Ugandan nanny to tried afresh

The house-help in Uganda who was shown brutally abusing a two year old baby on video is to be tried afresh in court after the Prosecutor said she had been tried in a wrong court.

According the Ugandan press, the prosecutor, Mike Chibita said the city hall court where the housemaid was tried did not have the powers to do so, therefore terming it as null and void.

Jolly Tumuhirwe the house maid had pleaded guilty to the offence of torture that was carried on Monday.

The suspect will now be expected to plead guilty or innocent on fresh charges at Buganda Road Chief Magistrate court where the case was transferred for the retrial.

“The trial is set to start afresh before another court as the earlier plea she entered was null and void,” said Chimbita

He said that the plea of guilt in the wrong court was also a nullity.

The House maid aged 22, pleaded guilty for torturing a baby of her boss in Uganda and asked for forgiveness from court. The toddlers parents parents and everyone who watched the video that went viral were astonished by her actions.

– The Star

Ugandan maid pleads guilty to baby torture

A Ugandan maid pleaded guilty Monday to torture of a baby, a case that has shocked the country after a video of her abusing the child was made public.

The 22-year old maid, Jolly Tumuhiirwe, faces up to 15 years in prison for the crime.

Worried parents, who installed a CCTV camera when they were at work, were shocked to see they had filmed the maid pushing the 18-month-old baby girl to the floor.

She then kicked the child’s face and stomach before putting her entire weight on the girl’s back, and then dragged her out the room apparently unconscious. The baby was left bruised and shaken by the abuse.

The disturbing video has been seen or shared hundreds of thousands of times on social media.

After her arrest, police said she would be charged for attempted murder, but in court Monday faced torture charges alone.

State prosecutor Joyce Tushabe said the maid, who had no lawyer, “was remorseful” in court.

“She said she was sorry for the act,” Tushabe said. “She asked for forgiveness from the parents of the child, the nation, and those she said were affected by her acts.”

Tumuhiirwe was remanded in custody and will be sentenced on Wednesday.