I love you more than you know! Kathy Kiuna celebrate her daughter’s birthday

Kathy Kiuna’s first daughter Vanessa Kovac added a new year yesterday.

To celebrate her birthday, Rev Kathy Kiuna described her daughter as a generous person.

“My little angel is no longer so little. She turns 30 today. What a beautiful, hardworking, selfless, loving young lady she is. I remember she would give all her clothes and our fight would be me reminding her who bought them. Such a beautiful wife, mother, friend and so much more. Happy birthday sweetheart. May you have many blissful years ahead. I love you more than you know,” she wrote.


Vanessa is married to a South African man Robert Kovac and together they welcomed their first child in September 2016 after walking down the aisle in a beautiful and colorful wedding ceremony back in December 2015.

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Robert birthday came four days before Vanessa’s.

My son in law/love turned 30 4 days ago. We celebrate both of them at this time and wish them the best life ahead. Happy birthday Robert and Vanessa,” Kiuna added.

Check out messages;

prophetesmonicah Happy birthday to him

jaynekirubi: Great son in law..awesome daughter. What a blessing 🙏🏽 we celebrate you

njoroge5568:Beautiful people happiest birthday

tracy6ie3:Happy birthday to Robert and Venessa😍😍😍may you guys live to see many more.

Adorable photos of Kathy Kiuna’s grand kids that will make you go Aawww

Reverend Kathy Kiuna and her popular husband Bishop Allan Kiuna are proud grandparents and they are never shy to flaunt their grand kids.

The kiuna’s have two daughters Stephanie and Vanessa Kiuna.

Their first daughter Vanessa Kovac welcomed her first child  in September 2016.

Vanessa and her South African lover, Robert Kovac walked down the aisle in a beautiful and colorful wedding ceremony back in December 2015.

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kathy kiuna

Yeeeeeeey. what a mighty god we serve, angels bow before him, heaven and earth adore him. He has done it again. blessed us with a second grandchild baby Amanda.

David was so blessed until he asked God “is this your usual way of dealing with man.” I can understand him now coz god has blessed us yafu yafu,” Kathy wrote in instagram

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In 2017 Kiuna’s daughter Stephanie also welcomed her first baby, Nia Gizelle Kiuna.

Below are photos of Kiuna’s adorable grand kids Nia and Mandy


Kiuna’s daughter and grand daughter.
Baby Nia (In yellow) and baby Mandy

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Kathy KIuna’s son with his niece Nia


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Kenyan Celebrities whose soul mates are not Kenyans (photos)

Love is love, and whom one chooses to be the soul mates is a personal choice.

Below are some of the celebrities whose spouses are wazunguz,

1. Annabel Onyango


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2. Wendy Kimani



3. Octopizzo



4. Jeff Koinange


5. DJ Moz


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6. Vanessa Kiuna


7.Nyotta ndogo


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Mapenzi Tele! Bishop Allan Kiuna Sends His Wife Kathy The Sweetest Message On Her Birthday

Bishop Allan Kiuna and his beautiful wife Kathy Kiuna have been together for almost 20 years now, and their love seems to grow stronger every day, even aging can’t separate them.

The Kiuna’s are one of the most influential and popular church leaders in the gospel fraternity in Kenya.

They have a huge following at their Parklands based mega-church, Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) where most of the gospel celebrities attend the Sunday service.

Timeless Love: Kathy Kiuna Appreciates Her Man, Allan Kiuna, With The Sweetest Words!


Away from his church duties, Bishop Allan Kiuna and Kathy are all about family. The power couple is blessed with three children, two lovely daughters, and a son.

Their first-born daughter is Vanessa Kovac, who walked down the aisle last year to exchange vows with her South African lover, Robert Kovac. She’s followed by a controversial daughter, Stephanie and their only son Jeremy, who recently turned 17.

Kathy and Allan Kiuna were thrilled when their daughter Vanessa welcomed a cute and cuddly baby girl soon after the wedding, officially making Kathy and hubby Allan Kiuna proud grandparents.kiuna-grand-daugter (1)

UNBELIEVABLE! Kathy Kiuna Reveals Her Daughter Stephanie’s Real AGE. Trust Me, You Would Have Never Guessed It Right

The celebrated Reverend Kathy Kiuna celebrated her birthday on Sunday, and her loving hubby didn’t forget to appreciate her;

What a joy to share my life with this incredible amazing woman revkathykiuna ! Am just incredibly blessed!!


His wife was so excited and replied to the loving message, with this comment; “Awwwww honey. Ur easy to love ❤️ you too much.”

Kathy Kiuna celebrated her day at Garden City with fellow women and children, during her Daughters Of Zion Convention. Happy belated birthday to her.




Kenyan Female Celebrities Who Will Be Celebrating Mother’s Day As First Time Mums (Photos)

Every year we get the chance to celebrate the women who gave birth to us or who took up the job of bringing us up to be the people we are today.

They say a mother is a mother even if you do something so bad, they still love us because they understand what true love is.

As time goes by we bless our mothers with grandchildren and that makes us mothers too. Ask any woman who’s given birth and they’ll tell you how it feels.

I talked to some new mothers from our office and they revealed that it’s the greatest joy and most of them even regret having given their mothers a hard time, because they now understand how it feels.

Well, some Kenyan female celebrities will be celebrating Mother’s Day for the first time, as they have been blessed with kids or are expecting one pretty soon.

From Pierra Makena to Vanessa Kiuna, here are the female celebrities who will be celebrating Mother’s Day for the first time as mothers;

1. Pierra Makena


She shocked many when she revealed that she was pregnant. We fell in love with her maternity shoot photos and couldn’t wait to see her baby. But after giving birth, she didn’t show her baby’s face until on her birthday when she posted her photos on social media. She is a cute baby.

2. Anne Kiguta

Anne Kiguta

The queen of politics as she calls herself gave birth last year, but she has never shown off her twins faces to the public. It is still being debated who the father of the twins is, but I guess it will take us a while before we know who he is.

3. Vanessa Kiuna

vanessa and baby

Her wedding gown was the talk of town when she got married. It was later discovered that she was pregnant and when she gave birth, the inter-webs could not keep calm. Her family photoshoot was too cute to be true. Vanessa’s parents can’t have enough of their first grandchild.

4. Saumu Mbuvi

saumu baby2

Her break up story with Ben Gatu surprised as they were many people’s ‘couple goals’ and many thought they were inseparable. She got knocked up and she’s now a proud mother even though she chose to hide her baby’s face until recently.

5. Wendy Kimani


She is the new mum in town. She just delivered a bouncing baby boy. Wendy is the calm type of people and she’s look like she will instill the same calmness in her son.

6. Sharon Mundia


Sharon or This Is Ess as many know her, has not yet given birth. Well at least we haven’t heard any news yet. But her maternity photoshoot gave us life. She falls in this category because she’s carrying a special being in her and that makes her a mother already.

7. Jacky Vike

Jacky Vike

Just like Sharon Mundia, Jacky Vike better known as Awinja will also celebrating mother’s day as she’s heavily pregnant. She’s already a mother even though she has not yet given birth. Her pregnancy news was the best news ever after she posted photos of her maternity photoshoot. Most people didn’t know she was pregnant.

Hii Itafanya Uolewe Kesho!!! Here Are Female Celebrities Who Have The Most GORGEOUS Wedding Gowns Ever

When Bebe and Cece Winan’s song, “I Found Love” starts playing in a church, just know that the bride is about to walk down the aisle. It is a wedding, people!

Most girl’s dream is to walk down the aisle towards the love of her life. These Kenyan female celebrities have proven that Kenyan ladies have good taste when it comes to rocking the most beautiful wedding dresses.

Let’s not beat around the bush. Here are nine gorgeous Kenyan brides who wowed with their wedding dresses.

Janet Mbugua

janet mbugua wedding dress

janet mbugua wedding

On 30th May 2015, Janet Mbugua walked down the aisle with the love of her life Edward Ndichu at a famous ranch in town. One thing that attracted the eye was her wedding gown, simple yet very beautiful.


5 years ago, Kambua walked down that aisle and said ‘I do’ to Pastor Jackson Mathu. The gospel artiste cum TV host wowed many with her gorgeous white dress which according to her was exported from St.Louis. What a gown!


Joyce Omondi

Award-winning sports journalist Waihiga Mwaura and gospel artiste Joyce Omondi wedded on December 2015 and from the look of things, Joyce’s wedding gown was one of a kind.

joyce omomndi

Sarah Hassan

The former Tahidi High actress showed off her good taste when she walked sown the aisle in a gorgeous gown at her garden wedding. Sarah who is known by her street moniker Tanya, tied the knot with her long-term fiance Martin Dale after dating for almost 4 years.

sarah hassan

Sharon Mundia

Sharon Mundia, a fashion blogger officially became Mrs. Leteipan in November 2016, a wedding that was held in Watamu. It was not only the beach wedding that captured the eye but also her wedding dress. It was more than beautiful!

sharon mundia

Vanessa Kiuna

Vanessa and her husband Robert met abroad while they were studying. It did not take long for them to fall in love and the rest they say is history. The two got married at their parent’s residential home in Kenya. Vanessa did not disappoint with her fitting designer gown.

Vanessa Kiuna Wedding

Wambui Kamiru-Collymore

This is what we call simplicity. Mid last year, Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore found love and the lucky woman was Wambui Kamiru. We would expect her to come out with a huge dramatic gown but to our surprise, she rocked a simple white dress accompanied by an equally simple purse on the hand. Classy.

bob collymore

Wahu Kagwi

It is 11 years down the line since Wahu and Nameless sais their, ‘I dos’. The success of their union proves that celebrity marriages work and their wedding was one of the memorable ones. On 10th September 2005, Wahu came out rocking one of the gorgeous wedding dresses one could ever dream of. Till date, her wedding dress is still in fashion. Perfect besapoke dress that one.


Emmy Kosgei

She is one of the celebrities that had the most expensive weddings ever. Emmy Kosgei tied the knot with Nigeria Apostle Madubuko of Revival Assembly church at a colorful wedding. Her dress was one of the things she invested in and by the look of things, she never disappointed.

emmy kosgei

A Blessed Dad! Bishop Allan Kiuna Gushes About His Beautiful Daughter (Photo)

Jubilee Christian Church pastor Bishop Allan Kiuna and his wife Reverend Kathy Kiuna have over the years been named the most popular church leaders in Kenya.

They have attracted a congregation right from their humble beginnings to become one of the most influential families in the country who are also mentors to some of the biggest gospel celebrities in Kenya.

The lovely couple is blessed with three children, two beautiful daughters and the last born in the family, a son by the name Jeremy. They live in a beautiful house in Runda estate.


Kiuna’s second -born-daughter, Stephanie is known for being controversial especially after she was pictured with a glass of what supposedly looked like alcohol, while dressed indecently.

Their first-born-daughter Vanessa recently got married the love of her life and long-time boyfriend, Robert Kovac in a colourful wedding ceremony.

Bishop Allan Kiuna took time to show love for his lawyer daughter, Vanessa and her cute hubby on his social media, with a sweet message alongside a photo of the couple:

One photo read: “My beautiful amazing daughter!!! A blessed daddy!!”

While the other pic had this touching caption: “Rob and Vanessa Kovac!!! Love them to bits.”