How to fall asleep on a plane comfortably

Which are you? The person who can comfortably sleep in a plane or those who can’t sleep at all and pull out a book to read till the end of your destination?

The former spring out of their seat upon arrival at their destination, fresh-faced, clear-eyed and ready to throw themselves into the ways of a new country and culture. But the latter happens to be one of these unfortunate souls, the start of any long-haul trip can quickly unravel as both sleep-deprived and jet-lagged. You’re barely able to function for at least 72 hours. Don’t fret, there are ways and means of securing a bit more shuteye.


Grab a row to your own self

Are you on that long-haul trip to a faraway country and the flight you in is half full? These are normally the best because after take off you can negotiate your way to the back of the plane. If this happens, ask a member of cabin crew as soon as possible if it’s OK for you to switch and bag yourself some extra legroom.

Top tip: once you’re lying comfortably, make sure you put on your seat belt so it’s visible over the blanket. There’s nothing worse than being woken up by a flight attendant during turbulence to check you’re belted up. Trust I know.

Sleeping mask

Though some airlines provide sleeping masks, I would encourage you to carry your own other than the satin masks they offer. The essence is to get a dark mask with a soft lining and raised edges to create a truly dark interior. You will be sleeping comfortably till you land.

Put in earplugs

Just like sleeping masks, the right plugs can be a gamechanger. Most people find it irritable by the sound of the engine or nagging crying babies in the plane. Find the right earplugs that fit your ears and you’ll be good to go.

Carry your own neck pillow

In the event that you have to sleep sitting up, those horseshoe looking neck pillows come in handy as your neck feels very comfortable and you avoid straining your neck.

Drink some alcohol

As much as booze may affect you at high altitude, It is advisable to take it in small doses in order to have a good sleep in the plane.

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Tribe Hotel Kenya featured on Forbes as a game-changer in Nairobi’s Hotel industry

The Tribe Hotel in Gigiri has been featured on Forbes as a game-changer in Nairobi’s Hotel industry. The Persian family-owned, design-driven property and boutique hotel was the first of its kind to be introduced in Kenya and boasts of being the trend setter in design-led restaurants and hotels.

Leaving Iran before the 1979 revolution, Sham Ehsani and his family were enroute to Australia when they made a stop over in Kenya to visit a relative. Intrigued by what the nation had to offer, they decided to stay in Kenya and what followed was investments in real estate leading to the construction of the city’s first shopping centre, Village Market.

In 2008 in collaboration with another family, the Ehsani’s opened The Tribe Hotel which has become a haven for the successful Kenyans, diplomats and expatriates. The hotel has become the go-to place for returning diasporas and business travelers. The fact that it has the best available rates makes it a better choice for people visiting the country, giving it a niche in the hospitality industry.

There are also plans to build a second hotel half a mile up the road where the Tribe is currently located to serve the much needed extra capacity. The new hotel is set to be opened in 2016.