Find out why Jeremy Clarkson Punched BBC Producer

Two days before assaulting a BBC producer, Jeremy Clarkson was told by a doctor that he might have cancer. Speaking for the first time in detail about the incident that resulted in his sacking from the Top Gear show, 55-year-old Clarkson said being given the warning was one of the most stressful experiences of his life.

In an attempt to explain his state of mind at the time of the attack, he said: ‘Two days before the “fracas”, I had been told, sternly, by my doctor that the lump on my tongue was probably cancer and that I must get it checked out immediately. But I couldn’t do that. ‘We were in the middle of a Top Gear series. And Top Gear always came first.’

Clarkson said he had now been given the all-clear, but wrote in his column in The Sunday Times: ‘That was the most stressful day I have ever had in 27 years at the BBC. ‘It was beyond-belief stressful, everything was gong wrong, and then you know… there you go. But everyone has stressful days, and they manage to cope better than I had.’

Clarkson was sacked by the Corporation after an ‘unprovoked physical and verbal’ attack in Hawes, North Yorkshire that left his victim, Oisin Tymon, 36, in need of hospital treatment. The presenter said the show about cars had come to dominate his life after his divorce from wife Frances and the death of his mother Shirley, and he worried about all parts of the programme.

Clarkson’s contract was not renewed, with director-general Tony Hall saying at the time ‘a line has been crossed’ and ‘there cannot be one rule for one and one rule for another’.

But the broadcasting veteran received widespread public support, including from friend Prime Minister David Cameron.
Clarkson said he even considered turning his back on presenting altogether in the immediate fall-out from the incident.
Earlier this month, North Yorkshire Police said that following an investigation Clarkson would face no further police action over his attack on the producer at a hotel.

Clarkson pulled out of his planned appearance hosting BBC satirical show Have I Got News For You, which was due to be filmed next week, and aired a day later. It would have been his first BBC appearance since the fracas which led to his exit.


The ‘return’ of Jeremy Clarkson on BBC

Jeremy Clarkson is set to make his first appearance on BBC since losing his job as Top Gear Host. Jeremy will appear as a guest host of Have I Got News for you on 24th April.

According to a BBC spokesman “Jeremy’s contract has not been renewed on Top Gear but he isn’t banned from appearing on the BBC.”

The controversial broadcaster has appeare on the show several times before.

Clarkson was suspended from Top Gear on March 10th following an assault on the shows producer Oisin Tymon.

Jeremy Clarkson hints at exiting Top Gear

Jeremy Clarkson has hinted he may leave Top Gear, following his suspension from the programme for an alleged “fracas” with a producer.

This information was gathered from an article he wrote in his regular Sun newspaper column.

Clarkson described himself as a “dinosaur”, and said that the day comes when you “wave goodbye to big monsters and move on”.

An internal disciplinary inquiry is due to be held into the incident.

This is not the first time that Jeremy has been caught up in a controversy that has seen him suspended.

Over 600k people sign petition to bring back Jeremy Clarkson

After being suspended over a “fracas”, Top gear’s Jeremy Clarkson’s fans signed a petition to have him reinstated.

The petition was started by a blogger and has so far garnered over 600,000 signatures.

The Sunday edition of U.K. motoring program holds a Guinness record for the most-watched factual program in the world.

The BBC said the two final episodes in the series may be dropped as well, and a petition was started Tuesday, as at now the petition dubbed “Freedom to fracas” stands at over 600,000.

As for the “fracas” media reports said Clarkson allegedly hit a producer over a lack of catering, while filming them show on location.

This isn’t the first time for him to be caught up in controversy.

Topgear host Jeremy Clarkson gets suspended by BBC

Jeremy Clarkson, the popular host of the car program “Top Gear” was suspended by the BBC on Tuesday after a mysterious “fracas” with a producer.

Mr. Clarkson, 54, known to make impolite comments about foreigners and then apologizing. BBC had put him on a “final warning” last year for his behavior after he used a racist word during filming.

At the time, Mr. Clarkson said, somewhat jokingly, that the BBC had told him he would be fired if he made “one more offensive remark, anywhere, at any time.”

He has had issues before including some that are deemed racist.

In October, Mr. Clarkson and his crew had to flee Argentina after allegedly being attacked by local residents in an incident over a license plate. Mr. Clarkson was driving a car with the plate number H982 FLK, which was understood to be a reference to the British military victory over Argentina in the Falkland Islands war of 1982.

Mr. Clarkson and his team insisted — with a wink — that they had no idea what the license plate meant. But most observers saw it as a typical Clarkson ploy to seem both naughty and patriotic.

Last year the show was censured for breaching broadcasting rules after Mr. Clarkson used a derogatory word for Asian people in a program from Myanmar.

In  May 2014, video footage that was not intended for broadcast appeared to show Mr. Clarkson using a racist term while reciting the nursery rhyme “eeny, meeny, miney, moe.” He later apologized and begged forgiveness, denying that he had uttered the slur but admitting “that it sounds like I did.”

Similarly, in January 2012, Indian diplomats complained about a program from the country in which Mr. Clarkson described a car fitted with a toilet as “perfect for India because everyone who comes here gets the trots.

The year before, the BBC apologized to Mexico after Mr. Clarkson and his co-hosts characterized Mexicans as “lazy” and “feckless.” The show has also mocked Germans, Romanians and Albanians, among others.