Husbands who match outfits with wives won’t be allowed into Mens conference


A man on Classic 105 on Valentines day declared that any Kenyan husband who loves to wear matching kitenges with their wife won’t be allowed into the mens conference.

Meet the guys behind that popular Valentine song ‘Where is your boyfriend’

The man tickled Maina and Kingangi when he continued to declare other conditions men have to meet to access the venue of the conference.

‘Such nonsense won’t be entertained. 

Clyde Mukombero from Eldoret, describes himself as a life member  of the men’s conference boldly declared that soft men are a no no, much to the amusement of many

hakuna kuvaa kitenge zinafanayna, hatuko choir, kilamtu avae chenye anataka

Valentine's Day

He also had other tough conditions which include

– No man over 26 should ‘tuma fare’ kukula fare ni ya 18 to 25,

– Don’t ask me where I have come from, when I an coming to my house

– men who are kaliwad chapati, tunaiunga task force kuwarescue hawatakaliwa tena.

Ladies, your Kings have set reminders for the Men’s Conference on Valentines

Haapy Valentines to all Classic 105 fans, and may you all have a love filled time.

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Meet the guys behind that popular Valentine song ‘Where is your boyfriend’


A song dissing girls for not refusing to be a mans girlfriend and having to face the prospects of being all alone on Valentines, has gone viral.

The song has inspired a hashtag #ValentienIsComing.

The song was sang by a comic band calling themselves Kabusa Oriental Choir, and are Lagos born. The song ‘where is your boyfriend’ has also garnered thousands of views worldwide.

The Kabusa choir explained why they released the song

This hymn is dedicated to all those people who refused to be our Valentine. Tag all of them and sing it with passion 📣

Here are the guys Austin, Youngfaze, Veon:


Also check out their Instagram page

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Valentine mass in Ghana🇬🇭⛪ This is hymn 0.81, it contains ‘The Valentine Song’ by #MrCocoyam , ‘Lonely’ by Deacon @akon and ‘Abena’ by Sister @cuppymusic inside it . This hymn is dedicated to all those people who refused to be our Valentine. Tag all of them and sing it with passion 📣 Choir Members: @austincan_ @ransompapi @yungfaze_ofueze @veon_syndrom Produced by @ransompapi & @davidacekeyz Shot by @icequeonit This hymn is available for download.. Link is in our bio 👆 Click on the highlight to Subscribe to our YouTube channel👆🙏 @tundeednut @donjazzy @bellanaijaonline @pulsenigeriatv @pulsenigeria247 @tracenaija @mtvbasewest @officialhiptv @theshaderoom @worldstar

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They are crazy funny and deserve a follow, won’t you guys.

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Ladies, your Kings have set reminders for the Men’s Conference on Valentines


The annual secret mens conference goes down today Valentines day at an undisclosed location.

The imaginary event has caused quite a buzz, and I can tell you for free that if it was planned by a woman, it would have happened, but men would never go through with it.

Anyho, let’s keep this fight for another day, and focus on the non existent conference.

Murder suspect Jowie has been invited on social media to attend after he was released on a Sh2million cash bail, and give his two cents, while KANU politician Jackson Kibor know as a father Abraham, and husband to many, will be on the program, to talk about polygamy.

Here are some hilarious things being said about it


Another wrote that


If you thought that was funny, how about this video


Girls does this upset you


It’s not ending with this


Honestly this one has got me crying



What about this one? If it doesn’t get you on the floor, what will




This is offending but inabidii tuzoee



Here’s the last one


Dear Classic 105 fam, if you do have any other hilarious meme’s do share them with us.

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Jaw dropping Sh1.5million Laikipia Valentines getaway shocks Kenyans 


Getting a treat from your love on Valentines day is something special indeed.

A Valentines day poster inviting lovers to part with Sh1.5 million for a getaway in Laikipia has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

The poster has generated buzz for the printing mistakes and even the amount one should spend to show their love.

Ommy Dimpoz – I lost 30 kgs after I was poisoned

Kenyans have responded saying it’s impractical and unthinkable to spend Sh1.5million during these hard times.

The poster detailed the experience that couples should expect in the getaway.
See below.

valentines chopper offer

Here are comments showing people really have no chills left for this world.

Denis Muga… Who has 1.5m in their Mpesa to pay using paybill 👀👀👀

Maina J Kip… Tunalipa 1M na paybill

Ben Nzy …Jus curious, am I supposed to pay 1.5m via paybill

Namunyak Nyami… Taki Labda kuna msee who will go to battle for y’all incase issues arise 🤣🤣🤣
Titus Maina ..It was all fun and games until the designer decided to stop reggae😁

Riako Ochieng ..mimi niko kwa paybill inalipiwa 1,500,000… hiyo ni pesa mtu hulipa na bank transfer ama swift, eft, or slap the man with cash…ama pesalink

Fiona Mureithi.. Yaani even my 7 year old can do a better job.. Nikama huyu designer ako Ronandingara😂😂

Mutaikp Prince Wilson.. chopper ni 100k per hr. Ukitaka kugo extra take it for 4 hrs.
1.5m ni 20% deposit ya apartments uko kileleshwa

Wema Sepetu – I aborted Kanumba’s baby’s on two different occasions

Sammy Esen Yaaani couple ni 1.5m na poster ni ya 150 shillings?
Don Joh Ram… So, someone will just go to mpesa and click “lipa na mpesa” and pay 1.5m? I need to know such people 🤣😅
Chris Tangut ..How can you transfer 1.5m through Mpesa
Nduati Michuki.. 1.5m after kudesign poster na Microsoft Excel ? 🤣🤣🤣
Yvonne Odhiambo.. This flyer looks like a garbage site pale grogon 🤦🏼‍♀️

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The 10 commandments for a real man, Bishop tells Maina Kageni

It’s Valentines day and lots of women are waiting for their men to buy them gifts and spoil them rotten.

On Classic 105, a listener called in and told men not to fall for the trap set by women. He announced that there are ten commandments that only real men follow.

Here are the 10 commandments. Do you agree this is what you must do to be a total man? Mwalimu Kingang’i says he is just speaking the truth.

!. You must drink alcohol

2. You must have debts

3. You must have concubines

4. You must have a son

5. You must have 40 years

6. You must be married

7. You must have children

8. You must have concubines (not a mpango wa kando, it’s a woman your wife knows and appreciates)

9. Provide protect and please (PPP)

10. You must have debts – The more debts you have the more manly you are


Have you been dumped? Take a painkiller, it will soothe your broken heart – Study

It is close to Valentines Day and cupid may have run out of arrows for you. The end result is getting dumped.

But don’t worry, your pain can be soothed.

Painkillers may help soothe the heartache of a break-up as well as ease a sore head – but not for men.

Scientists say women who take ibuprofen can feel less upset by failed romance.

Akothee’s baby daddy is not pleased she is dating Manager Nelly Oaks

painkillersA study showed they experienced less hurt from social rejection or while recalling past betrayal.

But the effect did not apply to men.

Volunteers joined in a virtual game of ‘catch’ when others stopped throwing a ball to them, or they wrote about a betrayal by someone close.

‘You beautiful woman’, Listen as Maina Kageni gushes over woman who revealed it’s never too late to fall in love at 52 (AUDIO)

 Women on ibuprofen reported less social pain afterwards.

University of California researchers believe the drug blunts female sensitivities but disrupts the male urge to suppress emotional pain.

Their report, in the journal Policy Insights from the Behavioural and Brain Sciences, sums up several studies, including tests which found that patients on paracetamol were less distressed by unpleasant images or reading about other people’s suffering.

They talk of using the drugs to help with problems such as depression and social anxiety disorder.

But lead author Dr Kyle Ratner calls the findings ‘alarming’ because consumers do not anticipate psychological effects from painkillers.

And other experts say that emotional pain if often a healthy response which helps lead to recovery.

– Daily Mail

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