NTV’s Kobi Kihara Was A Bartender. Read As She Narrates Her Disastrous Past

NTV’s Better Living host Kobi Kihara has for the first time poured her heart out about her past experiences.

The screen siren who has lived the better part of her life abroad says she was a bartender before she moved to Kenya.

Kobi said this as she showcased a pair of black shoes that she wore for two years.


“12 years ago before i moved to Kenya, I was a bar attender at a local restaurant. And these were my shoes for two years. My mum saved them.”

She added:

“These shoes are a clear representation of how far God can really bring you.”


Lately, Kobi Kihara has changed her closet and is looking all hot and sexy as she flaunts her new self on social media. And yes, she is one of the most sought after and influential media personalities in town.

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