Vera Sidika turned down offers to be a baby mama for sponsors


Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika now says she has never been a woman easily attracted by money as she prefers love.

According to Vera, she has in the past been approached by moneyed men to sire kids for them but she turned down the offers.

She added she prefers siring a child out of love and not as a gateway to getting money from men.

This she revealed this during a Q and A segment with her fans where one fan asked if she would go for love or money.



Vera added



Do you agree with Vera that women should not use their kids as ATM’s to get money from their baby daddies?

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I should have left my ex sooner – Vera Sidika confesses as she defends Brown Mauzo again

Socialite-cum-businesswoman Vera Sidika is still fighting rumours and innuendo using her huge social media platform of Instagram.

The curvy former video vixen is back at it again dispelling allegations that her relationship with husband, singer Brown Mauzo might be fake, something I have also had suspicions about.

During a QnA session with fans, many of them inevitably weighed in on her relationship with Brown while others asked why she broke up with Tanzanian ex, Jimmy Chansa.

For those of you who have forgotten, Jimmy was her rebound man after she left Otile Brown. Miss Sidika explained that she was happy in her relationship with Mauzo adding that she wished she had left Jimmy sooner.

“Looking forward to the day your act with Mauzo ends,” said one fan to which the socialite replied, “Well I don’t understand which act you talking about but we’re not actors.”

Vera Sidika comes clean on stealing hubby Brown Mauzo from Amber Ray

Just last month, Vera had to put on her boxing gloves as she defended her choice to marry Brown saying that money has never been a determinant for her relationships because in the past she dated millionaires and billionaires and things were not rosy as people think.

She also added that she is currently very happy in marriage and she wouldn’t change it for anything. Check out the screenshots of Miss Sidika engaging with fans below;

Vera Sidika screenshots
Vera Sidika screenshots

Vera Sidika screenshots Vera Sidika screenshots Vera Sidika screenshots Vera Sidika screenshots Vera Sidika screenshots

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Vera Sidika comes clean on stealing hubby Brown Mauzo from Amber Ray

Socialite-cum-Businesswoman Vera Sidika has come clean on the rumours that she started seeing her current husband Brown Mauzo, at a time when he was still dating fellow socialite Amber Ray.

In a post seen by Classic105, Vera disclosed that Ray and Brown were never romantically involved and that their rumoured affair was all for clout. “Never Done this nonsense in my life! I never date a man in a relationship at all. Shindwe!! My hubby was extremely single when he met me and I was single as well. The said lady has never been in a romantic relationship with him either, it was purely business. You know showbiz. We were even dating when the Kiki was still going on. I hope this answers you all curious folks. Congrats to her finding someone” explained Vera.

Vera’s clarification on when she and Brown started dating comes at a time when Amber Ray is coming under increasing fire for claims that she might have used juju to get with her new man, allegations that she and her hubby have denied.

Amber Ray hasn’t used juju on me! Jamal says as he confirms socialite is his legal wife

In the Q and A, Vera also went on to speak about other areas concerning her relationship with Brown. She clarified on the time that she and Brown had gotten married saying, “We already got married on the 12th October 2020 just not done the wedding ceremony,” said Vera.

Another fans asked; “Hio Shikwekwe hukua jina lako, Naipenda?

She replied “Lmaooo! Not my real name Kenyans walinibandika. Mine are Vera Sidika Mungasia”.

She also revealed that Mr. Mauzo has two kids (boy and girl) from his past relationships. “Haha! Hawachelewi. Yes, he has two kids from previous relationships. One boy and one girl. All cute babies. He already had kids before we met. MashaAllah”.

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“Amber Ray and Brown Mauzo were not dating, it was business” Vera discloses

Vera Sidika has been on a roll this year on Instagram stories opening up about her life.

Vera is releasing tid bits of info, and the latest has to do with her husband Brown Mauzo and his exe Amber Ray.

Amber and Brown dated from 2019 upto late 2020, when they parted ways.

We knew they were dating because they declared so. Mauzo got a tattoo of Amber and went on holiday numerous occasions where they shared intimate videos.

They paraded this with Amber Ray saying that she had found both friendship and love in Brown Mauzo.amber and mauzo

“Imagine finding both love and friendship in one person.” wrote Amber Ray

This relationship ended months after. Amber is now married to a Somali businessman, while Brown is married to Vera Sidika who feels she needs to clear the air about Brown and Amber Rays once being an item.

Sh insisted on Instagram stories on April 9th, that the two were not dating just doing business.

vera on amber and mauzo April 9
Vera Sidika on Amber Ray and Mauzo dating/courtesy Instagram

Someone wanted to know if she dated Brown Mauzo while he was with Amber Ray. Vera denied stealing Brown from Amber and insisted that the two were in it for business ‘u know showbiz’.

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Vera Sidika reveals hurtful discussions about her future baby’s skin color


Vera recently got attention for sharing what she calls a ‘joke’ about finally having baby fever.

Vera Sidika isn’t completely immune to baby fever and and it happened recently when she shared pictures of celebrity fathers and their babies.

The socialite shared a gallery of photos on Instagram stories of Russel Wilson and his son, then David Beckham and his daughter and indicated this was giving her major baby fever.vera 2(1)

Her maternal instincts were questioned and more to that was concerns people had about the hypothetical color of her future baby’s skin.vera 3(1)

Vera has been open about changing her skin color and so merciless KOT wonder if the child will be dark skinned and what she will do about it.

Vera responded harshly telling off critics insisting she is in no rush after all.

“It’s so irritating when y’all write dumb sh*t like that. I repost whatever I randomly see and find cute. I don’t go looking these pics, they just show up on explore. So whether I will get a red, pink, black, green or colorless baby in future that’s none of y’all business”

vera 1(1)

Vera has been the subject of of numerous trolls about being pregnant. She has recanted the news as we go along, and said she will let us know when the moment happens.

Guys, maybe Vera is editioralizing her life for our enjoyment. Let sis be.

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So is Brown Mauzo not the right man? Vera refusing to get his kid is a huge red flag

The Vera Sidika pregnancy rumours have been heating up this 2021 and they don’t seem to be dying down anytime soon despite her numerous attempts to deal with them.

Vera continues to deny some of these rumours; but mostly insists that she has never been pregnant or has ever had a child before.

Speaking about this through her gram, she said;

“When did I ever get pregnant to begin with. Y’all are crazy. if I ever had a child he/she would be all over my IG🤣 I love kids. I’ve never been pregnant in my life before. And my mum would never let that happen. Ati I live my life and leave the child with her. Why? Yet I have a house and can get up 10 nannies if I like. There is no shame in children.

She said that the reason she still doesn’t have a kid is that it is based on a personal decision; which she is yet to make. But her response to a fan asking why she still doesn’t have a kid took the cake for me and invalidated all her prior explanations. She said, “No child is a choice until one is ready and with the right person.”

That begs the question? Hasn’t she been married to musician Brown Mauzo for over 5 months? So why would she marry a man if she wasn’t sure she could get a kid with him?

Fan asks Vera whether she settled for Brown while addressing friendship with Zari

This doesn’t make sense to me. Most sane adults would only get married to a person if they see the possibility of having kids and a future with them.

So what does this say about her marriage to Brown? Two theories;

Firstly, that the marriage was a stunt as most people speculated when Vera revealed that she had gotten married to Brown. Again, who gets married to a man that she doesn’t envision having a kid with?

Secondly, that Mrs Sidika has weighed Brown as a man/husband and has found him to be wanting.

Honestly, the first makes more sense to me. Why? When Vera was dating Otile, she got pregnant with his seed! This was a man that she was dating, not married to, so her reason for being childless doesn’t hold based on her past decisions.

But what do I know…

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Vera Sidika dispels pregnancy rumors with picture of flat tummy


Vera Sidika Brown has responded directly to those lingering pregnancy rumors, and it seems that we finally have our answer.

Vera is not pregnant just enjoying her marriage as she says.

The 30 something year old socialite-cum-businesswoman, who relocated to Mombasa and married her boo Brown Mauzo, has been facing pregnancy related rumors for many years.

Many have speculated that the reason she doesn’t post updated pictures on her Instagram is because she is pregnant and trying to hide it.

Vera not pregnant March 25
Vera not pregnant March 25

She has been hearing the rumors and finally frustrated enough to show off her body on Instagram live, just to show us she is not pregnant.

The moment went down on Thursday March 25, she shows off a flat tummy.

And, in what seems to be a clear message, she said “hope y’all have facts now. There’s no pregnancy anywhere The day I get pregnant I will personally announce it here myself and post 1 million pictures. Why should I hide coz ati I’m pregnant? ai”

vera crop top 1(1)

To make her point here is the picture above.

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I will wear a crop top to prove I’m pregnant – Vera Sidika promises fans

Vera Sidika has wanted to have a child for the longest time and this we know because she says it a lot.

I mean she even went to the extent of faking it on her YouTube channel a few years back, she had a whole bump in a video that was more than 30 min.

When she was in a relationship with Otile Brown there were those plans and after they broke up, Otile claimed Mrs. Mauzo aborted his child. To which she denied it all.

Taking to Instagram stories recently, Vera Sidika was asked why she doesn’t have a baby yet. She has been in serious relationships and now she’s married.

”People have this narrative that I am a bad b*tch and should be having like 10 kids with different baby daddies by now. Let me tell you a secret; bad girls are the most careful ones.Screenshot_20210324-222220_Instagram(1)

I can’t just go around having babies with everyone. I’ve never gotten pregnant coz I always prevent it. But the day I do, it’s cause I am ready at that time and want it…” Vera Sidika answered

But she has assured her fans she is not and to prove it, she will go live on Instagram today where she will show her tummy.Screenshot_20210324-222237_Instagram(1)

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What about Otile’s baby? Vera declares that she has never gotten pregnant

Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe are the last of the veteran socialites still holding out on having kids. Yep, the two are in their 30’s and are still living their fabulous lives unencumbered by the drudgery of changing nappies and burping babies.

Thing is, while the two are happy to be childless, there are Kenyans who are impatiently waiting for the two to start that journey of having little ones.

2021 has seen the two swat stories about getting kids and it seems that Vera isn’t done dealing with the mindless rumours concerning why she hasn’t had a baby yet.

This week, Vera disclosed that she can only have a baby when she finds the right man (Is the right man her current husband, Brown Mauzo?) She added that she has been preventing pregnancy in her previous relationships and has never been pregnant.

In a Q&A post, she wrote,

”People have this narrative that I’m a bad b*tch and should be having like 10 kids with different baby daddies by now. Let me tell you a secret; bad girls r the most careful ones.”

She added, “I can’t just go around having babies with everyone. I’ve never gotten pregnant coz I always prevent it. But the day I do, it’s cause I am ready at that time and want it…Where and when did I hide my tummy. I’ll go on IG live tomorrow with full tummy showing so u can show me the pregnancy.”

Funny thing is that Vera confessed that she had aborted Otile Brown’s baby after the split up acrimoniously back in 2018. Doesn’t this count as a pregnancy? Make this make sense…

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Merciless trolling of Vera proves move to Mombasa will not guarantee her peace

Socialite Vera Sidika is sick and tired of Kenyans getting into her business. The lady who made moved to Mombasa because of the “lack of privacy from Nairobians” is up in arms after another demonstration of this fact by social media doctors.

Vera is unhappy that some people have the gall to conclude that she is barren owing to the fact that she hasn’t given birth yet.

This week Ms. Sidika clapped back with unprintable insults to a fan who called her “Tasa” after sharing a video of a baby on her Instagram page (Since deleted).

“Some st*pid devil called me barren, you all act like you know my life and womb so well to make it a topic of discussion. So many lucifer’s on Instagram. St*pid son bi*ch. Worthless piece of sh*t” read Vera Sidika’s clap back.

Vera Sidika responds to fans speculating she is pregnant

To another fan, Vera said “Smh! Mind your business. Nizae nisizae what’s your own! Ata nikitaka kuzaa 5 years from now ama 10 shida iko wapi.”

Vera’s exchange with fans comes days after she made it clear that she will get a baby at the right time, as plans are already in place.

It also makes her decision to leave for the coast seem (that being the operative word) more apropos but one must wonder whether her doing so has achieved the stated goal of getting more privacy and peace for the newly married video vixen?

I don’t think it has and for the simple reason that social media exists, for as long as people can share, talk and gossip online, a person will not be able to escape the bullying and harassment of others, as this incident reveals.

So what’s the answer? Maybe disable the comment section on her social media page or stop viewing comments by Kenyans?

Maybe…I am not sure really. I don’t have the answer to that.

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Fan asks Vera whether she settled for Brown while addressing friendship with Zari

Socialite Vera Sidika has been in a talkative mood this past week. Some of the things that she has addressed involve her relationship with Zari Hassan and whether she is with child?

Vera who is in her 30’s now refuted claims that she was pregnant with hubby Brown Mauzo’s child. Adding that; “I used to be the type that said I will never get married, it just was not for me. But the I met Bae it was so different. We are best of friends. Never though marriage would feel so effortless, with the right person of course.”

While doing so she also addressed a fan who had told Mrs. Sidika that she had settled when she ended up with Brown.

Watch as Vera Sidika falls shockingly on stage after twerking for guests

But the curvy lady was having none of that and went hard denying that claim. In a Q&A session with her fans, Ms Sidika sought to clarify that money has never been a determinant for her relationships, because in the past she dated millionaires and billionaires and things were not rosy as people think.

She responded; “I have never settled for less because I have been content and genuinely happy in my relationships. What is settling for less to you? A man that’s not rich? Is a Good Relationship measured by how Rich your man is? Because I have dated millionaires, Billionaires etc., U name it. So been there done that. I know how that world looks like and said I would never want to do that to myself.”

“My freedom and happiness comes first, is it life, when all your man can offer, is material things? And track all your moves, ask you to delete social media, disconnect you from friends and control your life?”

Vera also revealed that she and fellow socialite Zari are still together. “Are you and Zari still friends? Asked a fan.

Zari and Vera together Zari and Vera together

She replied “Yes. Very Much so” Kenyans are well aware of the friendship the two have had in the past and so it was a timely question to ask considering that they haven’t been seen hanging out for some time, so some wondered whether they could have had a falling out.


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Vera Sidika responds to fans speculating she is pregnant

For a second time, it seems fans are speculating that socialite Vera Sidika is pregnant.

The speculation arises from the fact that she has been missing from the public, a move that fans have seen other celebrities do when they need time away from scrutiny.

And now fans cant help but think she is going to have a bundle soon.

Answering fansquestions in an Instagram Stories Q&A on March 4th, Vera was quite amused at the rumors.

One quizzed her whether she is with child and she said every year we speculate she is pregnant and is used to this.

Vera Sidika March 4th QnA
Vera Sidika March 4th QnA


Another echoed the same thought saying

Vera Sidika March 4th, 2021
Vera Sidika March 4th, 2021

A third person also needed an update ASAP

Vera pregnant March 4th, 2021
Vera pregnant March 4th, 2021


Vera shared her hopes to get a baby and we can’t wait to see her and Brown Mauzo’s baby.

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Watch as Vera Sidika falls shockingly on stage after twerking for guests

Socialite Vera Sidika has been on the down-low ever since singer Brown Mauzo married her. The curvy lady who used to enthrall Kenyans in the past on a weekly basis rarely if ever trends anymore, making me wonder if she has outgrown the celeb life.

But it seems that I might have written her off too soon. The controversial celeb recently left tongues wagging at a party that she was hosting.

Mrs. Sidika who is known to charge expensive rates to make any appearance did more than entertain guests, falling while hosting Kenyans at the event that she was hosting.

This scene was all captured by an Instagram user identified as @duller_square who shared the video of the socialite twerking before falling while attempting to walk away in high heels.

According to the social media user, Sidika had attended Bianca’s birthday and was performing for the people in attendance.

In the video, Sidika is dressed in a brown print jumpsuit and can be seen dancing vigorously and does so excellently. But things take a turn for the worse when she tries to walk off after her impressive performance.

The former video vixen tripped and could be seen falling and hitting the glass door in front of her. The shared video has been viewed by numerous people with some sharing laughing emojis in the comment section.

The video is below:

While Kenyans might laugh at her or be embarrassed for her, her falling in the video will not affect Mrs. Sidika’s ego and belief in herself in any way, shape or form.

Don’t forget that Vera has been trolled many times by Kenyans for her plastic looks and bleaching her skin, with none of the attacks affecting her esteem. In fact, she seems to revel in the negative attention that she receives.

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Real Nice! Vera Sidika makes a comeback on her youtube channel



Finally after a long wait, fans of Vera Sidika have a video to watch on her youtube channel

Vera made the announcement on February 14 that she would be making a comeback to her channel for a special reason – Valentines. She wanted to share what she and husband Brown Mauz had done for lovers day.

The move appears to be a sure sing she will be posting more content. It comes days after Brown Mauzo dropped a song dedicated to her.

The couple revealed they wed in the music video and on Sunday February teased fans that they should expect something to be dropped on Vera’s youtube channel

Fans responded that they have been desperate for her to drop any content and this will do – for now at least.

Here is the video

It will be interesting to see what else she will upload and on our end we hope it’s all about her daily life with Brown. Fans feel just as much and commented under the video that

____adhr Daisy.___
Finally after a long wait..welcome back😍😍🤩

Rema Remmy
Hope mtaendelea ku post such videos pamoja….watched this 3 times….❤️

Terry Mwangi
Match made in heaven…clearly she got married to her best friend 😍

Bianca Elssie
Wooow So happy for you Vee…u guyz look so happy 😊😘 Brown ameweza hiyo suprise💕.May God Bless ur Union.

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Brown Mauzo celebrates birthday as Vera Sidika gushes over him


What seemed to be a torn bodysuit/biker as Vera Twerked for hubby Bown Mauzo to ring in the New Year, brought a bit of comic relief.

Socialite Vera Sidika rang in the New Year with husband Brown Mauzo and shared a video twerking for him.

Besides her big backside attracting attention, one minor detail was noticed about the bodysuit she was wearing. Several fans claimed it was torn on the back as she gyrated for Mauzo, but she swiftly responded that it’s a tag for the outfit.

She also revealed January 1st is Brown Mauzo’s birthday and wrote
Screaming Happy Birthday to the most Handsome, kind-hearted, loving, smart & thoughtful husband alive! 🎊💃🏻💕🔥 honestly, there’s no one I would rather spend the rest of my life with than you ❤️
I pray God grants you all your heart desires. I Love you baby 🥰❤️😘 sweethearts let’s wish hubby

Vera also revealed while responding to another fan that she doesn’t wear inner wear or even menstruation items. “I don’t wear pads, I don’t wear panties either”.

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‘I was obsessed with being skinny’ Vera Sidika admits

Lots of celebrities are obsessed with being skinny, and go to any length to shed the weight.

Vera Sidika was once among those as she admitted in a candid message on Instagram, when marking three years since launching her slimming tea product.

Vera’s obsession with physical perfection led her to admit in a candid message that

Are they dating? Exclusive intimate photos of Ringtone and Azziad emerge

21st May 2020
🥳Today we Celebrating 3 years anniversary @veetoxdetox 🥂💚🥳
5 years ago I was obsessed with being skinny. I teamed up with the best detox pros in California,USA to help me achieve that goal. I was super thick before I went on Veetox trial & in 3 months I lost 15-20kg with Veetox extra 😱 These pics were actually taken after my weight loss 💚 I shared some @veetoxdetox with friends & family because I wanted to be sure it’s not just working for me and the reviews were incredible!!!! That’s when I got convinced @veetoxdetox was the best invention to help people struggling with weight, bloating, and those that desire a flat tummy. I’ve been nothing but blessed these past 3 years. You guys have been overwhelmingly supportive with Veetox & I’m always and forever will be grateful to y’all. Cheers to 3 years and to many more years to come 🥂

Vera also shared pictures of that time in her life when she hit her goal of being skinny, crediting her effort to slimming tea. The series of photos shows just how different she looks today.

Never in a million years would I have believed that she was ever skinny. Check out the photos

Vera Sidka weight loss

Happy Birthday! Anerlisa wishes late sister Tecra one week after burial


One notable socialite criticized for being too skinny is Wema Sepetu, the 2006 Tanzanian beauty Quen who shared scary skinny pictures that prompted outrage from her fans.

It’s easy to be consumed by the idea of what the ‘acceptable’ weight is because we’re constantly bombarded with prejudicial adverts on skinny being better, or supposedly, healthier. Just be careful queens.

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Celeb relationships, engagements and weddings that went down in 2020

They say that a wedding is not for the couple but for the clan and community. That doesn’t mean that 2020- a year that saw restrictions on movement and huge gatherings due to Covid-19, that weddings and engagements weren’t still taking place.

The year saw a couple of celebs getting hitched and engaged. They are below;

Robert ‘Khula’ Budi

The handsome Budi who plays Trevor in Citizen TV’s hit show Maria got married in September 2020 in a beautiful beach wedding.

Anerlisa And Ben Pol

The Keroche heiress and and her Tanzanian musician boyfriend tied the knot in May 2020. From the photos, the wedding likely happened in Tanzania.

Jowie Irungu

Jowie who had been in remand prison for 2 years was released on bail surprised many when he showed off his beautiful wife, beauty queen Eleanor Musangi Ndambo.

Butita and Mammito 

The two Comedians from Churchill Show, Eddy Butita and Mammito came clean in May 2020 that they were dating each other, confirming a secret that had long been suspected.

Guardian Angel

Guardian shocked many Kenyans when he showed off his new catch, 50-year-old mother of 3 Esther Musila Ngenyi in the first weekend of September 2020.

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Kiarie

In March 2020 this year, curvy socialite Corazon Kwamboka unveiled her new boyfriend, fitness instructor Frankie Kiarie. The two were later blessed with a baby boy named, Tayari.

Vera Sidika

September this year was filled with shock announcements and Vera added her very own when she broke the news that she had said “Yes” to a proposal by her musician boyfriend Fredrick Mtinda popularly known as Brown Mauzo.

“Sweethearts, your girl got engaged on September 24,” Sidika announced on Instagram.


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Vera Sidika’s mother and new hubby Brown Mauzo bond in cute moment


Cue the ‘awwwww’. Ok enough.

Vera Sidika’s rarely seen mother celebrated her birthday at the Coast with her new son in law. The socialite shared a video of her mother almost crying that her popular daughter and her friends including new hubby Brown Mauzo threw her a surprise birthday party.

Though a low key party, the thought is what counts. Brown and Vera sang her Harmonizes song Happy birthday and the cute moment had her almost in tears.

As Vera giggled about her reaction, Brown Mauzo gushed over his mother in laws cooking, revealing that ‘she is the best cook in the world’.

Vera appeared to want reassurance asking again “You love my mums cooking?” To which he nodded affirmatively. We love us some Brown Mauzo, he is a real husband.

Vera’s mum fed her son in law cake and he can be heard saying ‘Happy birthday mummy’ as he waves to the camera.

vera mum(1)

Happy birthday to Vera’s mum and we look forward to seeing more happy family moments together.

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