Vibrant yellow sunflowers in the sitting room – Kylie Jenner’s surprise on Valentine’s

Vibrant yellow flowers filled billionaire Kylie Jenner’s sitting room on Valentines day.

Kylie Jenner was the envy of many women this past weekend after she posted an image showing off the dozens of sunflowers that she had received this past Valentine’s day.

She proudly posted the image on her Instagram page with many of her fans and followers going gaga over the loving and over-dramatic gesture.

Kylie Jenner posing with the roses

Using the mirror reflection of herself while in the ‘flower garden,’ Kylie shared the picture showing off her Valentine’s experience.

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The makeup mogul shared pictures with her fans showcasing how full the house was with the sunflowers, which she described as her best type of flowers.

Kylie Jenner in a red dress

In videos shared on her Insta Stories, her daughter Stormi could be seen running around in the sea of flowers which we’re literally enveloping her small frame.

What many are curious about is who the flowers might have come from? The most plausible person might be her baby daddy Travis Scott.

Kylie Jenner with Travis Scott
Kylie Jenner with Travis Scott

The two might have mutually broken up in October last year but look to be in a much better place the last few months with possible rumours that they might be an item again.

Added to that, Travis has in the past celebrated Kylie’s 22nd birthday when he covered her house with red roses with others sculptured into different types of shapes fuelling the speculation that he might have done it again.

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Billionaire Kylie Jenner posts racy photo nearly shutting down Instagram!

Kylie Jenner isn’t only the youngest billionaire in the world ever, she also is also one of the most followed celebrities on social media.

The famous younger sister of Kim Kardashian has 146 million followers on her Instagram page and brought the site down yesterday with her latest stunt.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner

The mother of one decided to post a racy photo that showed of her perfectly sculpted (surgically I might add) body to all and sundry.

In the photo, Kylie is seen wrapping her arms around her baby daddy Travis Scott with her prominent and ample bum sticking out during a photoshoot.

Check out the photo, here.

Thing is, her hourglass shape was flaunted without any sign of clothing close by while Travis was clad in a pair of jeans only and his bare chest left fans thirsting.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner

The photo has garnered a huge amount of interest from followers with 12 million views at the time of this article. Funny thing is that the most excited people by this photo were her female followers! What! Yes!

Kylie Jenners summer body fuels plastic surgery accusations

The female commentators from her page were¬†thirsting over how perfect and unachievable Kylie’s frame is (which is true BTW, the Kardashian and Jenner family is famous for their love for cosmetic surgery.)

The Kardashian and Jenner sisters
The Kardashian and Jenner sisters

Kylie is taking a play from her trendsetting sister Kim Kardashian who blazed the path for all socialites when she came onto the world scene with her super-famous s3x tape with R-Jay.

Skin will always sell! Always! Something Kylie is proving.

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