Pregnant Vera Sidika accused of shaming mothers giving birth naturally


Socialite Vera Sidika is preparing to deliver her baby girl soon and in a QnA on Instagram interacted with fans abut giving birth naturally or through CS.

And it is in that process that she faced accusations of shaming women who have given birth naturally, amid comments that she fears being lose down there.vera v birth (1)

Team natural birth came for Vera saying she doesn’t know anything about birthing a bay just yet adding that every experience is different.

Vera has doubled back on her comments saying

“I never said V delivery women have lose pumpum. I said personally I wouldn’t want my vajayjay touched. Because I know it usually doesn’t go 100 per cent back to the exact same way it was. My thoughts, my opinion. Y’all should stop crusifying people for speaking their minds. If it does, the very better, My V/delivery biggest worry is labour pains . weeeh someoen even sid they went on labor for three days then after all that pain emergency CS. Si I better chose cs tu from the start since u don’t know what’s coming  Ka!!1 help me God.”

Vera Sidika pregnant
Vera Sidika pregnant

She added that “all in all lets stop any kind of childbirth related stigma we can have opinions and thoughts  but it doesn’t always mean its facts. It’s been real end of discussion”

Vera is due to give birth in November.

Dear Classic 105 fam, what do you think the obsession with shaming mums?

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“He who finds a good wife” Brown Mauzo tells Vera ahead of anniversary


Brown Mauzo and Vera Sidika are proving to doubting thomases’ that their relationship will last and is real this time round.

The two are gearing up to mark their first wedding anniversary and dedicating messages to each other about it.

On Sunday July 18th after hosting her first gig in Nairobi at the Tunnel, Vera wrote she is ‘genuinely happy they hate to see it, but it’s about you not them’ assuring Brown that he is her dream come true as she added they have a’ a bond that can’t be broken’.vera bond that cant be broken (1)

and on Tuesday night, Brown gushed over Vera saying ‘He who finds a wife finds a good thing. …Love is wonderful. Love you my wonderful wife”.bron tells v (1)

Brown and Vera are likely to hold a white wedding after she delivers. But she did earlier indicate to a curios fan that ‘not now though. No ceremony is fun in this pandemic.’

They celebrate their anniversary on 12th August.

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Vera Sidika excitedly shares ultrasound pictures ahead of birth


Vera Sidika has shared photos from her ultrasound appointment when  she was still very early in her pregnancy, She revealed it was exactly at her first trimester.mauzo ultra 3 (1)

The socialite who is counting down days to hold her baby in her arms, revealed her doctors appointment and how husband Brown Mauzo has been supportive. She captioned ‘bae has been the best even more in this journey”mauzo ultrasound 1 (1) (1)

Vera called her unborn daughter ‘look at that cute little thumb sucker, playing and sucking her thumb

She posted funny footage and the baby in the footage saying ‘it was a great experience for us”.mauzo ultrasound 2 (1)

Vera documented the process and showed their baby to be ultrasound pictures adding that she is glad to be in good health and does not take it for granted.

Dear Classic 105 fam, we can learn from Vera that a happy wife equals a happy life.

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Vera Sidika displays Sh100,000 water invoice after ‘pay up 5k’ accusations by vendor


Vera is dealing with the fallout from a vendor accusing her of not paying up a sh5,000 bill for her gender reveal party held in Karen on July 10th.

The party was successful according to Vera who took to Instagram on two consecutive days from Monday, to rant about haters.

Vera had alot to say about the outstanding payment claim below


She wrote “In this life there is nothing I haven’t seen or heard. Kama ni jina kuchafuliwa ilichafuka kitambo sana. Nothing new. So if you ever think you can break me, think twice. You’re only giving me mileage. Negativity is what made me what I am today, not positivity! Example..people wouldn’t talk good about the party but put in two day focus on 5,00 Kenyan shillings debt that doesn’t even exist. 5k is trending more than the party itself, why they always chose the bad abnd dwell on it that’s what they want that’s what they wish for I’m a thick sink budaa nothing breaks me ata ukuje na crane” She finished her criticism.

She insisted that this is someone trying to take advantage of her celebrity status.

Vera then went on to show how much she spent to order water from girl pal Anerlisa Muigai.

The invoice of sh100,000vera paid ater 1 (1)

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I manifested my pregnancy 3 years ago after my break up with Otile-Vera

Socialite Vera Sidika will not stop talking about her pregnancy, something I can’t blame her for! This is her first time and I am sure the hormones running through her body at the moment are keeping her on a wonderful joy.

Miss Sidika has now disclosed that she had manifested her pregnancy 3 years ago, saying that she believed in the practice.

(In popular psychology, manifestation refers to various pseudoscientific self-help strategies intended to bring about a personal goal, primarily by focusing one’s thoughts upon the desired outcome. The techniques are based on the law of attraction of New Thought spirituality.)

“I heard rumours that an ex said I aborted. I am obsessed with babies!” Vera clarifies

The lady who is married to Brown Mauzo spoke about this in a  17-minute video she shared on her YouTube page;

“Remember when I first did my first music video…I had just come from a really bad breakup and I remember very well at the end of the video, I remember telling the director to put like a random number like 3 years’ years later. Am happily married and I’m pregnant. That was on November 10, 2018. That exactly three years ago and guess what my due date is on 5th November 2021. If you do your maths right, that exactly three years later. How powerful is the power of manifestation guys?”


“It like I prophesied my entire pregnancy and my life, right now it three years later and am happily married and I’m pregnant. That’s exactly what I said three years ago in my Nalia video.”

Vera also said that she wants a baby girl, ahead of their gender reveal party scheduled for July 10, 2021. “Gender reveal party on 10th, July 2021. Private location, Karen Nairobi, invites only” shared Vera Sidika.

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I love being married! Vera Sidika gushes in sweet message to Brown Mauzo

Vera Sidika has been the happiest woman in Kenyan social media the last few weeks. Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones that are flowing in her body as she carries her first baby.

The socialite has been winning fans lately after showing a lot of positivity and joy with yesterday’s post just underlining how much.

She wrote, “I love being married. It is so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life. I love you @brownmauzo254.”

She later added, “I love doing this thing called life with you 🥰❤️”

Her message comes at a time when she was supposed to have her gender reveal with the curvy celeb revealing that she had postponed the date to July 10th. This, after fans enquired on why she had failed to honour her promise.

“If you are my surrogate, prove it and I will pay you Sh5 million!” Vera Sidika shouts

Instead of the gender reveal details, Vera posted photos of her husband and herself tagging them with a Malindi, Kenya tagged location which could indicate the two had made a trip to the Coastal vacation destination.

On her stories, she further posted videos with Mauzo revealing a little-known detail about how Mauzo was taking the pregnancy.

“Hii mimba yangu inampenda babake @brownmauzo. Bae can’t let go, he’s always next to me,” the caption read.

Vera's screenshot
Vera’s screenshot

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“If you are my surrogate, prove it and I will pay you Sh5 million!” Vera Sidika shouts

Vera Sidika’s pregnancy reveal has come with more than surprise and joy for her. The socialite has had to put out many fires concerning her first pregnancy.

From the rumours that she had aborted Otile’s baby back when they were dating to the issue that she might have been barren.

But that’s not all, the socialite, who made her name as a video vixen, has had to defend herself from new claims that she is using a surrogate and isn’t really pregnant!

(Surrogacy is an arrangement, often supported by a legal agreement, whereby a woman agrees to bear a child for another person or persons, who will become the child’s parent after birth).

Yep! You read that right. There are some Kenyans who are convinced that Miss Sidika might be faking her pregnancy. I a recent diatribe on her Instagram age, Vera hit out against those claims saying,

”Lmaoo. I would never let a surrogate carry my pregnancy. A surrogate can never carry & take great care of a pregnancy as much as you personally would. Who can quit alcohol, have a super diet etc ale 9 months for the sake of a baby that isn’t theirs? Even it they’re paid handsomely. Just ain’t the same.”

She added by saying that she would offer Kshs 5 Million to anyone who would come out and claim to be her surrogate;

”If you’re my surrogate as claims suggest, I permit you to step out with supporting documents. Willing to pay upfront 5 Million Kenyan shillings. If you can concretely prove you’re carrying the baby on my behalf…”

Vera is set to reveal the gender of her unborn baby on 3rd July.

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Vera Sidika reveals gender reveal date for first-born baby

Socialite and businesswoman Vera Sidika has been milking her pregnancy journey since she announced the good news that she was expecting her first baby 2 weeks ago.

Miss Sidika, who is married to singer Brown Mauzo has decided to reveal the day that she will be having a gender reveal party.

In a message that she wrote on her Instagram page, the curvy former video vixen disclosed that she would reveal the gender of the baby on 3rd July, 2021.

She added that she had been lucky enough to have a smooth pregnancy journey during the 5 months she has been with child.

“Feeling blue💙With my zero symptoms, no morning sickness & proper appetite, my social media in-laws say I might be having a Boy 🤔But sisi team girl we are still going strong 💕Gender reveal 3rd July 2021. Can’t wait 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻,”wrote an excited Vera.

Vera Sidika comes clean on perceived feud between her and Huddah


And that’s not all concerning the socialite’s interesting life! The socialite decided to go all out this past weekend when she spent 59k on her lunch in company of her friends!

Vera lunchbill
Vera lunchbill

Taking to her Insta-stories, Vera shared a lunch receipt from the Sankara Hotel, with Kenyans on Twitter who came across the bill debating how one could spent Sh 59K in one sitting.

Vera has a history of living life with a big spoon. In 2018, she claimed that she had acquired designer shoes from the famous Italian brand, Prada at a whopping 56,293 discounted price!

Wonder how much she will spend on her baby’s clothing in the future?

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Vera Sidika shows off Sh59,200 lunch date bill for close pals


Mom to be Vera Sidika is in Nairobi where she will stay until the birth of her child in November.

While in the city, she is treating herself to the good life. One place she frequents is Sankara, a place Otile Brown was often taken for dinner dates.

On Thursday, Vera took her crew consisting of her pal and brother to Sankara for lunch where she bought food and drinks worth sh59k

Vera showed off the total bill she racked up totaling sh69,200.

The receipt showed no expense was spared and the socialite laughed off the cost of the date.

The photo of the bill shows she paid 800 bob for two bottles of tonic water, normally costing 100 shillings.vera lunch (1)

She also paid 25,000 on 6 T Bone steaks, 5000 for whipped potato orders, 1100 bob for a chunk of salad,  and 1 garden spinach for 600 bob among other items.

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Vera Sidika comes clean on perceived feud between her and Huddah

Vera Sidika is pregnant at the moment. While most of her fans are excited about this fact, they are some who want the dirt on other areas of her life.

One of those areas is her relationship with fellow socialite, Huddah Monroe. For those of you who can’t remember, the two were in competition for a few years there for the title of most popular Kenyan socialite.

Most fans wondered whether they were enemies with some speculating that there was some enmity between the two. During a Q and A session on her Instagram page, one of her fans asked her, “Do You hate Huddah Monroe?”

“I heard rumours that an ex said I aborted. I am obsessed with babies!” Vera clarifies

But Miss Sidika offered a classy response telling the fan that she had never had an issue with Huddah. “Never. Not even once we actually used to be friends in the past. When I was new in Nairobi 2009-2010.”

Vera Screenshots 2

Vera Screenshots

During the session, Vera also explained why she had hidden her pregnancy. “I just didn’t want to ruin the surprise. If I told you all, then there would be no special pregnancy reveal. It would just be a Juakali announcement or if someone just took a random pic of me and leaked, there would be no surprise,” said Vera.

Adding: “Aki my biggest fear was Edgar Obare and his students. Woi. I’m lucky to have great loyal friends, they knew for months. I even shared videos with them of my bump and nothing leaked. Damn!!”

Vera Screenshots 2

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“I heard rumours that an ex said I aborted. I am obsessed with babies!” Vera clarifies

Vera Sidika has been over the moon this past few months waiting for the moment she would unleash the great news that she was pregnant with hubby Brown Mauzo’s child.

She announced that she conceived on Valentine’s Day. “I removed it on Jan 5th, 2021. I conceived on Valentine’s Day, 14th Feb 2021. I know this coz that is the day I ovulated. I tracked my period when it came in Jan and first trial, we got preggo.” she said when she announced the good news.

But as is common with Kenyans, some are still curious about whether the socialite had an abortion years ago when she was dating singer Otile Brown.

In a recent Q and A on Instagram, the former video vixen was at pains to explain that this was her first pregnancy, dealing with what she termed were ‘rumuors’.

“I heard rumors that an ex said I aborted. This is not true. I’m obsessed with babies. I love kids so much, and I would never get preggo just to abort. When single, I take precautions. When in a serious relationship, I am always on contraceptives to avoid getting pregnant, coz I was never ready.”

They calIed me barren when I was already pregnant! Vera Sidika reveals

But this is contrary to what she claimed years ago after her controversial split from Otile Brown.


In the song, “Niacheni” which he released shortly after his split with Miss Sidika, Otile hinted that she had had an abortion. In the 45th second of the song, he sings,

“Usijifanye eti hujui, Tatizo mimba yangu ulioitoa, Mimi niacheni msione nipo kimya mwenzangu nina mengi. Wacha nilie na moyo wangu maneno maneno mimi sipendi. I will do better.” sings Otile.

Vera for her part, called out Otile saying that he couldn’t satisfy her in bed and denied the claims.

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They calIed me barren when I was already pregnant! Vera Sidika reveals

Socialite Vera Sidika Mung’asia dropped a bombshell this past week when she revealed that she was pregnant. Many were shocked that she was able to keep the news on the DL until now, hiding that precious secret from fans and followers alike.

One thing that the glowing Vera also addressed was the claim that she was barren. In March earlier, an Instagram user had commented “Tasa” after Vera shared a video of a baby on her Instagram page (Now deleted).

“Some st*pid devil called me barren, you all act like you know my life and womb so well to make it a topic of discussion. So many Lucifer’s on Instagram. St*pid son bi*ch. Worthless piece of sh*t” read Vera’s clap back.

“We don’t know the gender yet” Vera Sidika speaks of stress free pregnancy

She also savaged another fan who told her to have a baby, saying, “Smh! Mind your business. Nizae nisizae what’s your own! Ata nikitaka kuzaa 5 years from now ama 10 shida iko wapi.”

Now Mrs. Sidika has spoken about the incident and disclosed that she was already pregnant at the time.

Vera screenshot
Vera screenshot

The business lady who is married to musician Brown Mauzo also told women not to rush into getting pregnant because motherhood should not be a rushed commitment.

This baby will be the couple’s first child together as Mauzo already has children from a past relationship.

Vera was proposed to by her boyfriend Brown Mauzo on September 24th, 2020 and she said YES. In April 2021, Vera disclosed that she got married to Mauzo on 12th October 2020 and they will do a white wedding when the time is right.

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“We don’t know the gender yet” Vera Sidika speaks of stress free pregnancy


After keeping her pregnancy a secret, socialite Vera Sidika announced on Thursday June 17 that she is expecting her first baby with hubby Brown Mauzo.

Vera shared a video of the big reveal, where a cute cake said she had a bun in the oven.

Hour later, Vera explained more about her surprise announcement. She also told that the pregnancy has been a smooth journey,  “honestly I’ve had the most stress free pregnancy, no morning sickness, no symptoms pregnancy, God is good. I cook, eat everything, can jump, run, maybe even sommerault. Not even slightest headache, nausea.”

Vera sidika pregnant June 17
Vera sidika pregnant June 17

She also gushed about Mauzo saying he has been treating her like a queen, giving her back rub, making her eat fruits

“He feeds me by fire by force. cooks for me, rubs my feet, sometimes I would wake up at 4am and mention I’m having slight back pain and bae would get up massage my back until I’m fine God truly showed out when he brought you into my life. I’ve been through the worst in relationships”

On the gender of the child, Vera wrote

“Oh my been wanting to know the gender since the day I tested positive. Weeh, ultrasound in a few days. I need to start planning for the  gender reveal party in Nairobi.”

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“We can’t wait to meet you” Vera Sidika announces surprise pregnancy



Vera Sidika’s pregnancy announcement has broken the internet.

The socialite has been inundated with pleas to get pregnant by anxious fans for the last year, and she has told them to hold on until the time is right.


She captioned a photo of herself cradling her baby bump wearing a red dress in a video  “16.06.2021. ..An adventure is about to begin..I love you so much my husband @brownmauzo.

She delighted her fans and friends alike after keeping the secret for so long.

She added a series of pictures in the video where she smiles.

vera pg

The one minute long video ends with a message in black and white saying ‘we cant wait to meet you’

Congratulations Vee.

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“Those 5 months I tried so hard” Vera Sidika says of Jimmy Chansa

In Janaury 2020, we found out that Vera and her Tanzanian boyfriend Jimmy Chana had broken yup.

Since then, the fascination with that relationship still continues a year later, with her fans keen to know more details about the breakup.

In a QnA over the weekend, two curious fans once again asked why she didn’t work harder to keep that relationship.

The fan asked “I honestly thought you would end up with the TZ guy. Kwani what happened? Tell us the truth please”

She revealed they dated for 5 month and not 7, as previously thought. She wrote ‘One of the most unfortunately, traumatic experiences i’ve ever had amongst all my relationship. Never judge a book by its cover, sometimes the devil u know is better than the angel you d’nt know. End up? it couldn’t even reach 7 months even if i wanted it to. ata hizo 5 months i tried so hard. it was terrible. Honestly  I’m happy i didn’t continue doing that to myself. red flags are very important. what you see and ignore on day one is what ill make u leave later, eventually. so ladies don’t ever sit thinking he ill change  if its his character  ya’ll gon b fighting about the same thing  forever! so if u cant leave now , then better tart accepting nothing will ever change & live with it. I just could never live with it. so I left.”


Vera had previously said that she and Jimmy broke up because the relationship was toxic and she couldn’t perevere just to people please people.

Jimmy Chansa together with Vera
Jimmy Chansa together with Vera

She went on to say that she will always put herself first

I walked out of my relationship coz I’m not gonna stay in a toxic one just into impress people like you. You can think whatever u like at the end of the day I’m the one who’ll face the Bullshit so I will eliminate what’s not good for me. If u like say whatever, strangers on the internet will never let me tolerate bullshit from a man just to show the world that I’m still in relationship. Hell nah. I will always put myself first. On God!!!” Said Vera.

Jimmy Chansa, on the other hand confirmed that she dumped him.

“In this life make sure you are the centre of attention, coz it’s lights, camera, then action”

Then he was quizzed if he was dumped and he responded “Yes”

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Ati Who? Vera says when asked about ex-boyfriend OB

Alls fair love and war, something that Otile Brown knows all too well after his disastrous relationship with socialite Vera Sidika.

The relationship ended with as much smoke as it started with Otile being burnt by the scorched earth method that Miss Sidika used to tarnish his name afterward.

And it seems that she might not be done inflicting pain on the “Dusuma” crooner. In a recent Q&A session via her Insta-stories, a curious fan asked Vera whether she still had feelings for ‘OB’ a short term used to describe her ex’s name, Otile Brown.

“Do you still have feelings for o.b sometimes?” asked the fan.

Miss Sidika who is now married to Brown Mauzo, played the dullard insisting that she didn’t know who OB was. “Well, I don’t know who ob is but I only have feelings for my hubby.”

Ouch! I don’t know which is worse; Your ex remembering you as a bad relationship or them completely forgetting you? Only Otile might have an answer to that question.

I should have left my ex sooner – Vera Sidika confesses as she defends Brown Mauzo again

Whatever the case, the two have since moved on from that calamitous relationship. Otile has been dating Ethiopian beauty Nabayet for the past 3 years and their relationship seems to be firing on all cylinders.

Otile Brown with Nabayet in Addis Ababa
Otile Brown with Nabayet in Addis Ababa

The question is when the two will cross the final frontier and tie the knot. Meanwhile, Vera also seems to be in a good place with her new hubby Brown.

The two have what can best be described as a boring marriage at the moment-oddly the best description for a possible long-lasting marriage.

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Vera Sidika turned down offers to be a baby mama for sponsors


Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika now says she has never been a woman easily attracted by money as she prefers love.

According to Vera, she has in the past been approached by moneyed men to sire kids for them but she turned down the offers.

She added she prefers siring a child out of love and not as a gateway to getting money from men.

This she revealed this during a Q and A segment with her fans where one fan asked if she would go for love or money.



Vera added



Do you agree with Vera that women should not use their kids as ATM’s to get money from their baby daddies?

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I should have left my ex sooner – Vera Sidika confesses as she defends Brown Mauzo again

Socialite-cum-businesswoman Vera Sidika is still fighting rumours and innuendo using her huge social media platform of Instagram.

The curvy former video vixen is back at it again dispelling allegations that her relationship with husband, singer Brown Mauzo might be fake, something I have also had suspicions about.

During a QnA session with fans, many of them inevitably weighed in on her relationship with Brown while others asked why she broke up with Tanzanian ex, Jimmy Chansa.

For those of you who have forgotten, Jimmy was her rebound man after she left Otile Brown. Miss Sidika explained that she was happy in her relationship with Mauzo adding that she wished she had left Jimmy sooner.

“Looking forward to the day your act with Mauzo ends,” said one fan to which the socialite replied, “Well I don’t understand which act you talking about but we’re not actors.”

Vera Sidika comes clean on stealing hubby Brown Mauzo from Amber Ray

Just last month, Vera had to put on her boxing gloves as she defended her choice to marry Brown saying that money has never been a determinant for her relationships because in the past she dated millionaires and billionaires and things were not rosy as people think.

She also added that she is currently very happy in marriage and she wouldn’t change it for anything. Check out the screenshots of Miss Sidika engaging with fans below;

Vera Sidika screenshots
Vera Sidika screenshots

Vera Sidika screenshots Vera Sidika screenshots Vera Sidika screenshots Vera Sidika screenshots Vera Sidika screenshots

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