As A Woman You Should Possess These Traits

As a woman there are certain traits that you should have. The society is harsh to women more than it is to men. As a woman it is nearly impossible not to have one or two guys looking to get your attention, you will want to impress even instances where you are not interested.
Here are some of the traits that all women should have no matter who’s watching.

1. Confidence – The way you think of yourself will radiate on those who look at you from the outside. It is important to believe in yourself and your capabilities. Show people you can get things done and that you don’t always have to rely on others for support.

2. Intelligence – A woman who can hold a conversation and knows her stuff well is forever attractive. Being able to express your opinion while being midful of others will always take you places. Be in the know of things that happen around you.

3. Kind heart – A kind heart is something that even children will be attracted to. It shows your regard for others and radiates everywhere you go. It also makes you stand out from the crowd.

4. Sense of humour – Have a good is too serious not to joke around. Poke someone , discuss things , have fun while at it and eat life with a big spoon.

5. Loyalty – Being and staying true to friends, family and those around you will take you places. It will also earn you a place in the hearts of many as they will look at you as a support system.

Here’s What Single Men Look For In Women

If at all you were to randomly ask single men the three things that they look for in a woman, you would probably get answers like beauty, a good body, intelligence etc. However apparently according to research, that’s not it.

According to an article published on Tosin, when the same question was posed to men, a whopping 98% of them said respect was at the top of the list.

97% said they would want someone they can trust and confide in.

95% wanted someone who is easy to communicate their wants and needs to while 91% would want someone with a good sense of humor.

There you go ladies, according to men their priority is respect, trust and sense of humor.

Four Things Men Want In Their Women

We are often told that men just want sex, food and love to be happy. They claim to be simple and say women often make things hard on themselves.

Well, are they really that simple? There are certain things that men want in their women, but these four top the list:

1. Playfulness – For men it’s about the experience you create with them. In as much as you may talk and connect, a man loves a woman whom he can be free and connect with at a deeper level. They connect well through play and action something which many women ignore. You can join in for football, playstation, Scrabble and even engage in “useless” banter every once in a while.

2. Independence – Do not be fooled that men want a weak woman. A smarter, mature woman will win anyday. This is because this woman will always push him to do more and be better. A woman who has her thing going on and doesn’t depend on her man for everything is a winner. Men like women who can get things done without them but still acknowledge their presence.

3. Emotional maturity – Given, every once in a while there will be disagreements and arguments between you and your man. But the way you sort it out is what matters. You will not shift blame or criticize him, but instead a woman who shares her feelings in a non dramatic manner will always have a man’s heart. No screaming, shouting, calling each other names, simply talking like two adults respectfully.

4. Intense attraction – Fact: Men aren’t as scared of commitment and relationships as they are of being in a relationship where there is no passion or attraction. Many women kill the attraction because they try too hard or make things look serious too soon. Relax and let things happen naturally. There’s nothing more appealing to a man than a woman who knows how to relax and have fun. You can do this through playful teasing, flirting, humor, and being unpredictable (in a good way).


Traits Of A Good Boyfriend

There have been various discussions about what a good woman should be like or what girlfriend material is. A woman who can cook, clean, is understanding, no drama among others. What about the men?

If you want to know what a good boyfriend should be like, here are some of the traits as discussed by men.

 1. A good boyfriend respects his girlfriend.

2. He surprises her with gifts for no reason.

3. He always asks her how her day was.

4. He’s never too jealous (just a little bit, so she knows he values her).

5. He communicates all the time.

6. He’s there for her, even when it’s inconvenient.

7. He lets her see his silliest self.

8. He keeps the relationship interesting.

9. He knows they’re equals.

10. He pushes her out of her comfort zone.

11. He’s humble.

12. He watches movies with her (including romance films).

13. He keeps the idea of marriage in mind.

14. He trusts her no matter what.

15. He doesn’t try to change her opinions.

16. He carves out time for her.

17. He doesn’t worry about being “whipped.”

18. He’s loyal.

19. He gives her space when she needs it.

20. He remembers her birthday.

21. He tells her she’s beautiful.

22. He’s careful with his words.

23. He tries his best to get along with her friends.

24. He’s affectionate.

25. He listens to her.

26. He puts her needs above his.

27. He helps her grow personally.

28. He’s open minded.

29. He treats her like they had just met.

30. He’s her friend as much as her boyfriend.

31. He makes her laugh.

32. He loves her wholly.


Secondary Traits That You Should Look Out For In A Man

Growing up as women we have been taught that we should always look at a man’s character so as to know whether or not to build a relationship with him. This was an important lesson in the long run; however there are things that our aunties and mothers didn’t tell us.

There are secondary factors that we also need to look at while looking for that potential partner, besides character and looks.

Here is a list of secondary things that are actually okay to look out for in a man:

Attraction: While it is okay to want a handsome man, turning down a guy simply because he isn’t too hot is just childish. Every person you meet will have flaws and imperfect even the handsome guy you are waiting for. Plus you might just end up single as you wait. You should give people a chance to see if some sort of attraction will build. If it works then give it a shot, if not then politely turn them down.

Financial stability: It’s okay to want a man with money but dreaming about Richard Branson is just stretching it. If a man has a job and can comfortably take care of himself it shows responsibility. Besides a man will want a woman who can help him once in a while not someone who is dependent on him.

Car/House:These may seem material but at some point they are a necessity. However you should not use them to gauge how far a man is in life. Owning a house is so expensive at the moment but if a man can afford to rent a house its fine. So long as they are not living at their parents’ house.

Well educated:This is a tricky bit as not everyone who is educated is smart and not everyone who is uneducated is dumb. However if you wish to date someone who has an MBA, PHD, Bachelors degree etc. then by all means do it.

Are You A Social Media Stalker?

Stalking is defined as the willful and repeated following, watching and/or harassing of another person. Sometimes it’s physical but other times it is virtually via Social Media, Texts, Calls etc.

With that being said do you think or would you call yourself a Social Media stalker? Do you often check on people you know via the internet and get all the information you can about them? No? Ok .

I’m not calling you a stalker but if you  have ever checked on someone after a date, googling  someone and getting every little info about them, then you my friend are a stalker. You still disagree? Check this out then confirm for yourself:

1. Be it for work of personal reasons you make sure that before meeting the you get all your facts about them right, even if that means going through all their pictures thousands of pictures one-by-one.

2. You even help your friends/siblings to help them stalk their potential boyfriends/girlfriends and come up with new stalking techniques.

3. The moment you meet someone new you come back home and quickly start your research on all social media sites.

4. You are always upgrading your phone with latest apps that can connect you to people on all social networking sites.

5. You like all pictures of your crush and try and post comments on the pictures where he is with a common friend thinking that he might end up sending you a friend request.

6. You don’t hold yourself back while creating a fake account with adding hot pictures in it just to test your boyfriend’s real love for you.

7. Blocking makes you feel stronger and unblocking someone on their request just makes you feel like the powerful monarch.


Bad Girl Traits Your Man Would Love

The same way it has been said good men finish last is exactly the same way good women will finish last and that is why men marry [email protected]#$%^&. Have you ever wondered why? Well, no one really likes routine so don’t kid yourself because it gets boring.

This notion applies even when you’re in a relationship, your man wants you to act like a bad girl sometimes because it keeps things interesting.

Being a good, normal plain Jane isn’t bad however have a little bit of Amber Rose character to ice the cake. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that you post nude pictures of yourself or anything extreme No. I mean add a little attitude and oomph  in your life,its not rocket science.

Here’s how to achieve it:

Unexpectedness – Most men hate the daily routine that women usually offer them, as they don`t want to stuck in the point of no return. That’s the reason why they need an unexpected, adventurous woman, when they finally settle down. When things go this way, every day becomes different and interesting. With an adventurous girl he can do something unusual instead of watching daily news. Suggest him visit some interesting place you’ve never been to or take him on an unexpected road trip. All this will help jazz up your boring everyday life.

Self-assurance – It`s not a secret that confident women are more popular among men than those who doesn’t know what they want and what they need it for. It`s a pure truth. Your boyfriend will surely help you to make difficult decisions, but you shouldn’t bother him every time you`re not sure about some trifle. Try to become more self-assured and then you`ll see how it’s important for your boyfriend to know that you can’t stand up for yourself.

Disobedience – Men’s obsession about intercourse isn’t a surprise. Men need someone to do naughty things in the bed and out, even in public places. They adore women who act according to all rules in the street but goes unexpectedly crazy when in private. Let your boyfriend enjoy that disobedient girl you can sometimes become.

Self-directness – To have a lovely husband close to you, you should be able to take care of yourself and stand up for yourself. You shouldn’t dump all your needs on him. Men don`t appreciate it. They are ready to help women with men’s work, but you should manage to do all you need yourself. Guys love those who`re not afraid to live alone, but have made a choice to live the entire life with them. It`s pleasant for him to be not only an “all do-cohabitant”, but a beloved husband.

Straight forwardness – A woman often wants her guy to guess what she wants or even become a seer who’s able to see her mind. Try to avoid such a mistake. Your man wants to know exactly what you want and what he has to do with that. His happiness depends on your straightforwardness, so be blunt, if you want to have less communication problems. Sometimes straightforwardness may seem to be rude, but remember that he prefers it, so don`t worry to say directly what you think.

Dominance – Generally, men are dominant, but they are also happy to be under your control. You don`t have to rule your partner all the time, but once in a while it`ll be pleasant for him and you`ll see it at once. Be brave and seductive to surprise your boyfriend with your unexpected dominance.

Passion – I`m talking about passion that`s a needed adding to every kiss. Kisses look nice even without it, but everything becomes  kind of something artificial. All men want to have a passionate women, who feels every touch and adores every piece of their skin. Passion plays an important role in relationships, so if you can`t feel it while you`re kissing your man, you probably need to look for someone else to fall in love with.

Impudence – This trait works well when he`s uncertain about something and can`t take a difficult decision. Say something impudent yet supportive to your men. While women prefer to hear soft and delicate stuff to be inspired with, men sometimes need to be told something rude and pleasant at the same time. You may say that he annoys you with his doubts about a new project, though you know that he always does everything perfectly well. Learn how to be rude and inspiring at the same time. Your significant other will thank you.

You see, there`s no need to become bad at all,no one needs a negative partner. Men can sometimes act like children so why not entertain him and keep the both of you happy at the same time?



Character traits of happy women

Most people like saying that women are bitter and mostly complain.

This may be the case among a small number of women, as there is a larger number of those who are happy.

Here are some of the characteristics of happy women.

Happy women make it a habit to maintain routines.
When you know what to expect from your day, simple things make it joyful. When you know your routine well, you know what to realistically expect from it, how to manoeuvre its challenges and how to find joy within what pops up in it.

Happy women make it a habit to look for the goodness around them.

When you train yourself to look for the good around you, you see it. You see someone smiling at you, starting a conversation with you, being a friend. When you make it a point, a habit, to notice goodness, it lifts you. It makes you happy, if you will.

Happy women make it a habit to be open to newness.
This world is so big and so wonderful and so rich of things to try and learn and do. When we say yes to simple things like new foods, important things like new friends and everything in between like new book genres, new tasks and new experiences, our endorphins increase and our happiness rises with them.

Happy women make it a habit to lift others up.
Telling someone else that you like their shirt, their hair looks great, they’re a great mom, they rocked a presentation or their work gave you chills, it feels good happy on both sides.

Happy women make it a habit to take accountability for their experiences.When I link a bad eating day to my own poor planning, a negative interaction to my own grumpiness, a lack of productivity to my own procrastination, these don’t feel out of control or never-ending. If I own them, I can change them and/or my reaction to them, and I’m happier for it.

Happy women make it a habit to remember that nothing lasts forever.

This mantra makes the bad stuff feel bearable and the good stuff feel golden.

Happy women make it a habit to not expect perfection.
Not every moment or every day is happy. Everyone has terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days. When I do, I find it to be a relief to know that I can fall back on these habits and find happiness again.

Happy women make it a habit to surround themselves with other happy people.I love the quote, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Choose wisely.