Vera defends dark skin after being told she wouldn’t make cute babies

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika unleashed an angry rant on her Instagram page. Vera was unhappy with fans on social media who claimed that she wouldn’t have cute babies.

Vera and her lover, Jimmy
Vera and her lover, Jimmy

This was in connection to a photo she had posted posing with her Tanzanian lover, Jimmy Chansa.

‘We definitely gonna make one hella cute baby,’ wrote Vera. But not all her fans and followers were in agreement saying that her sentiments were not true.

The socialite with her boyfriend
Vera with her Tanzanian man

According to some of the comments, most people reminded her of her colour saying she was dark because all she did was bleach her skin. Her rant is below;

‘Does this mean Dark skin is ugly? Cause I don’t understand why everyone coming at me as if I said “we gonna make hella white babies” smh. If y’all definition of beauty relies on color and complexion then y’all modafakaz are rotten hypocrites 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽 FYI; I DIDN’T CHANGE MINE COZ I WASN’T BEAUTIFUL! I GOT FAME & MONEY AS DARK SKIN MEANING I WAS HELLA FINE!!! AND POPPING!!!! I CHANGED COZ I WANTED CHANGE. PERSONAL DECISION. IF I WANTED TO CHANGE COZ IM NOT BEAUTIFUL I WOULD FIX MY NOSE EARS EYES LIPS CHEECKBONES!!!! BEAUTY IS IN THE FEATURES NOT COLOR!’

Vera and Jimmy Chansa posing
Vera and Jimmy Chansa posing

An angry Miss Sidika also revealed that having money and being famous is what inspired her to change her colour to a lighter complexion.

Vera Sidika rant
Her rant.courtesy/Urbannews254

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Kitambi ama ball!? Kenyans curious about Vera Sidika’s stomach

Vera Sidika and her man Jimmy Chansa have been in Dubai for more than a week living the life many Kenyans would kill for ( I exaggerate, I know!).

While their stay has gone excellently, one video of the couple has raised eyebrows, especially as regards whether the socialite might be pregnant or just having a ‘healthy’ stomach?

Vera Sidika posing
Vera Sidika posing

The voluptuous businesswoman had posted a video of herself acting as a friend’s photographer on Instagram and immediately social media investigators pointed out an anomaly. The video is below;

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Vera wetu ako na kamtu kwa tumbo ama?

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According to a lot of netizens, the entrepreneur looked more bloated than usual.

‘I think I’m ready for kids’ Vera Sidika says as she talks up new man

While some thought that she could just have gained some weight (which is normal for anyone travelling a lot), others had more wondrous thoughts saying that Vera could have a bun in the oven.

The socialite in green

One of the comments is below;

iamkiariejames 😂😂😂😂…utafanya hyo tumbo ipigwe pasi usiku mzima

Me, I don’t think the video prooves her pregnancy. It just looks like a bloated stomach.
A while back, Vera was determined to get pregnant before clocking 29 but that didn’t happen as she didn’t feel that the man she was with at the time (Otile Brown) would make the cut.

The singer with Vera in the past

Will Jimmy be the man who finally gives the globe-trotting Vera the baby she so badly wanted? No idea.

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Huddah loves beefing! Vera says about their contentious past

Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe have always had a silent intensity between them even during periods when they have a detente’. The reason for that is the claim to who is Kenya’s biggest socialite?

That question might split many Kenyans the same way that the Ronaldo vs Messi comparison normally does, depends on who you ask?

Maina Kageni defends Huddah and Vera Sidika from trolls

The two have been careful not to attack each other recently with each focusing on their burgeoning businesses. Recently in an interview with Wasafi FM, the voluptuous vixen claimed Huddah always tries to ruffle her feathers even when she is minding her own business.

Huddah with long hair
Huddah with long hair

She also claimed that it was Huddah who had a penchant for beefing, ‘Personally, I do not have a problem with her. I once tried to approach her with a business idea but she turned it down. You know people are different,” Miss Sidika said.

Huddah Monroe disses Vera Sidika’s Range Rover :’Mine is more expensive’

She also shocked her listeners when she said that the last time that she had seen Huddah was 6 years ago, not bumping into each other despite the two travelling a lot.

Vera seating on the countertop
Vera seating on the countertop

Miss Sidika was also very forward-thinking and said that she didn’t despise her petite nemesis and hopes that one day the bad blood between them will fizzle away.

Huddah posing on the bed
Huddah posing on the bed

The two have been involved in explosive online altercations to a point they nearly met up with the intention of squaring it up. Huddah even once claimed Vera was a walking, talking bag of diseases which included HIV/AIDS which Vera strenuously denied.

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‘I think I’m ready for kids’ Vera Sidika says as she talks up new man

Vera Sidika recently updated her fans on Instagram about how she had gained weight. She said that she didn’t mind the fact and even hilariously called herself a Teletubby.

Huddah loves beefing! Vera says about their contentious past

The singer, who was interviewed by Wasafi, recently spoke about her current man who loves her the way she is. Yes, even looking like a Teletubby!

Miss Sidika looking good in green
Miss Sidika looking good in green

The socialite mentioned that she met her boyfriend Jimmy Chansa, who is from Tanzania, while she was in TZ,

‘We met here in Tanzania. We started communicating and what followed was dating. I feel like a hopeless romantic and when I fall in love, I do for real. We have so many things in common and he is the love of my life. I really do love him. We have been dating for five months now,’ she said.

Jimmy Chansa
Jimmy Chansa

She added that the two connect and this doesn’t feel like all the bad toxic relationships she has been in before.

‘When you meet someone, you feel like he is the one. It’s not a matter of time but respect and understanding. I’m 30 and I think I’m ready for kids. I am a keeper unless I can’t take it. My relationship with a Nigerian guy was abusive, I had to leave.’

The socialite in green

It is interesting that Miss Sidika is open to having a kid at the moment. After the catastrophic aftermath of her break-up with Otile, she revealed that she wasn’t ready to have a kid with him because she didn’t think he could handle fatherhood.

Chansa must really have made a great impression on her after dating for only 5 months. Otile should take notes…Had to take a shot at him. I just had to.

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Maina Kageni defends Huddah and Vera Sidika from trolls


Huddah Monroe and Vera Sidika are undoubtedly living the glam life online, and are the envy of many.

Girls want to be like them, and the guys, well…they just want to hit it.

They are also subject to online trolls slam them for a life that seems to be funded by ‘sponsors’ (their words not mine).

Huddah posing in white
Huddah posing in white

The extent of the online trolling they receive has been noticed by Maina Kageni.

Maina Kageni reveals who he would marry between Huddah and Vera Sidika (Audio)

Maina is taking on trolls saying

do you even know what they do for a living? why do people call them names,verasidikainreddress


Vera and Huddah have earned a huge following posting photos wearing designer items, and somehow some of the fans provoke them into responding to all sorts of online abuse.

The two are shamed for their lifestyle which Maina says is no excuse for bullying

Must you assume that there is someone paying for their lifestyle?

Trolls and haters are an unfortunate fact of life on the Internet.

Other celebrities who are constantly forced to defend themselves are Anerlisa Muigai, Akothee, Dj Pierra Makena among others.

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Dirty Thirty: Vera Sidika announces age for first time


Vera Sidika isn’t the age you have all been thinking.

While annuoncing it is her birthday, the curvy socialite disclosed she is 30 years, and is thrilled to be hitting the third floor.

The age defying beauty took to her Instagram to write


Dirty Thirty! 🎉
Happy Birthday to me

She has always announced it’s her birthday but never her age, so this comes as a shocker to her fans to learn she is 30 years old.

It will be interesting to see how she embraces her new age going forward. Happy birthday Vera.

Vera Sidika takes on troll criticizing her new man


She has been turning up in Kitale this past weekend to bring in her birthday and caused a storm for area residents who were stunned by her big bosom and backside. She had announced her arrival int he most Vera Sidika way

The Eagle 🦅 has landed!!!!
What’s up Kitale …your very own Shikwekwe is in Town!!!! Come turn up with me for my Birthday tonight at Club Epic

‘Fake love!’ Kenyans tell Vera Sidika about her new relationship


This is also a first for us to see her not going all out for her big day. On other occasions, she has always jetted out to be treated like a princess by her bae, perhaps she has changed now she is older and wiser?

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List of popular people celebrating a September birthday


It’s the ninth month of the year and several popular people we know will be marking their birthdays.

  1. Retired President Moi: He turns 95 on September 2nd.president moi
  2. Beyonce: She turns 38 on September 4th, and is known to have several pre birthday parties as she counts down to the door.beyonceinyellow
  3. Zari: She will be almost 40. No one really knows her age, and i’ts been rumored she could be 42, but has denied it. Last year, 2018, her former bae Diamond wrote her a heartfelt birthday message and she responded. It will be interesting to see what he does in the next few days. Well whatever age she is turning, have a good one boss lady.zariinchicago
  4. Vera Sidika: Your favorite socialite closes down the month with a birthday on 30th. She insists she is 29, so this year she turns the big 30. She has always celebrated her birthday by travelling abroad, and so far she hasn’t indicated what her plans are.veraonsafari

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Don’t be afraid of being different – Vera says after criticism of her mosquito dress

Vera Sidika was criticised recently for the get-up she wore while she was a guest at Diamond and Tanasha’s baby shower. Her costume could be described as a mosquito net for some.

Vera Sidika
Vera Sidika

The garment even received a harsh diatribe from Diamond’s sister, Esma. Loosely paraphrased and translated she said, ‘We are normally told every day to be keen and be prepared to have a mosquito net beforehand. Today I met someone who had worn a mosquito net to the function even though there were no mosquitos at the function.’

Diamond and Tanasha dance lovingly as Vera is criticised (videos)

She has now come out to defend her choice of attire. She shared a photo in which she was skimpily dressed accompanied by a message which read,

Don’t be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else. 👑qvb👑

Vera Sidika in a skimpy outfit
Vera Sidika in a skimpy outfit

The controversial socialite will do anything to trend despite the backlash on social media. Her post ignited mixed reactions among her fans.

Vera recently said that she had been invited to the shower by Tanasha who she has known for a long time. ‘I have known Tanasha for about five years now and she is my Kenyan sister and when she said you have to come to my shower I said yes. And she being a first-time mother I wish her well and I know Diamond and her mother are very supportive.’ She wrote on Instagram.

Tanasha at the baby shower
Tanasha at the baby shower

Vera was not the only one who left heads turning at Donna’s birthday but also Tanzanian socialite Irene Uwoya. She wore a see-through white dress with a skyrocketing thigh-high-slit showing off her tender assets.

Irene Uwoya at the baby shower
Irene Uwoya at the baby shower
Irene Uwoya at the baby shower
Irene Uwoya at the baby shower

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Diamond and Tanasha dance lovingly as Vera is criticised (videos)

Tanasha Donna and her man Diamond Platnumz held their son’s baby shower yesterday in Tanzania. The couple showed how much they loved each with danced a set for their guests who were in attendance.

Diamond was clad in white pants and a light blue shirt while Tanasha complimented his look with her own light blue pant-suits. Chibu ever the showman was giddy like a kid and led his better-half in the wonderful tune.

Diamond Platnumz on stage
Diamond Platnumz on stage

Tanasha seemed a bit forlorn, maybe tired as is expected of expectant mother’s at this stage of their pregnancies.

Diamond did most of the dancing drawing his woman into his frame for the pleasure of the assembled guests. Check out the lovely couple below;

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About last night #tanashadona baby shower.

A post shared by PRESSPLAY EAST AFRICA (@pressplay.ea) on

The event was well attended by many celebs with some like our Vera stealing the show at the event. Vera stole the show with her jaw-dropping outfit choice. The socialite wore a see-through outfit that showed her inner-wear.

‘Fake love!’ Kenyans tell Vera Sidika about her new relationship

Her choice has been derided by many on social media who feel like her dress sense was inappropriate considering that both Diamond and Tanesha’s mother were at the event.

Vera Sidika at Tanasha's baby shower
Vera Sidika at Tanasha’s baby shower

Check out the video below of Vera at the event;

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‘Fake love!’ Kenyans tell Vera Sidika about her new relationship

Vera Sidika knows how to play the publicity game. The socialite will either invent a boyfriend or do something extra with her body to keep herself in the limelight.

Vera Sidika
Vera Sidika darkened her skin recently

Yesterday, the socialite wrote a wonderful message for her new man on her Instagram page. It read;

Nobody has ever loved me like you do 😩😩😩You’re My Best Friend. Lover. Partner in Crime. Hommie. Better half. Confidant. The Missing Piece to my puzzle …the list is endless. You make me so complete. 
Nakupenda sana ❤️🇹🇿❤️🇰🇪❤️

Vera with her new man
The socialite with her new man

This message is oddly reminiscent of the messages she used to send Otile Brown’s way when they were still dating. The two, however, had a bitter split soon afterwards that has some of her followers seeing the same pattern being repeated in her new relationship.

‘Shikwekwe didn’t have to go that low’ Fans blast Vera Sidika for airing Otile Brown’s ‘wanting’ bedroom skills in public

Some fans are wary about the similarities and have warned her to avoid speaking badly about the doctor. One user stated: Then you will later expose him for having a small member.

Vera and her new man
Vera and her new man

Some other comments from her followers are below;

warui.mercy Mtaachana tu😂😂😂,then muanikane.
sultan_el_propella Alafu ukuje umwanikee ako na kibamiyaa😂😂😂
khalid.khabbaya The longer the caption the faker the love 😂😂🤪
samanthahills518 @khalid.khabbaya does she really kip men?
ruthnyaudo @khalid.khabbaya aki tumechoshwa hapa na fake love nkt
ugegbe_nwanyi You said this the last time
justlovely07 There’s some things that need to be kept in secret .. especially love life. But you’ll learn my dear.

Are her followers onto something about social media usage affecting a relationship? They are; In fact, one survey study with 205 Facebook users demonstrated that a higher level of Facebook usage was associated with negative relationship outcomes (Clayton, Nagurney, & Smith, 2013).

Vera with her new man
The socialite with her new man

In addition, those relationships experienced Facebook-related conflict (Clayton, et al., 2013). Facebook usage has also been linked to increased feelings of jealousy.

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Vera unhappy with naysayers predicting her relationship will end bitterly

Vera Sidika is frothing at the mouth at the moment. Her reason? That people keep insisting that her new relationship with her new Tanzanian lover will not last and that their romance will have a bitter, dramatic fallout.

Miss Sidika who is nearing the 3rd floor claimed she has grown into a happier woman since her publicised breakup with Otile Brown. She revealed all of this sentiment in an Instagram post yesterday. She said that she is fed up with people expecting the worst for her relationship.

Vera with her new man
The socialite with her new man

She wrote;

The same people claiming they are waiting for breakup drama are the same who said they were waiting for breakup drama with Senegalese guy. But they never saw it. Just because it happened before does not mean it is a pattern.

Vera in red
Vera in red

The socialite even added that a lot had happened behind the scenes between Otile and her ended their relationship.

Vera's screenshot
Vera’s screenshot

The socialite explained she had her reasons for her actions during the infamous 2018 breakup and is not willing to go back to her old ways.

While I understand Vera’s frustrations with the trolls and observers, I see where they are coming. Miss Sidika has a very storied relationship past having dated many many men.

Vera and her new man
Vera and her new man

Otile was one of the few that she dated for a long time and people expected her to go the distance with him but that was not to be.

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Vera Sidika reveals why she darkened her skin

Vera Sidika has been in the news this month over her interesting skin tone. The socialite decided to show off a new darker shade unlike the lighter complexion that she has been spotting since she lightened her skin.

Vera Sidika looking darker
Vera Sidika looking darker

The bootylicious socialite trended for the better part of last week after she shared a series of videos ‘rocking’ a new skin colour. She recently spoke to Amina Abdi on The Trend, with Vera telling the host that the change of colour ‘was just a personal decision. saying;

Personally, I feel like my body is my business. when the whole thing started a few years ago and it’s been five years. it ‘s been an amazing journey and personally, I felt I just wanted to experience something different.

Vera Sidika on the trend
Vera Sidika on the trend

She added;

I feel like I got to a point where I just wanted to be me. some people say ‘ooh she’s broke she can’t afford to maintain herself’ but that’s not the case because I have businesses running so I’m good. I don’t go for treatments. it was a one-off thing. so those saying I’m broke I don’t know what they mean. they think I get to do this [go for treatment] every single day. personally, I just feel amazing. I look beautiful right. someone told me I look like a doll, black barbie. Changing your skin is a process. people were shocked asking how that was possible in four days. i post photos late and do things on the lowkey to confuse people a little bit. it’s good to confuse your enemies. it doesn’t change who i am from the inside.

Vera Sidika
Vera Sidika

Sidika was also shocked that people who had mocked her for getting the skin-lightening done in the past now wanted her to go back to that same colour they had dissed. She told Amina;

Everybody was like, you look bad. we want your light-skin back. I’m thinking you say that I’m fake, plastic and NEMA is looking for me when I was light skin. why are you saying that I go back yo light color? For me, I felt it was a social experiment because when I did this, I was like ‘oh so this is what you think about me?’ there are people who’re actually embracing it and others just being hateful.

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Eric Omondi taunts Tanzanians using Vera’s blessed behind(video)

Eric Omondi has come out with yet another humourous video. The singer who has been on a roll this week has released a video where he taunts Tanzanians using Kenyan socialite Vera.


The reason for his taunting is the much-anticipated AFCON game between Kenya and Tanzania that is taking place today night. Kenyans will be hoping that it could be the game which perhaps offers Migne’s side a lifeline in a group which features two AFCON favorites – Algeria and Senegal.

Video of Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe flirting gets Kenyans excited

In the video, Eric can be seen getting handsy with a giggling Vera at her beauty parlour offices. We also get to see Vera in her most voluptuous form as Eric turns her around and we see her twice blessed behind. The comedian then goes ahead to tuck his hands inside Vera’s trousers as if reaching out to grab her derriere.


His caption was also a playful dig at our East African counterparts telling them that he knew that they had Wema Sepetu but Kenya had Vera! She, in essence, is the standard of beauty. He said in the video;

We have Vera, you cannot deal with her. We have a queen! Tanzanians, what do you have?

Kenya and Tanzania have an interesting relationship with each other. The stereotype is that Tanzanians view us Kenyans as aggressive and rude people who take their jobs, while we view them as meek, slow and lazy.

‘Use of contraceptives is for lazy people’ Magufuli declares 

Funny thing is that our celebrity women and their celebrity men are getting cozy at the moment. Just look at Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz or and Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol.

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Vera Sidika and Willy Paul poke fun at KOT with this photo

Willy Paul has gotten to a point nothing can stop him. He does as he pleases.

It started with guys calling him out for exiting the gospel life and joining the secular world yet still retaining the title of a gospel artiste.

He cared for a bit, but with time he decided to do what makes him happy and being termed as ‘Bwana Mkunaji’ makes him very happy.

Willy Paul and Nandy stirred up a lot of conversation after releasing two very seductive songs. The latest, Halleluja, exposed him as Nandy’s lover but he spoke to thsi writer in a previous interview where he said they have a brother-sister relationship.

we have a brother-sister relationship

I don’t know about you but catch me dead jumping on my brother like the picture above.

We woke up to a new story today after he posed for a picture with Vera Sidika leaning on his new white Mercedes. Vera has a liking for white cars. Her Range Rover is white, the car she apparently bought for Otile Brown is a white Mercedes and in her music video, her ‘man’ owns a white Mercedes.

In the picture, she commented saying:

Bwana Mkunaji 😂

The comment woke up all the Instagram in-laws and counselors. Most of them were warning Willy Paul against Vera as she is known to expose the worst of people after a feud.

One Sammie even mentioned that he is too young for Vera saying

Isn’t this child labor?

Here are some of the comments:

Asma: I am not against the two fo you because I know if the two of you decide to work on a collabo, it will be a hit.

Ofwa: They do anything for clout😹

Omina: Willy take care or you will be among those who were exposed for having toothpicks 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Shack: Willy Paul I love what am seeing of late….always follow your heart coz haters will always be there. The new king of love songs. Big up

If it is a song coming up, we will not be surprised but if they are set to date, well that will be a surprise.

I got a pedicure at her parlour – Otile and Vera mend fences

Otile Brown dropped a bombshell on many this past week when he revealed that he and Vera were now on speaking terms at the moment.

The ‘Baby Love’ singer divulged this when he appeared on Citizen TV´s ‘10 over 10′. Otile had some very kind words concerning his former lover when he spoke about her on the show.

Otile Brown appeared on the 10 over 10 show
The singer appeared on the show

He said that they have been able to settle their differences over time. He said;

Vera has a beautiful heart, she is caring. But when it comes to love, there are people who don´t know how to deal with heartbreaks. I have got nothing but love for her. Actually, we are talking, we started talking recently.

Otile brown and Vera Sidik
The singer with Vera in a file photo

Not only that, the singer disclosed that he had also gone to the socialite’s beauty parlour to get a pedicure done, saying;

I was at her beauty parlor and had my legs done.

The two had a relationship that would best be defined by Charles Dickens phrase in A Tale of Two Cities; It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown
The two in a file photo

The phrase would describe what best happened in their relationship with claims and counterclaims emerging after they split up for good late last year.

Allegations from Vera that Otile was poor in bed and insinuations from Otile that Vera had aborted their child! Whatever the case, this mending of fences is like that of Khloe Kardashian and her ex-husband Lamar Odom.

Vera and Otile
Vera and Otile

Lamar cheated on Khloe when they were married. When they split up she was still there to pick up the pieces when he suffered 12 strokes and six heart attacks while he was in that 2015 coma, as a result of drug addiction.

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‘You have bewitched me’ Jegede tells Vera after meeting her (Video)

Jegede has been pronouncing his undying love for voluptuous socialite Vera Sidika this last month.

The artiste has even sung a song about her called, you guessed it, ‘Vera’. Now the singer finally has finally met the woman who has been the source of his passion.

Jegede posing
Jegede posing

He posted the video of his meeting on his Instagram page today morning. His caption was another declaration of the love he has for her. It is below;

Unlike other men, I just want to show you how much I care and adore you, I mean, How can someone leave you? To go where?
You’re such an amazing soul.
Am really into you, I can sing an album for you, I can cook for you, I can do so many things within my powers for you.. so many people think I don’t deserve you but Love..Love will prove them wrong!
Walai Vera You have bewitched me, body and soul!

Some of the comments to the post are below;

saichthedj: @queenveebosset ukipendwa pendeka
antonyngure: heri ww unapendana..mi ata cjipendi 🤷‍♂️
etemessy: Hii clout-chasing yako imefail. Story ya Vera watu walichoka nayo after Otile. Ungepick a different target kama Huddah
_iam_assylum: @queenveebosset huwezi kataa hio ngoma ni Kali @jegede_ke alikua na inspiration noma
fredyrashid: Vera ndio kiki hii kenya..ata tumiwa na kila kupata views hehehe
leekitur: Jege, 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 hapa brathe uko good
dzamechiriba: it’s until I thought ringtone apoko was possessed it is until I found you!

Jegede isn’t the only singer to write a song dedicated to a specific singer. ‘Candle In The Wind’, the famous dedication to Princess Diana by Elton John, was actually written for Marilyn Monroe. His first version of the song was released in 1973.


Following Diana’s death, lyricist Bernie Taupin rewrote the words to describe Diana’s circumstances, and Sir Elton played it at the princess’ funeral on September 6, 1997. 

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Boss Moves: Vera Sidika joins daytime TV talk show

Vera Sidika is out here making major moves aside from all her drama.

You know how women decide to work on themselves after a breakup? Vera Sidika is the perfect example. She has ventured into music and now she is a TV host for a show that will premier soon.

She took to social media to share a video showing her on set with the famous, Dr. Ofweneke. From her post,  we see an audience suggesting it is a live show.

We also see several lasses on stage and from the title of the show, they are looking for their Mr. Right.

The show is titled Hello Mr. Right.

This is the third reality show Vera will be featured i, the difference being that she is a host here. She was a cast at Nairobi Dairies then did an international reality show and now Hello Mr. Right.


Seeing as Dr. Ofweneke is her co-host, then we should be ready for a good laugh. Dr. Ofweneke also hosts another show on KTN, Thursday Night Live with Dr. Ofweneke.

Hello Mr. Right will be aired on StarTimes. Seems like the dating shows are becoming popular in Kenya and Kenyans are enjoying it after the introduction of Perfect Match on Ebru TV that has gained a huge following.

Willy Paul offers to warm Vera Sidika’s bed: ‘Njoo nikupe 500k na mtoto,’

Socialite Vera Sidika is now flirting with gospel singer Willy Paul after parting ways with Otile Brown in a nasty break up.

Vera Sidika
Vera Sidika

Willy Paul shared a video flaunting his new Mercedes Benz a few days after showing off wads of notes.

Vera was among the many who congratulated Willy Paul for the new toy and she jokingly told him that he should make sure he returns the money she borrowed from her.


The gospel artiste responded:


Sidika went ahead to ask;


The Tam Tam hitmaker responded asking the well-endowed socialite to choose between money and a baby.


Below are the screenshots of the conversations


Willy Paul
Willy Paul and Vera Sidika conversation

Recently, Vera and Otile took to social media to insult each other over money issues and their failed relationship. She exposed Otile who had asked for a loan of Sh500,000 to buy a new car after ‘trading in his car.’ Sidika revealed that;


Vera was shocked how Otile asked for money from her barely a week after they got back together and she said;


Otile came out to respond and he referred to Vera as a psycho.


 The two have been trending on social media and Otile even went ahead to release a song titled Nobody. In the song, he confesses that he’s not ready to settle down anytime soon.
Vera Sidika and Otile Brown
Vera Sidika and Otile Brown