Tanzanian Tour Guide Operator Arrested After Falsely Translating Tourists Remarks

A Tanzanian tour guide operator who was filmed falsely translating the words of a tourist has landed himself in big trouble with the authorities after a video of the incident went viral. If you haven’t seen it please check it out below.

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In the video, the tourist was complementing the country and its scenic features but the tour guide operator completely misrepresents what the tourist meant and instead went on to attack the Tanzanian government about hunger crisis facing the East African nation, further saying she claimed that Tanzanians were always complaining about their plight as a nation…

Here’s a translation of the clip.

Tourist: Hi my visit to Tanzania has been beautiful and gorgeous. The people are fabulous and wonderful and friendly. The animals are wonderful.

Guide: Ansema watanzania mnalia njaa  kila siku mnalia nja wakati mna maua nyumbani. Si mchemshe maua mle. Si vizuri kulia njaa.

Tourist: The variety of animals and is incredible unlike anywhere else. 

Guide: Anasema mnaomba raisi wenye ampikie, kwani raisi wenyu ni mpishi? Chemsheni nguo mkunywe.

Tourist: It will be an experience to savor all your life. It is beautiful and remarkable.

Guide: Anasema mhangaike, na raisi hawezi kutoka ikulu awapikie chakula kwa hivyo mjipikie wenyewe.

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After the clip, the country’s tourist minister ordered his arrest. The man worked at the Serengeti National Park before he was arrested.

In the video, the ever smiling tourist has no clue that her beautiful remarks have been totally misrepresented.