‘I Almost Died!’, Tina Kaggia Narrates Her Horrifying Experience When She Was Giving Birth

Carrying a child inside your womb for nine months is not easy; can be quite challenging and women can agree to this. Some pregnancies are basically uneventful, then there are those who go through a harrowing experience during pregnancy and while giving birth.

Bubbly Classic 105’s presenter Tina Kaggia has left many mouths wide open after her shocking revelations about pregnancy. Tina who recently gave birth to her third child, took to social media to reveal that she and her daughter almost died during childbirth.

‘7 months plus one day.My God is good.Nobody knows what it took for us to get here.We both nearly died getting you to this world.My last lion.My little fighter. LOVE can’t describe what I feel for you Kaya. My Kaya.’

Tina Kaggia posted accompanied by the photo below


Awwwww! Check out these photos of Tina Kaggia’s Children

Tina Kaggia, the mellow-voiced presenter on Classic 105 from 10-2pm is blessed with two children and is currently about to pop baby number three. The proud wife to Nathan Kimani popularly known as JB Masanduku is a proud mother to one girl and a baby boy.

Tina and her husband JB got married only 7 months into dating and they marked their second wedding anniversary last week with Tina writing the sweetest message to her man.

“My ride or die hommie.My best friend.The father of my children and the one person I open my soul to 100 %. The man who told people he would be my husband only that I didn’t know it yet.11 days after we met we were engaged.7 months later we said ” I do”. I love you Nathan Kimani. I am proud to have taken your name.Till 99 honey.Happy anniversary, Tina Kaggia shared on her Instagram.

Tina doesn’t shy away from posting photos of her children on social media. Check out her beautiful family below

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