Jaguars’s baby mama excites Kenyans as she shows off her valentines gift

As women around the World received flowers, chocolates and dinner dates for valentines day, Jaguar’s baby mama Magda Ngima chose a different path.

She shared a photo holding a bundle of cash with the caption below;

“This is now valentines, maua peleka huko, the kikuyu in me.”

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Magda Ngima

The photo  elicited excitement with a majority of Kenyans asking for as share given that mwezi iko corner.

beckykemunto: Mama bless me with 5k I will appreciate

kanana_janet@magda_ngima Naomba Moja tu!

aliciaahawo: Maua ni ya nyuki 😹😹😹

papuchulo_nurdeen@magda_ngima : na sisi ambao hatupa wapenzi wala pesa tu coment wapi?

While some celebs were just indoors, others opted to surprise their better halves. Nameless surprised his wife Wahu with a beautiful package as he attended the men’s conference.

‘He used to call me whinny Wahu…. Becoz he thought I whined a lot (I didn’t😁😁 ) 
I used to call him moody Monski, because…Well mostly because he was just a moody dude! 😁😁
I love you babe. I have for the last 20 odd years. (Where did the time go!!) Thank you for the roses and chocolates! See you later on! Ama bado uko men’s conference? 😁😁😁 #trulymyrideordie.”

Tanasha Donna on the other hand received a surprise package from Diamond Platnumz while still at work and it got her emotional.

Below is a video

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I found out my bae is spending valentines day with a sponsor,It really hurts

Valentines day is just a few days away but one Kenyan man will spend it nursing a broken heart after realizing that his bae is entertaining a sponsor.

The man who is obviously a registered member of team mafisi says the icing on the cake came about after realizing that the lady does not even consider him as her boyfriend.

“Valentine Season is here again and I just found out am not the real boyfriend to my girl, I went thru her Phone and found out she is already making plans to spend February 14th with a Married Man.

A married Man is the real boyfriend while I  am the Substitute, it’s okay I will just pretend I saw nothing.

This was the same man she told me was her Uncle.What is paining me is that this man actually acted as her uncle when she introduced me to him and told me to take care of his niece.”

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Valentine's Day

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He adds

“I  never knew the uncle has been eating all the juicy meat and leaving me left overs.

I will play along, let me keep eating my left overs remember this is the same girl I almost engaged.

Thank God I dodged this bullet… I’m pained.”

valentine-gift (1)

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Gifts you should NOT buy your partner this valentines lest you are dumped

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching we’ve rounded up some of the strangest seasonal gifts you shoulkd not consider buying your partner this valentines.

1.Edible underwear.

If your other half is a meat lover they’re in for a treat this Valentine’s as some grocery stores are selling meat in the shape of a heart.

Apparently meat is quite a popular present choice this year as you can also buy your partner ‘brief’ jerky edible underwear.

2.Slimming pills,skipping rope or workout gear

Another very strange gift is a product called ‘fat girl six pack,’ a tummy toning gel, that promises to get you tight and toned for the big evening.

Women are emotional beings and buying such a gift would make them think that you are indirectly calling them fat.So just to be safe stick to roses,dinner date or a vacation.

Classy and unique gifts to buy your man/woman on Valentines day (List)

3.Plastic flowers

Plastic flowers should be a thing of the past in this day and age,who even buys such flowers anymore?.Men should not even consider that as a gift for their women.

Women if your man brings you these flowers as a gift just throw them in the bin ASSAP.

4.Black roses

There are many different rose in the market but do not let the temptation to buy black rose hit you because black roses signify death or hatred.

Classy and unique gifts to buy your man/woman on Valentines day (List)

Valentine’s Day is almost here.

Whether you are married or not there is no harm in showing love to those special people in your life in a very unique way.

After all it’s the thought that counts but that doesn’t mean you get a cheap gift because as they say ‘Cheap is expensive’.

Imagine buying some cheap liquor only to end up in hospital fighting to keep your sight.

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Here is a list of simple things that you can buy this Valentine.

Customised card: You can buy a card, but it would be much better for you to get a personalized card, eg. one with a photo of the two of you and then include your own words.

Tips 101: Know the meaning of different roses by color this valentines


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Message board: You can place a board in the house if you live together and write small notes about how you feel daily or on a regular basis. Express yourself.

Vacation – If you have the money you can take a trip over the weekend and enjoy spending quality time together. Most hotels usually have offers during this time and the rates will be cheaper.


A CD collection:  Why not create a playlist of the songs that you know your partner loves and get them on CD? Better yet you can but him a compilation album of his favourite artist and add a personal message to it.

Love songs

Charity: You could send gifts to an orphanage or to shelters for victims of domestic violence or visit an elderly home. This is a nice way of giving a little bit of love to those who might be lonely on Valentine’s Day.

Jewellery – If your partner loves jewellery you can buy for them something depending on their taste. A watch, bracelet, necklace, earrings, cuff-links etc.

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Tips 101: Know the meaning of different roses by color this valentines

Valentines is around the corner.

Flower vendors are stocking up for this day, but did you know different flower colors have different meanings.

Here are the different flowers and their meaning. It might come in handy lest you find yourself buying break up roses for valentines.

1. Red 

Red is symbolic of passion, love, and energy.


2. White 

White flowers are a symbol of peace and forgiveness. They are often a sign of honor for loved ones loss, and that’s why we frequently see white flowers during funeral services.

White roses

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3. Pink 

Pink roses are a sign of Grace and elegance, so the next time you want to gift someone put this into consideration.


4. Blue

They symbolize mystery and intrigue.

Blue Roses

5. Purple 

This unique hue symbolizes pride and enchantment. Even better, they’re tied to royalty


6. Green 

Green means a “constant rejuvenation of spirit.”


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7. Black

Black roses signify death, or supreme hatred, so giving someone a black rose on valentines may be a very bad idea.

Image result for meaning of black roses

8. Orange

Orange is symbolic of expansion, growth, and warmth. It is also a color of friendship and community.


9. Yellow

Sunny flowers imply jealousy and infidelity. In modern times, however, this variety is associated with friendship and cheer due to the vibrant color.

Yellow rose

10. Burgundy Roses

Though not as striking as the classic red rose, this merlot shade represents “unconscious beauty.”

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