Doting dad Rotimi bonds with son in precious moment


Singer and actor Rotimi is spending time bonding with his newborn son Seven.

The baby who was born a week ago, was warmly welcomed by his eager parents with a declaration of his interesting name ‘Seven Adeoluwa Akinosho’.

The couple announced their pregnancy news in a viral post that read  “We are super excited to welcome our son. As first-time parents, everything about this experience has been a brand-new challenge. We love it.”

pregnant vanea mdee


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Juma Jux denies writing new song for pregnant ex girlfriend Vanessa Mdee


Bongo singer Juma Jux has told fans that his new song Sina Neno is not a dedication to his former girlfriend Vanessa Mdee who recently announced she is pregnant for fiancé Rotimi.

In lyrics he says he has moved on and is happy for her.

Many fans sympathized with his situation on Wednesday September 8 when he unveiled the song.

His fans faulted him for not impregnating and taking their love seriously so much so that she bagged a hotter man.

Responding to the allegations on his Instagram stories on Friday night September 10, Jux told several fans who DM’d him that the song is meant for his fans, and not her,Vanessa-Mdee-and-Jux

One fan wrote a DM relating with such a situation seeing an ex move on

“Huu wimbo unanikumbusha miaka miwili iliopita my ssiter aliachana na mwanaume wake. Mwanaume huyo akampa mwanamke mwingine mimba my sister became very emotional bcoz marafiki na watu kaeribu yake wali mu attack sana kwa manenoi ya kejeli japowaliachan kwa amani so peopel who feel happy for the diffcult time you had are same people who can give you congratulations  when God became a gold then all things you”

Another fan told him “I may not have the maturity to wish my ex the best in life but I respect Jux for this one man!!!”

Jux responded denying he is unhappy with the Vanessa pregnancy news “I do this for my people leo napita DM kidogo”

He added after several more sympathetic comments that “and is song this song is for everyone keep enjoying good music #sinaneno”

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