Azziad impresses Ugandans with mastery of language

We didn’t know Azziad can speak a foreign langage like this in terms of pronunciation.

The way she showed her love for Uganda told that she is genuine.

Tikttoker Azziad has marked one year in her job.

The excited Kenyan star told that it has been a journey that has delighted her.

In her latest Tiktok Azziad speaks Luganda so well that she has won the praise of its nationals.

Azzid has two million followers on her Tiktok.

Several Ugandan fans praised her mastery and pronunciation of the language

Roshenie Tryphenie
U make it look like u understand luganda ❤️❤️❤️❤️well done sweetie

Azz_iad responded

Rosette Bae
much love from Uganda

Azz_iad ·
Much love🥰🥰🥰

Goya Menor x Nektunez’ Ameno Amapiano remix attains global success

Discover Music on TikTok – Afrobeats and Amapiano elevate yet another local favourite to global success

TikTok continues to play a significant role in spreading cross-cultural music content throughout Africa and the world.

The latest track to receive extensive exposure and trend on the platform, is the Ameno Amapiano Remix by Ghanaian record producer, Nektunez, featuring artist Goya Menor.

As TikTok’s most-talked-about song, it is a beautiful fusion of Nigerian Afrobeats and lyrics with South Africa’s musical export, Amapiano – two of the most successful genres to come out of the continent.

Although released in June 2021, Ameno Amapiano Remix became popular on TikTok in December 2021 and has since accumulated over 4.7 million video creations, globally.

The song has managed to climb major music charts in different parts of Africa and has become a popular global tune. Still picking up momentum, the track is receiving massive airplay on traditional media and in entertainment destinations.

The ubiquity of the track catalysed an #AmenoAmapianoRemix challenge on TikTok, which to date, has had over 9.5 billion views.

“TikTok remains a launchpad for new innovative content for all creators across the continent. Forming part of this content is music, which has always been the backbone of the platform. To see local successes like this one speaks to how well African talent is positioned to make their mark on the world’s entertainment landscape. The song itself may have been a catalyst of a potentially new African music genre we would possibly call #Naijamapiano,” said Yuvir Pillay, TikTok Africa Music Operations Lead.

He adds that the rise of a new, hybrid music genre that borrows different musical elements from different parts of Africa, bodes well for TikTok’s mission to inspire creativity, spark joy and bring the global community together.

The ‘Ameno’ song has united the globe with its dance-inducing rhythmic flow, and TikTok content creators have taken the song to new creative heights by reimagining the sound clip and its popular

Mary OpaloPublic Relations Consultant

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Tiktoker Khaby Lame signs multi year deal with Hugo Boss

Khaby Lame was unemployed in 2020, became the 2nd most followed TikTok account in 2021 and is now the face of Hugo Boss.

From a Factory worker in Italy in 2020 to being a face of the Hugo Boss rebrand in 2022, Tiktokerr Khaby Lame is making boss moves.

Khaby Lame is the new face of luxury brand Hugo Boss rebrand campaign.

Hugo also also announced according to tan article published in the Hollywood Reporter that it has entered a multiyear partnership with Lame, after landing him for a runway debut during Milan Fashion Week. The ambassadorship will also include a co-designed capsule collection.

Dubbed #BeYourOwnBoss and featuring BOSS’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection, the campaign (shot by Mikael Jansson) stars famous faces Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber and Joan Smalls, South Korean sensation Lee Min-ho, rapper Future, international TikTok star Khaby Lame, British boxer Anthony Joshua, Italian tennis pro Matteo Berrettini, and German runner Alica Schmidt.

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Meet the mzungu who does hilarious Kikuyu TIktoks with his Kenyan bae

An interracial couple in Kenya is proving marriage works and entertaining us on video making platform TikTok.

The couple comprising an american man and his Kenyan girlfriend do hilarious tiktoks in Kikuyu.

His lynching is so good you forget he is a mzungu.

He has been dubbed the Kikuyu name Kimani

Here is another rib cracking one

A list of top Kenyan comedians on Tiktok who we love

Here are some of Kenya’s finest comedians on TikTok that you can count on to tickle your funny bone:

  1. Vick_brandon

With a last name like Tickle, you’re sure to laugh out loud in all his videos. Vick affirms in one of his videos that being on TikTok has allowed him to grow as a person. He ventured on the platform to beat loneliness and inspire others. His huge following of more than 2 million is a big testament.

Here are some of his videos that have gained millions of views:

  1. Crazy_kennar

Crazy Kennar is a self-proclaimed ‘Content Cartel’ and Kenya’s funniest vine and parody content creator. Previously a narrator in school drama productions, he has risen fast to introduce a new way of delivering funny narratives that are relatable to daily events in life. See his content here:

  1. Officialkinuthia

You will most often mistake him for a woman, but Kinuthia is a man helping change the face of comedy and notions that women are not ‘seriously’ funny comedians. His entertainment gear is all-female from hair to make-up and his skits showcase relatable funny things African moms and young ladies do in daily life.

Here are some of his videos:

  1. Valentine272

Valentine is a budding artist and takes comedy to another level. She unleashes the huge potential of comedy in local languages to serve a bigger and diverse audience.

Here are some of her videos:

  1. Cartoon_Comedian  

This young comedian rose to stardom during the pandemic through a popular quote “inaniaffect, inanisuffocate”, which in slang is translated to “It’s affecting and suffocating me”. Now, these lines have inspired many local musicians and have been included in their songs leaving Kenyans in stitches as they sing along. Take a look at some of her videos here:

 Courtesy Conrad Onyango PR and Media Specialist

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Azziad celebrates verification after E people’s choice award nomination


Kenyan Tiktoker Azziad Nasenya is thriving. She has added another feather to her cap, days after being nominated for the E People’s choice award African social star category.

The stunning Kenyan beauty shared the exciting news that she is verified on Twitter below

Azziad is in the coast enjoying relaxing moments with friends.

Here is how you can vote for our Queen to bring the Choice award home. 

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Looking for some new suggestions? 10 Kenyan TikTok creators to watch


If you have been struggling, wondering who to watch on TikTok, there is a list of ten people who share content that is entertaining, educational and informative for instance for people interested in how the law works.

These creators are all bringing something remarkable to the platform.

  1. Living life the positive way despite circumstances

We start with brayo_wheels who, through his content, is motivating the physically-challenged to approach life in a fun and positive way. He is using the platform to inform people about a quadriplegic’s lifestyle and how he is still able to do (in his own way) what able-bodied people can do. His content has attracted 83K followers to date. Check out some of him inspiring videos, here:

  1. Helping deserving children dance out hardships

Moesha_254 is a professional dancer who creates short videos to showcase her skills while inspiring children living in the slums and going through hardships. She has a heart for community service and does her dance skits effortlessly. Here is how she creates content with these fun-loving children:

  1. Rib-cracking on another level

From simple beginnings to big screens, Flaqoraz is undoubtedly Kenya’s fastest rising comedian. Known for his ability to create unique, hilarious clips where he features several characters like the famed ‘Mama Otis’, which will leave you in stitches. His TikTok handle has attracted over 279K followers.  See how he seamlessly plays timeless characters, here:

  1. Showcasing Kenya’s funny side

Kenyans are known to be humorous and Alvanlove is no different. He uses TikTok to keep locals and the global community up to date with jokes Kenyans make out of each and every happening in the country. He populates his account with typical Kenyan humour that is relatable to the masses. More than 76 K followers love his content to bits.

  1. Travel junkie

Dave_mani is a travel junkie. The Canadian expatriate living in Kenya documents in short fun videos his and his wife’s travel adventures as they explore Kenya’s beautiful sceneries from the shores of the beach to the national parks and game reserves. Take a look here:

  1.  Breaking down legal jargons

Bobmuigai is fast gaining popularity not only because he creates entertaining content but because he is also helping his audience understand Kenyan laws and their implications. In some of his more recent posts, Bob explains the recently introduced digital services tax that came into effect this year.  Understanding law has never been this easy.  Here are some of his educational videos:

  1. Tricks to elevating your look

If you need to discover some of the best makeup looks or just get tips on the latest makeup trends, then you need to follow Makeover_by_ceecee. In fun short clips, CeeCee is able to provide makeups that not only help to boost the confidence of her followers but boost the joy in their day too. She is known to give fans the scoop on how she comes up with her make-up makeovers. Take a look at the power of makeup transitions depicted in her videos, here:

  1. Waist of a beast

Describing herself as a fulltime dancer with an angelic face, Ajibgathoni pulls surprise dance styles with every post she uploads. Her ‘waist of a beast’ completes her magical moves that made her following grow significantly since she joined the platform last year. Her account got verified a few months after joining TikTok, and she now has over 129 K followers.

  1. Codename is “fun life”

The fun life is all about positive vibes – this is Requin45’s niche.  As you laugh out loud at Regina’s funny videos, what’s outstanding is the quality of her videos, which has improved consistently. Active participation in TikTok challenges has significantly contributed to her growing fame. She has grown from an unknown creator with few followers to a verified account within only 6 months.

  1. Dance rich in form and content

If you are looking to learn new dance moves or just enjoy short skits showing how students outdo their teacher, then you need to watch out Nedyparezo! The creator has a rich pool of dance video content that keeps you hooked until the end.

The list was curated by Conrad Onyango, a PR and Media Specialist. Dear Classic 105 fam, what other content creators are you watching?

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Female Kenyan mortician with honest videos of working in funeral home


Ann Mwangangi is a female Kenyan who does videos about being a mortician and explains what it’s like to work with the dead, their family members and even misconceptions about her life in the line of duty.

Ann also honestly exposes some things people expect her to do in her line of work like releasing a body in dispute. In one video, she shares how dangerous it is when she receives two burial permits claiming to bury the same person because he had two wives.. She advises “go have an agreement in court I wont partake in your family feuds meanwhile I hold the body until you reach a consensus. I have a brother depending on me. I can’t go to jail”

@annmwangangi2019##funny ##yourmortician ##fyp ##reallife

♬ Danger (Been So Long) (feat. Nivea) – Mystikal

Ann goes by the user name annmwangangi2019 with 20k followers.

In another story, she tells how a body is brought to her and expected to take it without a police report “hello madam we have collected a body with gunshot wounds but we haven’t informed the authorities”  She writes ‘it’s dangerous I don’t want to end up in Prison.


@annmwangangi2019##foryou ##fyp ##yourmortician♬ Dangerous – Jah Prayzah

The hardest task while working at a funeral home?

Her bio says she is here to serve dignity. In one video, she addresses rumors that they have nightmares.

She tells people who think morticians are not sober that ‘she is always sober’. Another question is do you get nightmares, which she answers ‘nop’ and fear of death? Ann tells fans ‘nop’.

Ann shares how much she loves her job, assuring that it isn’t as gruesome as Kenyans think but there are some emotionally difficult tasks she has to do


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Things to know about the second most followed tiktoker Khaby Lame


The picture of Khaby Lame, is often used as a meme.

And in case you didn’t know, here are amazing fact6sabiotu him.

  1. He is a 21-year-old TikTok sensation who lost his job in 2020

2. He is a Senegalese-born TikToker based in Italy

3. He became known for his short comedy skits where he sarcastically points out people

4. He is the second most followers on TikTok at 98 million

5. He is worth $2 million


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TikToker uses wrong glue on her hair, and it’s been stuck for a month

When you want to lay your edges or get that slick ponytail, please note what kind of holding spray you are using.

Tessica Brown,  @im_d_ollady on TikTok, went viral after using Gorilla glue in her hair.

The TikToker shared on her platform hat she’d used the product on her hair as a holding spray to slick down her ponytail. And becasue she had run out of her usual Got2B glue, Tessica decided to use Gorilla glue instead. The gorilla glue did the work but sadly it was stuck to her head for a month.

In an Instagram post on Saturday, Tessica insinuated that she was at a medical facility, sharing a photo of the outside of the building. Another post shows her lying down in an exam room, with a medical professional applying what looks like some kind of topical ointment to her hair and scalp. She was crying in pain.

She went on Instagram to update everyone on the process and claimed she put coconut oil and tea tree oil on her hair with plastic on it. When someone commented and asked if it worked she responded, “No.”EtpyHHgWYAI3ES8


Their twitter account says this

“We do not recommend using our products in or on hair as they are considered permanent. If someone does use this on their hair, they can try soaking the affected area in warm, soapy water or apply rubbing alcohol to the affected area, if her hair has truly been glued down to her scalp and immobile for a month with that many aggressive attempts to wash it out, it is possible her hair is fractured at the root but we certainly hope for the best. Her marketing team reached out to us and we have offered to speak with her to share these suggestions as well as checked in on her wellbeing. Safety is our top priority.”

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