Top Qualities Of A Good Husband According To A Priest

When people are about to walk to down the aisle they attend several pre-marital counselling sessions conducted by marriage experts, parents and even church leaders.

Many priests also offer marital advice to couples given their position in the church and also as part of their  vocational training, hence they are able to know what an ideal wife/husband should be like character wise.

Here are some of the characters a good husband should have, as said by a priest.

He should make you feel good about yourself – If you are going to date even before you discuss marriage you will want someone who makes you feel good about yourself. Someone who is constantly putting you down, making passive/aggressive comments about you, taking jabs at your wardrobe choices or putting you down in front of friends and family simply to get a laugh is slowly chipping away at your self-confidence. This will do you no good. Run as fast as you can. A man you should marry is one who makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, respected, beautiful, amazing, smart and accomplished as well as loved.

He should accept responsibility for his actions and know how to apologize – As human beings fighting is inevitable and as such it will happen with the two of you. However does he always want to have the last word? Is he always right? Arguments force a couple to address the things they’re unhappy about within their relationship, and move toward making things right. But if one person always has to win, or consistently insists on believing that he did no wrong, there’s no room for improvement, and the other half of the couple will eventually grow resentful. Not the healthiest foundation to build a relationship upon.

He should get along with your friends and family – If a man consistently clashes with those who are most important to you, pledging your life to him will only lead to more agitation down the road. Conversely, if a man seems to easily get along with everyone you introduce him to, you’ve probably got a keeper. Such social ease can be a sign that he is relaxed and undemanding, warm and friendly, and open to making the people in your life a part of his.

He should respect you – People are different and hence their opinions will differ at some point as you cannot always agree on everything. If he doesn’t value your opinion, is unwilling to compromise because his way is the only way, and nitpicks over everything you do, you just have to ask: what does he see in me? A marriage should be built upon mutual respect. Look for someone who actually appreciates you, and everything you bring to the table.

He should be patient – Maya Angelou once pointed out that “you can tell a lot about a person by the way he handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage and tangled Christmas lights.” So true. If he repeatedly loses his cool over the small things, how’s he going to handle the important stuff? And what will happen when he loses patience with you? On another note, both of you should have the patience to really get to know each other before tying the knot. Because most issues tend to emerge after the honeymoon period


Top Five High Fashion Female Models

In a seemingly cut throat industry, unique looks,  beauty and the body will take you places your school certificates will not, and  I stand to be corrected on that. Designers keenly study a models body before she is put to work.

Cosmetic companies are also not left behind either as they want someone who can make their product shine. Unlike clothes designers, cosmetics companies source for models with a certain bone structure depending on the type of makeup being advertised. Jewelry is a wide scope so the designer may choose a different set of models to market different products.

Below is a list of some of the best fashion models we have around. Some of them have done runway, commercial  and print adverts for both local and international brands  like the Swahili Fashion week, Nairobi fashion market, Zanzibar fashion festival etc.

Deliah Ipupa – Image/Deliahfacebook
sandy joan
Sandy Joan – Image/Sandyfacebook
Claudia Tindah- Image/Claudiafacebook
Maureen Theo – Image/Maureenfacebook
Knicco Hodge – Image/Kniccofacebook


Champions Germany top first 2015 FIFA rankings

World champions Germany comfortably top the year-opening FIFA national team rankings released Thursday despite a slight slump since their rampant World Cup showing.

The top three remain unchanged since September with Lionel Messi’s beaten World Cup finalists Argentina second and Colombia in third.

Up-and-coming Belgium are fourth ahead of their northern neighbours the Netherlands while humiliated World Cup hosts Brazil open the year in a respectable sixth.

Euro 2016 hosts France are seventh as Didier Deschamps’ solid team continue to impress while World Player of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal are level with them.

After years atop the heap, Spain go into the New Year in ninth with an air of resurgence, ahead of Luis Suarez’s Uruguay who hold tenth place.

FIFA standings:

1. Germany, 2. Argentina, 3 Colombia, 4 Belgium, 5. Netherlands, 6. Brazil, 7=. France, 7=. Portugal, 9. Spain, 10. Uruguay.

Photo Credits : AFP

Liverpool on track for top four, says Rodgers

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers felt his players demonstrated the character necessary to revitalise their challenge for a top-four Premier League finish in their last-gasp 2-2 draw with Arsenal.

After Philippe Coutinho’s opener was swiftly cancelled out by Mathieu Debuchy in first-half stoppage time at Anfield on Sunday, Olivier Giroud struck in the 64th minute to set Arsenal up for an opportunistic victory.

But having earlier required treatment for a head wound inflicted by Giroud that left him with a bandaged head and led to nine minutes of injury time, Martin Skrtel claimed an equaliser with an emphatic 97th-minute header in front of the Kop.

The point was the least Liverpool deserved after restricting Arsenal to a 36 percent share of possession — their worst performance in that domain since passing statistics began to be compiled in 2003.

And although Liverpool trail leaders Chelsea by 17 points and lie nine points adrift of the Champions League places, Rodgers is convinced that last season’s runners-up are on the right track.

Asked if Liverpool could sustain a challenge for a top-four finish, he told reporters: “Yes, absolutely.

“It was always going to be a big challenge. Of course we’ve got to make up points over the next part of the season, but we have shown this is a group that can go on a run of games (wins).

“In the second half of last season we went on a run of 11 games and if we can put a run of games together, that can very quickly move you up.

“The most important thing is the confidence and the ability in the team. You bring (injured striker Daniel) Sturridge back in January, then you get back to being that team we have been in the last few years.

“There’s a bit of work to do, but at least we’re moving in the right direction again, which is what we want.”

– ‘Bad memories’ –

Rodgers was pleased with the “intensity” and “arrogance with the ball” Liverpool showed, but he was less complimentary about his side’s defending.

Citing the build-up to Debuchy’s goal, when the hosts were beaten in the air three times after Alexis Sanchez curled a free-kick into the box, he said: “A lot of the goals we give away are poor goals.

“I didn’t think it should have been a free-kick. I think Sanchez has dived once he realised he wasn’t getting the ball, and the referee fell for it.

“But when it comes in, we lose three one-v-one headers in the box. We have to be better at that. That’s not about organisation. That’s about winning the duel.”

Rodgers said he had “no complaints” about the injury-time dismissal of substitute Fabio Borini, who collected yellow cards for dissent and a high boot against Santi Cazorla.

He also paid tribute to Slovakian centre-back Skrtel, who stayed on to score the winner despite having been left with an ugly gash on the back of his head after Giroud unintentionally caught him with his studs.

“He’s a real warrior, Martin,” said the Northern Irishman, whose side registered 27 attempts on goal. “He showed great character and determination to stay on.”

Arsenal had been destroyed 5-1 on their previous visit to Anfield in February, when they conceded four times in the first 20 minutes, and beaten manager Arsene Wenger suggested the memory had played on his players’ minds.

Asked to explain a sluggish first-half display, Wenger cited “tactical and psychological reasons” and explained: “Maybe (there were) bad memories from last year. Some players were not at their best. I think we played with the handbrake too much in the first half.”

He added: “Overall it’s a fair result, but it’s also a frustrating result for us because they came back at a moment in the game when we had plenty of defenders on the pitch.

“Today (Sunday) was frustrating because they came back to 2-2. But overall it’s not the most frustrating day of the season.”