Vera Sidika welcomes her first child with husband Brown Mauzo


Vera Sidika on Mashujaa day delivered her baby girl.

Vera shared the news on her Instagram revealing they joy the couple is experiencing welcoming their bundle.

Vera revealed the baby girl is called Asia Mauzo. She had two days ago asked fans to suggest possible names for her baby girl and it would be interesting to see if she considered this name.

20.10.2021 at 10:21am
ūüéäA princess was bornūüéä
Asia Brown @princess_asiabrown
You will always be the miracle that makes our life complete

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Vera Sidika gets a pregnancy belly cast in countdown to birth


After a successful baby shower held on 10th October, Vera Sidika is counting down the days to the birth of her baby girl.

And to prepare for that process, Vera showed fans she was getting a pregnancy cast. She also told that her pregnancy journey will make part of her reality show when it premiers.

She noted it was ‘creating memories with pregnancy. Watch out for my reality show. So much juice on it!’

Belly casts are 3D plaster molds of a mother-to-be’s growing bump or full torso, usually done a couple of weeks to a month before giving birth.

Vera wrote “belly casting today. I’m such a last minute person But!!I always get it done. “

She added “it’s extremely heavy apparently about 6-7kgs”

According to Wikipedia, Belly casts are most often made toward the end of the third trimester of pregnancy, though a series of casts may also be made during the pregnancy. They are made by preparing the skin with a coating of Vaseline or a similar lubricant and adding strips of wet plaster gauze over the abdomen to make the cast.

Vera also celebrated her glowing baby bump noting she is set to undergo a CS in November.

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I’m happy Vera Sidika is flourishing – Ex Jimmy Chansa says

Tanzanian doctor Jimmy Chansa and ex boyfriend to Vera Sidika in an interview with Millard Ayo a few days ago,  told that he is happy for Vera who is in love and pregnant with her first child.

The interview here on Ayo Tv, impressed fans who told him he is handling things maturely.

He was asked how he felt for trending all because of dating her back then.

He responded ‘it was a relationship where I was on autopilot. Sometimes I would go to Nairobi to see her, sometimes she would come to Tanzania to see me. I don’t remember how long we dated siwezi ukumbuka, inaeza maliza miaka ni mda mfupi. This is one of the longest relationships I ever had. She was a good person, genuine, ako real. We met at a party, na kawaida stori na nini happened, tukainigia kwa mahuiano”

Did he mind the way she put their relationship online?

He said no “Hio ni culture ya Kenya, they are not conservative”

Jimmy was also asked if he was warned about dating Vera and he somewhat agreed.vera and chana

“It’s normal, but I am an adult I wouldn’t be with someone who would be bad for me. Mimi sifuati sana comments za social media, lakini kama manadamu kuna watu walikuwa wanasema coz they know her from social media People looked at her liek she is expensive to maintaimn because she is a socialite but me I looked at her like my fianc√©e so the feeling is different”

So why did they break up? He wouldn’t reveal the details only saying “ni mambo ya kawaida kwa mauhusiano kuachana. Breaking up in Africa is taken as a very negative thing, but it’s not. It’s normal. If you have no intention to marry someone, set them free to go find someone else who will”

So did Vera dump him? He remained coy about it vera idika and jimmy chana

“sitaongea kuhusu hilo. Hatukuachana kwa ubaya ” The interviewer tried to get him to confess if it was because of cheating or any beef, but again he refusec toeb dranwn into it “hio pia sitasema tuliachana sio kwa ubaya haijawahi kuwa na ubaya”

Jimmy also told that he doesn’t intend to slide in her DM “I¬†have never been in touch with her after our breakup., I don’t think kama hiyo ni heshima. Lengo la kuachana na mtu ni kumruhusu amove on. So ukiwa umamcheki mtu it going back and forth, ni kama unamlazimisha, hatujawahi chekiana”

He finished that he has alot of admiration for her and wished her the best in her pregnancy journey and new love with Otile Brown “I respect Vee sana, her family, I respect her family coz ndugu yake ni mwenzangu sana. I am happy for her as long as she is haapy”

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Vera Sidika spent 800k for her baby shower¬†and didn’t need a harambee


Vera Sidika has been opening up about planning her own baby shower that was held on the 10th of October.

She told that she likes to do things for herself rather than depend on friend to plan a surprise shower.

She has since been sharing the highlights from her event and the cost was one issue that people have with.

She was exposed for denying guests food, but responded that there was food only that she didn’t feel it necessary to show off the food display.

A whatsapp group was also set up to make plans and she says she likes to do things her way because she is a pertfectionist.

The messages on the group suggest that she wanted friends to fundraise but Vera has dismissed this saying she paid 800k for it herself.

“wamamwa facebook watume screenshots and show me where I was begging for 100k to do a baby shower”

Edgar Obare shared screenshots of a WhatsApp group that Vera Sidika had formed to fundraise for the baby shower.

“it’s very important while spreading fake stories and rumors. You kindly share facts. I know u r very desperate¬† to bring me down by all means. But guess what?? I ain’t going nowhere. Haters never grow. They’re so stuck up in their rotten single rooms, miserable and sad. Instead of clapping for others or stay quiet as they wait for their turn. They hate thinking it’ll make them feel better about themselves. No darling we good over here. while you depressed in your *h*thole Typing abusing people u have never even met.”

“if people only knew how f*kn much decor costs they’ll rethink their lives. a little reminder. i threw the best baby shower¬† ever!!!one I personally have never seen before..and that’s on f acts”

Vera provided a receipt of a lunch date she took her friend many months ago that cost 59,200 to show she doesn’t need a harambee of 100k for her baby shower. “just in case you forgot how lunch bill looks like¬† when I decide to eat out. 60k so what again r u saying I got a harambee ya 100k to plan baby shower?”


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Vera Sidika given land as present by husband Brown Mauzo


During her 10th October baby shower, Brown Mauzo surprised Vera with a title deed as she anticipates delivering her baby next month.

The pink and white themed baby shower went down on Sunday, and videos of the party shared on Monday.

She expressed her excitement saying ‘I don’t even know how to feel. Today is another day but watery for now. Brown Mauzo you are everything and more I prayed for. You made me believe God answered prayers. You can go through the worst and most heartbreaking and still find that special 1 that’ll be there to stay. God bless you for what U just did¬† foru pour new family. It means the world to me. still speechless. Generational wealth. Such a thoughtful gift! I know our kids will have the best¬† future. Inshallah.vera pink baby shower (1)

In another post she captioned the moment ‘oh my look what Brown Mauzo gifted me weeeh!!”

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“Poverty is a bad thing” Vera reacts to no food and drinks claims at baby shower


Vera Sidika’s baby shower on October 10th was one for the books.

The white and pink affair was held in Nairobi and her friends came out wholly to support her.

Vera shared videos of the event and to her annoyance, trolls claimed she didn’t offer attendee’s food and drinks.

She reacted sharply on Monday night sharing screenshots of the allegations plus pictures of the food and drinks to dispel such claims.

“haters will be in their single room hating on a party they didn’t attend. How are you at a party and claim there was no food or drink and how is that your business anyway? u r in a single¬† room with your broke as* android phone and borrowed hotspot, okoa bundle claiming there’s no food or drinks at a party u never attended. Yet u weren’t and can never even be considered in guest list Unaonea Instagram tuu and you can only see what I post coz I don’t drink or eat at parties¬† for security reasons meaning I won’t post videos of them, u then say there was no food or drink kwani kuna food yako uimepotea???umaskini nikitu mbaya sana aki nanni”

She continued “these dirty mosquitos always taking panadol for my headache . They have never been to a baby shower like this in their life . They now look for fake stories to tell coz nobody cares when u not winning. they’re always bothered when they see you doing better than they expected . u will rot in jealousy.”

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Vera Sidika has lunch date with her mother in law ahead of baby shower


The highly anticipated baby shower is set to go down on October 20th in Nairobi.

Vera and Brown Mauzo jetted don to the city on Friday after having lunch with his mother in Diani.

Vera expressed excitement for the lunch date saying her bae’s mother ‘we had a busy week but we had to create time to go see mom in law’.

She added ‘Diani here we come’ a Mauzo drover her in their range Rover.

At the luncheon, Vera also reveals that Brown Mauzo’s mother takes care of her health.

She wrote ‘lunch with fam’ Captioning another video of the mother in laws hidden face with a heart emoji. ‘Baes mom is team healthy eating while we have all the junk’

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Nowhere else I’d rather be – Vera birthday plans in top gear


Vera Sidika is gearing up to celebrate her birthday in the next two days.

The socialite is also planning to host her baby shower as her due date nears.

Vera and Brown Mauzo are expecting their baby in November, and the excitement of the parents to be is expressed on their social media.

Vera will be turning a year older on September 29 and wrote ‘2 days to my birthday. There’s nowhere I’d rather be…what’s up Mombasa’

She added in a separate video that ‘birthday loading¬† and entering my birthday like..2 days to go!!!!’

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Don’t ask your girls for advice on your relationship – Vera Sidika


Mother to be Vera Sidika has some words of advise for girls out there. And it all has to do with the possibility that one of them could be a backstabber.

On her Instagram stories she sent a warning about fake friends who could be out for your man.

“not all friends are bad, but¬† a very big percentage cant be trusted in that sector. Most times they’re good friends in other areas. But things to do with your relationships, success, wealth, blessi8ngs (like pregnant) etc their true colors come out”


She continued

“No matter how bad ya’ll fight is don’t ask your girls for advise on your relationships. You would rather ask a very random stranger in a mat, SGR, flight at a restaurant etc. Go ask total strangers who don’t even know who the hell u r. or who yo man is. They’ll give you genuine advise. But your friends??? who knows you, seen pics of ya’ll doing couple goals, wish they had a man like yours are single and desperate etc Noooope don’t. You’ll thank me later. Or rather one day just pretend and test your friend, act like y’all broke¬† up and having issues, ask her for some advise…telll me”

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‘Why I never settle for a Mbaba,’ Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika is happy with her beau Brown Mauzo. The two have been together for sometime now and are about to welcome a child. Sidika says most of her fans had adviced her to settle with a wealthy old man.

”Most of you all were busy advising me to get married and settle with a Mbabs, for money. Wealthy men bla bla… You didn’t want me to experience this happiness, fulfilled and so complete.Would that mbaba ever give me even 1 per cent love, affection and attention…”

vera and mauzo

”Be there through the pregnancy journey love me right and just make me happy. nooo. That is why I never listen to your talks. I follow my heart and what I want and today, I am honestly and genuinely happy. Married to a man who loves me unconditionally. He has been there always in the pregnancy journey.

“Always been there. Your mbaba could never be there for me.You wanted me to be in hell kind of a marriage spending time with drivers, bodyguards, nanny looking after me during a pregnancy instead of the mbaba coz he ain’t even have time for that.”

‚ÄėVera Sidika is shipping in her little princess‚Äô crib and clothing

In the past, Sidika said she had been dating wealthy men but ended up in premium tears.

‘Vera Sidika is shipping in her little princess’ crib and clothing


Vera Sidika and her husband Brown Mauzo are anticipating the birth of their little princess.

In an Instagram story, Vera revealed how she will spoil her little princess importing a princess styled crib for her girl. She shared that no expenses will be spared to give her baby the best life.


what a lucky baby she wrote

I didn’t grow up in luxury but the amount of glam and luxe this baby bout to experience.

I wish I was this baby. Her baby crib, clothing and everything is getting shipped from UK and US kweli we work hard in life so we can give our kids the best life we never had  while growing up.

god bless all mothers out there  doing all it takes to provide and give the best to their children.veraaw

After numerous inquiries from fans who told her she was showing off, Vera added that

‘Giving your kids the best life doesn’t necessarily mean an expensive life. It means doing the best you can to provide for them. Everyone has their own maximum stretch nd being rich doesn’t mean its only you who can give the best’

Her baby is due in November and baby shower is planned for September.


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Vera Sidika announces her baby shower will be held in September


Following a successful gender reveal party, heavily pregnant Vera Sidika has told fans and followers that her baby shower is next month.

She made the big announcement on Instagram stories in a joyous note saying

‘Honestly I miss my gender reveal party it was so lit Baby shower September God willing Bigger and Bigger’

She captioned a picture of her gender reveal with a cake

‘End October ndio ile month ya kanungo’

Vera and husband Brown Mauzo in a gender reveal party said they are expecting a baby girl and she has since been sharing her expectations with how she will enjoy motherhood.

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Brown Mauzo’s Giriama accent makes Vera’s heart melt


Vera Sidika has revealed that her husband Brown Mauzo is of mixed ethnicities – Kamba and Giriama.

According to Vera, Mauzo’s mother is Kamba while his dad is from the Giriama tribe in the Coast. She told that “Bae’s dad is Giriama BTW. His mom is kamba. So technically, he’s a proper Mijikenda. And for some reason, i love the Giriama side of him”

Sher gushed about his accent saying she can’t get over it and always listens to him talking to his folks in that language. “When hubby speaks his mother tongue Girima I get so turned on. Gosh!!!I could stare at him all day while he’s on phone speaking Giriama”mauzo accent (1)

The lovebirds celebrated their one wedding anniversary on August 12th, and went on a staycation for the big day. They also had a big gender reveal ceremony before that to tell fans they are expecting a baby girl in November.

Vera also told her fans that she and Mauzo will be living between Nairobi and Mombasa based on the weather. She told that if Nairobi has favorable weather then the two relocate and switch back if it reverses.

queen vee back coat (1)

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Brown Mauzo tatoo’s wife’s name on arms after wedding anniversary


Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo marked their one year wedding anniversary on the 12th of August. And four days later, Mauzo got her name tatoo’d on his arms.

Mauzo visited top tattoo artiste Barry Tusker, who has done the same for other celebrities.

A proud Mauzo tagged Vera on his Instagram showing the ongoing process of getting her name on his arms.

The two love birds went for a staycation at the Trademark Hotel on August 12 for their anniversary and blew u away with their love for one another.

The couple now awaits the birth of their unborn child who is expected in November.

Vera revealed she will be undergoing a CSection over her fear of giving birth naturally.

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Vera Sidika’s ex Jimmy Chansa collabo’s in love ballad with Juma Jux


Vera Sidika’s Tanzanian ex boyfriend Jimmy Chansa has collabo’d with Juma Jux for a song called Fahamu.

The song premiered on August 13 and has raked in 124k views.  Jimmy Chansa made his debut in the music career and fans declaring that he made a good attempt.

Jimmy croons

Baby girl, mi nishakuja kuku-pick up, tukale bata la Maisha mimi na wewe, And I know you, mashoga zako wakutisha, eti kudanga ndo Maisha, acha unielewe Twende bendi mwananjenje Kimahaba we unichezeeee

Fans praised the two singers noting that Jux never disappoints and also being surprised Jimmy could sing.

Rahma Juma
never knew Jimmy chansa would sing
keep it up bros

Aaaah i cant wait to hear jimmy chansa on this track

Rominah Kardach
Jux knows how to vocalise his voice

Jux never lets me down, this is international!!!

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Happy anniversary! Ver and Brown Mauzo mark one year wedded bliss


Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo are one year in their marriage. The two are planning something big for their marriage anniversary and it will be interesting to see.

Back in June, Vera revealed to fans in an Instagram QnA that they are yet to have the big white wedding, insisting one day it will happen.

Disbelieving fans wanted more information and she obliged gushing about Mauzo.

“It’s been the most amazing journey for me so far guess because hubby and I are so compatible plus other than love we are best fo friends. w e talk about everything. no secrets, we joke laugh enjoy life, gossip. it’s pure bliss, never knew marriage can be so beautiful “

She also added that this is the longest relationship she has ever had¬† “this is the longest relationship I’ve ever been in and guess what it’s the most unproblematic. no publicity stunts not trying to prove a point to nobody. just genuinely living real life”

Congratulations to the parents to be.

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Pregnant Vera Sidika accused of shaming mothers giving birth naturally


Socialite Vera Sidika is preparing to deliver her baby girl soon and in a QnA on Instagram interacted with fans abut giving birth naturally or through CS.

And it is in that process that she faced accusations of shaming women who have given birth naturally, amid comments that she fears being lose down there.vera v birth (1)

Team natural birth came for Vera saying she doesn’t know anything about birthing a bay just yet adding that every experience is different.

Vera has doubled back on her comments saying

“I never said V delivery women have lose pumpum. I said personally I wouldn’t want my vajayjay touched. Because I know it usually doesn’t go 100 per cent back to the exact same way it was. My thoughts, my opinion. Y’all should stop crusifying people for speaking their minds. If it does, the very better, My V/delivery biggest worry is labour pains . weeeh someoen even sid they went on labor for three days then after all that pain emergency CS. Si I better chose cs tu from the start since u don’t know what’s coming¬† Ka!!1 help me God.”

Vera Sidika pregnant
Vera Sidika pregnant

She added that “all in all lets stop any kind of childbirth related stigma we can have opinions and thoughts¬† but it doesn’t always mean its facts. It’s been real end of discussion”

Vera is due to give birth in November.

Dear Classic 105 fam, what do you think the obsession with shaming mums?

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“He who finds a good wife” Brown Mauzo tells Vera ahead of anniversary


Brown Mauzo and Vera Sidika are proving to doubting thomases’ that their relationship will last and is real this time round.

The two are gearing up to mark their first wedding anniversary and dedicating messages to each other about it.

On Sunday July 18th after hosting her first gig in Nairobi at the Tunnel, Vera wrote she is ‘genuinely happy they hate to see it, but it’s about you not them’ assuring Brown that he is her dream come true as she added they have a’ a bond that can’t be broken’.vera bond that cant be broken (1)

and on Tuesday night, Brown gushed over Vera saying ‘He who finds a wife finds a good thing. …Love is wonderful. Love you my wonderful wife”.bron tells v (1)

Brown and Vera are likely to hold a white wedding after she delivers. But she did earlier indicate to a curios fan that ‘not now though.¬†No ceremony is fun in this pandemic.’

They celebrate their anniversary on 12th August.

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