‘I love you!’ Diamond declares his love to Vanessa Mdee’s sister fans reacts

Diamond Platinumz caption on Vanessa Mdee’s sister Mimi Mars has been received with mixed reactions.

Well, Diamond who is promoting his new song with Zuchu ‘Cheche’ shared a video of Mimi Mars jamming to the song and captioned;

“Mi nakapendaga haka katoto…. Sema sjui ata Tyming naikoseaga wapi Mwana wa Dangote… Doh! @mimi_mvrs11 …..💣⛽🔥 #CHECHE’ he wrote.

Why Sailors song ‘Chebukati’ featuring Majirani was removed from YouTube

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

Well, Diamond is single after he broke up with his Kenyan Bae Tanasha Donna early this year and so anything could happen.

He has since not been taking care of his baby with Tanasha.

Speaking to comedian Jalang’o, Tanasha said she has been doing it all by herself.

“What do you mean supporting financially? I have been doing it all on my own, to be honest,” Tanasha responded, when asked if Diamond has been providing any financial support.

“I will be 100 per cent honest with you. I am very real and I am not going to say something that is not the case. With all the respect I have for him and I don’t have any bad blood with him. No, he is not supporting (me), and I am doing it on my own,” she said.

She explained that she isn’t complaining about it since she is doing just fine, raising her eight-month-old son. “I don’t need his support. There is nothing that boy lacks in his life. He is fine, that’s what matters,” she said.

Fans reacted to the post with many suggesting that he is serious with his words;

Check out the post;

‘Understand Vanessa Mdee quitting decision,’ Lady Jaydee tells fans after marking 20 years in music

Lady Jaydee has asked that fans should understand Vanessa Mdee’s decision of quitting her music career.

Speaking to Bongo 5, Jaydee who is celebrating 20 years in the entertainment industry said she understands why Mdee made her decision.

According to Lady JayDee, not all can withstand the pressure or survive the industry.

“I understand Vanessa Mdee and get where she is coming from; other people may not. The journey is not easy. Not all can persevere and withstand the tribulations. So, when she opens up and narrates what she has gone through, she should be respected and supported. From the explanation she gave, she did not want to be mixed up with what she saw. No musician can quit. Music is addictive,” she said.

Vanessa Mdee in purple
Vanessa Mdee in purple

Lady JayDee said that there is no substitute to truth; truth in telling the human story, the fabric of our everyday existence.

 “When you write and sing about a true story, you create a genuine connection. The life we all live in is the same and we have shared experiences. A story of battery in Mwanza is no different from one in Dar, so, when you sing about it, you link worlds. When it rings true, it has a longer shelve life. Very few things stand the test of time, things change people too,” added JayDee.

‘The enemy spoke to me loudly that night that my husband needs another woman,’ Kambua opens up

Vanessa Mdee announced via her podcast Deep Dive, three months ago  that she was forced to call it quits and needed time off to embark on a journey of self-discovery

“I don’t know who needs to hear this but my mission is to be a light. I know that I will probably disappoint a few people and that’s okay, I know that my fans don’t want to hear this but guess what I am never gonna be too far away from you, trust me. The reason why I had to leave the industry is that I needed to choose my life, the music industry is demonic. People will tell you half-truths about what really goes on, and the truth is I just wanna be an advocate for honesty and beauty and being a sincere advocate for what facing your demons can do for you,” she said.

‘My music talent saved me from feeling inferior’ Vanessa Mdee opens up

Singer Vanessa Mdee says she felt inferior among the rest while growing up.

Speaking on the final episode for the first season of Deep Dive podcast by Vanessa Mdee, she talked about inferiority complex with her bae Rotimi.

Both shared their experience;

Vanessa said she had to overcompensate because growing up she was physically small, shorter than everybody else.

“I did not see myself in great regard. My trauma comes from being teased as a child. So when I thought about my opinions, I did not speak as I grew older, I would overcompensate by being loud and the life of the party and have the final say.”

‘Close friends wished I was dead’ Robert Burale narrates after recovering from Covid-19

Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi
Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi

Vanessa added that her music talent saved her.

“What saved me is the fact that I know I was very talented and I was ahead of time with the music I put out. I recognised I was comparing my work’s reception to everyone else.”

Rotimi on the other hand said that growing up in a Nigerian household, his father wouldn’t let them have an opinion.

“And it is not abuse, it is parenting. If you are not careful you can grow up feeling like your opinion has no weight and everyone around you, their answers are the right ones so you start feeling inferior about yourself not knowing where it comes from.”

He added that the age of 17 years, his mum encouraged him by making him feel he was making sense.

“But my dad being a strong African man made sure he was the man of the house so his word was the final word and nothing else mattered. I started breaking away from that saying my decisions are smart, I’m pretty wise.”

Listen to the podcast by opening her bio on Instagram;


Vanessa Mdee to Ruby: Tanzanian female artists giving Kenyans a tough run

I was so tempted to use the line ‘forget the Wasafi crew members’ on my title but I am glad I have finally done so, ha!

Anyway, we all have come to know and most of all celebrate the WCB crew’s talent and their sudden rise. Their success has seen them take over East Africa and Africa at large and we can’t just ignore their influence.

However, let us not forget that there is a new crop of female Bongo artists who are slowly but surely giving Kenyan artists at large a run for their money.

This crop has picked from the foundation that the likes of Saida Karoli, Ray C and Lady JayDee laid decades ago and are already building stronger pillars for the next generations.

We take a look at these artists who are giving the likes of Avril, Akothee, Victoria Kimani, Fena Gitu and Wangechi a run for their money.


willy paul and Nandy (1)

The self proclaimed ‘African princess’ is already causing more than ripples in Kenyan entertainment scene with two songs, ‘Hallelujah’ and ‘Njiwa’ in collaboration with Willy Paul.



The petite talented singer is best known for her hit song, ‘Na Yule’ and my favorite ‘Ntande’ which she released five months ago.

She once openly confessed that she is Victoria Kimani’s number one fan when it comes to Kenyan artists.

Rosa Ree

The Tanzanian bad girl is a hip hop artist who’s flow can only be rivaled by our very own Khaligraph.

She has already made her name known in Kenyan scene with two songs which she has featured Timmy Tdat.

Queen Darleen

queen darleen

Many only know her as Diamond Platnumz half sister but her talent is undeniable.

Her ‘Kijuso’ jam which she featured Rayvanny controlled Kenya’s airwaves and her latest ‘Muhogo’ song has been well received.

Vanessa Mdee

vanessa mdee

He’s by far Tanzania’s musical queen who has been in the industry for almost a decade now.

She had been in the industry for a while but many Kenyans knew her after she released ‘Me and you’ featuring Ommy Dimpoz.

Aika (Navy Kenzo)

navy kenzo

Aika is the girlfriend to Nahreel and the two are the members of Navy Kenzo.

She has been slowly making major moves with every song the two touches turning into gold.

They are best known for their ‘Kamatia’ song but she has also done solo projects.

Exclusive: I don’t want to rush my marriage to Vanessa Mdee – Juma Jux

Tanzanian artiste Juma Jux has released a brand new jam ‘In case You Don’t know’ in collaboration with Kenya’s finest, Nyashinski and it’s already trending.

The song which was released 2 days ago is already at number 4 on You Tube with its views standing at 365,790.

Speaking exclusively on Classic 105, Juma Jux says that he chose Nyashinski because he is talented.

“Nyashinski is very talented and I have always wanted to do a song with him that is why I decided that if I was to ever do a collabo here it would be with him. 


I am currently working on ‘Love Album’ I have more than 42 songs but I have to select only 20 songs for that particular album.

‘Worry not I am dying’ Willy Paul recalls last words of his dancer Valerie


I am having trouble choosing what songs should go into that album. I always find myself replacing the ones already in there.

I want it to have love songs in all the different versions.”

Side hustles earning your favorite celebrities millions (List)


On why he always sings about love, Jux says

“Most of the songs come from my heart because I am in a relationship. If you buy my album everything about love is in it whether you were dumped, whether you in love my album has you covered.”

Juma Jux with his girlfriend Vanessa Mdee
Juma Jux with his girlfriend Vanessa Mdee

On whether she is planning to wed Vanessa Mdee

“We are doing good as a couple, on when we are getting married I can’t give a definite answer for now because we are still planning.

Marriage is a very big decision. I want to be a good husband so I do not want to rush the whole thing.”


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Celebrity Hotels: Inside the luxurious hotel Maina Kageni loves to stay in while in Tanzania

Classic 105 radio presesnter Maina Kageni flew to Tanzania  over the weekend to celebrate Jum Jux’s birthday.

As you might know by now Maina is a man of class and that was portrayed  by his stay in Tanzania the land of Magufuli.

Maina Kageni was staying at Double tree by Hilton Dar es Salaam – Oysterbay, where the guest room goes for around 25k per night inclusive of all meals. Presidential suite with bay view goes for Sh121k while the King Junior Suite is 51k a night.

‘When you walk in the streets with a child with cerebral palsy, people stare at you like a devil’Heart broken mother narrates her journey with cerebral palsy

DoubleTree by Hilton

DoubleTree by Hilton

He celebrated his Friend and Tanzanian artiste Juma Jux known for songs such as Juu featuring Vanessa Mdee, Fimbo featuring Nyashinski and Utaniua with the message below.

“To a good man, a talented artist, a wise businessman and a true friend…. happy birthday @juma_jux ….. there’s a reason why God piles all these blessings upon you…. it’s because you deserve them, you use them to bring others up and you return God’s favour by giving all thanks to Him… happy born day, brother.”

Below are some of the photos of the hotel



Check out how your favorite celeb Nyce Wanjeri stepped out for the 2018 AMVCA awards



‘Ruracio ni lini?’ Fans ask Maina Kageni after this photo of him getting cozy with mysterious woman emerges

Vanessa Mdee

Maina Kageni




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‘Ruracio ni lini?’ Fans ask Maina Kageni after this photo of him getting cozy with mysterious woman emerges

Classic 105 radio prenter Maina Kageni took some time off to fly to Tanzania to celebrate Juma Jux’s birthday and it seems he is having a good time.

Maina, who is a close friend to Juma Jux and his celebrity girlfriend Vanessa Mdee, is causing a storm online after posting a photo of him tightly holding Vanessa and Kenyans can’t keep calm.


‘When you walk in the streets with a child with cerebral palsy, people stare at you like a devil’Heart broken mother narrates her journey with cerebral palsy

As you all know Maina Kageni is among the most eligible bachelors in Kenya and a favorite among women. Kenyans have been pushing him to marry and they now feel he has met ‘the one’.

Here are the hillarious comments by Maina Kageni’s fans asking harusi ni ya lini

nymohsusan: Drums tumetoa zikauke waiting for your signal tuzipige vizuri tuweze kudance.

sheri_jonnes: Vuka na yeye maish! Tuko nyuma yako bruh

antony.ndwiga: Akiyaoooo,my brother chomoka na huyo.niguthiiii riu

naominjima: Maina I knew uko si bure kila Mara tz hapo sasa

edd_eddy13: Mama @mainawakageni got the signal we just waiting for invitations

dorcascanoh: @haddasah_kay_ i see things turning around for Maina’s good

elishawabwile: @mainawakageni Hapa sasa umeweza,mimi nakutolea ngombe mbili kwa mahari,Ruracio ni lini Vanessa sasa ni shemeji

nonnyjanet38: Aki yao…kalii namna hiyo

victornaman: Venye umemshika hivo sasa nataka ashike mimba

ealuxurytravel: Maina hikania rīu nīngūkūhe honeymoon.. na ti hivi hivi.. #MamboNiLuxury

kennethchege: @mainawakageni African girl right there
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Vanessa Mdee and Juma Jux in trouble for onstage kiss (Photos)

The two lovebirds are in trouble with Tanzania’s Communication Regulatory Authority (BASATA) for sharing a kiss on stage and posting it on social media.

During their ‘In Love&Money’ tour, while on stage, the two shared a passionate kiss while the crowd cheered them on.


Mdee and Jux then posted a photo of their kiss on social media, which is in breach of regulations passed by their government.


‘In Love&Money’ Tour

According to the BASATA Chief Executive, the two performers behaved indecently and he went ahead to say;

‘“Sasa huyu Jux na Vanessa hata kama ni wapenzi hawakutakiwa kufanya hayo waliyoonyesha jukwaani kwani kama ni mahaba mnatakiwa muonyeshane mkiwa faragha na siyo hadharani kama walivyofanya tunawafanyia kazi ili kukomesha tabia hizo,” said BASATA Chief Executive Geoffrey Mngereza.’

Artists have been warned before on such behaviour for the sake of  sustaining morality.

Hamisa Mobetto attacks Diamond Platnumz and his family in this cryptic message

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Just Like Cardi B, Vanessa Mdee Gets Gorgeous Matatu Painting

Very few people find themselves having a whole matatu body painting dedicated to themselves. One of them is American rapper Cardi B who expressed her love for Kenyan matatu culture several months ago.

Well, Vanessa Mdee got a sweet gesture from a mini bus owner who got his ride painted with Vee’s gorgeous face.

The “Cash Madame” star took to Instagram to acknowledge that, and fans reacted wildy.

vanessa dee

“… only if you NASTY ✨ this love 🇰🇪😘 #FanArt”

The Tanzanian queen of Bongo has previously admitted that she rarely reads her fans’ comments.

I don’t read the comments. Good or bad. And I have received a lot of criticism for this particularly… I’m sensitive about my craft, I’m sensitive about delivering and I have such detachment issues with my music….” she opened up in an interview with Pulse Nigeria.

I wonder if she saw these ones:

tozerbalisdya I think there a unique thngs that a created and u a surprised by ur beauty
migwi_nagast Vanessa mdee is the one who is drawn or the one who has pimped
boi_hussy Dada @vanessamdee nakupendaaaa
danguti_dkay @ danguti_dkay birthmark
sinaidanash Tunakupenda bure cash madam from 254
longnus_tha_rap_son Nilikumiss Sana’a dadangu @vanessamdee
floramadinda veee star
ice_zd Seen
erick_material Umeshindwa kuachia video mpya umebaki kutuwekea mi picha picha tuu @vanessamdee

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Vanessa Mdee “Wakanda” Outfit Is Simply Out Of This World, And You Should See It

The Disney-Marvel movie Black Panther has broken records at the Box Office and set standards in the film making industry.

Celebrities – from P. Diddy to Migos – have lined up to watch the movie, which portrays Africa in the most positive light yet.

Tanzanian songstress Vanessa Mdee has hopped on to the “Wakanda Forever” bandwagon by unleashing a series of sultry photos inspired by the movie.

Mdee has a keen eye for fashion, and it became apparent in a 2016 interview with Fashion Africa Now. She confessed about her love for designer stuff, with her favorite closet gem being a pair of Louboutin So Kate Pumps.

Check out one of the photos and what fans had to say:


morris_mosses Safi sana dada
elizabeth_tanzania 😁😁😁
nao8659 Ohh noo
bora_m hamilaila nyie wasanii Mungu anawaona na hatowaacha salama kutumalizia rangi zetu za mkeka na ramadhani inakuja
didah_bwerah 😂😂😂😂😂😂 kama carrot Vee
makeupbyritha 🤣
trishercriss Mmeamua sasa na rangi zenu
sweet_lucy_m 😁😁😁😁😁
jeynah_online_business Cute
beyoncelb Queen..
laymoux_official Umependeza sana much appearance
baby_nathy22 Umeboa kichizi @vanessamdee
tembo_mnyama 🙌🙌SeeN ✔✔✔🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯
tilley_cruiz wakanda @vanessamdee 😘

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Is Vanessa Mdee Gaining Weight? Look At These Sexy Pics!

Vanessa Mdee seems to be making good use of the money she has been earning from her latest album, “Money Mondays”, which was launched here in Nairobi. The “Niroge” singer posted a snap on her Instagram that showed her looking thicker than usual.

The singer has in the past maintained a petite frame, but as time goes by she seems to be following Rihanna’s footsteps. The latter has added weight for a better last year, sparking online conversation about this.

Triple Threat: Vanessa Mdee And Her Sisters Nancy Hebron And Mimi Mars Team Up To Release A Gospel Song (Video)

Vanessa was originally an on air personality and worked with MTV Base for quite some time. In an interview with Pulse Nigeria in 2016, she said that becoming a musician was not really a shift of gears.

“It was never a crossover for me, it was just an extension of what I always did,” Vanessa said. “I have always made music, I have always been in the studio, and I have always written, and I have always been waiting for the right moment.”

Well, she has gone on to shine her way to the top, being nominated for the MTV MAMAs, Nigeria Entertainment Awards, Tanzania People’s Choice Awards and many more.


The recent photos show her rocking fitting jeans and her thick thighs popping. Judge for yourself…is she gaining or she is just normal?

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Tanzanian hunk Juma Jux on reuniting with girlfriend Vanessa Mdee, his musical career and collabo’s with Kenyan artistes (STUDIO INTERVIEW)

Bongo singers Juma Jux and Vanessa Mdee have been the talk of town for quite sometime, especially when a little bird whispered to us that they had kissed and made up following a breakup sometime last year.

Their breakup was occasioned by rumors that Vanessa Mdee had had a fling with US singer Trey Songz while the international star was in Kenya for the Coke Studio performance. She vehemently denied sleeping with him, but it was clear they had broken up.

Our source intimated that Vanessa and Jux had reconciled late last year and their rekindled romance was rather obvious to us when the two lovebirds had a holiday in Kenya in December 2017. Their photos getting cosy with each other surfaced online and fans were happy.


Well, Juma Jux joined Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni in studio for an interview where he opened up some more about reconciling with Vanessa, and which Kenyan musician he intends to collabo with this year.

Twitter was blowing up with questions about Juma, and listen to the audio to hear his answers to those questions. He lets us in on why he has been;

‘I was doing music, just that it was like a hobby, I had a crew including my brother kamikaze, so I decided in 2013 to launch a career and become serious about it.

I wanted to study first before making music my career. So nikasema let me just sacrifice this time coz I waas big my country men love me, especially the girls.

It was not easy, and especially my fame.’


When did he realize he could sing and make money from it? And how does he write his music?

Sometimes it’s just a feeling, mara nyingi it’s just inakuja tuu idea inakuwa na matokeo tofauti. Most of my music is from relationships. But I also cannot write without the beat, my producers know this.

In this music industry many artistes are confused coz they are going with trends, lakini mimi nastick kwangu on my lane. If I go out of my lane I lose it. If you stay on your lane you create a unique sound, mimi naweza stay without nyimbo six months coz my music stays.

When did you realize you are a good singer? Of course one of the guys told me I have to sing.



Team mafisi, were you hoping to hook up with Vanessa? Well, Juma Jux has one word for you. In the interview Maina sought to know details of their relationship with the hunky musician telling team mafisi, sorry! we are back together.

Read more here

Triple Threat: Vanessa Mdee And Her Sisters Nancy Hebron And Mimi Mars Team Up To Release A Gospel Song (Video)

Nancy Hebron, popularly know as Tero Mdee, was among the most celebrated media personalities in the country years ago. She then went missing from the public scene for a really long time, but then it was revealed that she moved back to Tanzania and got married to a pastor.

Many people were left with questions, considering her media career was growing at a fast pace. Well, from the look of things she’s doing great and has joined the music industry.

tero mdee

Last year she released her first gospel song, ‘Taa Ya Miguu Yangu’, which was actually well received by the public and already has over 25k views on YouTube.

Well, Nancy has decided to do something different and included her two sisters Vanessa Mdee and Mimi Mars and together they have released a new gospel song, ‘Beautiful Jesus’. This has come as a shock to many considering Vanessa and Mimi are secular artistes but that hasn’t stopped them from supporting their sister.

vanessa and sisters

Nancy took to social media to share how they came about working together on the new song.

She wrote, “Tuliingia studio kwa lengo moja tu….kuimba! Lakini ikawa zaidi, tuliimba, tulicheka, tulicheza. Mimi ndo niliingia booth wa kwanza nikaimba ubeti wangu nikijua nimefunika 😂😂…..kisha akaingia @mimi_mvrs11 dah dogo alinitoa jasho, moyoni nawaza hayo sijasubutu kusema kwa sauti anisikie…..😅❤ Akatoka Pota @mimi_mvrs11 akaingia caterpillar Somali @vanessamdee. Hiyo caterpillar ikapita akatufunika wote tukalala chini flat!! Kwa kifupi session yetu ilienda hivyo 😀😁.”

Watch the music video below;

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Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee beams as she welcomes the New Year with on and off again bae Juma Jux



The two love-birds have been wagging tongues on social media over their on and off again relationship status.

Just in December they somewhat admitted they are back together after much speculation from their adoring fans who were only too happy to see them hook up again.

Vanessa nd Juma Jux are said to have parted ways back in 2017, after she persistent rumors that she had a fling with American singer Trey Songz. Well, she repeatedly denied having hooked up with Trey Songz, but word on the street had it that Juma dumped her and moved swiftly along.

The two are in Mombasa, where they have been performing several concerts, and besides that they have also been soaking up the sun in Diani. They are at the Leopard Beach Hotel and photos of them all cozied up have impressed their adoring fans.

Check out how boo’ed up they look. Happy New Year to their new found love;


The cute couple were engrossed in each other


Juma Jux took to social media to call her his #Queen


Bongo singer Vanessa Mdee poses for a pic


Vanessa and Juma Jux sharing a meal


Read more here


The wife of a Tanzanian Prophet lures Vanessa Mdee and Mimi Mars to a musical collabo (Video)

Bongo star Vanessa Mdee is from a musical family, the Sammy Mdee family. She and her sisters Mimi Mars and former KTN presenter (Namtero) Tero Mdee have ventured into this industry and recently released a Christmas song together titled Beautiful Jesus.


Tero once hosted the entertainment show Straight Up before going back to Tanzania where she was married to Prophet Hebron. She’s now a pastor in a Tanzanian-based church. She now goes by the name Nancy Hebron.

Tero Mdee
Tero Mdee before marriage

Mimi Mars on the other hand is a fast rising female songstress who has released a couple of singles. Tero brought the Mdees together in the gospel song and described how the sisters made that collabo, considering Tero is the only gospel artiste in the group.

“Tuliingia studio kwa lengo moja tu….kuimba!

Lakini ikawa zaidi, tuliimba, tulicheka, tulicheza. Mimi ndo niliingia booth wa kwanza nikaimba ubeti wangu nikijua nimefunika 😂😂…..kisha akaingia @mimi_mvrs11 dah dogo alinitoa jasho, moyoni nawaza hayo sijasubutu kusema kwa sauti anisikie…..😅❤ Akatoka Pota @mimi_mvrs11 akaingia caterpillar Somali @vanessamdee. Hiyo caterpillar ikapita akatufunika wote tukalala chini flat!! Kwa kifupi session yetu ilienda hivyo 😀😁.”

Vanessa Mdee, Nancy Hebron and Mimi Mars
Vanessa Mdee, Nancy Hebron and Mimi Mars

Vanessa then added,

“Merry Christmas to you my darlings. @mdeemusicofficial presents #BeautifulJesus by @_nancyhebron ft @mimi_mvrs11 and myself. We love the holidays and our dad loved carols so we made it a tradition to give you a song for the season. Merry Christmas and Blessings on Blessings. 💜Video link on @_nancyhebron bio.”

Check out their Christmas song;

Tunakwenda Juu: Vanessa Mdee Falls Back In Love With Juma Jux

A few months ago the Internet went crazy when Vanessa Mdee revealed that she was no longer together with her boyfriend of years, Juma Jux. The two had showered social media with their photos or rather moments together.

Vanessa spoke about the split, but made it clear that they are good friends.


Well, things see to have changed and the two are reportedly back together. According to The Star’s, The Raverend, the two reunited during the fiesta tour in Tanzania. They were signed for the shows where they were to perform on the same stage for over 10 shows each weekend.

The Raverend continues to reveal that their relationship died after cases of infidelity from both camps. Vee Money, who has done close to a dozen collaborations with hunks all over the continent and has been rumored to date most of them, according to sources who also claimed that Juma Jux was not too innocent either, there have been many whispers of the hunk sleeping with Bongo groupies when his bae was touring the continent.

vanessa and jux

Vanessa released a song featuring P-Square’s Mr. P called Kisela. The song was interpreted by fans who thought it was a reflection of her love the time of the release, Vanessa and Jux were not together.

Will the reunion last? We’ll have to wait and see.

Vanessa Mdee Is About To Drop A Hit Song With Gabon’s President

Vanessa Mdee is a known for her hit songs such as Niroge and Cash Madame. She is a one talented person across East Africa and has managed to feature on shows such a Coke Studio Africa.

vanessa mdee

The beautiful lady is big moves and is in Libreville, Gabon. She has gone to do a collabo with a popular Jazz musician Fredrick Gasita. 

Vanessa took to social media to let the World know she was making music with a president:

You have to make noise about it because it is not everyday that you make music with the President, not of the debate club. The president of Gabon.

“Mdee is currently in Gabon where she has been spotted doing a music video for their yet to be released song.”

vanessa mdee

Her love for music is motivated by her energy to motivate people through her songs and now she is about to drop a hit song featuring the president of Gabon, Ali Bongo Ondimba who is also a musician and Fredrick Gasita.


Ali Bongo started as a musician and he loved party. He used to play drums and now he plays the piano and write jazz songs. He once made a soundtrack for a film in Gabon.

Fredrick and the president are very close friends and together  they have a production house called afrojazz  house. This is something big for her since no one in Tanzania has ever featured a song with any president.

Here are pictures with Fredrick Gasita hoping she will post with the president soon:

Vanessa mdee

Vanessa mdee

Vanessa mdee

Vanessa mdee

Vanessa mdee

Vanessa mdee

Vanessa mdee

Vanessa mdee

Vanessa mdee

Vanessa mdee

Vanessa mdee



Vanessa Mdee Does The Sweetest Thing For Her Ex Boyfriend Juma Jux

Vanessa Mdee and Juma Jux have been the talk of town for a pretty long time ever since it was revealed the two had finally parted ways.

Ever since the break up, Jux has not been addressing the matter, maybe because he can’t talk about it without feeling bad that it’s all over.

vanessa and jux

Well, Vanessa on the other hand has talked about it a number of times, as she also revealed that the two are still friends and she will always love him. This might sound weird to many, as people tend to loose touch with their exes because they don’t want to associate with them at all.

Jux has just released a brand new jam dubbed Utaniua, and from the reports doing rounds, it seems like he wrote this song for Vanessa. Vanessa too released a song dubbed Kisela ft Mr. P and it was pretty clear that she wrote the song for Jux after they parted ways.


In another interview, she revealed that she wrote the song with so much anger and she was literally crying when jotting down the words.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Vee Money took to social media to promote the song, jotting down a few words from the songs.

She said, “Uwanja wa mapenzi umechafuka nami sitaki kuufagia #Utaniua @juma_jux.”

Watch the video below: