Online International Shopping

Online shopping is one of the best innovations that allow consumers to get access to items that would otherwise never have been unavailable to them. It has it’s own advantages and disadvantages and Kenyans are equally taken up the concept of shipping goods directly internationally. 85% of Kenyans are using electronic payment products like the mobile money, prepaid cards, according to a study by MasterCard. Which shows that Kenyans are embracing using cards instead of cash. There are some dos and donts if you are going to shop online, here are some tips you need to know about.

1. Is the website you are buying from legitimate
More often than not, buyers are lured by sales, so they tend to look for sites selling cheap designer items or phones, check if their are a legit shop. Look for the testimonials from other clients who have bought from the same website. Check online if it is a reliable website. You can avoid this phenomenon by shopping from well-known sites. If the deal is too good, think twice.

2. Take advantage of sales
Online shopping enables you to take advantage of sales continents away. If there is a black friday offer or a Cyber Monday offer buying the item online would be the perfect way to get an insane deal for those designer shoes you have been lusting after.

3. Receiving items via post office eases shipping
Some companies will offer to send your goods via post and this is a cheaper option especially for example if you are shipping from China to Kenya. It will be cheaper than transporting your shipping via DHL even tough it will take longer.

4. VAT
In Kenya for example, VAT is a huge deal for online shoppers because it is very high. Sometimes you will buy goods worth a small some of money and when and you end up paying double the value of your goods thanks to VAT. Take advantage of companies that ship items in bulk

5. Take advantage of companies that offer free shipping
If you are looking to buy items online on a budget, sometimes looking for websites that offer free shipping is a plus. Some will ship for free if your order has reached a certain amount. With free shipping at least you only need to worry about VAT.

6. Making Payment
Finding a store that accepts Paypal mode of payment is a convenient way to make sure your card is safe. Paypal will only affiliate itself with reputable websites, so you don’t have to worry about the place you are shopping from having direct access to your bank details.