How to fall asleep on a plane comfortably

Which are you? The person who can comfortably sleep in a plane or those who can’t sleep at all and pull out a book to read till the end of your destination?

The former spring out of their seat upon arrival at their destination, fresh-faced, clear-eyed and ready to throw themselves into the ways of a new country and culture. But the latter happens to be one of these unfortunate souls, the start of any long-haul trip can quickly unravel as both sleep-deprived and jet-lagged. You’re barely able to function for at least 72 hours. Don’t fret, there are ways and means of securing a bit more shuteye.


Grab a row to your own self

Are you on that long-haul trip to a faraway country and the flight you in is half full? These are normally the best because after take off you can negotiate your way to the back of the plane. If this happens, ask a member of cabin crew as soon as possible if it’s OK for you to switch and bag yourself some extra legroom.

Top tip: once you’re lying comfortably, make sure you put on your seat belt so it’s visible over the blanket. There’s nothing worse than being woken up by a flight attendant during turbulence to check you’re belted up. Trust I know.

Sleeping mask

Though some airlines provide sleeping masks, I would encourage you to carry your own other than the satin masks they offer. The essence is to get a dark mask with a soft lining and raised edges to create a truly dark interior. You will be sleeping comfortably till you land.

Put in earplugs

Just like sleeping masks, the right plugs can be a gamechanger. Most people find it irritable by the sound of the engine or nagging crying babies in the plane. Find the right earplugs that fit your ears and you’ll be good to go.

Carry your own neck pillow

In the event that you have to sleep sitting up, those horseshoe looking neck pillows come in handy as your neck feels very comfortable and you avoid straining your neck.

Drink some alcohol

As much as booze may affect you at high altitude, It is advisable to take it in small doses in order to have a good sleep in the plane.

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Why Huddah Monroe may stop giving us major travel goals for a GOOD REASON

Who doesn’t like traveling?

Hop onto a plane and head over to your chosen destination either for holiday or business.

Huddah Monroe never lacks anything to say on her social media platforms. This time around, the lass is tired of traveling. You heard that right. The wealth acquired from multiple businesses she claims to own, have enabled the socialite to travel across the Globe.


Why would a socialite known for her jet setting life, now want to quit  travelling?

Huddah puts it down to age, and wanting to accomplish other things too.

‘You get more educated when you travel’- Huddah Monroe speaks out

Alhuda is tired of globetrotting and wants to settle down and have a family of her own.

Despite being exhausted of constantly flying, she has admitted to loving her work and businesses that have enabled her to fly on a daily.

She may need a representative, she wrote.

Above ground is a blessing, and she is living her best life.

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How to travel in Kenya on a budget and tight schedule

Kenya is an amazing country to travel to.

It has so much more to offer than just going on a safari. Nevertheless, many travelers have the idea that Kenya is somewhat like the  Lion King, consisting of vast Savannah plains with amazing wildlife that you are only going to visit if you want to do a safari. And safaris in Kenya are not cheap, so many people don’t even consider it as an option.

In this article I will show you that traveling to Kenya on a budget is possible and that this country has way more to offer than safaris only.

Hugely diverse, from mountain lakes and world-class national parks to stunning coastline, Kenya is the perfect country if you want to feel like you’ve seen a lot of East Africa in just a couple of weeks.

It’s also one of the best countries if you’ve got small pockets like me and want to still tick some amazing sights and animals off your bucket list.

And did I mention the people are some of the friendliest in the world too?

Nairobi city is not like Paris or Italy where a guide book and a good pair of walking shoes are sufficient to have a great experience of the city. In Nairobi you need a bit more guidance what to see and do. Of course, you can check TripAdvisor for the best things to do in Nairobi, but in my opinion you will only scratch the surface and don’t get a true feel of the city or the Kenyan culture.

Travel – Things you do not need to pack when travelling

Places you can visit on a budget on your stay in Kenya;

  • Lake Naivasha and Hell’s Gate National Park

Image result for hell's gate kenya

Naivasha is just 2 hours away from Nairobi. Situated in the gorgeous rift valley area, this beautiful lake is 1,884m above sea level and the perfect place to take a sunset cruise.

With hippo spotting and great bird-watching possibilities, these evening trips are breathtaking for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts alike.

I strongly suggest taking a tour to the nearby Hells Gate National Parkwhich can easily be organised by most accommodation providers at the lake.

The fascinating geothermal landscape of this beautiful reserve is stunning with towering sandstone cliffs and deep gorges.

But the best thing about Hells Gate National Park however is the fact you can easily explore it on 2 wheels and 2 feet! Did I happen to mention that Tomb Raider the movie was shot here? A matter of fact it was!

Cycling and hiking through Hells Gate National Park is unlike any other safari you’re likely to experience as you can get seriously up close and personal with warthogs, giraffes, zebras and more!

  • Masai Mara

Image result for masai mara

The Masai Mara is one of the best-known reserves in the whole of Africa. It is globally renowned for its exceptional wildlife. The Maasai Mara lies in the Great Rift Valley, which is a fault line some 3,500 miles (5,600km) long stretching from Ethiopia’s Red Sea through Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, and into Mozambique. Here the valley is wide, and a towering escarpment can be seen in the hazy distance.

The Mara is perhaps best known for the Great Migration, which takes place every year July to September. During these months the yellow Savannah is dotted black by more than 1.5 million wildebeest, zebra and antelopes that migrate from the Serengeti to the Mara in search of food and water.

Mara and Serengeti parks are interdependent wildlife havens. This is where the world’s largest multi-species migration takes place. The movement is, centered around the wildebeest migrating from Serengeti into Masai Mara during the dry period in Tanzania, crossing the mighty Mara River on their way.

With that said, your best budget may actually be to join a prearranged tour to the Masai Mara in Nairobi and keep costs low by teaming up with others.

  • Lamu

Image result for lamu

Once you’ve jetted into the country and fixed your itinerary, it’s time to head to Kenya’s coast to grasp the diversity of this dazzling country.

First port of call is the incredible city of Lamu, situated right in the north of the country. Travelling here by road isn’t recommended so the best option for safety, time and possibly your budget too, is to hop on a cheap flight from Nairobi direct to Lamu.

Budget airlines include, FLY540, Safarilink, Skyward Express and Silver-stone Air.

From thin winding streets to beautifully carved doorways, this is the sort of destination where the essence of the place is more a reason to visit that any listed tourist attractions. Mode of transport in Lamu is donkeys and rafts.

It goes without saying, many people describe Lamu as the highlight of their Kenya itinerary.

  • Kilifi

Image result for kilifi

From Lamu, hop on a short, cheap flight to Malindi, which sits further south on Kenya’s Coast and then head on a matatu or private transport to the town of Kilifi.

This gorgeous, relaxed spot has a friendly local community and an arty-alternative crowd of expats that tend to orbit around Distant Relatives backpackers. If you looking for a New Years plan, then Kilifi is the ideal place for you. It is very pocket friendly and hippies can be themselves and free. I really love this place due to its relaxed vibe and amazing people you will meet.

Set on the banks of a creek, there’s tons to do in Kilifi including day trips to the coastal resort of Watamu, visiting local markets, swimming in the nightly bio luminescence and enjoying sunset dhow rides.

When planning a short trip around Kenya do not miss out on some of these magical places.

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Need A Holiday? Here’s How To Save Money For That Dream Vacation You’ve Been Wanting

Contrary to popular misconception, travel is an affordable venture that can be embarked upon by anyone regardless of pay grade or social status.

The key things to keep in mind when planning a trip are budget and planning, and with the right steps any vacation is attainable, at any cost.

But we have to agree that money is the key element in travel, so here are great tips to help you save for that dream vacation.


1. Join travel forums and follow travel agencies and airlines on your social media accounts, this way you’re always informed on discounts and exciting offers.

2. Have a dedicated savings account that you don’t have ready access to (no ATM card, internet banking etc). So that you are not tempted to use the money when you are broke.

3. Book very early. The closer a travel time is, the more expensive the ticket is likely to be so endeavour to book your ticket well ahead of time.

4. Let your travel date and location be flexible, this way you can take advantage of the cheaper option because travelling on certain days can be cheaper than others, so also can locations.

For instance, flying to Abu Dhabi can be cheaper than the much more popular Dubai.

5. Travel a few weeks after peak season, because at this time, ticket and hotel prices are usually significantly cheaper. Happy holidays.