Major TBT of Kenyan tv presenters from the 90’s



They made TV interesting to watch as it was not all about them pulling stunts on social media.

Can you recognize thsese faces which graced our screens in the 80’s and 00’s?

Dressed in crisp shoulder suits and with their hair and make-up done up elegantly, these female and male news anchors were the epitome of grace, style, warmth, and composure.

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Back when KTN was ‘Channel 62’, there was a TV presenter named Fayaz Qureshi, who mastery of the Queens language put many of us to shame.

Fayaz also hosted the ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ o the same TV channel.

fayaz kureshi ktn 1990
KTN’s Fayaz Qureshi

Other members of the TV news cast included Catherine Kasavuli, Katherine Openda, Zein Verjee, Mercy Oburu, Christine Nguku, Njoroge Mwaura among others.

raphael tuju tv presenter
Rahael Tuju on KTN

Raphael Tuju was also a presenter on NTV, before leaving for politics.

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Christine Nguku was a sweet face many of us came to love on KTN. She has and continues to be an inspiration to upcoming female journalists.

christine nguku
KTN’s Christine Nguku

Kathleen Openda was a veteran journalist whose TV presence was undeniable. Check out her picture below:

kathleen openda ktn
KTN Kathleen Openda

Kenyans on Twitter commented about these fine TV presenters. Read comments below:

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Ngaruiya Muchai He moved to the U.K. around 2005. I worked with him on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire? ‘, in 2002 and 2003 .

Godfrey Chahilu Raphael Tuju was there also

Hinga James Memoirs are made of this post Michael.

Faith Hakala Fayaz kureshi he was a singer too

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Forget Mark Masai, Ahmed Bhalo is the hottest news anchors we have in town. But then, it seems this lad is killing the city girls with his hot looks on TV.

Bhalo was a KBC anchor back in the day when not a single woman seemed to recognize him let alone lust after him.

Well, now that the lad seems to have found greener pastures and is undoubtedly smiling all the way to the bank, all the thirsty lasses are running after him.

The Swahili anchor who was raised in the coastal parts of Kenya and later relocated to the city in the sun has a good command of the language and without doubt, the lad now has a large following of female fans for what they term as his good looks.

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