‘He was divorced and loaded’ Vera fondly talks of her first sponsor

Vera Sidika oozes confidence and class with many silently envying her. What most do not know is that she has had her fair share of struggles.

In a past interview, Vera had narrated how she had to drop out of school due to financial challenges but that did not stop her from dreaming.

My life was average given that my parents gave me the best I never lacked they supported me alot because I loved drawing and painting.

I even won trophies for the same, My parents ensured that I went to schools that offered art classes.

I studied up to University but I was not able to clear School because of lack of School fees.

‘I was feeling suffocated’ Lilian Muli on why she divorced her first husband

wigs vera

For the fist time she has opened up about dating an older man ‘sponsor’

He was divorced, he was also older than me. He treated me so well and did a lot of thing for me. he did not like that i was in the modeling industry.

And that I was hustling here and there working. I was also living very far from him, on Thika road, which was near my university. So it got to a point where he said, ‘As my girlfriend, I want to help you.

She adds that she gave him her loyalty and affection and he reciprocated by showering her with money and gifts .After all don’t they say tumia pesa mpaka ikuzoee?

He gave me money. A lot of money. You cannot have a rich and successful man and you are looking jaded and broke. He would give me money for shopping.

To say the truth, that is money, I had never seen in my entire life! He would give me money and it would shock me.

‘My wife cheated with the driver and she is unapologetic’ cries city man


She furthers adds she made a routine of saving some cash and now she is laughing all the way to the bank.

I dated him for one and a half years. Every Friday, for all those years, I would go to the bank and deposit money he had given me.

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Striking similarities between Vera Sidika and Otile Brown’s new bae- List

By now, you must have gotten the memo that Otile Brown has found a new bae and no, she is not Kenyan. She is Ethiopian and going by their photos they are love struck.

The Ethiopian beauty, Nabayet, is camera shy unlike Vera Sidika but there are a few things that they have in common and here they are.

1. Stylish
Nabayet is stylish and that is undeniable but let us call a spade a spade, Vera’s fashion game was also top notch and we all envy it.

Vera Sidika

2. Well travelled
Nabayet has been to Rome, Paris, Switzerland, Singapore and a host of other countries.

Vera Sidika, on the other hand, has been to Dubai, USA, Nigeria, Mauritius among other places.

This might give you a hint of the kind of women Otile Brown likes.

‘My wife cheated with the driver and she is unapologetic’ cries city man

3. She is ambitious and smart
She graduated with a degree in BioMedicine.

Otile Brown's new bae

Vera Sidika is also ambitious. She may have dropped out of school at some point due to financial constraints but she has managed to create a brand for herself.

4. Both ladies have bodies to die for.
What we call thick and sexy.

What other thing do you think Vera and Nabayet have in common?

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‘I think am lonely, I need a real woman’ – Otile Brown

Otile brown has shocked his fans after asking them who the right girl for him is. He put up some qualifications saying that she needs to be humble and suitable for him.

This comes after breaking up with Vera Sidika late last year. A break up that was very messy. Well he is now looking for someone else to warm his bed and he can’t hide it. He took to Instagram to express himself and wrote;

“With 🤳 one can possibly be enough ..

Damn! I think am lonely..I need a “real woman” in my life

👉sio Madanguro na watafuta kiki .

Dem gani unadhani ametulia na ananifaa?


Otile Brown

Otile Brown seemed happy when he was with Vera Sidika and would even sing about her. The big question is, is he over the brutal break up with Vera.

Vera Sidika takes on troll criticizing her new man


This weekend, Vera shared a screenshot of a conversation with a fan who wanted to make sure Sidika is ok with the size of her current lover’s cassava.

The follower wrote mockingly:

“I hope you will not cry about his small mjulubeng.”

But Vera would hear none of it and went savage on the follower, saying:

“I guess you have not heard about Senegalese men. You should just humble yourself and be quiet.”

Differences between Okari’s wedding with Betty Kyallo and with Naomi


The screenshots
The screenshots

This is quite in contrast to the way she mocked and ridiculed Otile Brown after their horrific break-up.

Not one to be deterred Vera went ahead to publicize his poor bedroom performance

She wrote

“In laws I have a kind request; may you please stop claiming that O.B mjulubeng W) made me sing. First of all, It’s small & shook, probably beat,. kijulubeng not mjulubeng (If you think I’m lying ask the girls he’s f**ked before.)
I was the one even teaching him how to  f**k” kid still never got it. It was a topic from time to time.”


Vera and Otile
The former lovers in the past

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Otile Brown is ready to be a dad: Here are the qualities his baby mama must meet

Celebrated local singer Otile Brown has revealed that he’s ready to have a child. The talented artiste seems to be hunting for a wife and a mother for his yet to be born children.

Taking to Instagram he wrote;


Check out the screenshot.

‘There is no way I could have aborted his child. I just made sure I could get not get pregnant from him’Vera Sidika spills the beans on why mbegu ya Otile haikumea

Not so long ago, Otile  Brown released a song talking about his relationship with the well-endowed socialite and even accused her of aborting his baby.

Otile said in lyrics on the song:


Otile brown and Vera Sidik
Otile brown and Vera Sidika

Block mode activated: Zari blocks Diamond and his family on social media

He went ahead to tell it all in his hit that has attracted a lot of views on YouTube


In another verse, Otile Brown reveals that Vera aborted their child


Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

Vera Sidika came out to deny the claims that she had aborted Otile’s unborn child.

Recently, she also revealed that she was planning to have a child with her new boyfriend before she turns 30.


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Lanes! Vera Sidika reveals she is a landlady in Nyali (Evidence)

Ever wondered how Vera Sidika manages to finance her posh lifestyle and keep her business running yet she is not employed like most of us?

She takes vacations, buys wigs worth your whole months rent and while most of us are busy borrowing loans on Tala, Fuliza and Mshwari, Vera is busy spending her cash.

‘I’ve been married for 18 years and my mother-in-law does not know where we live’ Brags city woman



Well we at Classic 105 have finally unearthed that Vera is a Landlady in Nyali. The conversation was leaked after one of her fans, who is also a tenant, told her that she saw her title deed.

Here is how the conversation goes

Fan: Vera I know you have a house in Nyali but you never show us lol. I’m a landlady so I got an agent and one time I was at the office I had hio title deed ya Vera sidika Nyali… I was like damn Vera you go girl anyway I never even told anyone but kudos if it was you
Vera Sidika: Hmmmm …but who told you
Fan: I was at an office
Vera: I only post such for motivational purposes. I make silent moves. Land, apartments, houses, businesses are my kinda thing. I got tired of cars.


Young Soul: Here’s why women go nuts over business tycoon Kibor (list)

Here are screenshots of the entire conversation

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-21 at 21.21.46

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-21 at 21.21.47

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Vera Sidika spotted hanging out with Kendall Jenner

Vera Sidika has set new standards for 2019 after she was captured along side Kendall Jenner who is a member of the Kardashian Family.
For those who might not know the Kardashians are considered among the most famous families in the US.
They have a reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. where they keep their fans engaged.
Vera Posted a photo of her with Jenner and her fans cant keep still

‘@kendalljenner is so pretty 😍Her boyfriend was playing tonight. LA Clippers vs Philadelphia 76ers.
Postgame VIP lounge.”

Below are some of their comments

shay_rron@xx_hope_.xx: alexa please play next season of keeping up w/ the kadarsians ft Vera sidika🤣. Let us wait 🤣

william_kafwa: Got no words for u gal u keep going places n doing ur thing mob love

tiffanie.marley__: Wuuuiiiiii huyu amemake it. @briget_josephs

claudyahshyro: You are officially a kaJenner❤️😻

tashaa_barbara: Baby girl making moves in Hollywood 🔥🔥🔥

moniquekim258: Vera you got a beautiful soul and meeting Kendall wow wow💞💞

waridi_racheal: we’ve have officially accepted her as our family friend from Africa😂

alex_mwash: Until she gives you a comment, insta fam this is photoshop 😁

ms_anitah: Awwe i love me some Kendal, she is always simple nd yet classy👌💅❤

__queen.mo: Somebody noticed the way Jenner has dressed ni kama anaenda kwa bafu and she looks just perfect😭😭😭😭 Aki pesa ni sabuni ya kila kitu.💞

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Stick to your lane: Socialites who released music jams in 2018

2018 has seen a lot of ‘up coming artistes’ the likes of Vera Sidika, Hamisa Mobetto and Pendo of Nairobi D but the big question is how good were they?

Vera Sidika is known to many as a socialite before she made a name for herself in the business women list, funny as it may sound she thinks she can sing.

Weeks after her public breakup with Otile Brown she surprised many of us by releasing a jam ‘Nalia’ which according to me sounds like a desperate poem to an ex.

‘How does he expect me to go out and not cheat yet I am so beautiful!’ Shouts city woman (Audio)

Recently Nairobi D actress Pendo shocked many of us after releasing a jam ‘Mali’ alongside PETRA and OTEE BEATZ – MALI.


‘Karma is real,’ Otile Brown throws shade at ex bae Vera

 Thinking about it now Vera and Pendo are better off compared to Hamisa Mobetto whose jam ‘Madam Hero’ makes me sleep, literally.

Whover told her she could sing should actually be awarded the BIGGEST liar of 2018. Personally I think this damsels should just concentrate on something else.

The music field is not for the faint hearted and with the stiff competition we all want authentic music sio mambo ya trial and error. Here are the songs be the judge .

If I say they are poor, except for Pendo’s you might think I am hating so lemmie be thinned by my own issues.


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Utawezana? Photos of Vera Sidika’s wigs which can pay your years rent

2018 is almost coming to an end but before then, let’s take a look at all the fancy hair styles that Vera Sidika has rocked locally and abroad.

From wigs to natural hair the boss lady knows how to keep it short and sweet, after all there is nothing as beautiful as a confident woman.

Team Mafisi watch out: Panic in Migori as strange killer STI hits goldmines

A wise man once said

“All you need is love and great hair’

When most of us are busy rewashing our weaves and wigs,Vera does not mind spending thousands on her hair.

In a past post Vera had hinted on how much she spends on weaves, claiming she spends over Sh450,000 on her weaves.

She caused uproar on Twitter after declaring that she  forks out  Sh450,000 on her weaves. Yes, Sh0.45 million.

She claims that her weaves are not Brazilian, Indian or Peruvian which is why they are pricey.

She posted the tweet for the benefit of girls who would like to look like her.

Below are photos of her rocking different weaves and aren’t they classy? Love her or hate her, gal got class

Mtoto Tunaye: Maribe expectant and here is a photo from the baby shower

‘My friends wife cheated and the baby came looking exactly like the neighbor’ ( Audio)

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Vera Sidika adopts a new look that has got us drooling (photos)

Vera Sidika was in London over the weekend for an appearance at an event dubbed the East African Wave London Shutdown. But the one thing evertyone noticed was her huge transformation.

For the event, she got all super glammed up to a subtle natural look by top notch International make up artiste known as Edith Williams.

Topping to the simple detail, she slayed effortlessly in an orange wig and a sheer black dress.

However, most Kenyan’s seemed not to be impressed with her new make up look while others couldn’t help but drool over her images.

Yes, she looks amazingly different.

‘I do not appreciate people calling me fat ‘ Anerlisa to her trolls


Well some  fans did not understanding how contouring and perfect foundation shade works hand in hand, they went ahead to state she should stick to her usual make up.

On her usual make up, Vera gets to look rather a million shades lighter, an impression that one fun touched on stating,

“Everyone hates how she looks here, because she looks darker than usual. Why isn’t dark skin accepted in the society.”

Another fan commented;

” I love the new you… for real, you are gorgeous, hapa kwetu unapakwa unaka white!!”

‘I was only a teenager,’ Akothee sadly reminisces about her horrific birth experience


Vera’s usual make-up look

‘You used all your strength just to see me,’ Timeless Noel mourns his dad

Below, is a before and after photo collage of Vera’s recent make up look.

This is enough proof that she is indeed a natural beauty and the new make up look is indeed her appropriate shade.

I dont know about you, but she is definitely at a 100 and killing the new look!!!

Vera sidika's new look


vera sidika

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Celebs who almost broke our hearts with their fake wedding stunts

The various artists named below, have had pleasure of making the public believe they actually had a church wedding. In other words, ‘they fooled us’.

Whereas in real life they were buys building up public tension as they were shooting video scenes for their love songs.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the chemistry in their images fooled the public.

‘My four sponsors send me 100k every month but I have nothing to show for it,kwani ni pesa ya black magic ?’ Cries city woman (Audio)

Willy Paul x Alaine

They were working on their song dabbed I Do. 



‘I thought my man was perfect that he couldn’t cheat only to learn he cheated even before our wedding’ woman confesses (AUDIO)

Bahati x Diana Murua

Bahati was working on a song dabbed Mapenzi where his now wife and mother to his child was a video vixen.

Well despite the little act, they actually did have a spark in reality.

baha weds diana


He made news, that he had a secret wedding in South Africa, however it was just a stunt, as he was working on One Centimeter music video.

‘He took him into my brother’s guest room and killed him’ Man narrates how his stubborn sibling killed his brothers care taker (Audio)

Sanaipei Tande & Otile Brown

These two artists got us wishing them all the best as they were newlyweds. To an extent of confirming some affairs are to be kept private. Where Tande said;

“Ni mambo ya kurealise it’s an intimate thing, for close family. I’ve always been private on that sector of my life. These things are not shared.”

Otile Brown's wedding
otile, sanaipei
otile brown sanaipei

In her video  Bebi Bebi, she was marrying her ‘baby baby’



Vera Sidika x Calisah

Socialite Vera Sidika’s case is different from the wedding stunt’s as her’s was a new babe in town. Allegedly meant to imply she was over Otile Brown & getting all cosy with the Tanzanian hunk Calisah.

Here are the worst celebrity breakups in the year 2018

2018 has seen many celebrity relationships end for one reason or the other.

We take a look at some of the worst breakups we have seen in 2018.

People break up everyday but the list below has been termed the worst due to the publicity they attracted:

1. Zari

The mother of five broke up with Diamond Platnumz over what she termed as constant disrespect. She wrote


“Understand this is very difficult for me to do. There have been multiple rumors some with evidence floating around In ALL SORTS of media in regards. Diamond’s constant cheating and sadly I have decided to end my relationship with Diamond.

As my RESPECT, INTEGRITY, DIGNITY 8, WELL BEING cannot be compromised. We are separating as partners but not as parents. This doesn’t reduce me as a self-made Individual, and as a caring mother, and the boss lady you have all come to know.


I  continue to build as a mogul, I will Inspire the world of women to become boss ladies too. I will teach my four sons to always respect women, and teach my daughter what self respect means,unlike many.

I’ve been in the industry for 12 years and through all my challenges I came out a victor because I am a winner,and so are all of you Zari supporters.HAPPY VALENTINES.”

2. Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

The two broke up in what has been the most publicized relationship in the recent past.Vera opened up saying that Otile was using her for his own gains.

The last few weeks have seen the public entertained after the damsel leaked their conversations online even airing Otile’s wanting bedroom performance.

‘His ex sent me her photos full of bruises,’ Vera Sidika opens up about the red flags she saw before she started dating Otile Brown

verah and Otile Brown

3. Chipukeezy

He recently broke up with his fiancée of 3 years saying that they had both agreed it was the best for both of them. Talking to Classic 105, he said

“People fall in and out of love, and maybe the plans I had for her did not work out.

We moved on because there is more to life than just love and relationships. People should stop speculating things, but instead let her move on with her life. She is free to be out there and get other people.

To be honest, we agreed that whatever we wanted to do together would not work out, and it was a peaceful agreement. Tulikua tunaenda Canaan tukapata mamba.”


EXCLUSIVE: ‘Tulikua tunaenda Canaan tukapata Mamba’, Chipukeezy opens up on why his relationship hit rock bottom

4. Bridget Achieng

The damsel, who is expectant with her first child, recently opened up on being left high and dry by her boyfriend while heavy with child, adding that he wanted her to terminate the pregnancy.

In an interview with SDE, she says

“He left when I was two months pregnant but God has been faithful. Rejection is one thing I can never wish for my worst enemies.
I can never harbour bitterness or hard felling on him. Everything happens for a reason. My baby will be great that’s for sure. It’s said that when you are with God the rest is a peanut.”

Bridget Achieng

Reasons why Vera may be desperate after being dumped by Otile Brown

5. Corazon Kwamboka

The curvaceous lady parted ways with her mzungu bae this year. Taking to her instagram she posted a long post on the reason for their breakup.

“I loved this guy! But the distance just couldn’t allow us to be together, it’s been tough and we were not happy. I’m single and happy, focusing on myself and law practice. I’m sure I will find love and when it’s real; it will be easy,”

After endless struggle and fights for little things because we were both agitated about everything coz we missed each other, we finally decided to quit.”she wrote.


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Looking for a partner? Here are the most eligible bachelorette’s in Kenya

Christmas is around the corner and men are under pressure to get married, many might say all good women are taken but that is not the case.

We look at some of the most eligible bachelorette’s in Kenya at the moment, and if you think your game is good then get ready kurusha mistari.

1. Lupita Nyongo

Though a private person she was rumoured to be dating Nigerian stylist and a fashion editor at GQ style magazine Mobolaji Dawodu but the 35-year-old never confirmed it.

She is daughter to Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyongo.


2. Rev Natasha

Natasha once told The Nairobian that, “I’m waiting for God to show me the right man.If you think you are the right man for her then go for it.


3. Betty Kyallo

Currently divorced the 29-year-old mother of one is ripe for Mr Right.


4. Vera Sidika

She just broke up with Otile.


5. Eunice Njeri

She was once engaged to longtime fiancé and gospel rapper Isaac Bukasa, but they broke up in November 2016.


6. Dj Pierra Makena



7. Victoria Kimani

Victoria, 33, after breaking up with Nigerian boyfriend Stanley Obiamalu, is single.

victoria kimani

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Inaweza? Kenyan celebrities who should consider starting a reality show

Reality TV shows are the latest trends not only in Kenya but world wide.

Celebrities like Bahati,Janet Mbugua have already jumped onto the band wagon.

Here are more celebs who should consider starting reality shows.

1. Eric Omondi

He was recently nominated as the funniest man in Africa. He mostly shares his funny video clips on his social media pages maybe it is time he considered starting a reality show.


2. Willy Paul

He calls himself ‘Heaven Material’, he is loved and hated in equal measure, and don’t you think his reality show would be a hit?

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

3. Akothee

The self Proclaimed president of single mothers lives by the mantra ‘My life your entertainment.’ and what better way to entertain us than to start a reality show.


4. NJugush

He keeps his fans entertained with funny videos online but as you might already know Instagram limits large videos hence the best way to maximize on his talent is to start a reality show.

Local comedian Njugush with his wife Celestine Ndinda
Local comedian Njugush with his wife Celestine Ndinda

‘I learnt after our honey moon that my new wife had robbed a bank of Ksh 700K, ‘ City man confesses

5. Nameless

He and his wife Wahu are considered among the darling celebrity couples in Kenya and we all know why. Unlike other celebrities, this couple is rarely caught up in drama.

Starting a reality show would be a good step given that they would help their fans by giving them advice on what keeps a marriage going.

wahu nameless

6. Diamond

He is considered among the most sought after artistes in Africa and with a huge fan base.

A reality TV would help build his brand even more given that his fans love keeping tabs on his love life.


7. Zari

She has millions of followers on Instagram, so what better way to maximize on this than to start up a reality show.

Love her or hate her, she is a force to reckon with not only in her country but in Africa as a whole.

8. Betty Kyallo

Her life is a reality show ever since her marriage to Okari broke, and details of her life emerged. She can give us a glimpse into her life through a tv show.

‘My four sponsors send me 100k every month but I have nothing to show for it,kwani ni pesa ya black magic ?’ Cries city woman (Audio)

Betty Kyallo

9. Vera Sidika

Her life is too dramatic in a rather entertaining way. Imagine a reality show dubbed ‘Keeping up with Vera’ si inaeza kua moto?

Vera Sidika

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‘Shikwekwe didn’t have to go that low’ Fans blast Vera Sidika for airing Otile Brown’s ‘wanting’ bedroom skills in public

Otile Brown is a wounded man after his ex Vera Sidika aired their dirty linen in public even sharing embarrassing details of their s3x life.

The socialite cum business woman shared screenshots on her Insta  stories but all this while Otile has remained mum.

She wrote

“In laws I have a kind request; may you please stop claiming that O.B mjulubeng W) made me sing. First of all, It’s small & shook, probably beat,. kijulubeng not mjulubeng (If you think I’m lying ask the girls he’s f**ked before.)
I was the one even teaching him how to  f**k” kid still never got it. It was a topic from time to time.”

‘Ugly men we Perform!! You will never touch yourself again I promise’ Obinna to Vera after she aired Otile Brown’s dirty laundry

verah and Otile Brown

She further added ,

image-2018-11-19 (8) (1)


image-2018-11-19 (9) (1)

Reasons why Vera may be desperate after being dumped by Otile Brown

In conclusion she says

“Also size does not matter to me,the game does, There’s men with small D that t get women going crazy for them coz they know what they are doing.Then those with huge D that just so useless coz it sits there does nothing not everyone is blessed with a big D but do your best to satisfy your woman ama? Utaibiwa.If you don’t make love to her when you break up someone she might get someone that does all that and It will be very easy to move on fastfast coz who wants to go bad to bad s#x?”

Otile Browns fans have come to his aid to help him nurse his bruised ego with many commending him for his maturity.

Below are some of their comments.

puritymunguya: My crush,wachana na plastics baby, come to me.am very nashoro!I like your maturity.

leylaswits: Your truly a man she went crazy with screenshot you kept your cool.i know and believe you owe no one an explanation to how long you can hold yourself.keep doing your thing shine bright otile

[email protected]_guiness: thats the spirit man no man can reduce a man’s greatness to s#x 🙌we gat you otile

neshtonnie: Then she undermines you alot why didn’t she embarrass the former BF?? She takes your silence for weakness and that’s maturity.

[email protected]_things_mtumba: 😂😂😂..maybe..but Shikwekwe didnt have to go that low. She”s a true definition of money cant buy class😢. As an “entrepreneur’ that she claims to be. Is that the right way to act? I know we all ain’t perfect but l honestly feel sad for her. She needs some real girlfriends to put her in check!

‘Ugly men we Perform!! You will never touch yourself again I promise’ Obinna to Vera after she aired Otile Brown’s dirty laundry

Days after Vera Sidika took to social media to embarrass Otile Brown on how poor his bedroom skills were, comedian Obinna has come to her aid.

The help Obinna is offering is not in monetary terms. He is offering to give her an unforgettable experience between the sheets to compensate for all the ‘tough’ times she went with the ‘Baby Love’ hit maker.

Obinna penned a message to the socialite-cum-singer saying that he is ugly but he can perform. He further adds that he has everything going for himself, a car, house and a career.

Exposed here is the information Vera has leaked about Otile Brown’s bedroom skills

He wrote that:

“The rest of you sleep if and when you wanna.
Vee you know where to find me and you have my number.
You will never touch yourself again I promise.🙈
Let me redeem for boy child. I bought my own Rolex,I always pay for my Own Music Videos that don’t get played🤣😂,Drive my Own Small Cars so I won’t reck yours,I have a house so I won’t over stay at yours, And when it comes to EATING I eat EVERYTHING!!!lol (edibles and non edibles)🙈
Ugly men we Perform!! 🤣🤣🙈🙈


We can only wait and see if Vera accepts the offer.

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Team natural! Here are your favorite celebrities without makeup (photos)

Makeup is used to enhance a look, but these celebrities have proved to slay despite the extra layer of makeup. We do understand why once in a while, you need to stay away from makeup. It is very important to remind the world of the beautiful natural self you are.

Here are some of the celebrities who look good without makeup.

1. Teacher Wanjiku


Check out Mike Mondo’s beautiful daughter as she turned two (photos)

2. Catherine Kamau aka Celina


3. Betty Mutei Kyallo


Celebrities who attended Sauti Sol’s Fancy Finger’s wedding

4. Pierra Makena


5. Vera Sidika


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Reasons why Vera may be desperate after being dumped by Otile Brown

Vera Sidika stated that Oile Browns ex alleged reached out to her and warned her to stay away from the ‘Baby Love’ hit maker.

The woman in question is yet to be identified but according to Vera, this woman was one of the many red flags she saw before she started dating Otile Brown.

Check out Mike Mondo’s beautiful daughter as she turned two (photos)

 In an earlier interview she said

“I saw the signs that he wanted me for the money, even before we started an ex of his sent me photos through a fake account of both of them in her car, she also sent me photos of her dented car.

It is during that time when he also dented my range rover which I had to fix myself after efforts to get him to do it failed miserably.

verah and Otile Brown

He was dating this girl who sent me messages telling me how Otile would use me, to get to propel his career when I asked him about it he did not deny the fact that the woman in question used to give her money. But added that he was not using her”.

Here is a list of Kenyan celebrity hunks we wish were still single (photos)

Further adding that

“The woman further to told me how Otile was violent even sending me photos of herself with bruises adding that they even had a police report. 

Well we think that Vera is getting desperate and here is why

1. Stooping so low as to air Otile’s bedroom skills in public

She might be getting desperate because people are getting tired of all her drama so what better way than to demean the boy child?

2. Publicizing the fact that Otile borrowed her money

Every man has borrowed money at some point after all uchumi ni mbaya kwa kila mtu. Imagine what would happen if all of us decided to expose our bae’s debts si labda wahame Kenya.

3 .Releasing a song only weeks after being dumped

Don’t get me wrong but this song is just ill timed and Vera is just using it so as to remain relevant. Further more what is she crying about her failed relationship or being dumped? That we will never know.

Whether you agree or not Vera’s singing skills have nothing on Otile, boy child ameweza.

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