Check out hilarious tweets from if Kenya was Uganda trend

Kenyans on twitter have once again come up with a hilarious trend attacking Ugandans on twitter. The #IfKenyaWasUganda is the top trend in Kenya focusing on Uganda’s currency, women,governance, staple food etc.

Check out the top hilarious tweets below and follow the trend

Check out some of the top trends at Africa Fashion Week

Africa fashion week has hosted has hosted four catwalk events its inception in 2011 showcasing over 300 designers and over 45,000 visitors. This year, (AFWL) wasn’t any different as the fifth edition was hosted in London on 7th and 8th August .

The event was celebrating creations of established as well of those of the emerging African designers. Check out the top trends below courtesy London Fashion Week Facebook page.










How to Pull Off the Visible Bra Look, 6 tips

If you’re not into showing off your nipples, this is the PG-13 way to do things. Exposing your bra is easier to pull off than showcasing your nipples without making it look like a wardrobe malfunction. Before you put on your jazziest bra and head out the door, there are few important things to consider.

Here are the dos for showing off your bra in public:

1. Make sure your bra fits
If you’re going to show off your bra, you want people to be looking at the pretty design, not your cups that runneth over.

2. Pick the right occasion
There’s a time and a place for wearing a visible bra. Unless you work in a very open office, it’s best to keep your bra covered at work.

3. Make it look intentional
You don’t want people wondering, “do you think she knows we can see her bra?” If you’re going for the visible bra look, commit to it!



4. Do layer
If you don’t want your look to say, “HERE IS MY BRA!” try layering a thin t-shirt or low cut dress over your bra, or come up with your own creative way to style your bra.

5. Try a lace top
A sweet bra peeking out from under a bit of floral lace is better than showing off a nude colored tank top that doesn’t match your skin.

6. Expose a little bit of trim
Try a low cut top with a fuller coverage bra and keep a smidgen of lace visible at the top. It can be as sexy as showing off the entire bra.


10 trendy must have bags in 2015

Handbags are a wardrobe essential for any woman and are one of the most trusted accessory. Different kind of bags serve different occasions thus a woman can never have too many bags. A bag plays a very important role in bringing out the character in your outfit and with the different concluded 2015 fashion weeks world over we have seen the return of old and new favourites.

Thanks to also the amazing street style designers, newer trends are already making their way to stores with established designers bringing in fresh ideas and talent. Check out these list of 10 of our best bags you need to have in 2015.

Bucket bag
This particular bag was big in 2014 and it is still a 2015 favourite. Embrace the prints, cutouts and all the bold colours


2. The circle bag
Whether it is a crossbody or a round handheld clutch, this bag is in and is a perfect one for anyone who wants to make a statement and has character. It also one of the popular bags in the small bag trend.

3. Crossbody bag
The crossbody bag is convenient because it frees your hands making it easier to carry it around and still get to do other things

4. Handheld clutches
A clutch is not exactly the most convenient bag to have but that trend is changing with the new handheld clutches that come with handles and straps making it easier to carry them around.

5. Fringe
Who says fringe and tassels are not chic? If you are looking to capture the boho and hippie mood in your look then this is definitely the bag for you

6. The tote
This bag was also an absolute favourite in 2014 and it is still a must have having embraced prints, metallics more graphics. whether you are investing in the mini edition, a tote is a must have.


7. Duffel bag
Want to explore your traditional sporty side, then the duffel bag is for you. They are very spacious and tend to carry lots of belongings and we all know every woman needs at least one huge bag.


8. Modern backpacks
I know you are not a school girl but this is definitely one bag you will want in your closet. Designers are moving away from the boring backpacks designed in plain colours to embrace more colour, prints, military.
backpacks (1)

9. Boxy bags
This is one of the most popular bag design with Kenyan handbag retailers in both big and small sizes. Who can really say no to a good structured square bag?

10. The classic
Old is truly gold and the retro style is hot right now and was with famous designers such as Michael Kors and Dolce & Gabbana embracing styles and shapes that have always been around.
Bags.Spring.Summer.2015.11 (1)

Trends #AkonlightingAfrica

Senegalese singing sensation Akon is set to revolutionise the African continent as he aims to light up the houses and livelihood of close to or over 600 million people.

His  initiative under the name  Akon Lighting Africa, aims to supply electricity to people who lack it with the launch of the Solar Academy.

The  Solar Academy  located in Bamako, Mali, will help African engineers and entrepreneurs develop skills that will enable them to produce solar power.

According to Akon Lighting Africa, the goal of the academy is to teach people how to maintain solar-powered electricity systems and micro-grids. Both systems have been growing quickly in rural parts of Africa.Here are some of the opinions given from all over the world.

#Trends Geekpickuplines

Social media is an avenue that has made the world better in so many ways, if you wish to laugh, cry, air out your opinion,look for love, hate on others, get service delivery etc, all that can be done there.

Depending on your needs there are various sites that are at hand to sort your every need.

Twitter, Facebook , Tinder, Snap chat etc for example have been used to achieve your goals.

That aside social media and especially twitter has been used to get various topics trending worldwide and sometimes it’s purely fun.

The current trend is about #Geekpickuplines made in complete jest about how they would woo women seeing as they are so much into books.

Here are some of the funny pick up lines.

Trends #CallMeCaitlyn

Following Bruce Jenner’s transformation into a female, the internet was abuzz with meme’s and alot of mixed reactions.

Some people were proud of her while others simply made fun just for the sake of it.

Here are some of the comments.

#National Prayer Breakfast

Today the country’s leaders met at the Safari Park hotel breakfast organized by Parliament.

The event saw the president speak against member of parliament who preach water and drink wine and asked them to to straight about it.

Considering the number of issues affecting the country, KOT’s gave their opinions about the meeting.

Street Style at New York Fashion Week

Fashion week brings out the craze in matters clothes as show-goers are not ones to shy away from prints, patterns, bold colours and accesories. The 2015 New York Fashion Week (NYFW) wasn’t any different. Forget the runway, notable moments happen on the streets and seem to set presidence for some of the trends we shall be seeing on our streets soon fashion week aside. Monochromes, ripped jeans, fur, wide leg pants, and colour all ruled the streets . What style trends will we pick up from #NYFW street fashion? Check some of the photos below


Wide leg pants

Ripped Jeans


2015 Fashion High Tea in Photos

Zen Garden hosted its annual 5th fashion high tea on Saturday 8th February 2015. The event graced by the who is who in the fashion, entertainment industry and also top personalities celebrates Haute Couture in Kenya every February.

Top fashion designers, as well as mini boutiques showcased at the event. The annual Fashion High Tea event is hosted to support various charitable causes and this year was no different as they were raising money for the ‘I support my daughter campaign’ which aims to educate women in Samburu. In case you missed it, we have the photos of the glamorous affair for you.

fashion tea fashion tea2 fashion tea 14 fashion tea 12 fashion tea 11 fashion tea 10 fashion tea 9 fashion tea 8 fashion tea 7 fashion tea 6 fashion tea 5 fashion tea 4 fashion tea2 fashion tea3 frankie diana


Photos courtesy,, fotogeric facebook, Klaus facebook

Beyond the hype – 2014 was a great year for fashion in Kenya

2014 was iconic for Kenya. For starters the acknowledgement of the fashion industry beyond the fashion industry means a lot. Lifestyle brands have created associations between fashion and their products as they try to connect with an ever-discerning audience. But here are some of the reasons why it was a great year in fashion.

The Rise of The Fashion Blogger
To mention fashion in Kenya today without acknowledging the significant impact personal style bloggers have had in shaping Kenyan’s general awareness of their own style. Female bloggers such as Sharon Mundia of This Is Ess, Nancie Mwai, Sylvia Njoki, Vonnette Von, Joy Kendi and Lucia Musau among others have become such a force to reckon with that most Kenyan women will admit to visiting these blogs before shopping or dressing up for the day. More significantly thanks to the persistence and professionalism of these bloggers, ad agencies are splitting digital revenues to accommodate them either by sponsoring their blogs or using these personalities as influencers. Award-winning blogger Sharon Mundia in 2014 not only bagged a number of awards; she is the face of lifestyle brand Store 66 and earned herself a spot on Capital Lifestyle.

Greater Heights for the Styling Set
Never before has Kenya seen so many positive strides in the fashion industry as 2014. One of my favourite highlights of 2014 was the #MadeOfBlack campaign that featured top creative personalities across including renowned stylist Annabel Onyango whose personal style warrants her own feature! Beyond this campaign, it’s been a great year of stylists as a whole. Connie Aluoch, Sunny Dolat, Wambui Thimba, and Onyango each one with their own aesthetic have managed to secure high profile assignments on regular work basis, its almost impossible to book them for anything.

Kenyan based designers creating great impressions internationally
It’s been a great year for apparel designers too. Founder of Mcensal School of Fashion and designer for her eponymous brand, Sally Karago paid homage to the Turkana community in a modern interpretation at the Africa Fashion Week NY in October. Designer Ann McCreath also shows a refreshing collection of hand-painted silhouettes for women and an edgy menswear collection for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa while Lalesso ventured into a new market in New York with their S/S15 collection.

Of retail spaces and platforms
The opening of the Kenyan designer collective, Mofti, initiated emerging luxury designer Katungulu Mwendwa is a great step in addressing the need for destination stores for locally made brands. Look out for online shopping platforms such as And coming soon, an African retail experience


Robin Williams is Google’s top search trend

Robin Williams’s death had people worldwide scouring the Internet for insights into the famed comic’s life, making him the hottest search trend of the year on Google, the web giant said Tuesday.

“The passing of beloved comedian and actor Robin Williams shook the world, bringing many people online to search for more information and to remember, and putting Williams in the #1 spot on our global trends charts,” said Google’s vice president of search, Amit Singhal, in a blog post.

“There was even an uptick in searches related to depression tests and mental health in the days following his death.”

Williams, known for high-energy, rapid-fire improvisation and clowning, was found dead on August 11 at his home in Marin County, north of San Francisco.

He hanged himself, according to coroners.

There were signs that the 63-year-old comic actor — who had recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease — had tried to cut his left wrist, according to an autopsy report.

Williams, an Oscar-winner and veteran of movies, stand-up shows and hit television series, was one of Hollywood’s most popular entertainers and his death triggered an outpouring of emotion the world over.

– World Cup, Ebola top searches –

World Cup fever was the second hottest search trend at Google.

“The World Cup in Brazil had its fair share of unforgettable moments and had everyone glued to their TVs and mobile devices all summer,” Google said.

“From Luis Suarez’s bite heard around the world, to Tim Howard’s superman performance vs. Belgium, to Germany’s incredible run to their fourth title, the competition certainly lived up to its reputation and topped the charts.”

The deadly Ebola virus and tragedy-struck Malaysia Airlines were the third and fourth fierce search topics, respectively, followed by the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” fad of dousing oneself in icy water to raise money to battle Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

The remainder of the Top 10 search trends for this year were mobile game Flappy Bird, drag queen performer Conchita Wurst, the Islamic State group, hit animated film “Frozen” and the Sochi Olympics.

“It was a year in which we were struck by the death of a beloved comedian, and watched news unfold about a horrific plane crash and a terrifying disease,” Singhal said.

“We were captivated by sporting events, and had our fun with birds, a bucket of ice and a frozen princess.”

Apple’s new iPhone 6 was the top consumer electronics gadget search trend, while “Hunger Games” film star Jennifer Lawrence was the top query trend focused on a person, according to Google.

Nude photos of the Oscar-winning actress and a trove of other stars were hacked and posted online in September, and several threatened to sue Google for failing to take down the leaks.

Man Crush Monday: Franklin Saiyalel

If you keep up with the fashion world or trends in Kenya then you must have come across Franklin Saiyalel aka Kenyan Stylista.

A visit to his instagram page and you will notice his love for fine dining, travelling, shopping, networking, social media and dancing.

Stylista rubs shoulders with the who is who in the fashion world. He was one of the first fashion bloggers in Kenya who profits from his passion. His style is something to watch out for and you can check out his style diary here He is also the Brand ambassador for Rwandese fashion label recently launched in Kenya Mille Collinesstylistastylista3 stylista4 stylista1

Diana Opoti nominated for African fashion awards

Fashion correspondent and Media Personality Diana Opoti has been nominated for the African Fashion Awards as outstanding trend communicator of the year.

The event is set for November 2, in Johannesburg, South Africa. Opoti announced the nomination on her social media pages.

The fashion creative just completed a successful 100 days of Africa fashion, a digital campaign to help raise awareness of African fashion brands.

The African fashion awards celebrate the continent’s best designers, offering them opportunities to showcase to the world as well as support and grow fashion in Africa through different initiatives.

Screenshot of Diana's announcement on fb

Faceebook screenshot of Diana’s announcement


The plunging neckline style trend

Showing cleavage has been there for a while but the plunging neckline is a different story all together. This style has become a red carpet staple in the West since 2013. The low neckline trend revealing huge amounts of cleavage can be grouped in either V,U or square neckline. However not everyone can pull off this look as understanding body type and knowing how to work around breast size whether flat chested or well endowed is key.

The statement style requires a lot of confidence as there is a lot of skin showing involved, and one has to know how to work around it. We don’t want the nip slip happening do we? But as style consultant Mary Alice Stephenson once said “Fashion is pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable,” and this style literally does that.

Are we about to see girls in Nairobi with necklines plummeting to their belly buttons?



By Muthoni Wangari