Passengers narrate horrific ordeal with city gangsters in a matatu (Video)

Police are looking for gangsters who hijacked a matatu and robbed the passengers on board before dumping it in Lucky summer area, Ruaraka constituency, Nairobi.

Passengers robbed in a matatu
Ten passengers were injured in the Tuesday morning incident as the gangsters beat and stabbed them in efforts to get money and other valuables from them. The 33 seater matatu was headed to the city centre when the gang which included a woman struck.

Passengers robbed in a matatu
Passengers robbed in a matatu

The matatu crew are being sought for questioning. The victims were later rescued by locals and police.

“As I was texting the guy next to me told me ‘give me that phone’  while holding a gun to my head,” narrated one of the victims.

Another man revealed how the Tuesday nightmare turned horrific while he was on the way to work.
‘I was reluctant to give out my phone and one of them hit me with the back of a gun on the head. I gave him the phone.”

Leakey Ndeda a primary school teacher was on his way to work when he met the dreaded gang.
“I met a gang of 8 people between Ngomongo and Lucky Summer bridge.The first thing they asked me to give them was my phone. I told them I didn’t have a phone but only had my wallet. One of them pointed a gun at me so I surrendered.” he said.

Passengers robbed in a matatu

Adding that:

“Another gangster stabbed me once on the head and I had no choice but give out my phone and wallet. I was stabbed on my left buttock and another one stabbed me three times in the head before they fled.”

More than 10 phones were stolen.

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Two Armed Thugs Shot Dead In Dagorreti As They Tried To Rob Women Going To Work

Two suspected thugs have this morning been shot dead in a botched robbery in Dagorreti area, Nairobi and a gun recovered from them.

The suspects were killed along Nduaru Road when they tried to attack and rob women who were headed for their errands.

Police say an alarm was raised and alerted police on patrol at about 5 am. The officers shot and killed two while a third suspect managed to escape on a motorbike.

The bodies were moved to the mortuary as a hunt for the third suspect continues.

Heartless! Thugs Shoot a Woman Before Stealing Thousands Of Shillings From Her M-Pesa Shop

Meanwhile, three students of Mhuru Muchiri secondary school in Ruai area, Nairobi have been arrested after they torched a dormitory in an incident.

Property of unknown value was destroyed in the incident that happened last night as other students were in night studies.

Police say no one was injured in the incident that was contained by fire engines that rushed there. The students are expected in court this morning to face.

Police say the suspects are expected in court this morning to face arson charges and that a number of students lost their valuables in the incident.












-Cyrus Okwema/The Star

Crime In Nairobi: One Suspected Thug Killed By a Mob In Karen As He Tried To Rob a ‘Boda Boda’ Passenger

Two suspects were lynched in separate incidents in Nairobi in the war on crime.

One suspect was cornered by a mob along the Southern Bypass in the city after he and two others had been attacking and robbing pedestrians.

Police say an alarm was raised and alerted a mob, which chased and killed one suspect.

Another suspect was killed in Karen area when he tried to rob a bodaboda pillion. The bodies were moved to the mortuary. Cases of mob lynching are on the rise with calls to stop the practice as it is criminal.

Curbing Crime: Four Armed Thugs Shot Dead In Karen After Stealing a Car In Kayole, While Two Others Lynched In Embakasi

Police are investigating an incident in which a worker collapsed and died at the National Archives in the city. The employee was on duty when he suddenly collapsed and died last evening. He was pronounced dead on arrival at a city clinic.

Meanwhile, a woman has been hit and killed in an early accident along Valley Road, Nairobi. The woman was crossing on foot under a footbridge on Valley Road when a speeding car hit and killed her instantly. The accident caused a huge traffic.

Youth In Crime: Six MINORS Arraigned In Court After Being Suspected To Be Members Of Gaza Gang In Murang’a

The woman was crossing on foot under a footbridge on Valley Road when a speeding car hit and killed her instantly.

The accident caused a huge traffic snarlup before police arrived to clear it. Police say most pedestrians are killed in the same spot for failing to use the footbridge there.

A campaign to encourage usage of the bridges by pedestrians is ongoing.







-Cyrus Okwema

After The Death Of a Young Female Thug, Five Suspected Thugs Shot In Nairobi All Aged Between 18 And 25

The crime wave in Nairobi is not about to stop anytime soon.

Five suspected thugs were last night shot dead in separate robbery incidents in Nairobi in the war against armed crime.

Police say they recovered two guns and knives from the slain suspects. One suspect was shot dead in Buruburu, two in Kayole, one in Ngara and one in Embakasi area.

Police say the suspects were all young aged between 18 and 25. This increased to 14, the number of suspects so far killed since the weekend.

Kenyans React To The Shooting Of Sexy Female Kayole Gang Member Marsha Minaj

Police say they have increased their campaigns against armed robberies in Eastlands. On Sunday, police in Kayole killed a female suspect who they said was wanted.

Marsha Minaj believed to be the manager of the dangerous city gang Gaza has been killed. The lass whose beauty has struck the eyes of many was a close friend to Cleah Adi Vybz and was gunned down recently by the police.


In other new, a man was found dead on a tree in Muthaiga area, Nairobi.

The man is suspected to have committed suicide or killed and hanged. His body was found on a tree in the forest near DCI headquarters. Police say they are investigating the incident and that the body was moved to the mortuary.





-Cyrus Ombati

When Will They Learn? Two Armed Thugs Shot Dead By Police In Kariobangi South

Two suspects were shot dead at Kariobangi South area, Nairobi and three guns recovered from them.

One suspect was arrested by the police. Three suspects were headed on a robbery mission minutes after 12 am Thursday ‎when police ambushed them.

The police say the two were part of a gang that had been attacking and robbing locals when an alarm was raised alerting officers on patrol.

Police Officer Shot In The Butt While Stealing From Jogoo Road Residents

Buruburu DCI chief Jeremiah Ikiao said a pistol stolen from a civilian firearm holder in 2014 was recovered from the dead men.

A second home made pistol and a third firearm are still being examined.

Crime in Nairobi has been a big issue in the last one month, with police becoming more vigilant now after dangerous gangs started robbing residents in broad daylight in areas like Kayole and Kariobangi.

Another Gangster Shot In KAYOLE After a Botched Motorbike Robbery

-Kamore Maina

Another Gangster Shot In KAYOLE After a Botched Motorbike Robbery

A suspected thug was last night shot dead in a botched robbery in Kayole area, Nairobi and a pistol found on him.

Police say the man had stolen a motorbike from a rider and was escaping when he was cornered.

The suspect together with others had attacked and robbed a rider of his motorbike when an alarm was raised.

Two other suspects managed to escape in the drama. Cases of armed robberies have been on the rise in the area with police responding with fatalities.

Meanwhile, police have recovered a human leg from a bridge in Dandora area, Nairobi.

The leg is believed to belong to a woman whose body parts were at the weekend found dumped in Ruaraka area.

Police say they are yet to know the killers of the woman and efforts to trace them are ongoing. Cases of killings and dumping are fluctuating in the city.

The leg was taken to the mortuary as investigations continue.

This comes weeks after a female thug was killed in Kayole as part of a gang that has been terrorizing residents there, robbing them in broad daylight.

The female criminal by the name Clare was carrying and ferrying his weapon around and sometimes participating in his robbing sprees.





-Cyrus Okwema