Is This Timmy Dat’s Car? [Photo]

Kenyan star Timmy Dat has been on the fast rise over the past few year, dropping hit after hit and coining new names. Can you say the word “Trikide” without Timmy TDat coming into your mind? I guess not.

What of “Kasabun”? In fact, not many people know where that word came from.

In a December 2017 interview with Daily Nation, Timmy Dat revealed its real meaning:

“This is where I grew up. Life is tough there. Girls get pregnant while still in school and boys become thugs to make a living. I have to represent Kasabun in a more positive light because that’s where I call home,” he said.

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Given that he comes from a humble background, he has mastered the art of not being a spendthrift. That’s why he performs shirtless in his videos.

“I wouldn’t mind the attention from the ladies but truth be told, it’s economical and convenient. I don’t have to carry a whole briefcase of clothes for the video shoots,” he g revealed in the interview.

Lately the artiste has been posing with a Mark X, making fans feel that he has elevated himself. Is it truly his? Judge for yourself:

timmy mark x 2

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