Maina speaks about social media ills after Uhuru claimed he was cyber-bullied

Uhuru Kenyatta admitted yesterday that he had quit Twitter because of mean words on social media, something that Maina Kageni decided to speak about today.

He topic centred on cyber-bullying. “Guys, have you been abused on social media?” he asked. “You can never control what people think and say. Don’t let it hold you hostage!” he added.

Most Kenyans agreed that social media was a rough place where thick skin is needed for one to survive. Some of the comments are below;

Very true. Develop a thick skin and never let them comments bring you down.

You guys you’ll kill me one day  “Corona haitambui matako mkubwa!” I surrender, let me sleep.

Hii inaitwa social media.Ni mbaya.

It’s normal and huo Ndio utamu wa social media

I agree bullied on social hii ndio utamu.

Mimi sijawai tusiwa bado,,,lakini nimetusiana vibaya sana

Sasa comment kwa twitter inafanya mtu mzima akasirike na mwenye anakwambia ivo ata humjui

Mimi ni stivo simple bwoy alipost picha nika reply aki ilibidi aniblock ju venye nilikuwa nimempasha .

Yes and sometimes I clap back

Maina, whether you are good or bad people will talk. And they feel like they are entitled to your life and decisions that you make. When you make it, people think that you owe them everything hence insulting you on social media

And I don’t care I return matusi pia

Kuna wa kujibu na kuna wa kuwachana nao based on their content IQ.

Maina Kenyans it’s normal abusive language is a way of passing massage that should not something that bother anyone you should be used to it matusi ni mdomo

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Will Anita Nderu coming out as LQBTQ member help the movement?

Anita Nderu took Twitter and Kenyans by storm yesterday when she came out to reveal that she was a member of the LGBTQ movement.

Her short and succinct Twitter message read, “I hope my kids never have to go through what I have gone through for being LGBTQ+ 🏳️‍🌈❤️”.

Anita’s public dalliance with the LGBTQ movement started a few months ago when she hosted two members of the LGBTQ community and the comments were not so kind.

Anita Nderu comes out clean that she is a member of LGBTQ community

In response to the backlash, she told Massawe Jappani that she wouldn’t apologise for hosting members of the LGBTQ community on her cooking show, ‘The overdressed cook’.

Anita said she that she respected people’s opinions but that she will not apologise. At the time of the interview, Anita said that she wasn’t willing to comment on whether she was a member of the community. “When I’m ready to share, I will.”

But it seems like that time has come and her announcement has made it loud and clear. The former the Trend singer is done hiding and is ready to leave her truth with the public knowing (and good for her!).

My question is whether her decision helps the cause of the movement in Kenya. I don’t think it will and for a simple reason, Kenyans have a lot of issues that take priority than the s3xual orientation of an individual.

Things like food, corruption, Covid-19 are more pressing matters than LQBTQ issues. If one looks at countries that have allowed LGBTQ rights, they all have one thing in common, they are all very advanced-2nd world and above status.

According to Maslow’s hierarchy needs (food, shelter, clothing) are at the bottom, and then the wants come at the top. How are Kenyans going to engage on the LGBTQ topic when they are still struggling to pay rent or take their kids to school.

Even our own president sees it as a non-issue. Check out his response below on the issue;

What her coming out will do in the long-term is that it will give her a boost in publicity and not much else. But what do I know?

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He’s going for a ruracio! Uhuru’s kitenge shirt inspires memes again

The Eleventh (11th) Presidential address on the  covid 19  was held on Wednesday 26th August 2020 at State House, Nairobi caught the attention of KOT all because of his shirt.

The shirt worn by President Uhur closely resembled many items we have in our homes. For instance the cushions below or are they called pillows?

pillow cases uhuru

But guys what if he has a secret account where he reads all the things we say about him? Last time he mentioned he has seen the meme’s and we were blown away. Anyho here are todays latest memes about the cushion t shirt he wore to address fellow Kenyans.

uhur shirt


Screenshot from 2020-08-26 16_15_10(1)

uhuru august shirt 2

uhuru august shirt 1

uhur shirt

Screenshot from 2020-08-26 17_45_38

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 Kenyans spot amazing detail about Uhuru’s look-alike’s shoes


Michael Njogo Gitonga captured national attention for his close resemblance to President Uhuru.

Gitonga lives in Umoja estate and denied having any blood relations with Uhuru but KOT insist alot of the details about his life leaves us with more questions than answers. For instance his mother worked in Gatundu, and he doesn’t know who his father is. Michael is also left handed just like the Head of State.

A most recent picture of Michael excited Kenyans (Above). His shoe size blew many away and the hilarious comments are below:


‘Stop telling lies’ Uhuru lookalike denies getting rewarded with car

Gracian Ethan Waweru..
Iyo kiatu ata unaeza lelea vifaranga wa kuku tano na zieke social distance Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joy

huyu si anatembea akislash nyasiFace with tears of joy

Umesema za huyu msee ni shoe-baru i think ni mit-shoe-bishi

Hii inaweza overthrow museveni huko bana

@guru_voke..Huu jamaa anaweza kudunga na maneno hadi utii

‘People ask me for handouts’ President Uhuru’s ‘look-alike’ speaks after going viral

Ingekuwa shoe game hizo zinachezea long distance running

Hizi ziko na space ya AC ndani.

huyo si akitembea kiatu inaenda ikipoga makofi

@twambari..I guess they didn’t know the number of his shoe size, so they decided to play it safe

Huu jamaa sasa imebaki aite press conference afungue bars na restraunts officially alafu apotee

Huyu anaweza tembea on water

I think we should call him peter

Mguu ka doshi

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‘We stood with you in your lowest time, stand with us’ Kenyans tell Uhuru over covid funds expose

On the Monday morning conversation, the topic was on the minds of many Kenyans after watching NTV expose on the misuse of Covid-19 funds.

The investigative piece by Dennis Okari showed how some Kenyans are making money from covid 19, while the disease continues to ravage the country. The profiteering from KEMSA and the Ministry of Health is incredible to say the least.

Maina called on Kenyans to speak openly to Uhuru Kenyatta.

We are addressing one person and one person alone.

Talk to Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. After what we saw on Tv yesterday you know as I watched it, and thank you Dennis Okari and the entire TV crew, the one thing that I kept thinking about was for how long are we going to keep listening to nonsense and nothing is done about it. There you are struggling complying with the law, paying the taxes, then there are people who walked into KEMSA and walked out with grossly inflated tenders? For how long? We are going to make Uhuru Kenyatta act, we have to, we can’t go on like this, we lose a third of our GDP to corruption, do you know what a trillion shillings is? What the hell, oh he’s gonna listen whether he acts or not that is his decision, but we shall make it known, the hashtag is Dear MR President, and just give him a message,

These messages will get to him, what he chooses to ignore or acts upon what you are feeling that is his choice now, but talk to him we must. #DearMrPresident.

I felt so defiled it was crazy what I watched on NTV. Now let’s talk to the President, whether he chooses to act or not that’s his decision.

Caller: I’m talking to the one who took covid funds, your kids will pay, its painful, people are not going to work, instead of you helping you are eating Kenyans money, huyo mtu he doesn’t have a heart, Maina what is happening? I’m so mad right now

Caller: Dear MR President the big fishes are outside there stealing and nothing is being done, nothing is happening just because the big ones have not humbled your self, you are going to be responsible


Caller: It’s very sad that some of these things happen in our country sometimes you wonder where the leadership is. They are out of touch with what we are going through. Choices do have consequences.

Caller: Dear President, we are really tired, punda imechoka na hii serikali yako ya ufisadi, people are suffering my friend, and what is going on at KEMSA, people should not tell you they don’t know where the funds went, everyone has to be held accountable and the buck stops with you

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Hata macho ya red! Uhuru Kenyatta look-alike sets the internet alight

Uhuru Kenyatta’s face and mannerisms were made for memes.

Our head of state’s face is so well-known that even our South African counterparts were in shock when they discovered the person whose face they were using to create memes was the Kenyan president!

Uhuru Kenyatta with Margaret Kenyatta
Uhuru Kenyatta with Margaret Kenyatta

And it seems that Uhuru’s overused face might get a well-earned helpmate after a certain lad resembling the Kenyan leader, facially, was posted online.

Funniest memes inspired by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s official photos in 2017

The image was shared on the social media site, Twitter.

This happened after a user called, The Prophet @dickkyny shared a photo of himself with a man, who happened to be the president’s lookalike.

Man who looks like Uhuru Kenyatta
Man who looks like Uhuru Kenyatta
Man who looks like Uhuru Kenyatta
Man who looks like Uhuru Kenyatta

He even joked that he had had a chat with the ‘president’ and had received his blessings to run for an MCA seat in 2022.

The tweet went viral with many Kenyans commenting on the similarities between the man in the photo and Uhuru. Some of those comments are below:

Menopause baby Huyu angeamka asubuhi avae suti aingie state house.

@Georgina Can you imagine the terrifying chaos that State House security would suffer from?

Edwin Ong’era Shida ni upate Uhunye real ako na concurrent press briefing oppressed kenyan

Nicky Muraya Angekuwa Tz ungeshikwa na serikali.

Ayam Tayad Serekali yenyewe imelewa

JoeCent Enyewe huyu lazima aulizane vizuri….the resemblance is striking man.


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Uhuru shockingly discloses that one of his son’s broke Covid-19 curfew orders

Yesterday Uhuru Kenyatta stunned the nation when he opened up about an incident where his son snuck out of home at night, defying curfew orders while in Mombasa.

Speaking during an interview with NTV, Uhuru explained that his mother, Mama Ngina, wife, Margaret Kenyatta and the unidentified son were confined in Mombasa when he first announced the cessation of movement when his son decided to sneak out of their facility at night.

“I have a young man who was travelling with his mother and were caught up by the cessation of movement in Mombasa and because of these rules, he found he cannot move,” explained Uhuru.

Uhuru Kenyatta
Uhuru Kenyatta at a file date

That action was met with swift rebuke by the Head of State who explained the folly of his behaviour.

“I asked him a personal question after it was reported to me that he had done that. I asked him ‘Fine, you have gone out, had your fun and enjoyed yourself but now you have come back and you are with your grandmother.

“Your grandmother is 80 plus years. If something happens to your grandmother as a result of what you have done, how would you live with yourself?” Questioned the president.

Uhuru and the beggar: Kenya’s problems in one photo

“I told him it is not about me, it is about how you will live with yourself,” he added.

The aim of the president’s story was a reiteration that the youth should follow government instructions;

“It is not about what the government is telling you to do, it is not about what the president or the minister of health is telling you to do,” he added.

The situation has grown dire considering that the youth make up 75 per cent of the population and have been classified as super-spreaders of the disease.

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Uhuru and the beggar: Kenya’s problems in one photo

A viral photo of President Uhuru Kenyatta driving his G-Wagon on the streets of Nairobi has drawn a lot of interest from the citizenry.

In the photo, one can see a woman that looks like a beggar, trying to speak to the president. While some said how rare it was to see the President stuck in traffic, others wondered whether it was stage managed.

Uhuru on the streets

Another angle of the president driving himselfWhile I don’t know if it was, my problem is with the optics of the image. That photo encapsulates the issues Kenya has. The photo contrasts the lives of the rich and famous vis-a-vis the poor in our country.

The president, the senior most figure we have in this country, with wealth and power, coming face to face with his extreme opposite, lack.

The head of state in a luxury vehicle that costs upwards of Sh10-15 million at the base price, while a woman begs with the shuka she has on her back, that costs Sh150.

The president rumoured to be driving for a nyama choma at Maasai lodge on a casual Sunday while his fellow citizen begs on that same Sunday.

I believe the photo should be not be seen as a triumph but as a big problem. A miscarriage in shaping the hopes and dreams of the proletariat into something concrete and noble.

Recent economic reports paint a worrying picture of the problems the country is facing. These include a weakened real estate sector, a credit market making it nearly impossible for small businesses to borrow and a state that is in more debt than that beggar herself! 

In summary, that photo is not a celebration of Kenya’s successes.

Where Uhuru and his wife spent their Christmas Eve (photos)

While many wouldn’t be caught dead in a church on Christmas Eve, President Uhuru Kenyatta and First Lady Margaret Kenyatta spent theirs in Mombasa.

Uhuru Kenyatta at church
Uhuru Kenyatta at church

In a tweet sent by State House, the two who were accompanied by other members of the first family who attended mass at St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Nyali.

The President then took the time to wish Kenyans a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year.

“President Uhuru Kenyatta and First Lady Margaret Kenyatta last evening attended Christmas eve mass at St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Nyali, Mombasa County. The President, who was accompanied by the First Family, wished Kenyans a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year,” read the tweet from State House.

Uhuru Kenyatta with Margaret Kenyatta
The president with Margaret Kenyatta
Uhuru Kenyatta with Margaret Kenyatta in church
The president with Margaret Kenyatta in church

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Uhuru and wife welcomed with the most fascinating ritual in Russia

Uhuru Kenyatta has taken the term the travelling president to a whole other level as the politician has been out and about the last two weeks.

Travelling that has seen him open the SGR in Suswa to hosting Mashujaa Day celebrations in Mombasa, to heading to the Japanese empires coronation to heading to Russia for the inaugural Russia-Africa Summit. He did all that in less than 2 weeks! I even got fatigued writing that!

Uhuru wearing the topcoat
Uhuru wearing the topcoat
Uhuru wearing the topcoat
Uhuru wearing the topcoat

But this isn’t what the article is about. On his travels, the president must have got some interesting stories to tell and Russia will be no different as their manner of welcoming a guest of honour is noteworthy.

On arrival, Uhuru was received at Sochi International Airport by senior Russian Government officials and the Kenyan Chargé D’Affaires, in Moscow, Winnie Mwanjala.

Uhuru in Russia
Uhuru in Russia

This is where it got interesting as Mr. Kenyatta and his wife were treated to one of the oldest Russian traditions – the Bread and Salt welcome Ceremony.

The tradition originated as a folk custom in western Russia. Bread in Russia symbolizes abundance and wealth. Funny thing, just like in the Bible!

Uhuru Kenyatta’s watch costs twice as much as a 2019 Range Rover!

The ceremony is held when welcoming important, respected or admired guests. Young women donning traditional costumes present the loaf of bread placed on a rushnik (embroidered towel).  The “Bread and Salt” is a form of specially baked round bread with a salt shaker placed on top of the bread


‘A salt holder or a salt cellar is placed on top of the bread loaf or secured in a hole on the top of the loaf. If you are presented with a “Bread and Salt”, you should help yourself for sure: you need to break off a piece of bread, dip it in salt and eat it with a smile. You should not refuse, or the host would get greatly offended.’


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Uhuru Kenyatta’s watch costs twice as much as a 2019 Range Rover!

Uhuru Kenyatta is not only the 4th president of Kenya. He is also the son of extreme wealth being the son of Kenya’s first president, Jomo Kenyatta.

Marriage magic! From Uhuru to Raila, politicians married for over 25 years

The Kenyatta family is probably the wealthiest family in Kenya, a claim that they neither will confirm nor deny. But the lives they live tell a story of a family that sh!ts and eats money! Hehehe!

President Uhuru Kenyatta on his wedding day-
President Uhuru Kenyatta on his wedding day-

Our president was recently spotted donning a 2016 A.Lange and Sohne datograph perpetual tourbillon. The description of the watch according to the their website says;

This model was introduced in 2016. The dial is crafted from solid silver and graced with solid-gold appliques and hour markers. The hands are made of rhodiumed gold and blued steel. The hour and minute hands, as well as the hour markers at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock, are luminous.


The recommended retail price is 298.000 € – That is Sh. 34,516,609! The 2019 Range Rover’s base price sits right around $89,000 (Sh.9,239,090.00), making it one of the most expensive luxury large SUVs. Things are even more pronounced at the high end of the lineup, where the SVAutobiography Dynamic trim sports a starting price of about $177,000 (Sh.18,374,370).


This isn’t the first time that our humble president has been spotted wearing such an expensive time-piece. While just one of Uhuru’s watch costs as much as buying a plot developing it, most Kenyans can only afford to look at the timepieces through internet images.

One of Uhuru's watches
One of Uhuru’s watches
Uhuru has been spotted wearing the Sh.3.8 million Audemars Piguet Royal Oak’s and also a Patek Philippe Aquanaut Collection watch which costs Sh3.3 million.
One of Uhuru's watches
One of Uhuru’s watches
And not to mention the many Rolex watches that grace the president’s hands. Clearly, our Head-of-State has an affinity for watches. Not just any watch…expensive watches!

Photo of the day: Uhuru Kenyatta wears St. Mary’s uniform

President Uhuru Kenyatta arrives at his former school – St. Mary’s School, Nairobi dressed in school uniform for the 80th-anniversary celebration, showing you what a proud alumnus he is

The head of state was accompanied by various government officials during the event. The President was given a warm reception upon arrival. Uhuru stood out from the rest of the guest when he arrived in a sky blue shirt, striped tie and navy blue blazer.

Uhuru Kenyatta and Jeff Koinange meet their high school teacher after 35 years!

Uhuru walked in the school as the students cheered together with the other guests and parents who had arrived for the event. While at St. Mary’s he played as a winger for the rugby team.

Check out the image below;

Uhuru Kenyatta in the uniform
Uhuru Kenyatta in the uniform

What do you think of the Head of State donning his high school uniform?

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Rose Muhando’s political song sparks reaction from Maina and Kingangi



Rose Muhando is back in the news and causes all sorts of storm in the country.

The singer has released a song praising President Uhuru and Kenyans for standing by her.

‘I don’t know if Rose Muhando is abusing drugs!’ Gospel star Stephen Kasolo confesses

The song dubbed shukran Uhuru is trending and it’s not too shabby according to the Classic 105 hosts.

Maina responded saying

Aki Tanzanian, you know these guys they know how to praise. You know when Harmonize released that cover for Kwangwaru, now he is Magufuli’s favorite artist. Hima nd Sauti Sol. You cannot tell Magufuli anything else, And he is making money like you can’t believe 

I must say I love the melody on this one. Good job Rose Muhando

Mwalimu Kingangi recalled other musicians who have ever sang for politicians including former President Moi saying

Moi ni mwingine, he was sang for all sorts of songs from Primary everyone sang for him 

Maina chimed in with a laugh saying

It must feel so good being praised

KOT have also shared their thoughts on the song with comments below


Atleast Rose Muhando knows what Kenya has done for her, unlike some other people in Somalia filled with greed


Many of us would give anything to up and leave our beloved country, citing many negativities, then comes Rose Muhando singing all praises and gratitude to the president, the country and its folks at large and waa, something to ponder on right there.

Rose Muhando breaks silence to tell fans ‘all is well’



Rose Muhando in her song “Uhuru” joins the long list of foreigners who unconditionally Love Kenya. I wonder where we derive the perennial self-hate. Europeans, Asians, Americans, and even Africans are choosing Kenya as their retirement destination. Lets learn to LOVE our country.



Kenyans after bearing a song by Rose Muhando praising President Uhuru and wishing blessings upon his family. She should have left Uhuru out of that song, otherwise it’s a good song.


People might have divided opinion about that Rose Muhando song, personally, it’s the best song I have heard from her. The execution was just on point 👌👏

Rose Muhando bounces back from rehab



Have you ever taken time to thank and appreciate those who have stood with you and made you who you are today.

Maybe Rose Muhando should be considered for


If Rose Muhando can refix that Uhuru song and remove the name Uhuru, That song will be our second national Anthem #KOTLoyals


So Rose Muhando decided to sing a song in praise of your president….I’m sure religious 🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜 and their radio stations are very happy.

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Uhuru attends Mugabe funeral as burial stalemate resolved (images)

Uhuru Kenyatta attended the funeral of late Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe to pay his last respects. The Kenyan president eulogised the deceased ex-commander in chief as an icon of Africa’s liberation struggle.

Uhuru said of the late leader in his speech,

The late comrade Mugabe was an embodiment of the pan-African spirit, offering immeasurable assistance and solidarity to many other African countries in their struggles to end colonial rule and apartheid.

Uhuru Kenyatta at Mugabe's funeral
The Kenyan president at Mugabe’s funeral

Other presidents in attendance were South Africa’s Cyril Ramaphosa and his Equatorial Guinea counterpart Theodore Obiang Nguema, besides the host president Emerson Mnangagwa. Former presidents Sam Nujoma of Namibia and Jerry Rawlings from Ghana also graced the funeral service of their departed colleague.

Uhuru Kenyatta at Mugabe's funeral 4
The Kenyan president signing the condolence book

Zimbabwe’s current president Mnangagwa, once Mugabe’s close confidant, described his late predecessor as a revolutionary leader, patriot and a nationalist who believed in Pan-Africanism.

A suite costs Sh.571,385 a night! Pictures of cosy hospital where Mugabe died

Far from the colourful speeches from African leaders, it was impossible to ignore the embarrassingly low turnout of citizens at the Zimbabwe National Sports Stadium where the funeral service was held.

Uhuru Kenyatta attending Mugabe's funeral
Uhuru Kenyatta attending Mugabe’s funeral

Mugabe was the president of Zimbabwe for 37 years from 1980 to 2017 when he was ousted following a military coup. He died on Friday, September 6, aged 95 after a long illness. He passed on in Singapore where he had been receiving treatment since April 2019.



The family of the late president say that he will be buried in the National Heroes Acre monument in Harare, his family says, following a row with the government over his final resting site.

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Rich kid Anerlisa begs Uhuru to help her billionaire parents

Anerlisa Muigai’s world is in the throes of distress. The cause of the normally bubbly Keroche heiress’ emotional state is the news that her parents are been investigated for tax evasion by the government.

This state has forced the Nero Water CEO to appeal to a helping hand and none other than from the main man himself, President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Has she worn pampers!? Anerlisa shamed for ‘weight’ gain

Anerlisa’s appeal came moments after Ms Karanja and her husband, Joseph Karanja, were arrested on Thursday afternoon. DCI officers nabbed the couple, together with the company’s board members, at the gate of their factory in Naivasha.

Anerlisa's parents
Anerlisa’s parents

Miss Muigai penned her message to the president asking him to protect her family as they are entrepreneurs.

Her message is below;

Dear Our President (Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta)

I am writing in regards to our local entrepreneurs. I am humbly requesting you to intervene and help/protect us all in businesses. We chose you as our President. Every day our local entrepreneurs are being fought. We trust and believe that you will do something about it. Thank You. #BuyKenya #BuildKenya #

Anerlisa seating with her mother
Anerlisa seating with her mother

The message was met with mixed reactions from her followers with some telling her that it was karma for those who voted for Uhuru’s government at the polls. They told her to pray that her parents should pay their fair share of taxes as Kenyans are doing themselves.

Others urged her to stand strong and bemoaned the fact that the ‘greedy’ government was going for entrepreneurs.

Funny thing is I don’t think Anerlisa will have much help from the Head-of-State.

Uhuru in Jamaica
Uhuru Kenyatta in a file photo

My reason being that the government has embarked on a campaign to not only deal with corruption but also target tax evaders.

This week, the CBK revealed that Ksh. 25 billion had been deposited in banks by Kenyans after it warned that hiding untaxed money in their homes.

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Uhuru Kenyatta and Jeff Koinange meet their high school teacher after 35 years!

Uhuru Kenyatta has one of the widest smiles you will ever see. That is likely why his face makes some of the best memes you will ever find on the internet.

And yesterday, the 4th president had more reason to show off the meme-worthy smile after he met his high school teacher at State House. The news was shared by his distant cousin Jeff Koinange who showed off the pictures on his Instagram page. The JKLive host explained that they were meeting their history teacher, Zelia Pareira, for the first time after 35 years.

Uhuru and his guests at State House
Uhuru and his guests at State House

His caption read;

Guess who got to meet his former Saint Mary’s School History Teacher after more than 35 Years? That’s right, the President himself! We had a great time and a good laugh!! Thanks, Mrs Pereira for molding us to be WHO we are today! 

Uhuru Kenyatta with his former teacher
Uhuru Kenyatta with his former teacher

Pareira taught the two leaders of their respective fields History while they attended St Mary’s School, Nairobi. Uhuru has in the past admitted that history was his favourite subject. Some of the comments to the post are below;

antoneosoul Teachers are the best ❤️❤️❤️
mwauambrose Ata President alisoma History 🤔
weru_j Who else read this in Jeff’s voice? 🤣🤣

Jeff Koinange has previously revealed an interesting character of President Uhuru Kenyatta during their early childhood days.

Wendy Waeni’s mother allegedly threatened after Jeff Koinange interview

In an interview with Kiss 100 presenter in 2016, the journalist revealed how the President at once bullied him at St Marys School in Nairobi where they schooled together.

Uhuru and his guests at State House
Uhuru and his guests at State House

Mr Koinange recalled how Kenyatta harassed him in the school bus, hitting him on the head an action commonly known as ‘ngoto‘. “Boss Uhunye alinihanda ndani ya mini-bus ya shule bwana (Uhuru used to bully me inside the school mini-bus). Can you imagine that he is now the President,” Mr Koinange revealed to Mote while illustrating the action.

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Uhuru reveals that he has Jamaican relatives on state visit

Uhuru Kenyatta has been in the Caribean island of Jamaica. What has the most hardworking, enterprising and dedicated president in Africa been doing in the country where many people get irie?

Well, Mr. Kenyatta was on an official 3-day state visit to the birthplace of reggae and its most famous export Bob Marley. Apart from the formal and boring business that happens on a state visit, Uhuru had some stunning revelation to make.

Uhuru in Jamaica
Uhuru in Jamaica

The fourth president declared that he had relatives that came from the island, saying;

My wife’s brother’s mother is from Jamaica. We affirm the Jamaican diaspora is everywhere and the prime minister was wondering whether we have some in Kenya. In deed I can confirm given the fact my wife’s brother’s mother comes from Jamaica and she lives in Kenya.

Many Kenyans wondered why the president hadn’t referred to the relative as his mother-in-law since the said person was his wife’s brother’s mother.

Uhuru in Jamaica
Uhuru in Jamaica

True to netizens insight, it appears the president had a slip of the tongue as we have discovered that the mother to the wife of Uhuru’s brother, Muhoho Kenyatta, is the link between the Kenyatta’s family and Jamaica.

Mama Norma Florienta Kanja who died on Wednesday, August 16, 2018, was mother-in-law to President Kenyatta’s younger brother, Muhoho.

Uhuru reveals that he has Jamaican relatives‘You have married a hardworking woman,’ Uhuru Kenyatta praises Anne Waiguru on wedding day

Norma was the wife of the late Jimmy Kanja. According to obituaryKenya, Norma, 83, was the daughter of the late Rupert and the late Loretta Forbes.

Loretta was the sister of Valerie Afflick, the late Doreen Nesbitt, and the late Carlton Forbes of Kingston, Jamaica. Uhuru said last year in her tribute;

As we have all heard, she was a wonderful human being and we can testify to that fact. Mama Norma Kanja lived her life well and has left an enduring legacy which should be emulated.

Uhuru in Jamaica
Uhuru in Jamaica

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his host Jamaican prime minister Andrew Holness held bilateral talks on Monday, August 5, purposely to deepen ties and economic partnership. During a press briefing attended by delegations from the two governments,

It was also disclosed during the state visit that the two nations were planning to introduce direct flights from Nairobi to Kingston as part of the journey towards a vibrant economic partnership.

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Uhuru secret note to Gideon Moi gets hilarious reactions from Kenyans

Uhuru Kenyatta is a president who might be remembered more for the memorable memes that his face makes than for what he did for Kenya.

Uhuru Kenyatta
Uhuru Kenyatta

Moving on swiftly,  a new meme might just have started after a video emerged of the president scribbling something on a note then passing it to Baringo Senator, Gideon Moi.

William Ruto speaking
William Ruto speaking at the event. One can see Gideon on gthe right with red trousers and yellow socks

Despite the contents of the note being secret, the reaction by the Baringo Senator made it clear that Uhuru sent him something hilarious.

Gideon couldn’t contain himself as he laughed as Uhuru looked on at him cheekily.

Check out the video below;

What he was writing is the subject of speculation and many Kenyans are trying to work out the message he wrote for Gideon.

Some speculated that he wrote, the now popular term, ‘Wamlambez’ on the note. If you don’t know what that means, Google is your friend.

And guess what, Kenyans have a knack for coming up with some of the most hilarious things to say and this one was not any different. Some of the speculations from Kenyans is below;
Sheilah Birgen I swear this man is spesho! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤣🤣🤣🤣

KIMUTAI Msee hata haskizi mode, wanakumbushana tu vile funky ya Sato karibu wadandiwe kwa ile bus…

Wanjiku Yegon This is us passing sticky notes to each other during preps pale dining hall. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

MOSBY Cheki .. nikimalizia hii kitu si ni kujenge.. bora uniangushie ki mzeng ..

Wilson 🇰🇪 🇯🇲 And he pretends hakuna kitu amefanya😂

It is good when you can see our leaders smile like this, even with the crazy politiciking we witness day in day out.

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