OH NO! Married Men Express Their Disappointment After Poll Reveals That Women Trust Pastors More Than Their Husbands (AUDIO)

Looks like married life is not as easy as couples make it look from the outside.

So, a new online poll suggests that women trust their pastors more than they trust their husbands, and that’s not all.

Other than the women trusting their pastors more, the poll also suggested that men rank number four in this hierarchy of trust, with women trusting their pastors first, then their children, their male supervisors at work and then their husbands.

This came as a shock to Maina Kageni, who posed the question to caller on why women don’t have trust in their husbands at all, is it the man’s fault or is it the women who just want to seek attention outside?


One of the reasons people get married is because they have love and trust for each other, so what happens when you can’t trust the person who should be the love of your life or when you find out that your wife can’t trust you?

You would think that for a married woman, the only other person she would trust other than her parents, would be her better half since he is the one she decided to spend the rest of her life with.

When Maina Kageni revealed the results of this online poll, Kenyan men did not take it lightly, with most of them ranting about how their wives are ungrateful and show them, love, thus they end up cheating on them.

sad-black-woman (1)

But it was not just the men who were angered by this poll, there’s a certain female caller who defended the men, telling the women that even pastors are men and can also turn against them later on since they are also human beings.

Listen to the short audio below as married men candidly open up to Maina Kageni.




Here Are Simple Ways To Build Trust With Your Partner

Trust is built by both partners and takes work and effort in maintaining it. There are small things that can get a marriage or even a relationship to suffer because of trust issue. In order to have your spouse secure you have to go the extra mile and ensure that they feel secure the same way you would want to.

Here are just a few things you can do today to make your spouse feel more secure in your marriage:

1. Answer the phone whenever your spouse calls – This may be easier for some and harder for others due to work responsibilities but it is a simple way to improve the communication in your marriage. Don’t ignore your spouse’s calls! If you can’t answer right when he/she calls, send him/her a quick text to let him/her know that you saw the call and will call back when you have the chance. This keeps the line of communication open and is a kind and courteous way to build feelings of security in your marriage.

2. Get off the phone or computer when you are with your spouse – For most of us, find this harder than it seems. We use our smartphones to chat with our loved ones, check social media, and even read our Bibles…all good things, but we still need to put our devices down when we are with our spouses, as much as we possibly can. When we give our spouse our full attention, which means “giving them our eyes and ears” (yes, just like your teacher would say), we are showing them that they are more important than whatever else is on the other side of that screen. This instills a feeling of security and helps us to be better listeners. We also need to do away with any passwords or devices that our spouse is unaware of. Nothing builds insecurity more than secrecy.

3. Watch where your eyes wander – Let’s face it. We are going to notice an attractive person walking by, and that is okay. We can’t cover our eyes in public places, but we can control the amount of time and thought we give to each glance. Let me be specific, when you see that hottie walking by, your eyes don’t need to inspect them top to bottom or follow them to where they are going. When we are constantly staring at other men or women or if we make sly comments about how “cute” or “fit” or “pretty” someone else is, we are digging a hole of insecurity in our marriage. You might be telling yourself that this is harmless or innocent simply because you aren’t having a physical affair with that person. This is a dangerous lie because when we let our glances become lasting glances, lasting glances turn into thoughts, thoughts become fantasies, and fantasies, outside of your own spouse, destroy marriages.

4. Keep God as the center of your relationship A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.”- a strong marriage in which the husband, wife, and God each represent a strand of the cord, with God being the heartiest strand. This kind of cord is hard to break and extremely secure, but the cord as a whole is only as strong as each strand. If one strand is compromised or cut off, the cord looses some of its strength and with enough weight it will eventually fold or break down completely.


MITM: Trusting Men In Relationships

Ladies, do you trust your man 100%? This was the big question this morning on Maina and King’ang’i. A certain lady called in yesterday and said that the most important aspect of any relationship is…you guessed it TRUST. The lady says that her husband started misbehaving because she did not trust him.

The reactions came in numbers and the women were livid. One woman who texted in said that she can’t even trust her husband in business meetings because she believes there is a woman under the tables. Each of the women had a personal confession of how they trusted a man for him to betray her and break the trust. One thing was a constant with all the comments, the only woman who can trust her husband is a widow’.

It was evident that trust is a far-off cry in our relationships. Women even have a theory for a man who is too open with his wife, apparently he is a ‘sissy’.

You have to listen to the best of the morning conversation below

Exes Who Get Back in Touch for ‘Closure’ Are Bad for Your Marriage

At some point in your late 20s or 30s, you’ll be skeedaddling along, enjoying life, and finally feeling satisfied in your marriage or relationship. Inevitably, some guy from your past will choose that exact moment in time to decide he needs to soul-search because things, perhaps, didn’t turn out quite the way he had planned. In his quest to find himself, he’ll contact you. He’ll remind you that you were once such good friends. You’ll reluctantly, politely, agree to write back because you’re a nice person.

And, just like that, you’ve been sucked into his sad vortex of doom and despair — one that will threaten to blast your current, wonderful relationship to smithereens. Three words: Don’t go there.

Things will start off slowly — innocently. He’ll “like” photos of you on Facebook and pay special attention to the ones you took with your children (Hidden meaning: “Gee, wouldn’t I have been a great dad?”).

He’ll send you a personal message that contains what you assume is a harmless question: “Didn’t we visit the Central Park Zoo that one time? And you told me you were afraid of monkeys. Are you still afraid of monkeys?”

Here’s what he’s really trying to say: “Crap, I can’t maintain any semblance of a relationship and I’m 35. Is it because I never listened to you back then? Is it because I didn’t treat you well? Are you the one who got away and, if so, can you convince me that it was all your fault? Pretty, pretty, please, just tell me you were intimidated by me and you didn’t feel good enough for me and I promise it will satisfy my ego and make me go away!”

Read more: http://thestir.cafemom.com/love_sex/177336/exes_closure_bad_for_marriage

10 Relationship Deal Breakers

Most of us want to be good to our romantic partner. We want to show them love and respect and make them happy, but sometimes our emotional issues get in the way of our doing the right thing.

If any of the following behaviours apply to you, you’re relationship my be in serious trouble:

1. Selfishness: putting your needs and feelings ahead of your partner’s will not endear you to them. Being selfish leads to alienation and disconnection and breaks down the intimacy in a relationship.

2. Contempt. The reason to be with someone is because you care about them. This means that you should also like them, respect them, enjoy their company and be glad to know them. Ideally, you should be best friends as well as lovers.

3. Shaming. People are very sensitive to shame. Being in a relationship is supposed to build each person’s sense of self-worth and increase their confidence, and if you humiliate your partner in front of other people, consider this to be the kiss of death for the relationship.

4. Nagging. People want to feel like their relationship is their refuge, their “safe space.” If you continually nag your partner, they’ll feel harassed and will want to withdraw from you.

5. Lack of Support:  Your partner should feel like they can depend on you. They should trust that you’ll encourage them when they need a boost and that you’ll be there for them when they’re down.

6. Controlling Behaviour:  One of the advantages of being an adult is that we finally get to be autonomous and self-regulating. Most adults relish this independence and don’t want it taken away. If you’re very controlling toward your partner, they’ll feel oppressed and become resentful.

7. Unfavorable comparisons. Your partner wants to believe that you’re with them because you see them as a unique individual with wonderful qualities. When you compare them unfavorably to other people, they become demoralized. It’s unlikely they’ll want to stick around with someone who makes them feel this way.

8. Never being satisfied with anything. One of the nicest things about a relationship is the feeling that someone gets when they realize they can make you happy. It gives your partner great pleasure and a sense of empowerment to know that something they’ve done has lifted your spirits or has improved the quality of your life.

9. Lack of commitment or cheating. A major reason for being in a relationship is to feel loved and secure. If you refuse to commit, you’ll cause your partner to feel vulnerable and unsure of your true feelings. Their growing anxiety will lead to conflict.

10. Abuse (verbal or physical). Some people believe that being in a relationship gives them license to take out their hurt or angry feelings on their partner. Loving someone means that you should treat them at all times with consideration and respect.