, Esther, they learnt about her death on social media.

“I learnt that my friend had been involved in the crash from my Facebook account. I tried to contact her but her phone was not going through,” said Esther. 

Muthoni’s father, who is yet to come to terms with the loss of his 22-year-old firstborn daughter in a family of three, also learnt about the sad news from her friend.

“We did not know if she was in the chopper until her friend told us that she has been campaigning for president Kenyatta in the South Rift region,” he told the media.

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Although there are different media reports, some saying that Veronica Muthoni was a caterer in a hotel in Nakuru town while others indicate that she was jobless and searching for a job, she was a die-hard Jubilee supporter.

Here are photos of the late Veronica Muthoni;


Veronica Muthoni


Veronica Muthoni


Veronica Muthoni


Veronica Muthoni


Veronica Muthoni