Mammito blows away fans in photo with Vera Sidika

Comedian Mammito and socialite Vera Sidika were in hangout and their photo ops have got many talking.

Mammito shared pictures with Vera, and the responses show that Mammito blew fans away with her beauty.

Among the crowd with them was Nigerian comedian Broda Shaggi, a famous comedian actor and songwriter.

Mammito captioned the celebrity meet up “Lagos meets Nairobi “

His skits are so popular it will leave you in stitiches.

He won the Best actor in a comedy award in the recently concluded AMVCA’s held in Lagos.

Mammito is considered the best female Kenyan comedian and we take note of it.

Reactions about Mammito’s beauty are below:

Vitz na v8😂😂😂😂😂

Vera flexing what her doctor gave her😂😂😂

Mamito you’re prettier than Vera waaah🔥🔥🔥

Hoping that picture of inspires Vera to embrace her natural skin color

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Vera talks of ‘crazy baby fever’ for baby number 2

Vera Sidika says that she is having baby fever and so does husband Brown Mauzo.

The curvy socialite and a mother of one is optimistic that this year she will get pregnant.

They plan to bring baby two, hopefully a boy.

Recently, in her insta stories, Vera shared her interest with fans, and hopefully, that would be before the year 2022 comes to an end.

“I’m having crazy baby fever, well not just me, hubby too. We really want another baby. Hopefully a boy. Maybe we should consider and try at this rate, somebody might just be pregnant again this year” she wrote.

The Curvy socialite also wrote that she can’t wait to grow her family. Her husband and daughter Asia are already a blessing to her and she is living a life she has always dreamt of, she says that she wants to have more kids to run around their beautiful home.

“I can’t wait to grow our family. Have more kids running around the house, hubby and Asia are a blessing honestly, I’m living my dream life, may God always protect our family.” She said.

From her insta stories, Vera also mentioned that they are about to celebrate their two years anniversary and that would probably be in four months, hopefully, she would be expecting her second baby already.

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Amber Ray addresses supposed beef with Vera

 “When did we stop being friends’’ Amber Ray talks about her relationship with Vera.

Amber Ray says she cannot recall being friends with Vera Sidika or even when they stopped being friends.

From her Insta stories Monday March 21, the socialite asked her fans to tell her something they think she should stop doing.

One of her fans asked her why she can’t forgive Vera Sidika for whatever she did to her and why she can’t stay cool with Vera.

“Why can’t you just be cool with Vera Sidika, what did she do that u can’t forgive her… anyway love you,’’ Fan asked.

??? Seriously? I don’t even remember us being friends… wait, when did we stop being friends?” she replied.

This is clear that Amber Ray has never been friends with Vera Sidika as she says she does not even remember them being friends.

The Kenyan socialite also made it clear she does not care if it makes sense to anyone. This was after another fan asked her to stop cutting off some of her friends and that there is always a solution, so she should make up with them.

She responded and said, “Unfortunately there are things I can not take… and the most unfortunate thing is that I don’t really care if it makes sense to anyone.”

Recently, Vera Sidika in a QnA, a fan asked her whether she was having beef with Amber Ray. She responded ad said she does not have beef with anyone.

“nope, why should I? I have no beef with anyone, honestly. I’m not that kind of a person,” she responded.

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Vera Sidika has never dated a mzungu

Vera’s dating life before marrying Brown Mauzo seems to really interest her legion of fans.

New mum Vera Sidika has opened upto her fans in a big way.

On Sunday March 13, Vera invited questions from her fans about anything, and she truthfully responded.

One fan wanted to know why she does not show off her in laws unlike her parents and Vera said she respects their need forprivacy.

Another curious fan wanted to be hooked up to a mzungu, and Vera said she has never dated a white man before nor has she ever used dating ups for hook ups. ‘waeza niambia joints ama websites to get a white guy siz’

QueenVee wrote ‘you’re asking the wrong person. I’ve never dated any or been to any sites’

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Vera explains why she married Brown Mauzo over others

He is bigger than all the people I ever dated: Vera Sidika explains why she got married to Brown Mauzo

The question surrounding Vera Sidika’s choice of husband was the focus of a QnA for the socialite and businesswoman ion Tuesday night.

Vera was asked why she got married to Brown Mauzo inspite of having other options from the pool she dated.

Another questions was why she decided to get pregnant with Mauzo yet she has dated other big people, she replied and said ‘’he is bigger than all the people I ever date & no I dint decide to get pregnant. We are married deeply in love. He’s my husband and father to our beautiful little girl Asia.’’ She replied.

Vera and Mauzo are parents to a 4 month old daughter Princess Asia.

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Vera Sidika would support a collabo between husband Brown Mauzo and ex Otile Brown

Vera Sidika is a vary supportive wife to musician husband Brown Mauzo.

On her Instagram stories in a QnA with fans, Vera was asked repeatedly if she woul support a music collabo between husband Brown Mauzo and her ex boyfriend Otiel Brown.

‘if Otile Brown wants a collabo with your bae Brown Mauzo will you support that music or not

Vera told ‘I’ll support 100% there’s nothing wrong in that

Vera was also asked about having more children and she said she ants 3 to 4 siblings for Princess Asia.

‘Next year God willing Hopefully 2023. She added ‘ I’m obsessed with kids I’m even craving for a son now’

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Vera Sidika only hiring 40 plus year old nannies. Here are benefits

If you’re hiring a nanny, there are many qualities you want in a caregiver. Experience, skills, personality, trustworthiness, and responsibility are factors when hiring someone to look after your children while you’re at work.

Socialite and new mum Vera Sidika is only hiring mature and older nanny for daughter Asia.

These details emerged when curious fans noticed she flew with her nanny to Mombasa. Many asked and she replied that they offer better help than younger ones. are not the best fit for her family.

In her response, Vera wrote candidates solely interested in working with her must be over 40 years.

‘Rule no 2. I prefer over 40 year olds. They’re the best. These 20 something’s year olds aint my style. Th probability of many things easily going wrong. Is very high’

Here’s benefits of an older one

A mature nanny has also likely worked with many different types of families and will have the experience and knowledge to adapt their nannying style to fit your needs and preferences.

They may also have more “tricks up their sleeves” to entertain children rather than sit them down in front of a screen to keep them occupied.

With those considerations in mind, hiring a mature nanny may make sense for your family.

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Vera Sidika’s dad meets grandchild Asia Princess 2 months after her birth

Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo jetted off to Mombasa for the New Years eve celebrations.

In a photo on the plane, Vera told that daughter Asia does not catch feelings, but flights ‘Mombasa for New years eve and family vacation. Asia’s 1st flight at two months . This baby has refuse to catch feelings. Amesema ni flights tu’

Vera also shared a video of her dad holding Asia and gushing over the beautiful baby. Vera revealed that her father is meeting Asia for the first time since giving birth to the little girl.

Vera, Mauzo and ASia

‘Asia meeting her grandpa (my dad) for the very first time today’ She added heart emoji’s.

Later that night Vera partied with Mike Sonko and his family, as his wife Primrose celebrated her birthday.

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Vera Sidika mourns the heartbreaking death of her friend Sally

Socialite Vera Sidika is mournignthe death of her dear friend Sally, who meant the world to her.

Vera in a hearty tribute told that Sally postponed her childs birthday to accommodate Vera Sidika who at the time was undecided when to hold her baby shower.

Vera wrote ‘such a beautiful soul gone too soon. sally moved her daughters birthday party twice to a different date. when I kept changing my dates just so she could attend my baby shower. such friends are rare honestly. I don’t even know why it had to be like this.’

Vera told about her heartbreak and grief in another caption on Instagram stories

‘life is unfair and that ‘you met Asia right after she was born and went crazy how beautiful she is. just that night before the sad news we were planning your visit to come see Asia again. omg sally I have been quiet/sad moments trying to figure out hy you had to go.’

‘God why such a pure soul taken from us. past two days been hard while changing Asia and see these I breakdown. sally loved Asia like crazy. she went all out for her. I’m so sad she really didn’t get to hear Asia call her aunty. life is so unfair’

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You are husbanding us to death – Vera told about Brown Mauzo


Vera Sidika says we will see her daughter Princess Asia maybe in 2022.

This comes after numerous trolls targeted her bundle of joy making remarks that annoyed the socialite.

Vera has also been sharing videos of husband Brown Mauzo singing and cuddling their daughter.

Her followers say this is too much and she is husbanding to death on Instagram.

She responded viciously saying ‘you can say what you want about me but font insult my child!! she did nothing wrong to nobody . Ata you don’t even know what she looks like.’

Responding about Brown Mauzo she said ‘they said he’s the worst man I’ve ever dated. That I downgraded. Today the same motivational speakers say  envy me, they say I have a perfect man who values and respects me and is a super caring husband and father.

Vera revealed she has blocked 200people ‘prisoners entered prison block today. If you cant mind your business I will help you mind it. You cant follow someone  to trash talk or hate. If you don’t like my posts unfollow and don’t search my IG to check what I’m posting. Simple’


She has been telling off and blocking anyone talking negatively of her daughter and husband.

vera haters (2)

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2022 baby number 2! Vera Sidika hints at sibling for Princess Asia


Mother of one Vera Sidika is ready to hit the ground running and give her daughter Princess Asia, a sibling.

She told of her thoughts after fans told her she might have already shared a picture of the never seen Asia.

Vera admitted to her fan that even her mother thought Vera had publicly shared a picture of the elusive child.

‘Asia mtamuona 2022 or 2023.I think we’ll plan her first photoshoot next year actually. As for now, let me enjoy her cute face pretty eyes,lovely hair and all the good stuff she comes with. Imma be selfish with my angel. Uwii b selfish with my angel. Kwanza I just stare at her all day.I watch her sleep all day all night obsession’

Later Vera dded that God is amazing. He keeps making the haters mad every other day with their miserable lives.Wait until the right time comes and they see Asia . Every bad they wished for since my pregnancy will sink down their throat snd choke them. Coz God keeps embarrassing them day in day out. ‘

She ranted some more than confessed she is already having baby fever all over again.

‘2022 Baby number 2 inshallah. Asia must have  a playmate.Hopefully a boy. Mommas boy. Niringe na mimi. Tired of seeing hubby everytime I look at Asia. To make it worse they’re BFFs I’m a third wheel’

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‘So tempted to post her’ Vera reacts after KOT poke fun at daughter


Kenyans are anxiously waiting for Vera Sidika to share a full picture of her new born daughter Princess Asia. Asia was born on October 20th.

She has only done so twice, showing us a leg and later a hand.

On Sunday November 14th, Vera on her Instagram stories hinted that she could do a baby reveal. ‘So tempted to post her this Sunday. You guys are too much’.

By 11am, Vera had not done so only sharing funny responses from fans who were urging her to do it. And at 1pm, Vera showed a hand of Princess Asia. The hand though was covered, so we couldn’t tell whether the bay is light skinned or dar. Vra has been trolled about her babys skin color, and it keeps getting worse.

Meanwhile the mother of one has asked that you stop giving her parental advice and that she is good.

So will Vera take the bait and finally show us her cute bundle of joy or do we wait patiently?

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Vera Sidika returns to Instagram after break to share baby update


Vera Sidika unexpectedly showed up on the timeline on Saturday November 6, days after taking a break following criticism by KOT over her birth and labor experience.

Vera gave birth to her baby girl on October 20th, and over the next week regaled Kenyans with her experience at the hospital.

Not many took kindly to her oversharing and after leaving the hospital, Vera went quiet.

On Saturday, Vera and her mother bonded while taking baby Princess Asia for her first clinic visit.


Vera also shared screenshots of concerned fans who wondered about her absence from Instagram. She assured them that all was well, she was just spending time with Asia and hubby.

Vera also spent Saturday taking her baby to the clinic. The new mum explained her excitement of her own mum ‘Asia just had her first clinic visit today we’re so happy she’s grown so well . Added much. Her parents have done a good job’


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Fit for a princess! Vera Sidika leaves hospital in a limousine after birth


Vera Sidika left a local hospital in style after giving birth tot heir daughter Princes Asia.

Her husband Brown Mauzo hired a limousine to take his wife and new born daughter home. Vera shared a video fo the moment on her Instagran noting ‘Bae got @princess_asiabrown on a LIMOUSINE for her first ride. While leaving the hospital 😩❤️🥺 so sweet. She’s Definitely Daddy’s little girl 💃🏻💃🏻 we love you @brownmauzo254 ❤️😘

Vera gave birth to their baby on October 20th, and has been in the hospital maternity unit since.

While there, Vera has been sharing bits and pieces of her stay, recounting how it was an easy birth. Vera settled for a CS saying she is scared of the pain of a normal birth. this led to a back and forth between her and fans who felt she disrespected mothers who have chosen a natural birth.


Not one to back down, Vera told off everyone. And the CS went very well for her and she told she is ready to have ten kids because there was no pain.

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42k followers! Vera Sidika’s daughter Asia has massive following online


Vera Sidika’s new born daughter Princess Asia has garnered the interest of the internet so much so that days after her birth, her Instagram page has over 40,000 followers.

Vera shared the news showing what an interest people have about her life.

The first post on Instagram was t announce her arrival into the world with 23k likes.

Welcome sweetheart from the Classic 105 family

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Vera Sidika welcomes her first child with husband Brown Mauzo


Vera Sidika on Mashujaa day delivered her baby girl.

Vera shared the news on her Instagram revealing they joy the couple is experiencing welcoming their bundle.

Vera revealed the baby girl is called Asia Mauzo. She had two days ago asked fans to suggest possible names for her baby girl and it would be interesting to see if she considered this name.

20.10.2021 at 10:21am
🎊A princess was born🎊
Asia Brown @princess_asiabrown
You will always be the miracle that makes our life complete

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Vera Sidika gets a pregnancy belly cast in countdown to birth


After a successful baby shower held on 10th October, Vera Sidika is counting down the days to the birth of her baby girl.

And to prepare for that process, Vera showed fans she was getting a pregnancy cast. She also told that her pregnancy journey will make part of her reality show when it premiers.

She noted it was ‘creating memories with pregnancy. Watch out for my reality show. So much juice on it!’

Belly casts are 3D plaster molds of a mother-to-be’s growing bump or full torso, usually done a couple of weeks to a month before giving birth.

Vera wrote “belly casting today. I’m such a last minute person But!!I always get it done. “

She added “it’s extremely heavy apparently about 6-7kgs”

According to Wikipedia, Belly casts are most often made toward the end of the third trimester of pregnancy, though a series of casts may also be made during the pregnancy. They are made by preparing the skin with a coating of Vaseline or a similar lubricant and adding strips of wet plaster gauze over the abdomen to make the cast.

Vera also celebrated her glowing baby bump noting she is set to undergo a CS in November.

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I’m happy Vera Sidika is flourishing – Ex Jimmy Chansa says

Tanzanian doctor Jimmy Chansa and ex boyfriend to Vera Sidika in an interview with Millard Ayo a few days ago,  told that he is happy for Vera who is in love and pregnant with her first child.

The interview here on Ayo Tv, impressed fans who told him he is handling things maturely.

He was asked how he felt for trending all because of dating her back then.

He responded ‘it was a relationship where I was on autopilot. Sometimes I would go to Nairobi to see her, sometimes she would come to Tanzania to see me. I don’t remember how long we dated siwezi ukumbuka, inaeza maliza miaka ni mda mfupi. This is one of the longest relationships I ever had. She was a good person, genuine, ako real. We met at a party, na kawaida stori na nini happened, tukainigia kwa mahuiano”

Did he mind the way she put their relationship online?

He said no “Hio ni culture ya Kenya, they are not conservative”

Jimmy was also asked if he was warned about dating Vera and he somewhat agreed.vera and chana

“It’s normal, but I am an adult I wouldn’t be with someone who would be bad for me. Mimi sifuati sana comments za social media, lakini kama manadamu kuna watu walikuwa wanasema coz they know her from social media People looked at her liek she is expensive to maintaimn because she is a socialite but me I looked at her like my fiancée so the feeling is different”

So why did they break up? He wouldn’t reveal the details only saying “ni mambo ya kawaida kwa mauhusiano kuachana. Breaking up in Africa is taken as a very negative thing, but it’s not. It’s normal. If you have no intention to marry someone, set them free to go find someone else who will”

So did Vera dump him? He remained coy about it vera idika and jimmy chana

“sitaongea kuhusu hilo. Hatukuachana kwa ubaya ” The interviewer tried to get him to confess if it was because of cheating or any beef, but again he refusec toeb dranwn into it “hio pia sitasema tuliachana sio kwa ubaya haijawahi kuwa na ubaya”

Jimmy also told that he doesn’t intend to slide in her DM “I have never been in touch with her after our breakup., I don’t think kama hiyo ni heshima. Lengo la kuachana na mtu ni kumruhusu amove on. So ukiwa umamcheki mtu it going back and forth, ni kama unamlazimisha, hatujawahi chekiana”

He finished that he has alot of admiration for her and wished her the best in her pregnancy journey and new love with Otile Brown “I respect Vee sana, her family, I respect her family coz ndugu yake ni mwenzangu sana. I am happy for her as long as she is haapy”

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