Here are the things men should avoid doing this Valentines day

Valentines is a few days away,a nd if you are gearing up to spoil your bae, we’ve got some tips for you.

It’s always a big day to show love to your better half, but should you break the bank? Nope! Here are a few things to keep in mind as you celebrate your spouse.

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1. Overspending

A common saying has it that “money has no manners” and this is the time that saying occurs to most people, especially men. As love fills the air, most people find themselves digging deeper than they can to keep up, spending big on those dinner dates, road trips and movie dates. Always spend what you on what you can afford to loose.


2. One night stands

Some people like to have one night stands on Valentines day.

In case the heat hits the roof, dress your “sugarcane”


3. Entertaining many women

Dear feminists, hold your horses please. Women are a good creation by God. Oops! But didn’t they come from our ribs? My religious book taught me so. Having female friends is a healthy thing but placing them accordingly is a another task. You don’t want to be that guy who’s all over anyone that can walk in a dress. Have a small clique of women and this will cut down unnecessary costs of trying to please them.

‘Suicide isn’t a solution’ Akothee’s advise to her children

4. Walking around with liquid cash

Trouble is when you walk around with loose cash. This causes impulse spending. Make plans to go out with a little money for the most important needs.

liquid cash

5. Having fun far away from your locality

Having fun doesn’t need to leave you with empty pockets. Avoid spending your Valentines far away from your residence. This creates unplanned miscellaneous spending that hurts your pockets. You can always opt for indoor fun activities with your bae, and prepare a delicious home made meal. To spice up the day, you can order in food from your favorite restaurant.

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Post Valentines: Ways to still spice up your relationship

Valentines is long gone, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep things heated up.

You need to still spice up your relationship and make your relationship fun.

These are some of the things you should do to keep the fire burning;

1. Cook for your spouse 

Everyone loves home made food and preparing dinner for your partner will definitely get you in the mood. This will make them feel appreciated, loved and thought of. Make his/her favorite meal he/she will love it more.

valentines dinner

2. Random Gifts

If you got her something on valentines then it doesn’t end there. She will feel special when you send her some random flowers to the office and some chocolate or when you get her something that she needs.

valentines gift

This also applies to ladies, gift him when he doesn’t expect it and surprise him. Show him that you also think of him.

3. Date night

Set a side a day and go for dinner. Both of you should dress up like it’s your first date. Ladies, make your hair buy a nice dinner dress, make your nails and impress him. Men, get a clean nice fitting suit and get a fresh haircut. Make the date worth the while. Don’t wait for valentines day.

valentines datenight

4. Road trip

Save up and plan for a road trip to a far destination and spend some quality time together. Enjoy each others time, take sometime out of your busy lives. Learn each other more, talk and even play.

valentines dateish

5. Movie night together

This can be a movie date to the cinemas and also a movie night in the comfort of your home. But the experience of watching a movie together is a definite plus one in spicing up your relationship. This will definitely feel like valentines day.

valentines movie


Going strong! Travis Scott surprises Kylie Jenner for Valentines

Thursday will be her second Valentine’s Day with beau Travis Scott.

And with still another day to go, Kylie Jenner has already been gifted with love.

Travis Scott

Taking to Instagram Stories, the 21-year-old showcased the rapper’s Valentine’s Day tunnel of love he had created for his girl.  

The tunnel was filled with various archways of both pink and red roses styled in the shape of hearts.

The walkway featured a mirrored floor and was met with a variety of burning candles along the way.

Kylie and travis

While Kylie walked down the long path in the middle of her home, sultry music played.

As the makeup mogul reached the end of the walkway of love, she was greeted with a LED lit heart on a stand.

And it’s no surprise Travis has already gone all out for his baby mama and lady love.

Kylie took to social media last February 14 to share a video of her entire home including the staircase filled with fresh red roses and candles.

‘hell of a way to end the night,’ she captioned the clip.

While promoting her latest Valentine’s Day makeup collection last month, the youngest Jenner sister revealed what she wanted on the special day.

‘Jewelry, obviously,’ she said when asked if she wanted the fashionable accessory or a teddy bear.

Kylie later added that she would definitely rather receive diamonds than pearls.

The beauty and the Astroworld star celebrated their first Valentine’s Day last February, just two weeks after welcoming their first born, daughter, Stormi Webster, into the world.

Kylie and Travis first started seeing each other at Coachella 2017, and fell pregnant just weeks after.


Glam Squad! How to get ready for your date this Valentine’s

You want to look the part on Valentine’s Day, right? Well, we have all the tips to make you look glamorous.

1. Outfit

valentines dress

You can be sure that a red classy dress will bring out your beauty and will be suitable for a night time dinner date. Definitely go get a red dress.White and black can also work for valentines day but give it a touch of red and Sharon Mwangi is definitely giving us that valentines vibe.

2. Jewellery 

valentines jewelry

Jewelry would go well with a dress that shows your shoulders. Go all out with jewelry.A head piece and natural hair always go together, there’s no doubt.Try it!

3. Do your nails

valentines nails

A nude colour on your nails will definitely do your outfit some justice. Slightly long nails are also very sexy and would fit the mood of the date.

4. Hair up do

 valentines up do

Theres no time that an up do looks bad. Its elegant and simple. It brings out your pretty face and allows your make up yo pop and enhances your facial beauty.

5. Shoes

valentines shoe

Stilettos are a good choice but also go for a comfortable shoe, something that you can walk with without looking like a drunk chicken.

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Five make up and hair styles that are perfect for valentines day

Five make up and hair styles that are perfect for valentines day

If you’re gearing up for Valentine’s day, and want to look bomb for bae, try these stunning looks we put together from Instagram.

These looks will definitely inspire you too look fabulous.

1. Nice short bob wig 

valentines hair

If you are looking for a simple classy look then look no further. This short lace bob with little make up is all you need. You will look effortlessly classy and sassy.

2. Gorg Make up


You wanna look extra but not too extra, this is the perfect look. Red definitely has to be in the picture.The make up artist Yami Angelina, has it all lined up for you.

3. Kinky natural hair

valentines hair 1

You wanna rock your natural hair and still look good for valentines day, right? Here are some tips. Let your hair down girl! Let him experience a different feel from your looks. Sheila Ndinda is giving us that extra sauce.

4. Head wrap

valentines headwrap

Head wraps are never a bad decision on whatever occasion so it would be an excellent idea to rock your Ankara head wrap this valentines.

5. Smokey makeup

valentines makeup

Eye make up that is popping and nude lipstick would work well. The detail on the eye is very important. It makes your eyes look sexy and attractive. Joanna Kinuthia has us covered.

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Let’s Take A Journey Through Kenya’s History With These Iconic Love Songs

Every generation has love songs that defines the term ‘love’ for them. This is true whether you are 60 or 13. We all have that song that is ours. Or so we think.

The truth, however, is that we aren’t exactly snowflakes. There are millions of other people who share our taste in music and that is why songs such as African Woman by 2face Idibia (which isn’t Kenyan) but it defined love for an entire generation.

Vincent and I sat down and had a look at some of these love songs and we came up with the following list:

Eunice Njeri Talks About Her Valentine’s Day Plans (AUDIO)

Eunice Njeri is one of the most popular praise and worship gospel artists in the land. Don’t take my word for it, just check out how many views her songs get on Youtube and the number of times her songs are requested on gospel shows.

Word went round recently that she had opted to call it quits on her marriage and hadn’t even bothered to sign her marriage certificate. She didn’t just divorce Izzo Raps, she annulled their marriage -she literally refreshed everything like it had never happened!

Eunice Njeri Announces Separation From ‘Husband’ Just Few Months After Tying The Knot

Understandingly, she has been dodging the media ever since she broke news of the annulment on her social media profiles. She was a smart enough to control the narrative then refused to say more than she was willing to.

‘Why I Am Alone This Valentine’s Day,’ Gospel Star Mbuvi Explains

Our questions were thus left hanging…

Her silence has been pervasive until today. I called her up and asked after her plans for Valentines and when she heard it was Uncle Chim Tuna calling, she acquiesced and gave a short statement:

Girls, Do You Sometimes Look At Your Husband And Regret Marrying Him? Asks Maina Kageni (AUDIO)

‘Why I Am Alone This Valentine’s Day,’ Gospel Star Mbuvi Explains

Valentine’s Day is a day for all those love birds who make the single people cringe. Thus it is probably the worst time to be alone as you watch everyone else couple up, but for renown gospel artiste, Mbuvi, he really has no choice.

It seems Mbuvi will be spending his Valentine’s all alone. The star was linked to the gorgeous Kambua before she was stolen away from the life of singlehood by, Pastor Jackson Mathu.

Drama Free! Top 10 Kenyan Gospel Artistes Who Have Managed To Keep Scandals Away

So, is the Kwata Kawire singer single and available? Has he found someone to warm his bed? Why is he spending Valentine’s all alone?

Mbuvi explained,


Being a celeb comes with its own issues, while regular people flaunt their bae’s with no second thought celebs have to think twice.

Exposing your significant other to the drama of publicity and constant attention from fans can cause serious issues in the relationship.

Though some celebs choose to go public with their relationships, Mbuvi has chosen to keep private things private.

He says:


Do You Remember Taking Your Date To These Places Back In The Day?

From 100 Bob Wedding To Sh 3.5M Ceremony, Check Out These Heartwarming Pics

Today’s wedding is a far cry from this couple’s 100 bob wedding officiated back on January 30th, 2017. Wilson Wanjohi and Anne Muhonja is the proud couple who have been blessed with a Sh 3.5 million bob wedding. Now they look like a million dollar couple.

Beside the Sh 3.5 million do-over wedding, Wilson and Anne also got other presents like an-all-expense paid honeymoon in Diani.

Pesa Otas! 100 Bob Wedding Couple Can Now Own Millions

The five-day trip saw the couple soak up the sun at a 4-star hotel at the coast.

Another well-wisher blessed them with an even better present that will help then eke out a living and be productive members of society.

From 100 Bob Wedding To 4-Star Hotel! Humble Couple Fly Off To Beach Side Honeymoon After Social Media Blows Up


Here are photos from the lavish wedding…








Happy Valentine’s everyone!

MWAAAH!!! Neomi Nganga Gives Tips On How To Be A Good Kisser This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and pretty soon, the town will be painted red. Literally!

Your significant other will probably be on your case for the next few days, bugging you and giving hints of what they want. Some might even go missing for a while, even switching off their phones and their explanation will probably be, “Babe, you know my phone has problems…”, – Yeah, we’ve heard that before!


Well, there are those who are a bit serious and actually take the time to celebrate this special day. My question is, why shouldn’t we love each every single day?

Kissing is a really affectionate form of expression. We kiss our parents, siblings, friends and lovers and is known as a form of communication that is almost always connected to love. So, if you don’t know how to kiss your lover, don’t fret. It’s not too late to learn.

Actress Neomi Nganga, has taken her sweet time to teach you, or rather give you tips on how to be a good kisser.


She wrote, “Have you ever had a bad kissing experience? Semeni ukweli… Anyway, if you would like to become a better kisser, here are a few tips for you:
1. Freshen up – avoid having a bad breath
2. Work your eyes – Kissing with your eyes wide open is very creepy….aiiih.
3. Take your time since kissing is team effort between you two.
4. Mind your tongue.
5. Be spontaneous.
6. Control your saliva.
Hapa najua nimesaidia wengi….”

Who’s looking forward to practicing these skills on Valentine’s?

Kenyans living in the United Kingdom are the most generous long distance lovers – research

If you’re in a long distance relationship with someone in the UK, you’re pretty lucky. Research suggests that you should expect your dude or girl to send you via mobile money more money for Valentines compared to others.

New research by money transfer service WorldRemit shows that Kenyans living in the United Kingdom are the most generous long distance lovers, sending on average Sh2600 more than usual to their loved ones for Valentine’s Day.

Following closely behind are Kenyans who have migrated and are currently living in:

  • Australia, sending on average Sh1500 more
  • New Zealand, sending on average Sh900 more

Almost half of married couples plan to spend Valentines day at home

According to Alix Murphy, director of mobile partnerships at WorldRemit this group of Kenyans living in these three countries are planning ahead for Vaalentine’s. He said “They are sending more money to their loved ones in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. On average, these groups sent $8 to $26 more for Valentine’s Day compared to the next week to mark the occasion.”


Would You Accept A Valentine’s Day Present From A Married Man? Kenyans Respond (AUDIO)

We are counting down to one of the most important days of the year for all lovers out there – Valentine’s Day, on February 14th.

This is a special day that’s put aside especially for lovebirds to appreciate each other as well as appreciating loved ones in your life, like family, or close friends.

Love Is In The Air! Here Are 4 Supercool Activities Worth Considering For Valentine’s Day

But in this case, let’s keep it on the romantic side of the day.

Cate Sidede decided to start the Valentine’s Day mood by asking a very sensitive question about ladies receiving gifts, and not just from anyone, but a married man.


The cheerful radio presenter candidly asked the listeners, more so girls, if they would accept a gift for Valentine’s Day from a man who was married and whether it was even appropriate in the first place.

The conversation was received with mixed reactions from both the lasses and dudes, with some ladies boldly saying that there’s no big deal since it’s the man who wants to spend his money on them.

On the other hand, others revealed that it’s not acceptable at all since he should be giving gifts to his wife and not other women. One particular man called in, saying that he doesn’t see the big deal, as long as there’s nothing going on between them.

SINGLE? Here’s Your Complete Guide To Finding A Date Before Valentine’s Day

But most of the guys were not okay with it, saying that it’s immoral. Check out some comments below and listen the short audio to hear what some listeners thought.

Yawa,That’s a big deal. That’s very low. I can’t lower myself to that level. Nah, nah. That’s a freaking big deal.

me i won’t accept… what happens when he starts asking favours from me.

The gift won’t go like that. Unacheza na wazito. Utapelepwetwa vibaya sana

  eri wart? Hell nah, hakuna kitu ya bure hii dunia, utalipa tu kesho

You should refuse coz ni mume wa wenyewe si wako

its big deal ….let him spend on his wife n family

It’s a big deal you might end up breaking the family and getting your bones broken by the wife  

Almost half of married couples plan to spend Valentines day at home

It’s six days to valentines, and hoping you and your spouse are hopefully planning something big. If not, then you could be part of a research that suggests almost half of married couples either plan on skipping or spending the day quietly at home.

The study conducted by sought to find out just how much consumers are planning to spend, what they are planning to buy and where they plan on celebrating. The study even breaks down the top gifts preferred according to regions. The survey found that spending is up 24% this Valentine’s Day and that roses, chocolate covered strawberries and jewelry top all the wish lists this year.

Below are the main points from the survey, visit the blog for additional graphics and illustrations of the data.


Average Spending: $56 (Sh5,768)

Average Spending 2016: $45 (Sh4,635)

Increase of 24%

Male Spending: $60.78 (Sh6,260)

Female  Spending: $47.83 (Sh4926)

Men plan on spending $13 more on average than women

38% of consumers say they won’t be spending any money this Valentine’s Day


Would you prefer your Valentine’s Day night to be celebrated:


At home – 46.1%

Dinner out – 29.1%

Night on the town – 10.5%

Recreational activity  – 7.1%

At the movies – 6%

Other 1.2%


Of the following Valentine’s Day gifts, which would be your least favorite to receive?

Bottle of alcohol – 26.1%

Lingerie – 23.3%

Gift Card – 11.3%

Flowers – 11.2%

Chocolate – 10.3%

Heartfelt card – 9.1%

Jewelry – 8.8%



Lingerie – 24.4%

Bottle of alcohol – 21.4%%

Flowers – 13.5%

Jewelry – 11.5%

Chocolate – 10.7%

Gift Card – 10.5%

Heartfelt card – 8%



Bottle of alcohol – 30.7%

Lingerie – 21.9%

Gift Card – 12.7%

Chocolate – 10.5%

Heartfelt card – 9.8%

Flowers – 8.6%

Jewelry – 5.7%


Men most want a heartfelt card while women want jewelry.


Would you use a dating app to find a date on Valentine’s Day?

No – 93.4

Yes – 6.6%

Men are 55% more likely to say they would use a dating app on Valentine’s Day.


Is it okay to go on a first date on Valentine’s Day?

Yes – 55.9%

No- 44.1%

Men are more likely than women to not go on a first date on Valentine’s Day (2%)


Do you feel the pressure of being in a relationship on Valentine’s Day?

No – 87.2%

Yes – 12.1%

Men are 29% more likely to say they feel pressure to be in a relationship on Valentine’s Day.


Favorite Valentine’s Day Treat

Chocolate covered strawberries – 27.6%

Box of Chocolates – 27.6%

Caramels – 13.7%

Candy Bar – 10.2%

Candy hearts – 8.8%

Cinnamon hearts – 6.6%

Other – 5.4%

Men most prefer a box of chocolates (27%) to women who prefer chocolate covered strawberries (35.4%)


Favorite Valentine’s Day Flower

Roses – 48.3%

Tulips – 13.8%

Sunflowers – 8.4%

Lilies – 8.2%

Daisies – 8%

Orchids – 7.9%

Other – 5.5%
Courtesy Kerry Sherin, Shopping and Savings Expert


Cheating Woman Dumped On Valentine’s Day With Evidence

Valentine’s day is supposed to be for sharing gifts and spending time with your partner as you express the love you have for each other. However, what happens when you find out that your partner has been cheating? What would you do for them or to them on Valentine’s?

According to a video posted on Youtube, a man who claims his girlfriend was cheating on him, took his revenge by giving her a Valentine’s Day card filled with evidence .

The man named Kyle Boggess, claimed that his girlfriend of two years was cheating on him. He says he found out after creating a profile on a dating site called Plenty Of Fish. He says that she had even planned on dates (using his fake profile).

To take revenge he filmed a Valentine’s surprise complete with rose petals and gifts before blindfolding her and leading her into a room where he handed over the card filled with evidence of her cheating ways.

Valentine’s Day Survival Guide For The Singles

So you’re single on Valentine’s day? Don’t worry you are not the only one there are many ”survivors” out there and its nothing to be ashamed about. Incase you are wondering about what to do, here are a few suggestions.

Love yourself – The thing about love is that it has to start from within, love yourself first. So today love yourself a little bit more. Treat yourself to some extra sleep, enjoy a heavy breakfast, go to the spa , buy yourself wine etc Be your own Valentine.

Spend some family-time – Go over to your mother’s place and spend time with your siblings and parents. Cook, drink, talk and have fun.

Do your own thing – Spend the whole day in bed, watch a series or have a movie marathon, go swimming, eat a whole tub of icecream etc. Just do you and be happy.
Indulge in retail therapy – Go shopping, be it Toi market, Mr. Price, The Junction or any other place you want to be. Go have fun and buy what you want.

Throw a singles’ party – The best part is about being is single is that you don’t have to plan an outing, buy gifts or strive to make someone’s day special. Kick the Valentine blues and have fun this Sunday. So, gang up with other single friends and have a rocking singles’ party. Believe it or not, it’ll be an awesome experience.


5 of the Shadiest Ways to Get a Date If You Don’t Want to Be Alone for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and you need a date. There is nothing fun about chilling in the house alone on Valentine’s Day. It’s a day of love and romance. You need to get out and have some fun.

So what do you do if you aren’t in a serious relationship and you need someone to be your date? You trick them into going out with you, of course. There is no shame in doing what you gotta do so you don’t spend this special holiday alone.

You can judge all you want, but people trick people into doing things all the time.

So ladies and gents, Martine Foreman on blackandmarriedwithkids suggests 5 things you can do to get your date on this Valentine’s Day without the other person knowing what the heck is going on.

Invite him to watch any sports game with you.

Wouldn’t it be more than convenient say if a major sport event was going down that day? Especially if it’s a guy who tends to avoid that day altogether.

So make a few dishes, ask him to come over, and tell him that a few friends will be joining. Sure, he might think it’s weird when no one else shows up, but that’s okay. Just tell him they all sent text messages and bailed (you may want to have a few homegirls text you just in case he wants proof).

Ask her to go to church with you.

Yes, Lord—Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year. This is perfect for the God-fearing man or woman who doesn’t want to spend Valentine’s Day alone.

Now who doesn’t want to date a man or woman that loves the Lord? A great service at church followed by a (romantic) lunch date? Talk about perfect. No one expects to be tricked on the day we give praise, so this is one of my favorites!

Since Valentine’s Day is Sunday this year, plan a late date for Saturday night.

Do you think New Year’s Day is the only time when the countdown matters? I think not. This may be hard to pull off if you live in suburbia; but if you are in a major city where restaurants and lounges stay open until late, you are in luck.

Go to a late movie (Zoolander 2 comes out that weekend…LOL) and enjoy a great dinner afterwards. Be sure to stay out until after midnight and don’t forget to say Happy Valentine’s Day. Shady? I don’t think so.

Orchestrate a couples night.

If you have friends who are in serious relationships, this is perfect. Invite 2-3 couples over, and plan a nice get together. Get your Valentine (so what if he or she doesn’t know it yet) to come over by setting it up as a nice gathering with tons of food and conversation.

Will it be weird when he walks in to roses, heart-shaped desserts, and other Valentine’s Day themed stuff? Maybe, but I don’t think he’ll leave because of it—especially if the food smells really good.

Make it a weekend of it.

This is a great way to make your date unexpectedly stay with you through Valentine’s Day. Now I don’t recommend doing this with some creeper you just met online (that’s just super weird).

But, if it’s someone who’s been in your life for a bit and they keep fronting about the next level, show him what’s up by planning a nice 2-night trip that ends with a romantic breakfast on Sunday morning. And please don’t pay for the trip yourself. This is about getting a date, not being a sucker.

Well there you have it, my friends. 5 surefire ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day by being as shady as you wanna be. Enjoy!

Christmas Day Is The Most Popular Day To Propose

Many men plan engagements on different days of the year, some choose significant days like their birthdays or valentines day so that they don’t forget while others choose random days.

According to Facebook Christmas day is the most popular for proposing followed by New Year’s eve as Valentine’s comes at number four.

The social media site with over a billion members, got the figure by analyzing 2.6 million users and how their relationship statuses changed.

The findings are similar to a recent survey of 10,000 people by experience website Chillisauce.

The website’s poll found that 40 per cent of people believe that the Christmas period is the most popular time for wedding proposals.

The night before Christmas meanwhile topped the list for the best day to surprise a partner with a proposal. 

However, while many appear to agree that Christmas eve is a romantic time to pop the question, 29 per cent of women surveyed said they would prefer to be asked on Valentine’s Day, The Evening Standard reported. 

A further fifth of women would prefer to get engaged on the anniversary of the day they met their other half, according to The Huffington Post.

Love songs for you on valentine’s day

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’ve ranked the biggest ‘Love’ love songs of all time that can be on your playlist on cupid’s birthday. Here are ten of the best

1. Rihanna – We Found Love ft. Calvin Harris

9. John Legend – All of Me

8. Beyoncé – Crazy In Love ft. JAY Z

7. Alicia Keys – Fallin’

6. UB40 can’t help falling in love

5. Gerald Levert – I’d Give Anything

4. Céline Dion – The Power Of Love

3. James Ingram – Give Me Forever

2. Luther Vandross – Here and Now

1. Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You