Netizens React To This Beautiful Photo of Tiffah Drinking From A Wine Glass

Over the Christmas holiday, Africa’s popular celebrity couple Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz threw a lavish party for their second child, Prince Nillan.

The swanky affair was hosted at the couple’s mansion in South Africa.

The who is who was invited to the all-white party that cost Diamond a pretty penny. Pundits estimate the cost to be TSH 20m.

Mafikizolo were in attendance as well as the top brass and talent from Wasafi Label.

When the photos of the party went viral, one in particular caught the eye netizens. It was a photo of Princess Tiffah drinking what looked like red fluid – most likely cranberry juice – from a wine glass.

Here are some reactions to Tiffah’s wine glass drinking etiquette.

Mugisha Patricia: Slaying is not magic but in born.

Shamirah Nannozi: Yes.. the real boss.

Mariam Kibe: Daddy’s girl can slay banange look at the way she holds awine glass.

Ashley Kauthal Powers: Oooh Amor…cheers drink to that…boboo.

Marion Kesiime: Tee taking wine😆😆😆.

Violet Heavens: Wow.

Here are photos from the party.

Princess Tiffah Celebrates Second Birthday In Style (Photos)

On a day like this in 2015, Diamond Platnumz and celebrity wife Zari Hassan welcomed a baby girl, Latiffah Dangote alias Princess Tiffah.

Since then, Tiffah has grown to be one of the most celebrated rich kids in East Africa. Two years down the line, the Princess is already ruling social media with over a million followers on the gram.

Tiffah has also gotten lots of endorsements she was recently seen advertising kid’s clothing from one of the biggest fashion lines for babies in Tanzania.

Her celebrity parents have taken to social media to celebrate their only girl:

“My Princess….. May God see you through with nothing but the best. May you be blessed from this day forward. Most of all, May you be a Godly child. Without God we are nothing. Happy birthday” Zari wrote


AWWW: See How Diamond Platnumz’s Daughter Speaks Good English (VIDEO)

Naseeb Abdul Juma, Diamond’s real name went on to express how he feels about his only daughter, Tiffah:

“Happy 2 years mama, Words Can’t express how much i love you my Tee…. 🎂 💞💞💞 @princess_tiffah 💞💞💞 🎂”

Here is to many more years for the Princess.

princess Tiffah 1

princess Tiffah 1

Money Ain’t a Problem! Diamond Platnumz Rocks Jewellery Worth a Whooping Ksh7 MILLION (PHOTOS)

He calls himself the Rolls Royce musician of East Africa, and I have to say the name is well-deserved.

Diamond Platnumz, real name Naseeb Abdula Juma has over the years proved to be the best in what he does and despite coming from a poverty-stricken background, he worked hard to get to the top and give his family a good life.

The Tandale-born singer can brag of a successful musical career after releasing numerous songs that have earned him respect both in Africa and beyond, not forgetting his massive nominations and awards, including an MTV Europe Music Award for Best Worldwide Act in 2015.


Diamond Platnumz is said to be worth a whooping KSh405 Million and it’s a good thing that he has decided to invest the money well.

Other than being a renowned singer and a household name in Africa, Naseeb Abdul Juma is also the founder of WCB music label, which hosts several artistes like; Rayvanny, Harmonize, Rich Mavoko, and Darleen.

Will He Turn Secular? Diamond Platnumz Does Something Amazing For Gospel Singer Willy Paul

Other than just his career and work, Diamond Platnumz is known for flaunting expensive machines and also owns two multi-million dollar mansions in Tanzania and South Africa.

The Nana hitmaker is married to Ugandan-born socialite Zarinah Hassan aka Zari and they have been blessed with two adorable children, a baby boy, Prince Nillan, who was born in 2016 December and their first born, daughter Princess Tiffah.


Diamond Platnumz does not spare his money when it comes to spending on clothes, shoes, and jewelry since these are things he couldn’t afford back in the day.

Diamond Platnumz Summoned By Tanzanian Police After Committing This Devious Offence

This time round, he decided to spoil himself with some super expensive diamond and silver chains and rings, and he couldn’t hide the joy of adding them to his collection.

Diamond Platnumz was ecstatic when he shared the photos of the jewels, that amounts to about KSh7 Million, with this captions; “Thanks God for my new GOLD & DIAMONDS collecttion…i never thought i would be able to hang 50,000$ on my neck…” while the other caption read:Thanks God for your daily blessings never thought i would be able to walk with 22,000 $ on my Hand!!!… jus get inspire.”

Check out the super expensive jewellery below.




Has Diamond Platnumz’s Rumored ‘Clande’ Gotten a Tattoo Of His Name? (PHOTO)

Diamond Platnumz and his Ugandan wife Zarinah Hassan seem like the perfect couple that we all envy.

The power couple has a beautiful family, blessed with two lovely children, a boy, Prince Nillan who recently celebrated his 40 days and the first child, daughter Princess Tiffah Dangote.

Other than just having a beautiful family that makes most celebrities turn green with envy, the lovebirds live a flamboyant lifestyle thanks to Diamond’s wealth and a successful music career.


But we all know that there’s no relationship that will ever be smooth, and in the recent months, there have been rumours of Diamond having an affair with a sassy and stunning Tanzanian model and actress, Hamisa Mobetto.

The said lady was actually the main cast on Diamond Platnumz and Ravanny’s hit song Salome, and there’s no doubt that she’s indeed beautiful.

Zari recently took shots at Mobetto after she apparently shared a photo dressed in pants similar to Diamond’s, saying that it doesn’t matter what she does, she will never have her man.


Hamissa has however never came out to talk about the allegations or comment on them, but this time round, she has raised questions after posting a peculiar photo, where she reveals a rare tattoo on her back.

In the photo, Hamisa Mobetto is covered in a white bed sheet and from her back, you can see a temporary tattoo that spells, Chi, almost reading like Diamonds moniker name, Chibu.

Fans reacted after seeing the ink, and even with all the speculations, Hamisa has not deleted the picture. Check it out below and be the judge.


DRAMA! Diamond’s Wife Zari Attacks His Alleged ‘Clande’ After She Posted a Photo Wearing His Pants

Diamond Platnumz is doing very well when it comes to his musical career, his family and not forgetting his business ventures.

The Bongos star, real name, Naseeb Abdul Juma is married to Ugandan socialite Zarinah Hassan popularly known as Zari and they have been blessed with two adorable children, a boy, and a girl.

SWEET! 6 Photos That Prove Diamond Platnumz And Zari Are Still In Love Despite Paternity Wrangles Rumours

Zari gave birth to their first child, daughter Princess Tiffah back in August 2015 and before a year was over, she was pregnant with their second child, a baby boy who was born in December 2016, by the name Princess Tiffah.


Diamond and Zari have been together for almost 3 years now and are still very much in love, but with all the celebrity lifestyle, you can’t miss out on one or two dramas.

There is a certain Tanzanian model and video vixen who has been rumored to have had an affair with Diamond Platnumz. In fact, she featured in his hit song Salome, featuring WCB artiste Ray Vanny.


The model goes by the name Hamisa Mobetto and there were rumors that she hooked up with Diamond at some point, but Zari doesn’t seem to care and is not threatened at all.

There’s a photo that emerged on a top Tanzanian blog where Hamisa is seen wearing Diamond’s pants or rather similar to his, which looks like she was fuelling the rumors that she had an affair with the Number One hitmaker.


Zari went on to post a comment after a fan shared the picture online, talking sarcastically but you can feel the insecurity in her writing.

She went on to attack the stunning model, saying that it doesn’t matter even if she posts a picture with his boxers, or even with dreadlocks, she will never have her man, and that she should stop trying too hard to prove that there’s something that went on.

Afuge dread, avai na boxers apige picha sehemu zote in madale to have her point seen…the thirst is real, that awkward moment when you desparately try hard. These ain’t loyal nawaooo

Check out the screenshot below.







Diamond Platnumz’s Wife Zari Gives Advice On Why It’s Important For a Man To Show Off His Woman In Public

Tanzanian singing sensation Naseeb Abdul Juma aka Diamond Platnumz is a lucky man to have one of the most beautiful women in Africa, Zari Hassan, as his wife.

The South African based Ugandan socialite turned businesswoman is a mother of four adorable children; three sons from her ex-husband Ivan Semwanga and a daughter, Tiffah Dangote with Diamond Platnumz.

Well, this is about to change since she’s expecting her ‘second’ child with Diamond, which they revealed was a baby boy, making him the fifth child overall, and trust me, she looks nothing like a woman with so many kids.

Finally! Diamond Platnumz And Wife, Zari Hassan Confirm That She’s Pregnant With Their Second Child

The heavily pregnant beauty has managed to still keep it sexy during her pregnancy and though it was revealed they had a feud with her lover when she realised she was preggers, the two seem to have reconciled and have been sharing sweet messages and intimate photos of each other on social media.

Zari Hassan

Before hooking up with Zari, Diamond Platnumz was dating former Tanzania beauty queen, Wema Sepetu, and they had a messy public break up, after the revelation that Wema could not bear children for the Bongo star.

Zari and Wema have in the past taken shots at each other on social media, though the former Miss Tanzania came out to deny having any beef with her ex’s bae, and also refuting claims that she was trying to get back with the Number One singer.

Well, everyone seems to have let bygones be bygones, but Zari seems to be taking shots at her haters, who criticise her relationship with Diamond Platnumz, if her latest post on social media is anything to go by.

Zari and Diamond

The elegant lass posted an old photo with her boo, back in the day when they had just started dating (though they were denying being romantically involved at the time), while cuddling, with a caption that seems to be taking a jab at someone.

She also tells ladies about how they should not give in when it comes to intimacy if a man is afraid of showing them off in public:

Watu na Bae zetu… nyaku nyakus can’t even post their own. Told you, if he can’t claim you in public, don’t give him the good good in private. U know what that means right & I bet u know where that leaves you 😂😂😂😂😂. Tag your bae and wish him or her a good night. #ToWhomItMayConcern

Zari and Diamond

Finally! Diamond Platnumz And Wife, Zari Hassan Confirm That She’s Pregnant With Their Second Child

Bongo music sensation Diamond Platnumz and his wife Zarinah Hassan may have just confirmed the recent allegations that they are expecting their second child.

The rumors have been going around for a month now, but none of them has come out to deny or confirm the allegations.

According to a popular Tanzanian blog, Zari Hassan found out she was pregnant, but Diamond was not so pleased with the news, instructing her to get rid of the pregnancy since he was not ready for another child just yet.

The couple is blessed with a gorgeous baby girl, Princess Tiffah Dangote, who is only 11-months-old, which was allegedly another reason Diamond wanted the pregnancy terminated.

According to the reports, the ‘Number One’ hitmaker was not ready to another child now, since Princess Tiffah is not even a year old and he’s not sure how society will take it, leading to the couple’s recent brawl.

But it looks like the love-birds have now patched things up. Zari recently posted photos with her cute daughter in Tanzania, suggesting she was back in the country after months of being away. Later on, she shared more pics after having reunited with Diamond. He also shared a pic of his baby mama and Tiffah, with this caption:

Diamond shared a pic of the baby mama and Tiffah, with this caption: “My Queen and Princess are in Town…Damn! can’t wait to see you my Babies😙😘😍😙💞💕💞💕”

The celebrity couple later shared a video showing them cuddling, and from the look of things, it’s obvious that they had a steamy night together, with Diamond even displaying a love bite on Zari’s shoulders.

Leo tulikuwa kama tunaigiza zile picha za nanii…. lol!😆 Snapchat: Dplatnumz

A video posted by Chibu Dangote (@diamondplatnumz) on

The Uganda socialite also went on to post a pic on Snapchat, confirming that she is indeed pregnant, and her baby bump suggesting she could be 5 months along. This will be Zari’s 5th child, with three sons from her ex-husband.

Check out the growing bump below.


This Is Why Tanzania Has Banned Diamond Platnumz’s Wife, Zari Hassan’s Famous All White Party

Diamond Platnumz’s wife and the mother of their 11-month-old baby girl, Tiffah, may not have her annual ‘Zari All White Party’ in Tanzania anymore.

This comes after the Tanzanian government banned the popular event after Zari broke the BASATA’s (the organisation that regulates events in the country) rules.

The socialite-cum-business woman is famously known for hosting these events in Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa, which is where she first met with her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz.

According to The Standard, the organisation says that Zari did not follow the required regulations as required: “According to Tanzania’s National Art Council, Zari violated the rules by announcing and advertising the party before she was given the permission to actually host the party.”

Following this, Zari was fined Ksh.23,000 and will not be hosting the extravagant party in the Bongo country until further notice.

Zarinah Hassan is a mother of 4 children, with three other boys from her previous marriage to South African based Ugandan tycoon, Ivan Semwanga.

There are allegations that Diamond and Zari are expecting their second child, news that reportedly caught Diamond by surprise because it’s too soon after the birth of their baby girl.















Standard Media

Amazing! Diamond Platnumz Reveals Why He Took His Mother With Him During His Recent Europe Tour

Tanzanian Bongo star, Diamond Platnumz has been touring Europe over the last couple of weeks, for musical performances in various countries.

The singer toured countries like Germany, Finland, Denmark and Sweden where he gave a sterling performance, with fans turning out in large numbers to enjoy songs from the ‘Utanipenda’ singer.

The tour was a success and what was notable in the various pictures shared on social media, is that Diamond traveled with his entire family. How sweet!


Diamond brought along his mother Sanura Kasimu, wife Zari Hassan and their adorable daughter, Tiffah Dangote during the entire Europe tour, and it’s clear that he’s giving back to his mom for being the pillar of his life.

Diamond revealed to Mseto East Africa, that this is the first time he has traveled for performances with his family, because he wanted his mother, who’s never visited any European country, to have an exciting time.


He also said that his mother had only seen these cities on TV and god forbid anything happened to him, it would mean she would never be able to travel to other countries. And since he can afford it, he thought he would give her a treat .

Diamond also revealed that he has more tours coming up in America, Australia, India, Tanzania and the major one being for Africa. I bet other artists should learn from him on how to give back to parents when they become successful.




This Is New! Bongo Star Diamond Platnumz Gets A Nose Piercing (Photo)

Tanzania’s superstar Diamond Platnumz is known for his great talent and popular hit-songs which his fans relate with immensely. His songs are always rocking the airwaves all around Africa and beyond.

The Nana singer is married to beautiful Ugandan socialite, Zari Hassan, and are blessed with a gorgeous daughter, Tiffah Dangote, who is loved and admired for her cuteness by many of their followers on social media.

Despite Zari having three children (sons) from her previous marriage to South African based businessman, Ivan Semwanga, Diamond did not hesitate to woo her and get a child with her, who turned out to be a girl.

Away from his family, Diamond has been going on numerous shows around the world, the last being his performance in Germany. But what he has recently revealed is what got people shocked. The Bongo singer is now rocking a nose-ring after he got his nose pierced.

I bet he is following in the footsteps of hip-hop crooner, Tupac and Chris Brown. Not forgetting one of Africa’s finest, Nigerian singer Davido, who was the first to try out the new trend a year ago.

Diamond’s fans seemed to have been displeased with this new look as many of them left comments on the picture he shared on social media, advising him to remove it, because it’s a bad show to young fans. Check out the photo below.