Here are the type of passengers we relate with everyday

Majority of us use public means to ply from one point to another. We come along people of different character and temperament. Here’s a list of those people:

1. Holier than thou

We all know these guys who listen to daily preaching from their phones on loud speaker. They have certain phones with annoying loud speakers. It’s even worse when they start analyzing the preaching from their master.

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They curse everyone, talking about how they’ll burn in hell if they don’t mend their terrible ways. They indirectly judge the rest of the passengers more so those who they view as demonic.

2. The rude passenger

They pick unnecessary fights spewing trash out of their mouths. They are a stressed lot always waiting for a chance to vent out their frustrations or could I they are just manner-less. They can easily turn physical tom anyone who crosses their path.

3. The annoying caller


These are the type that make long phone calls. They talk on high voices throwing their hands all over. The annoying part is that they make calls which going into issues that feel more private. At times they sound like petty braggarts.

4. The confused fellas

Most of us have been in this group one or several times. This happens when you don’t know where you are supposed to alight. They keep asking the ‘makanga’ if they already there and they love seating at the front seat to at least keep reminding the driver of their destination.

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5. The calm passenger

These are the type that can allow a drunken driver to take charge of the wheel without any care. They put on earphones all through the journey. They never complain even when they are overcharged.


They just flow with anything that is thrown to them. They constitute majorly of the millennial who act all calm in such times.

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I Love Travelling

I love traveling! There’s this one time we really wanted to explore a town we’d never been to in our beautiful country Kenya. We ended up in Garissa. On the last night there, we partied so hard yet we had an early morning bus to Nairobi. Somewhere within the night, we lost one of our friends to some women who promised more fun 🙂 By morning he had not shown up at the hotel where we were putting up. We had to leave him behind! Thank goodness he had carried his bus ticket with him! Maybe it was actually his plan! Ha ha ha!

It makes me sad that dating has moved from the nice quiet cafés to the loud dimly lit clubs, yet the young generation has refused to listen that this is not how it’s meant to be.

I try to live my life cautiously, so disappointments have been rare and far between!

By the way, this is one of the best shoe brands I have worn in my life. They are Clark’s! 😉

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