Elegant! Check out Vera Sidika’s new beauty parlor launching today (Video)

Vera Sidika is launching her new Spa (VS Spa) in Nyali, Mombasa county today.

Vera relocated to Mombasa together with her business after what she said was because of her health issues.

“I started sneezing and caught flu. Everyone started looking at me as if I had contracted Covid-19 and that forced me to get tested. I am well though. I am doing better here,” she said in an interview with Standard.

In an invite to Classic 105, Vera said she is rebranding.

“I relocated to Mombasa from Nairobi and moved the business with me. Yes. I am re-branding, It’s bigger and better!”

“I hereby take this opportunity to invite you to the Official launch for VS Spa on 5th September 2020 from 1pm to 8pm on 3rd Avenue, Nyali. (Right behind city mall) Dress code is Elegant and classy. Kindly RSVP,” read the invite.

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Vera’s beauty parlour was previously located in Western Heights, Westlands.

She launched it in June 2018.

Speaking to Word Is during the launch, Vera said she was optimistic about the business and it’s going to be a very successful one.

In a recent interview with Standard, Vera said the cold weather had driven her off Nairobi as she developed a serious flu that threatened her health.

The event is an elegant and Classy themed occasion.

Check out the video of her new Vera’s beauty parlour;



Ako na bunduki! Vera Sidika flaunts a gun on social media (photo)

Socialite Vera Sidika has left many surprised after she recently flaunted a firearm on social media and warned those with bad energy to stay far away from her.

In a snapchat post, Sidika wrote;

“Bad energy stay far away.”

Birthday loading! Kambua celebrates her son as he turns 11 months

She went ahead and tagged her current location, Mombasa.

To own a firearm, one needs to have a license.

Several Kenyan celebrities have in the past flaunted their guns among them Babu Owino, Jowie, Saumu Mbuvi, Nyota Ndogo, Andrew Kabogo, Boss-MOG, Nameless, Prezzo.

check out the photo;


‘I am a sharp shooter’, Otile Brown responds to pregnancy rumors

Singer Otile Brown believes he is good in bed.
When he broke up with Vera Sidika, she accused him of not satisfying her in bed adding that he has a small cassava.

In the myriad of Instagram stories, Vera complained about Otile’s member being small, claiming he was a one minute man not knowing how to satisfy her in bed.

She went on to share details and messages that suggested Otile did not encourage enough foreplay as part of making love.

On the other hand, Otile claimed that Vera is a sex addict and that it is all she wants to do when they are together.

Goodbye! Betty Kyallo quits K24 after two years

Well, he was live on Instagram with Juma Jux where they spoke about different things and got a chance to brag about his bedroom skills.

Otile Brown and Vera in a file photo
Otile Brown and Vera in a file photo

Asked whether his girlfriend Nabbi is pregnant, Otile said he is yet to get the news.

“You know I’m a sharpshooter, she said she has a surprise for me. She hasn’t told me yet. but what I know is that I’m a sharpshooter,” he said.

After breaking up with Sidika, he started a relationship with Ethiopian bae Nabbi.

Sidika on the other hand dated Tanzanian doctor Jimmy Chansa and have since separated.
Brown is set to release his album ‘Just In Love’ on Wednesday.


The Rich And Famous! Top 10 Kenyan Celebrities And Public Figures With The Most Flamboyant Houses

When you see these houses, you will realize that Kenya is not a poor country.

And yes, it is true that fame comes with money. I’m not talking about deadbeat celebrities who get caught up with petty areas over refusing to pay rent in their posh houses, I’m talking about celebrities and personalities who own their own homes.

I will let their flashy houses tell the story. Check out top celebrity houses in Kenya;

1. Akothee

Call her madam boss or the Benefactor hit maker. She is indeed filthy rich and even with fans speculating where she got all that wealth, it is true that Akothee owns most of the posh houses in Kenya. She has several houses after building another house in Nairobi from Mombasa where she used to live. But do I say!

akothee house1(1)

2.Mike Sonko

Let alone his Mua Hills mansion that left many jaws dropping over the flamboyant mansion. Mike Sonko’s house in Mombasa is one that even some of his fellow politicians cannot afford. He is stinking rich and his house shows how wealthy this politician is.


3.Allan And Kathy Kiuna

They are probably the most wealthiest pastors in Kenya. The two who run the Jubilee Christian Church have one of the most flashy houses in the country. The couple have received condemnation for living a flashy life. But that doesn’t faze them. Check out their not-so-humble abode.


4.Vera Sidika

Never mind her big derriere that gets her all the attention and did I mention her bleaching or as she likes to call it, skin lightening. Man, Vera loves the limelight and the limelight loves her. From her days of being a video vixen in the music video, You Guy, she has re-invented her brand. With the re-invention comes the money that has seen her invest in a posh house, in a leafy suburb.


5.Mwai Kibaki

Kenya’s former president Mwai Kibaki owns a Ksh 500 million. That is what was spent to build the house. Whoever said more money more problems has not enjoyed the idyllic and calming view from this grandiose piece of real estate. The thing is, he refused to occupy the house once it was complete.


6.Anne Waiguru

She needs no introduction! The former devolution CS lives in Kihigo estate, Kitsuru and is one female politician that we surely can say lives a luxurious life.

waiguru M

7.William Ruto

Deputy president has had a rags to riches history, from living in a mud house in the village to getting a presidential house worth Ksh 450 million. The deputy President has two residences in Karen and Eldoret.

ruto M

8.Raphael Tuju

His rich neighbors around his Karen mansion cannot stop talking about how expensive and luxurious his mansion is. The former minister for Information and communication cum minister for tourism and wildlife has embrace life in the best way possible.

tuju M

9.Raila Odinga

Less has been told of his personal life but the Former Prime Minister is living large with a house in Karen, another in Bondo not to forget his posh mansion in Mombasa.


10.Aden Duale

Being a majority leader, he need not tell you he has a flamboyant house, right? Check out his house;


‘I need financial aid,’ Vera Sidika on whether her house was auctioned

Vera Sidika is still keeping her fans entertained.

After claiming she wants to date DJ Shiti, she has again responded to other rumors about her house being auctioned.

Vera moved into her beautiful home at the upscale residential area a few years back.

In a previous social media post flaunting her mansion dubbed Queendom, she revealed she used to live in a bedsitter where rent was Sh3,500.

Drawing and painting! Vera Sidika unveils her photos of her hidden talent

“Life is indeed a journey, you never wake up & have it all perfect! You need to feel the struggle & pain & be patient before seeing better days. I remember when I came to Nairobi I used to live in a bedsitter in Kahawa Wendani Ksh. 3,500 monthly. It was the Living Room, Dining, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom all in one squeezed space…and today Ksh. 3,500 is what I’d use on-call credit daily. See how God works! Prayer; Major Key,’ read her post.


Rumour has been going around that Vera is homeless after the man (sponsor) who allegedly bought her the lavish mansion had all his properties auctioned.

“Shikweks, uko kwetu kwa hide my number, mafans wanadai hauna Nyumba,”

Responding to the fan who sought clarification on whether the rumours were true or false, she laughed it off and wrote,

“Sina nyumba but niko na Range Rover. Nalala kwa range at the moment 😂🤣 infact ata Range Rover yenyewe sina ni car hire 🤣🤣 I need financial aid. I’ll Call for harambee soon 😂😂😂😂

This is the second time rumors about the socialite’s home being repossessed by her ‘sponsor’ is doing rounds on social media.

Last year in an interview with Willis Raburu on 10over10, Vera Sidika rubbished the rumours and said,

“Really? wow! I get surprised with stories sometimes. I haven’t read about that but that’s not true because I just came from my mansion.”

Adding, “People always talk and say things. What I would say is don’t always believe what you see out there. If it didn’t come from me then it’s not true.”

Vera Sidika posing

To prove to haters that she was still living in her house, she went live and shared photos from inside and outside her house including that of her Range Rover.

Earlier on, rumors about her closing down her beauty parlour went round but she refuted.

“If you want to know if my salon is open just come and visit any day,” she said.

Drawing and painting! Vera Sidika unveils her photos of her hidden talent

What are you all doing with your lives during this quarantine season?

Vera Sidika is surviving and she keeps on surprising us with her hidden talents.

The other time, nobody thought she could sing. Then boom, she did a hit song after breaking up with one, Otile Brown.

The song garnered over a million views on YouTube.

She has now revealed  her new talent.

Well, the bootylicious beauty took to Instagram to reveal that she was going back to drawing and painting, a hobby she truly loved.

Sweethearts I’m going back to drawing and painting. For Y’all that probably don’t know, I have talent in Art yup. I am artist.

I’ll be creating a few art pieces soon a record an entire process while at it! It’s about to be fun” said Vera.

I miss art, I’m going back to drawing and painting , Vera Sidika.


In another Insta story, Vera revealed that before she got busy and neglected her talent, she used to paint.

I had so much time on my hands before I got so busy and neglected my talent, but I’m back bishes” shared Vera.

Her revelation comes a few days after she disclosed that she would get a baby if she survives the Coronavirus pandemic, adding that life is too short to keep on postponing her desires.

“I miss my baby 😢😫😭If I survive this Covid19 I’m making a baby 😝 Life is too short, 🤭” said Vera Sidika.

She said she will be getting a baby this year on next year.

Still beautiful! singer Kambua spotted looking all gorgeous without makeup

Check out the posts and some of her art work.




Who is the lucky man? Vera Sidika announces she will give birth this year

Socialite and business lady Vera Sidika has hinted that she will give birth this year or early next year.

This is not, however, news to many as she had been saying so for the longest time now.

She kept saying she was looking for a sperm donor but she still hasn’t.

While dating Otile, everyone was sure she would get pregnant for him, unfortunately they broke up over very unclear reasons.


She then met Tanzanian doctor Jimmy Chansa whom she praised and even revealed that she was going to settle down with him.

In an interview last year Vera said,

“I have never felt like this before. You recall me telling you about plans to get a sperm donor and never to get married? That has changed in those two weeks. I want him to come and settle down with me here, I want us to make a family, I want us to make kids and live together.”

She added;

‘Take charge of your life as you turn 20,’ Akothee to daughter

“For the first time, I have met a loving and caring man who is not concerned about money and fame. He is about the same age as I. Since I have invested a lot here in Kenya, the talk between us is to have him move to Kenya and continue practising here. That is where our conversation is now.”


The relationship lasted six months. They are no longer an item.

Fans are tired of waiting to see her child and one asked her when she is going to give birth.

“When will you get a kid?’

Sidika responding saying,


Guys, you now have to be ready to welcome the baby!

Lilian Muli to Churchill, here are celebs who were video vixens

Being a video vixen in Kenya has become a serious job. What you might not know is that some celebrities were vixens even before the world knew what it was.

Below is the list

1.Kamene Goro

Kamene is the latest celebrity to be a video vixen in a music video.

She featured in jam ‘Figa’ which is done by Ethic.

Kamene Goro spoke about stalking and other issues

2.Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika has been a video Vixen not once but twice.

Vera became a sensation for the first time after appearing in the video ‘You Guy’  by P Unit .

The socialite has been accused of lookming lighter than she did before

Fast forward Vera went to become a vixen for her ex boyfriend Otile Brown in his video ‘Baby Love’.

The song was so warmly received by the fans and it has so far garnered  8,580,721 views.

3.Lilian Muli

Believe it or not Citizen TV reporter Lilian Muli was once a video vixen for Kamba artiste Kasolo.

Lilian appeared as a vixen for the first time in the video ‘Kyaa Kya Ngai’

Lilian Muli looking glorious

Check out the posh house of businessman Paul Kobia – Photos

4.Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo has also been a vixen in a video for the song Mdogo Mdogo by the musician SKay.

She was doing what most ladies are dying to do now and she did not make a fuss about it.

Betty Kyallo in the dress

5.Huddah Monroe

Back in day when no one knew who Huddah was she featured as a vixen in the song ‘Ukweli’ which was done by Propesa.

Huddah Monrioe

When she later joined the A-list league of video vixens she was one of the main characters in ‘Nimetoka Mbali’ by Jaguar featuring AY.

6.Sabina Chege

The Muranga woman rep was a video vixen.

The famous John De Mathews has hit songs and his famous “Njata Yakwa” has our very own Sabina Chege as his video vixen.


We now know Churchill as a force to be reckoned with in the media industry but few of us know that one of Churchill’s first video was as the ‘ningependa kutuma salamu’ in Rufftone’s hit song ‘Mwikulu’.



In 2004 DJ Mo starred as one of the ‘video vixens’ with the coolest moves in Father Mbuyu’s video ‘Ruo Rwa Korogocho’ (pain of Korogocho slums) shot in Baba Ndogo.

Dj Mo
Gospel Dj Mo

In the video DJ Mo is in a white shirt and a knitted cap because he was such a huge fan of King Kaka formerly Rabbit/Kaka Sungura.

Mwalimu Rachel

Many don’t know that our favourite teacher was once a video vixen in Nonini’s ‘Pole Pole’

Mwalimu Racheal


Hell No!! Kenyan men reveal why they would never marry a socialite

For most socialites their racy photos online earned them likes, and followers on social media but for some the regrets are painful reminders of the life they lived.

Vera Sidika would be considered the ‘mother’ of socialites. She came to the limelight in 2012 after featuring in the song ‘You Guy’ by P-Unit.

After Vera came Huddah Monroe, Bridget Achieng, Risper Faith, Judy Anyango aka Jubolicious whose attempts at being a socialite failed miserably.

Vera however changed from being the dark-skinned girl next door to light skin, voluptuous lady thanks to surgery.

Apart from lightening her skin Vera enhanced other areas of her body. Speaking in a past interview Vera revealed that she regrets doing a bVVb job.

I paid a lot for the procedure.

Yes, it’s more expensive but worth it because you get qualified and certified surgeons with over 20 years’ experience.

Still, I am not proud of that decision anymore. Today, I regret the job.

Vera Sidika - Mpasho
Vera Sidika

In fact, I even want to get rid of them, all of you ladies rushing to Miami for surgery should learn to love yourselves.

If you must, Miami is not the place.

Hustle harder and go to Beverly Hills,”

Huddah has also in the past made her regrets clear, one of them being going for a similar job.”

The socialite recalled how she went into depression after being ridiculed for her small chest during her participation in the Big Brother Africa reality show in 2013.

‘I slept with my mother’s corpse for money, I now feel very bad’ Confesses Nigerian man

The videos of her chest in a shower scene at the show went viral.

Huddah said she ended up going under the knife to transfer fat from her behind to her chest so as to increase them in size.

“This is when I didn’t have tits, I succumbed to the pressure of society because I was under depression due to the videos of me in Big brother shower hour. 

I wouldn’t tell anyone to do the same!

It’s still natural coz it’s my own fat, NO silicone but I will never advice anyone to go under the knife coz of what people think about their bodies.

Never make irrational decisions, wait until you are mature enough.

I was naive , young and stupid at that time. Love yourself! Experience is the best teacher! Learn some of these things from me…#THROWback “

Huddah Monroe
The socialite posing

I regret all the nonsense.

All the social media drama and that is why I don’t do it anymore,”

Huddah  however is not the only socialite who has ever done things she regrets.

Former Nairobi D actress  Bridget Achieng has had her fair share of regrets with the major one being the fear that her son might grow up and see her pictures.

Bridget had in an interview with BBC said that she used to hang out with older men for money something she greatly regrets.

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At 25 years old, Bridget decided to try being a socialite and her life changed. Rich men would slide into her DM for her services and at the right price she would give in.

“I tried (the trade), I wouldn’t say I didn’t try.

You are a desperate girl looking for money and you are getting a guy who wants to give you like ten thousand dollar just to go visit him Dubai or wherever and he is willing to dash you 10,000$ (Ksh 1,000,000).


Ten thousand dollars some people have never seen 10 thousand dollars in their life man.

You just need to look pretty and get your 10,000 dollars and get on that flight and do what you have to do,’’ she narrated.

Bridget said she did because she was desperate

It’s something I tried when I was at my desperate moment. I had to do it to just get back up. It’s not something any woman should be proud of doing,’

Noti Flow

Noti Flow may not be a socialite but she is forever sharing photos on her social media platform.

Sasha Diva

The Nairobi D actress may not be a socialite but she has on a few occasions posted on her social media.

Sasha Diva

Sasha may not have regrets but going by her caption she actually feels like her body is goals for other women hence the need to flaunt it.


We talked to a few men on whether they would date such a woman and below are their responses

*Tom said

I cannot marry such a woman.

*Jerry also added that he would never marry such a woman

 There is no pride in marrying a woman who constantly posts photos.

Every one knows how she looks from the inside so she is no longer private but public property.

Another added provided she is not posting him he is good with whatever she posts.

‘If she has the qualities I am looking for in a woman, I would marry her provided she does not post photos of me or the kids.’

Would you marry a socialite or a woman who constantly posts photos on social media?

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Celebs who almost broke our hearts with their fake wedding stunts

The various artists named below, have had pleasure of making the public believe they actually had a church wedding. In other words, ‘they fooled us’.

Whereas in real life they were buys building up public tension as they were shooting video scenes for their love songs.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the chemistry in their images fooled the public.

‘My four sponsors send me 100k every month but I have nothing to show for it,kwani ni pesa ya black magic ?’ Cries city woman (Audio)

Willy Paul x Alaine

They were working on their song dabbed I Do. 



‘I thought my man was perfect that he couldn’t cheat only to learn he cheated even before our wedding’ woman confesses (AUDIO)

Bahati x Diana Murua

Bahati was working on a song dabbed Mapenzi where his now wife and mother to his child was a video vixen.

Well despite the little act, they actually did have a spark in reality.

baha weds diana


He made news, that he had a secret wedding in South Africa, however it was just a stunt, as he was working on One Centimeter music video.

‘He took him into my brother’s guest room and killed him’ Man narrates how his stubborn sibling killed his brothers care taker (Audio)

Sanaipei Tande & Otile Brown

These two artists got us wishing them all the best as they were newlyweds. To an extent of confirming some affairs are to be kept private. Where Tande said;

“Ni mambo ya kurealise it’s an intimate thing, for close family. I’ve always been private on that sector of my life. These things are not shared.”

Otile Brown's wedding
otile, sanaipei
otile brown sanaipei

In her video  Bebi Bebi, she was marrying her ‘baby baby’


Vera Sidika x Calisah

Socialite Vera Sidika’s case is different from the wedding stunt’s as her’s was a new babe in town. Allegedly meant to imply she was over Otile Brown & getting all cosy with the Tanzanian hunk Calisah.

Diamond’s sister blasts Vera for wearing mosquito net to his baby shower

Members of the Dangote family are unhappy at the fact that Vera Sidika attended Tanasha and Diamonds baby shower in underwear to the shock of many.

Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz took to her social media to cast some shade at Vera Sidika’s choice of attire to the baby shower saying:

We are told every day to be careful with mosquito so I decided to come with my net early enough for more protection.

This is despite the fact that there are very few mosquitoes in the beach but I met a friend of mine who has won a mosquito net alone.

Diamond and Tanasha dance lovingly as Vera is criticised (videos)


Take your pick ladies: Here are the most eligible bachelors in Africa in 2019

Speaking during the event Vera said the reason she did not want to miss the event is because she and Tanasha had know each other for almost four years.

Diamond was clad in white pants and a light blue shirt while Tanasha complimented his look with her own light blue pant-suits.

Chibu ever the showman was giddy like a kid and led his better-half in the wonderful tune.


The event was an all white party except for the parents to be.

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From Vera to Mwakazi, celebs who have had failed businesses

Being an entrepreneur is every persons dream but what many do not know is having a successful business is not a walk in the park.

This is something some of our Kenyan celebs know very well. They have experienced the agony of losing a business.

We take a look at celebs who have overcome failures in business.

1. Johnson Mwakazi

The media practitioner had at some point opened a media station dubbed WTV which sadly ended up being closed after three years.

He ventured into the solo project after he left his news anchoring job at Citizen TV.

I started a TV station and after three years it didn’t work out.

I remember there were families depending on it as their source of daily bread, and to call them and tell them we are closing down and that we would be releasing some of them was the lowest moment in my entire life.”

Sometimes I meet them.

I’m glad some have jobs, but when I look back, if only I had the option, I would have given them. I would have wanted to have more people employed there.

Johnson Mwakazi

2. Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika’s Hair Lounge specialised in selling of human hair weaves and extensions.

The lounge, which was located at the Greenhouse Mall, Adams Arcade along Ngong Road used to stock super expensive human hair and was expected to be a flourishing venture for her.

Speaking about her business failure in a past interview, the damsel said that the business failed because she was too young.

I am sure a lot of people know I had a high end hair line and it was doing quite well. But I think I was not ready in terms of strategising, planning.

I was a bit young, naive, I was very excited,” she said. 

3. Jack Ma

The owner of Ali Baba has had failure not only in business but in his professional life. As a job seeker, he was rejected in each and every job interview he went to looking for a job.

He says,

I went to get a job at KFC. 24 people lined up, 23 were taken, I was rejected. Five of us went to look for a job in the police. 4 were taken and I was rejected.

My cousin and I waited for two hours in a queue to be the waiter in a four-star hotel in my city on a very hot day.

My cousin’s scores were much lower than mine but he was picked and I was rejected.

This did not stop Jack from wanting more, he took the disappoint and pain and turned it into gold. He used it to build China’s biggest e-commerce company from scratch.

Jack Ma
Jack Ma

4. Bill Gates

Before making it in business, Bill Gates was the co-owner of a failed business called Traf-O-Data. He is currently among the richest people in the world.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates

Check out celebrities who have ventured into the beauty industry

Everyone wants to look like Beyonce or the next Idris Elba with a pint of class, elegance, good hair, expensive nails, and everything designer right?

Well some of these celebrities are making work easier for you.

They have ventured into  the beauty industry and they are not only acing this industry, they are doing it big.

Beauty is good for the soul and the mind and it runs down from the hair, faces lips, skin, nails, knees, to your toes

The Beauty industry is a hard venture especially if you do not know how to manage and market it, but they are not only making great moves, their beauty parlors are also booming.

Here is a list of celebrities with high end beauty parlors.

1. Sheila Ndinda

Sheila Ndinda, one of the most celebrated hair enthusiasts in Kenya and she just launched her parlor Spritz Hair Studio.

It targets all natural hair enthusiasts and it provides the best styles, tips, tools and products to help you navigate your natural hair journey.



2. Susan Kaittany

Just like the name suggests, Posh Palace is a very posh classy state of art spa and beauty spot for both men and women and to get pampered.

For all hair, nails and spa moments, they give high end  and exclusive make overs.


‘Please hire beautiful masseuse’s for your kinyozis’ Kenyan men beg owners

3. Vera Sidika

Nairobi’s socialite-cum entrepreneur Vera Sidika opened her beauty parlor in 2018 and if you think you have seen it all when it comes to anything glamour, then you need to check this place out.

Vera Sidika Beauty Parlor is not her only hustle. She also sell detox tea, Veetox Herbal Detox which has been in business for a year since the official launch in May 2017.

The parlor gives professional looks from hair, to make up, to massages, that will make you crave that glow even more.


3. Betty Kyalo

The elegant news anchor Betty Kyalo introduced us to her beauty parlor Flair by Betty in 2018 and boy does it look posh!



The most outstanding over the top looks from the Met Gala

5. Muthoni wa Mukiri

Muthoni wa Mukiri revealed her hairline which goes by the name Mukiri Hair Hub.

The Inooro TV anchor has a hairline that comprises of anything you would want on your hair, could be weaves or wigs.

Her hairline is definitely hitting the top as she gets celebrities to purchase her hair.


Read more

‘He was divorced and loaded’ Vera fondly talks of her first sponsor

Vera Sidika oozes confidence and class with many silently envying her. What most do not know is that she has had her fair share of struggles.

In a past interview, Vera had narrated how she had to drop out of school due to financial challenges but that did not stop her from dreaming.

My life was average given that my parents gave me the best I never lacked they supported me alot because I loved drawing and painting.

I even won trophies for the same, My parents ensured that I went to schools that offered art classes.

I studied up to University but I was not able to clear School because of lack of School fees.

‘I was feeling suffocated’ Lilian Muli on why she divorced her first husband

wigs vera

For the fist time she has opened up about dating an older man ‘sponsor’

He was divorced, he was also older than me. He treated me so well and did a lot of thing for me. he did not like that i was in the modeling industry.

And that I was hustling here and there working. I was also living very far from him, on Thika road, which was near my university. So it got to a point where he said, ‘As my girlfriend, I want to help you.

She adds that she gave him her loyalty and affection and he reciprocated by showering her with money and gifts .After all don’t they say tumia pesa mpaka ikuzoee?

He gave me money. A lot of money. You cannot have a rich and successful man and you are looking jaded and broke. He would give me money for shopping.

To say the truth, that is money, I had never seen in my entire life! He would give me money and it would shock me.

‘My wife cheated with the driver and she is unapologetic’ cries city man


She furthers adds she made a routine of saving some cash and now she is laughing all the way to the bank.

I dated him for one and a half years. Every Friday, for all those years, I would go to the bank and deposit money he had given me.

Read more

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Striking similarities between Vera Sidika and Otile Brown’s new bae- List

By now, you must have gotten the memo that Otile Brown has found a new bae and no, she is not Kenyan. She is Ethiopian and going by their photos they are love struck.

The Ethiopian beauty, Nabayet, is camera shy unlike Vera Sidika but there are a few things that they have in common and here they are.

1. Stylish
Nabayet is stylish and that is undeniable but let us call a spade a spade, Vera’s fashion game was also top notch and we all envy it.

Vera Sidika

2. Well travelled
Nabayet has been to Rome, Paris, Switzerland, Singapore and a host of other countries.

Vera Sidika, on the other hand, has been to Dubai, USA, Nigeria, Mauritius among other places.

This might give you a hint of the kind of women Otile Brown likes.

‘My wife cheated with the driver and she is unapologetic’ cries city man

3. She is ambitious and smart
She graduated with a degree in BioMedicine.

Otile Brown's new bae

Vera Sidika is also ambitious. She may have dropped out of school at some point due to financial constraints but she has managed to create a brand for herself.

4. Both ladies have bodies to die for.
What we call thick and sexy.

What other thing do you think Vera and Nabayet have in common?

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‘I think am lonely, I need a real woman’ – Otile Brown

Otile brown has shocked his fans after asking them who the right girl for him is. He put up some qualifications saying that she needs to be humble and suitable for him.

This comes after breaking up with Vera Sidika late last year. A break up that was very messy. Well he is now looking for someone else to warm his bed and he can’t hide it. He took to Instagram to express himself and wrote;

“With 🤳 one can possibly be enough ..

Damn! I think am lonely..I need a “real woman” in my life

👉sio Madanguro na watafuta kiki .

Dem gani unadhani ametulia na ananifaa?


Otile Brown

Otile Brown seemed happy when he was with Vera Sidika and would even sing about her. The big question is, is he over the brutal break up with Vera.

Vera Sidika takes on troll criticizing her new man


This weekend, Vera shared a screenshot of a conversation with a fan who wanted to make sure Sidika is ok with the size of her current lover’s cassava.

The follower wrote mockingly:

“I hope you will not cry about his small mjulubeng.”

But Vera would hear none of it and went savage on the follower, saying:

“I guess you have not heard about Senegalese men. You should just humble yourself and be quiet.”

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The screenshots
The screenshots

This is quite in contrast to the way she mocked and ridiculed Otile Brown after their horrific break-up.

Not one to be deterred Vera went ahead to publicize his poor bedroom performance

She wrote

“In laws I have a kind request; may you please stop claiming that O.B mjulubeng W) made me sing. First of all, It’s small & shook, probably beat,. kijulubeng not mjulubeng (If you think I’m lying ask the girls he’s f**ked before.)
I was the one even teaching him how to  f**k” kid still never got it. It was a topic from time to time.”


Vera and Otile
The former lovers in the past

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Otile Brown is ready to be a dad: Here are the qualities his baby mama must meet

Celebrated local singer Otile Brown has revealed that he’s ready to have a child. The talented artiste seems to be hunting for a wife and a mother for his yet to be born children.

Taking to Instagram he wrote;


Check out the screenshot.

‘There is no way I could have aborted his child. I just made sure I could get not get pregnant from him’Vera Sidika spills the beans on why mbegu ya Otile haikumea

Not so long ago, Otile  Brown released a song talking about his relationship with the well-endowed socialite and even accused her of aborting his baby.

Otile said in lyrics on the song:


Otile brown and Vera Sidik
Otile brown and Vera Sidika

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He went ahead to tell it all in his hit that has attracted a lot of views on YouTube


In another verse, Otile Brown reveals that Vera aborted their child


Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

Vera Sidika came out to deny the claims that she had aborted Otile’s unborn child.

Recently, she also revealed that she was planning to have a child with her new boyfriend before she turns 30.


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