Diamond Platnumz ignores baby mamas on International womens day

Diamond Platnumz acknowledged mother Sandra

Diamond Plattnumz has only chosen to recognize the efforts of his mother Sandra, singer Zuchu and his daughter Tiffah for internatonal womens day.

On his Instagram stories, Diamond shared several pictures of his mother, Zuchu, sister Esma and Tiffah with heart emojis. He did not mention any of his childrens’ mothers.

Diamond has featured Tiffah in a video shot and shared snippets of the two. He wrote how much he adores his daughter. ‘words cant express my love for you princess Tiffah’

Meanwhile Diamond is anticipating his EP launch party that will kick off on 10th March.

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Diamond Platnumz’ daughter Tiffah graduates, shares hilarious message

Princess Tiffah, the only daughter of Bongo singer Diamond Platnum,z has finally graduated from prep school.

Her mother Zari shared how much pride she has in her daughters achievement.

Tiffah on her Instagram account, was more concerned that it had taken so long to graduate.

She noted ‘2022 started off my with last year’s graduation which didn’t happen due to covid numbers being high … But here I am. Home girl graduated and moved a grade up… yeeiii’

Tiffahs grandmother also gushed over her calling her ‘Bint Naseeb’

Meanwhile do catch up with this girl on tiktok. She does some pretty hilarious things.

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“My mom and dad are in love!” Tiffah says shocking Zari (video)

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan had some serious damage control to do this week. And no, it wasn’t concerning her recent break-up from Thee Dark Stallion.

Zari Hassan with her new man
Zari Hassan with her new man

Although that break-up has been the major talking point about Zarinah this past week, another one has flared up that will surely suck out the oxygen from the other story.

And it all started with her cute daughter Tiffah Dangote. The precocious girl announced to the world that her mother was still in love with her father-singer Diamond Platnumz.

Daddy’s girl! Diamond set to release a song with his daughter Tiffah

Tiffah announced this in a video that has since gone viral. The mother of 5 who shared the videos herself was quick to disavow the claims, branding Tiffah as a cute little liar who was misleading her followers.

“Let me tell you all about my Mom and my Dad in love…” said Tiffah but the business lady who operates from her base in South Africa refuted those claims saying, “No, It’s not true, that’s not true talk about something else. You are such a cute little liar. Say good night to the people because you are talking too much.”

And do you think that rebuke was going to stop her only daughter? Nope! She went on trying to tattle tell on her own father, “Papa is crazy; let me tell you what papa did” before she was interrupted by her mother.

Diamond with Zarinah and Tiffah
Diamond with Zarinah and Tiffah

Hehehe! This girl Tiffah will be a character when she gets older. I can assure you of that.

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“I prayed for you! I imagined us!” Zari lovingly tells not her “favourite child”, Tiffah

Zari Hassan has always been outnumbered when it comes to the number of XY chromosomes in her nuclear family, with her children being plenty of proof.

Zarinah has been blessed with 4 sons and one daughter, a girl that came after she had already had 3 sons with her late first husband, Ivan.

So one can understand why the Ugandan socialite spends so much time with her only daughter Tiffah Dangote, someone she can imbue with her passions and hobbies without trying to force the proverbial circle into a square.

I don’t care if it lasts! Zari tells critics after she brands new lover the “Dark Stallion”

This week as the world marked “Happy Women’s Day”, Diamond’s baby mama elucidated about the prayers she offered just to have a daughter; and with Tiffah here – the prayers were indeed answered.

The socialite cum business lady went on to express her joy for the only daughter she has saying, “I prayed for you….I imagined us. And yes, we are here now. #MyBBF! I just love how you always pull up my back zips @princess_tiffah.” Adding in another post, “No she isn’t my favourite child but my only daughter🙈.”

Not only does Tiffah seem to be the apple in Zari’s eye, she is also Diamond’s favourite just from a cursory glance. The singer has taken (and posted) more snaps with the girl than with any of his other kids with Tanasha’s son coming at second.

There were even some rumours in the past that Diamond’s perceived indifference towards the other child (Prince Nillan) he shares with Zari is because he suspects that he might not be his.

But those are rumours that the couple has refused to address.

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Inside Zari’s luxury spa weekend treat for Tiffah Dangote’s birthday 


Zari and Diamonds daughter Tiffah will have a birthday to remember.

Tiifah is a lucky girl as she turned 5 years this past weekend. She got the all star treatment from her super rich parents.


Her pink themed birthday included a spa treatment like no other. Zari did not spare any expense and hired a team of beauticians to ensure Tiffah looked super cute.


Massages, pedicures, manicures and facials are no longer a grown ups indulgence and celebrities are now giving their young girls that spa treatment.


I mean even Tiffah toasted to the good life, witha  non alcoholic drink of course. Whew chile, how classy is this child?


See more pictures below of the fabulous affair.





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Zari pens lovely letter to daughter Tiffah that will get you tearing up

For a long time, I have had the sneaking suspicion that Tiffah Dango’te is the favourite child for both Diamond Platnumz and his baby mama Zari.

Why would I say that? The evidence is everywhere. Both Zari and Diamond post a whole lot more about Tiffah than the other kids that each of them has outside their past relationship.

Diamond-Tiffah-and-Zari in the past

Attention for me equals affection and Tiffah gets plenty of that from her parents – more than all the other kids combined. The reason for that might that she is the only daughter that both Zari and Diamond have in their blended families and that means that she becomes the apple of their eye.

Acheni kutukana wanangu!’ Zari Hassan calls out social media haters

Why the long intro? This past weekend Zarinah decided to celebrate her daughter with one of the most heart-warming messages ever posted on Instagram (Yes, I exaggerate but it is really emotional).

Zari with her daughter Tiffah
Zari with her daughter Tiffah

Her message came after Tiffah uploaded a confident video on her Tik Tok where she criticised those who couldn’t handle her ego or match her status and where busy calling her out for having ´an attitude´ which she condemned.

Her video made her mother Zarinah so proud and thius her long, wonderful message to her daughter was borne. Read it below;

Dear beautiful daughter of mine, your beautiful, confident, intelligent, smart, special, different. Your gifted. You were born to stand out not to fit. Your talented and the whole world is ready for you. You are everything they are not and that makes them fear, because people fear the unknown. You are the next big thing, if its an attitude that you have, then so be it. Never let anyone determine who you should be, the world already has so many fakes/copies. The world needs naturals like you…… mama gatchu always💕.
When they come for you, ill go after them but then again its just a matter of time before you handle ya biness. God built you strong, you’ll concur✊. And when you do, it will be the same people sitting back watching your success in dismay. Do you, dont let them tell you otherwise. 98% of time never take advice from failures….. Ps; mama loves that person–ality👌

Zari with her daughter
Zari with her daughter

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Why don´t you call me!? Video of Tiffah scolding Diamond stirs up the internet

Since Diamond Platnumz and Zari made up 2 months ago, we can’t seem to keep up with the amount of love that the Tanzanian star and his kids keep on exchanging online.

The videos which are always cute show the star’s soft side as he is seen speaking to the two kids he shares with Zari.

Diamond recently shared a video of his only daughter Tiffah lecturing the star and wasn’t it hilarious!

Diamond with Zari and Tiffah
Diamond with Zari and Tiffah

The star has been spoiling her silly with all sorts of little gifts, sending her love and serenading her with sweet messages but as with all women, she wants more from the man in her life.

‘It sucks’ Maina complains in emotional message to Diamond Platnumz

In the video, Tiffah complains about her father not calling her back immediately after he found her missed call. She questioned whether Diamond was starting to have second thoughts about chatting with her.

“Papa, why aren´t you answering? I´m calling you. What´s wrong? Having any ideas? Huh?”

Diamond-Tiffah-and-Zari in the past

And that was not all, she demanded that the Bongo star should call her back right that minute [sic] because there was really no valid reason why he wasn’t responding to her calls.

“You better answer my call now! Mnh? What´s the answer? Does it even matter to call me? Why don´t you call people? Uh? Why don´t you call me oh bhabha?”

Zari with her daughter, Tiffah
Zari with her daughter, Tiffah

And what did Diamond do after the scolding, he apologised to his daughter telling her that he had been held up with the launch of Wasafi TV which saw him spend most of the time away from his phone.

“Imagine i Couldn’t call my angels last night because of the Launch of @[email protected] and see what I woke up with😂…. Aki @Princess_tiffah I love you mama ❤🌹❤”

Zari, Diamond, Mama Diamond, Nillan and Tiffah in the past
Zari, Diamond, Mama Diamond, Nillan and Tiffah in the past

I have this nagging thought that of all his 4 kids, that Tiffah holds a special place in his heart, something that would make sense considering the commonly used pablum “Daddies Girl”, which Princess Tiffah most likely is.

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He will hold the biggest bash for Tiffah and Nillan! Source reveals about Diamond

It seems that Zari’s recent public outburst against her husband has worked wonders on her baby-daddy, Diamond Platnumz.

The two haven’t been seen eye to eye for some time but it seems that that conversation restarted a mutual desire for the two to co-parent.

Zari, Diamond, Mama Diamond, Nillan and Tiffah in the past
Zari, Nillan, Tiffah with Diamond’s family in the past

Recent reports according to sources in Tanzania are stating that Diamond and his family are planning to welcome his two kids with the biggest party ever seen!

Has she forgiven him? Tanasha praises baby daddy Diamond in Mother’s Day message

The two parents have agreed on how they will be co-parenting their kids without any issues and this will culminate in Diamond seeing his kids for the first time in 2 years;

Sasa hivi wapo kwenye hatua nzuri sana tofauti na ile ya zamani. Mondi anazungumza na Zari, anawapa watoto simu mara kwa mara na kubwa ndiyo hilo, atawaleta Bongo soon mara tu baada ya janga la Corona kupita.

Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past
Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past

This was revealed by a source close to Diamond Platnumz and his family. The informer revealed that Mama Dangote is quite excited to finally see Tiffah and Nillan after so long!

Wewe si unajua Mondi tena matashtiti yake, watoto hawa hajawaona live muda mrefu; yaani itakuwa furaha na sherehe kubwa sana siku hiyo.Vyombo vyake vya habari (Wasafi Media) vitarusha tukio hilo, lakini kama hiyo haitoshi; bado media nyingine zitarusha tukio hilo ambalo lina maana kubwa kwa Mondi ambaye amewamisi na kutuhumiwa kuwatelekeza watoto wake, hivyo itakuwa ni bonge la sherehe.

Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past
Zari and her baby-daddy with their two kids in the past

The reason Diamond hasn’t yet met his kids according to the source was the Covid-19 pandemic that has swept the world. The source went on to add saying;

“Mungu tu asaidie maana walipanga iwe baada ya Ramadhani na kama unavyojua Ramadhani inaisha wiki ijayo, hivyo itabaki kizuizi tu cha Corona na mambo yakiwa safi, basi watoto wanakuja.”

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Diamonds daughter had a birthday party complete with a spa treat

Tanzanian crooner Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan’s daughter Princess Tiffah celebrated her fourth birthday yesterday. But the singer wasn’t present to see his daughter celebrate her special day.

Diamond showered his daughter with love as well as Zari.


Princess Tiffah
Princess Tiffah Zari and Diamond’s only daughter

Oh darling look at you, i mean look how you turning out. Happy birthday Heiress @princess_tiffah 🎀,’ read Zari’s message.

The singer’s mother also wished her granddaughter a happy birthday and her message,



The little Princess held her birthday at a kids spa in Pretoria, South Africa with her cousin and friends. They wore tutu skirts and tops. They also modeled.


This is the second birthday Princess Tiffah was celebrating without her father after he parted ways with Zari.


Below are photos from Tiffah’s simple birthday party

Princess Tiffah Princess Tiffah Princess Tiffah

Princess Tiffah Princess Tiffah Princess Tiffah Princess Tiffah Princess Tiffah

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