I am happy Kush Tracey did not commit suicide after we broke up – Timmy Tdat

Rapper, Timmy Tdat says he is happy his ex-girlfriend Kush Tracey did not commit suicide after they broke up.

“It is a good thing that when you come through me, you don’t kill yourself,” Said in an exclusive interview.

“You don’t go through frustrations in life or even think of committing suicide, but you choose to follow Christ. I am happy for her and I feel it was her time,” he said.

Asked if the two are in good terms, he said, “We meet up in events and we talk.”

Timmy said he is in a serious relationship but does not intend to post his girlfriend online, as social media cost him his precious relationship.


“I was just going through so much, so many emotions at the same time, and ilikua inafika mahali ambapo nikiwa mbele ya watu nacheka, nasmile mimi ndio ule Kush Tracey, but when I go back home and sit, I’m just so sad,” she said.

Timmy Tdat is promoting his new song, ‘Kipopo’.

“Popo is a Swahili word for a bat, which is known to be very active at night. It is a song that is meant to inspire people to continue working hard, just like a bat does,” he said.

Music video by Kenyan Artist #TimmyTdat featuring Tanzanian female Artist #RosaRee performing #KIPOPO Produced By Hamado Video Directed By Enos Olik .

KOT outrage as Timmy Tdat disrespects female fan on stage

Timmy Tdat’s behaviour onstage during this past weekend is at the centre of debate on Twitter.

A video shows the popular rapper grabbing and lifting the dress of a female fan, and displaying her inner wear.

This was on Saturday at Ngong Racecourse during Mr. Eazi’s concert which has raised eyebrows and many are disgusted by his actions.

According to Publicist Anyiko Owoko, what Timmy did was wrong and disrespectful to women as he lifted the young ladies dress and showed screaming fans her panty.

“I will be the first to correct something that I find wrong. I am tired of male artistes mishandling women on stage and what Timmy Tdat has done at his performance at Mr. Eazi’s Concert is unacceptable! He called up a lady on stage to dance with him and as she was bending her back – he pulled up her dress to show her full butt and her yellow panties. WTH is this? Should not be ok for any artiste or person to do that to a woman or a man. MUST STOP! Must be condemned! Never do that again.”

A heated debate over his action ensued with some saying what he did wasn’t wrong, as others condemned him.

What do you guys think? Is he wrong?

Check out these twitter comments left on Anyiko’s post.

Njeri: Very unacceptable!it shouldn’t just be Timmy, all other artists as well.

Kurgat: alicheza kama yeye. First that was an 18+ event and if the girl felt mishandled after him lifting up her dress she should have exited the stage and not jump on him as she did. What transpired is what is expected when a bad girl meets a bad boy.

Rose: Tbh What Timmy Tdat did to that lady wasn’t cool….. But the so called “Public Figures” won’t condemn it because he’s one of them. In Kenya Musicians, politicians & Media Personality are all the same.

Njoroge: Mans Timmy Tdat gets sexually harassed by a woman on stage while he performing, she had no consent to jump on him Like that.

Thomas: This is very wrong and humiliating, why would an artist surely stoop this low,how could he feel if thats is her daughter or sister?This is sexual harassment.I once saw Drake stop performing to warn one of his male fan who was touching a lady inappropriately.That what real artist do

Mary: After all is said and done whatever Timmy Tdat did at Mr Eazi’s concert was so out of order. Hana adabu at all.

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Timmy Tdat would have been a priest if his father had his way

Kasabun turf’s very own Timmy Tdat has revealed that he was almost getting into priesthood. The rapper says his late father (may he rest in peace) wanted him to become a priest.

He’d sit next to the priest taking notes as he learnt at a tender age how his supposed future career would be.

Years down the line, The Inaweza hitmaker is one of the biggest rappers in Kenya, making headlines right left and center. Did I mention the controversy?

He wrote:


Timmy Tdat

Check out this throwback photo of Timmy Tdat and his brother

Let’s just say this is one of the biggest risks the Kasabunian has taken in life.But fans couldn’t help it but share some hilarious posts comment:


victor_ogega: Haya buda hiyo look ni kali, simu ya pink kuchoma kiasi lakini umeweza

 missdee_diddy: 😂😂😂😂Thank God you followed your heart 😂😂😂Wewe father ziii😀😂

jannykalosh: He is happy because you are happy.. Big up Timmy

lucywk93: Hehehe Leo I can c wa2choma macho ma dear,u are looking amazing BT kaphone ndio kame kuangusha

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‘Niko Na Dela Kwa Hizi Mashida,’ Whispers Timmy Tdat About His Relationship With The Diva

“We’ll be okay, We will be alright!” Della sings in her new single release. “You don’t have to kill, you don’t have to steal, you don’t have to murder them, nah!” she adds in a love song that features rapper Timmy Tdat.

The song has been released months after the rumoured relationship between the the stars had cooled off.

Now pundits don’t know how to make of their relationship, given deep emotional vibe one gets when they listen to the song titled, “We’ll Be Okay”.

The song charts the story of two love birds who try to reassure each other that they are enough, and are content with what each person brings to the table despite the pressures of the outside world.

This is the first time Dela and Timmy Tdat are working together.

“I’ve been a fan of Timmy since “Wele Wele”. Always wanted to work on a project with him. Bumped it to him at Pacho studio and it was clear that he wanted to work with me too. We vibed to a few tracks, and we got to talking about relationships and society’s expectations. and i guess, we kinda just went from there. We wanted to show that people from different backgrounds can be compatible and that love conquers all- money problems or otherwise,” says Dela.

Dela added, “I had a great time working on this with Timmy and Teddy B. There’s never a dull moment with these two.”

Timmy Tdat said, ”It was a pleasure to work with Dela. She is talented and knows what she wants,ambitious,industrious and full of passion for her music. I wouldn’t mind working with her again,” adding, “Teddy B is also one talented producer,he helped us achieve our vision,”

‘Do I Look Like I’m On Drugs?’ Dela Slams Rumours (Exclusive)

News went rounds that Dela Maranga, one of Kenya’s talented vocalist was addicted to drugs.

This writer caught up with the Mafeelings hit maker to set the record straight about the drug accusations started by a local photographer, and that even her friends did not want to take pictures with her.

“A lot has been said about me. Sometimes some things are said that could affect my life. Rumours have been going on that I’m on drugs. I’m not on drugs. That’s not a funny joke about somebody, that’s character assassination.”

She continued to pour her heart out:

“I didn’t take it lightly and at the same time I didn’t want it to affect me. Some people should be more careful about what they write about other people.”

When asked if such controversy made her not get gigs, the Adabu hitmaker denied it.

“So far not so good. I’m still gigging, I’m still working, I was on a tour before that. I would say that I haven’t been affected.”

She added: “I think I would have probably gone to court if it started affecting my money.”

Dela is currently running the airwaves with the hit song Honey and this writer can confirm that she is about to drop some mad tune after collaborating with Jason Derulo.

Here is an exclusive interview;

‘I Am Also A Gospel Singer’ Is Timmy Tdat Turning To Gospel Music?

Timmy Tdat is an exceptional Kenyan male artiste who came to the limelight with his hit ‘Wele Wele’. The song was well received and is still played across different radio and stations and even in clubs.

He has surprised us with his ability to release banging hits back to back and never dissapoints. The youngsters really understand his music and jam to it all the time. That’s how you know you are a good artiste.


A while back during an interview, he revealed that he started singing a long time ago, but his songs were not recognised as the current situation. His song ‘Wele Wele’ brought him the spotlight.

ONE LOVE! Popular Kenyan Rapper Attacks Corrupt Leaders In New Film, Urges The Youth Not To Be Deceived By Money

Well, during the just concluded Groove Awards nominations ceremony, Timmy was in attendance and he even sat through the sermon.

Speaking to Pulse, he revealed that he’s actually a gospel musician. That is quite hard to believe considering he doesn’t sing gospel music.


“I am also a gospel singer. I mean, if you listen to some of my songs keenly, you will discover that they have gospel messages. I am also trying to win souls so I am not in the wrong place,” he told Pulse.

“CHONGA VIAZI” Top 5 Music Groups We Truly Miss From Back In The Day (VIDEOS)

He continued “God speaks in diverse ways. Who says God can’t use me to pass his message.”

So is he a gospel artiste, turning to gospel music, or just confused? Well, only he knows the answer to that.

Is Singer Vivian’s Marriage Going To Work After Being Linked With These 5 Male Celebrities?

She is sizzling hot. She caught the limelight with her song Woman In love. Since then, Vivian has rocked  254 with her melodious voice and she is doing justice to it.

Last weekend, Vivian was proposed to by her long term manager Sam west live on national Tv;

“Vivian you have made my heart go Teren Teren. You are the woman in love but I’m the man in love. You’re my charm and today I want to give you my full attention and I want to ask, make my dream come true. I’m asking for your hand in marriage,” Sam said

Vivian who seemed to also be head over heels in love said YES to the flamboyant man and it seems she is walking down the aisle very soon. But hey! Is this man going to cop with the men this singer has been linked with?

Meet The Man Who Is Set To Marry Singer Vivian (PHOTOS)


After confessing that she crushes for the dancehall artiste, Redsan heard her cry and the two now have a hot jam dubbed Attention. Well, photos that went viral of the two having a good time in the beach, propelled rumours that they were seeing each other.


CAT OUT OF THE BAG! This Is What Redsan And Stunning Kenyan Singer Vivian Were Up To (VIDEO)

Timmy Tdat

Timmy Tdat has been linked to dating various lasses after his break up with fellow rapper Kush Tracy. The Inaweza hit maker was linked with an upcoming artiste identifies as Faith, melodious singer Dela and Vivian. The two were spotted going to several events together not to mention their romantic photos that went viral. Are fans to blame for the speculations or was this just a cheap publicity stunt?



We all know Jaguar is one of the richest artistes in this nation. The two did a collabo dubbed My dream which stirred rumours that they were dating.

Talking to Mpasho, Vivian shut down the rumours saying;

“Jaguar is a good friend of mine. He’s also my mentor – he tells me a lot of things about the do’s and donts in the industry. So, he’s really like my big brother and I think people must have misunderstood it especially because I did the first song with him and I was not known at all,” she said calmly.

What is Ragga Artiste Redsan Up To With This Stunning Kenyan Singer? (PHOTOS)


Gospel singer Bahati and secular lass Vivian were rumoured to have gone to a Valentine’s date thanks to Kiss Fm’s Adelle Onyango. Need I say more?