Celebrity couples who we wish were still married (List)

Most of Kenya’s celebrity divorce stories are sad especially when it comes to their financial life,however  divorce is inevitable .

We have celebrities whose break ups left us with a bitter taste in the mouth because according to us they were a ‘perfect match’ made in heaven.

Here is a list of 7 celebrity  couples who we still wish were together.

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  1. Betty Kyalo and Dennis Okari

This comes as number our number one on the list. Well, they were the hottest celebrity couple that we all looked up too. No sooner had we fallen in love with them than they called it quits.

The stories on their break up are so many, with each blaming the other. Every day brings a new angle and different story in regards to their very sudden separation.

The two are still very influential personalities when it comes to journalism.

They have a daughter.

2.  Lonina Leteipan and Sharon Mundia

This falls as number two because just after Betty and Dennis, this was the fastest and saddest break-up.

Remember the guy who decided to hire a chopper and propose on Mt. Kenya? Yeah, Lonina is his name. So after all the hustle and a great wedding, six months down the line they were over and done with each other.

The biggest rumor being Sharon decided to have a threesome without him so he was like, ‘not today Satan, not ever!’ And that was the end of the power couple.

They have a daughter together.

I know, it all started all rosy and gold then a sudden slap on the face.

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3. Shaffie Weru and Debbie Asila

Image result for debbie asila and shaffie weru

The two are what we would call the mother and father of celebrity couples. They set the standards for everyone on this list when they proved we can both be celebrities and have a happily ever after(okay other than Nameless and Wahu of course).

I guess the nation spoke too soon, next thing we know Shaffie and Debbie have a daughter then we hear she has flown to the states and they are over.

Well, their sad story has never really come out, but we were all surprised when their break up was out to the public. Despite that, they did not have such a sad ending as they have an amazing daughter who stays with Debbie but Shaffie still plays the daddy role.

4. DNG and Yvette Nungari

Another very sudden separation. DNG was the man every lady thirsted to have. When Yvette won the race, many women were saddened.

Maybe the fact that he was on demand got to his head too fast and according to the rumors out there, he used to cheat a lot. Yvette could not take it anymore so she called it quits.

That was Yvette’s story, according to DNG, he called it quits saying he married a pretty woman with a cold heart and an even worse personality. Sounds weird because we would expect him to have known all about her personality before he decided she is the one.

‘Not every single lady who says HI to your man wants to lay with him’ Burale

5. JB Masanduku and Tina Kaggia

JB Masanduku and Tina Kaggia
JB Masanduku and Tina Kaggia. photo credit:

Every time this story comes up, I see Tina Kaggia crying. She went through a hard time in a marriage that she claims was alcohol based. Tina has repeatedly said it to the public that JB Masanduku never handled his alcohol right.

This made Tina Kaggia fall into depression but from her last TV interview, she seems to be doing okay, taking one step at a time.

JB, on the other hand, found love elsewhere and he has been flaunting it on social media. We hope his new fling lasts longer.

They did not spend so much money on their wedding as compared to Dennis and Lonina’s love story as they just went to the AG and made things legal.

They have three children together.

6. J Blessing and Chantelle


This one is dramatic. The two got married and had a child who passed away. This gave both J Blessing and Chantelle sleepless nights and of course all sorts of emotions.

Next thing on the grapevines, J Blessing left allegedly because Tina cheated on him. J Blessing is a hot cake as from his current scandals. He is the dad on the block, the baby mama rumored to be Avril.

Just like that J Blessing and Chantelle were no more but they seem to be looking for love elsewhere so we can outrightly say, wako sawa!

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7. MC Jessy and Elizabeth Nyambura

Image result for mc jessy and wife

Last but not least is Mc Jessy. This is one is sad. They had an amazing wedding which was filled with laughter, love, friends and family.

MC Jessy started getting too cozy with Shixs Kapienga and boom! Elizabeth and Jessy are no more. Shixs is and has always been his one and only. The question is why did he waste 6 years of love with Elizabeth if he knew his fate was Shixs? I know so sad!

MC Jessy and Elizabeth have a son together.

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LOVER OF LOVE! Mimmy Khamis Confesses That She Would Kiss a Guy On The First Date & Reveals Her Ideal Man (Video)

Mimmy Khamis oozes charisma, elegance, and pure charm whenever she walks into the room.

The mid-morning radio presenter recently took over from the previous radio host at Classic 105, and so far, she has proved that she can fit into the role, with a unique style of presentation and interaction with her fans.

The sweet, yet down to earth lady is also a lover of music, and when you tune in to listen to her smooth, mellow voice, her introduction to songs is just impeccable, giving details about the artiste, when the song was dropped, and even the message behind the lyrics.

Meet Classic 105’s Mid Morning Radio Queen, Mimmy Khamis As She Explains How She Plans On Filling Her Predecessor’s Shoes (VIDEO)

Mimmy Khamis is not just charismatic but has also proved that she can swim with the sharks, being the only female radio presenter at Classic 105.


The beautiful presenter is also a lover of love and being Valentine’s Day, I took the chance to find out a few things about Mimmy’s Valentine’s plans, and of course took the chance ask her about her love life and more.

Mimmy Khamis is laid back when it comes to talking about her personal life, and most of the time, she likes to keep it professional. That, however, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a life outside the Classic 105 studios.

When we finally sat down for the interview, the bubbly Mimmy was calm and collected, as she waited anxiously for the questions I was going to ask her about Valentine’s and relationships.


My first question was about the qualities her ideal man should have, and on that note, Mimmy Khamis revealed that she’s happily dating, as well as she whether she would date a guy shorter who is than her (she’s 5 foot 10 inches).

NOT COOL! Ladies, Don’t Do These 5 Annoying Things Just To Get a Man To Treat You On Valentine’s Day

Another interesting thing that Mimmy spoke about was whether she would go on a blind date on Valentine’s Day, and her worst Valentine’s ever. Speaking of dates, the pretty radio host confessed that she would kiss a guy on the first date…very interesting huh?

Watch the short video below as Mimmy Khamis talks about Valentine’s Day and dating. Oh, and also find out if she would prefer chocolates, flowers, teddy bear or a bottle of wine as a gift and if she would go to Uhuru Park for a date on this lover’s day.




Classic Countdown

Today August 4th, 2016 we are sampling music from the ’90s.

1. Better Middler ‘ From A  Distance’

The song became an international commercial success after it was recorded in 1990 by Bette Midler for the album Some People’s Lives

2. UB 40 ‘Kingston Town’

It was recorded in 1989 by reggae group UB40 and was the second single from their album Labour of Love II


3. Michael Bolton ‘ How Am I Supposed To Live Without You’


4. Roxette ‘It Must Have Been Love’

It Must Have Been Love” is a song written by Per Gessle and performed by the Swedish pop duo Roxette.


5. Mariah Carey ‘ Love Takes Time To Heal’

Love Takes Time” is a song recorded by Mariah Carey. It was written by Carey and Ben Margulies, and was produced by Walter Afanasieff for Carey’s debut


Sexy Mummy! Tina Kaggia’s New Hot Look Will Leave Men Drooling

Tina Kaggia is not just young looking, but is also beautiful and confident, not forgetting a big fan of tattoos.

The mother of three is happily married to comedian and former radio host, JB Masanduku (Nathan Kimani), with whom they have two children together.

Tina is also known to be a tomboy and can often be spotted rocking sneakers, baggy jeans and leather too. When it comes to her face, she rarely wears makeup because she’s gorgeous and her best hairstyle is mostly her natural hair.

Well, Tina decided to change things up a little bit this time round, as she dolled up with a new hairstyle and a complete make over. She shared a beautiful photo with a new hairstyle, a wavy human hair weave, while looking stunning with nicely done makeup.

She captioned the photo with; “Because you just need to doll up sometimes #SexyMummyOfThree #30sRock.”

Check out Tina Kaggia looking gorgeous in the picture below.


Kids Will Always Be Kids! This Is What Tina Kaggia’s Son Did That Left Her Speechless

Tina Kaggia has got to be one of the hottest and most ravishing mothers in Kenya, looking like a 21-year-old, when in fact she’s a proud mother of three.

The mellow-voiced radio presenter is happily married to comedian and former radio presenter JB Masanduku and they are blessed with two children, a son and the newest addition to the family, an adorable baby girl.

Tina’s first-born daughter however is from a previous relationship, and she is a brilliant 9-year-old daughter who’s book smart and always leading with top grades in her class.

Well, the best part of being a mother is watching your children grow up, even when they do things that can be annoying, especially in that naughty stage of their lives, but I bet you can all agree that these form some of the best memories for a parent. This is what Tina experienced over the weekend.

Her son poured infant formula powder that is meant for her toddler, which left Tina speechless and in disbelief. She could not help but share this with her Instagram fans. She captioned the first picture with:

And that’s how a whole tin of formula went to waste 😠😠😠 #Lions #Formula #Why!!!

In another photo, her son is seeing mixing the formula with water, with his mother writing this alongside the picture:

Then he made milk….

OMG! You Won’t Believe Who Tina Kaggia’s ‘Sponsor’ Is

Mid-morning show presenter Tina Kaggia is a happy woman, not only does she have very adorable children – and looks nothing like a mother of three – she has a loving husband who’s been by her side for 4 years now.

The comedian, real name, Nathan Kimani and Tina are blessed with two children, a son and the recent addition to the family, a baby girl. But this was Tina’s third child, with a grown-up daughter from a previous relationship, who JB adopted as his own.

The lovebirds are happily married and seem to be closer and happier each day if the sweet, passionate messages they share about each other on social media is anything to go by.

Tina recently shared a very adorable photo of JB Masanduku when he was younger, and it looks like the entertainer has not aged one bit. She put up the photo with this touching, yet hilarious post, where she even called him a ‘sponsor’:

You gave them babies those helicopter ears ???. Ayayu shweerie. I Just had to post this ???. #ManCrushForLife #Baby Daddy #LoveOfMyLife #sponza ?? #MyWorld.





A Father’s Love: Tina Kaggia Reveals Why Her Dad Made Her Cry When She Was Young

Mid-morning radio presenter Tina Kaggia is one of the most popular local celebrities in the media industry and her mellow voice keeps listeners glued to her show.

Tina Kaggia is not only a radio presenter but also a loving wife to popular comedian JB Masanduku, real name, Nathan Kimani, and a caring mother to 3 beautiful children.

The first born daughter, who is book smart, is from a previous relationship while the other two, a handsome boy, who turned two years old a few days ago, and the newest addition to the family, a cute baby girl, who’s around 6 months now.

Tina, hubby and her second born

Tina Kaggia appreciates and loves her family, but there is another person who owns her heart, and that’s her loving father. The humble radio presenter took time to appreciate her young-looking dad and celebrate him during Father’s Day.

In the long post, she also revealed how she used to wail when her father would travel and how she would not stop crying either when he came back. Read the touching message below:

When I was about 2 years old my paps went to Mombasa on a business trip for about a week. From what I gather, I cried the entire time and would not eat.The day he came back I was so excited that all I could do was cry.lol. Mpaka I was sweating.That’s how much I love this man.The most humble,caring God fearing, wise person I have ever met.I thank God for him. #HappyFathersDay

How sweet! Well, meet Tina Kaggia’s father who looks nothing like his age, below;




For The Love Of Ink! You Won’t Believe What Tina Kaggia’s Latest Obsession Is

Tina Kaggia is a mother of three, but she has never been shy to take a risk when it comes to experimenting with new things in her life, like adventure, new cuisine, among other things.

The mellow-voiced presenter got married to her husband, JB Masanduku, only 7 months into dating, but they have both proved that love can conquer anything.

Tina and her hubby, Nathan Kimani aka JB are blessed with two lovely children, a boy and the recent addition to the family, a cute baby girl. This is however, Tina’s third child, with a first-born daughter from a previous relationship.


For those who don’t know, Tina Kaggia is a big fan and an enthusiast of tattoos and she has a couple of well defined and polished tattoos on her body and  yes, she’s obsessed with them! Her best being one written ‘Jesus’ on her wrist.

Tina has now revealed a new tattoo that she recently got on the back of her neck, which is a well-painted barcode, with letters on it. She shared the picture with this caption:

New ink #LastOneIPromise @gathuthemadkid you need to stop Michael Schofielding me.hehe

Well, let’s see if this will really be her last one. Check it out below.



Mother On Fleek! Here Is Why Tina Kaggia Is One Of The Hottest Mums In Kenya (Photos)

Tina Kaggia and her comedian husband, JB Masanduku recently welcomed their bundle of joy back in January 2016, at the Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi.

This was the second child for the lovely couple, but the newborn is Tina Kaggia’s third child, with the first born being an adorable and intelligent daughter, from another relationship.

Kaggia and JB have a son and daughter together and inspite of her last born daughter being delivered underweight, and experiencing some complications, she was overjoyed for the blessing.

Tina has managed to keep her body fit and looking sexy, without having added any weight, and one would be mistaken to think her first born daughter, is her younger sister.

If someone didn’t know Tina Kaggia well, one would be mistaken to think that she’s in her early 20s. Check out these photos that prove that the sassy radio presenter is one sexy mum.

tina-kaggia13 tina-kaggia5 tina-kaglgia23 tina-kaggia10 tina-kaggia12 tina-kaggia14


Too Cute! 4 Of The Most Adorable Photos Of Tina Kaggia’s Newborn

Mid-morning radio presenter, Tina Kaggia has been off the mic for a while now after she welcomed a bouncing baby girl with her hubby, actor and comedian, JB Masanduku.

                                                   Tina Kaggia Welcomes Bundle Of Joy

The sassy presenter has three children, two of whom she shares with the comedian – a son and now the new addition to the family, Kaya. Her first born daughter is from another relationship.

Tina Kaggia gave birth to the newborn at the Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi on the evening of January 5th, 2016. However, the baby girl was underweight and had to be kept in the nursery for doctors to monitor her, in case complications arise.

Despite this, the mellow-voiced presenter is grateful, happy and can’t get over her new child. She is set to come back to work soon, but before she does, she is sharing a few photos of her little munchkin though she has not revealed her face yet.

Check out the sneak peeks of her daughter below.




tina -daughter2


Tina Kaggia Welcomes Bundle Of Joy

Classic 105 presenter Tina Kaggia gave birth to a bouncing baby girl on Tuesday 5th January.

The baby girl joins the Kaggia’s as the third born and as the second girl with and elder brother and sister.

Pictures of the newborn are yet to be released by the family as they wish to keep her off the public eye.

We wish the mother and child well as they begin a new journey in life.

Congratulations Tina.

You will not believe what Tina Kaggia’s house-help threatened to do to her young son

Mellow voiced Classic 105 mid-morning presenter, Tina Kaggia is a traumatized mother after her house-help threatened to kill her one-year-old son in her presence.

Tina who fired the lady immediately took to social media to share her shocking story attaching an Identification card for the said house help who goes by the name Everlyne.

“She said to my son “one day mummy atakuja apate umefungwa kwa kiti na hausongi juu umedie.and I was right there!then she says ati pole ni kuropokwa!!ati I don’t fire her”


Tina Kaggia took to her show this morning to advise mothers with children on the probable dangers their young ones are subjected to after hiring ‘crazy house helps’.

Listen to what she had to say

Awwwww! Check out these photos of Tina Kaggia’s Children

Tina Kaggia, the mellow-voiced presenter on Classic 105 from 10-2pm is blessed with two children and is currently about to pop baby number three. The proud wife to Nathan Kimani popularly known as JB Masanduku is a proud mother to one girl and a baby boy.

Tina and her husband JB got married only 7 months into dating and they marked their second wedding anniversary last week with Tina writing the sweetest message to her man.

“My ride or die hommie.My best friend.The father of my children and the one person I open my soul to 100 %. The man who told people he would be my husband only that I didn’t know it yet.11 days after we met we were engaged.7 months later we said ” I do”. I love you Nathan Kimani. I am proud to have taken your name.Till 99 honey.Happy anniversary, Tina Kaggia shared on her Instagram.

Tina doesn’t shy away from posting photos of her children on social media. Check out her beautiful family below

10848073_766820596706459_187223291_n 11939583_877686742284997_1599307569_n 12120372_778082385670640_1845952045_n 12132678_1723283044551091_1488381778_n 10955321_10153509879136796_6176761381969516088_n