Dirty Thirty! Sharon Mundia’s 30th birthday plans revealed

Sharon Mundia aka This is ess is excited about her life’s new chapter. The bubbly you tuber is turning thirty in a few days and she is ecstatic about it.

Sharon Mundia

She took to her instagram account to make the announcement that she was stepping into the third floor.

She wrote;

“stepping into the week like 🤗🤗 I’m turning 30 in exactly 13 days and this is also how I feel about this next chapter!! So. Bloody. Excited! 🙌🏾”

Sharon has not had a smooth ride in her twenties, but for sure she has achieved a lot. Last year she landed a big job with Nation Media where she has her own talk show. The show is Dubbed ‘ living with ess’. A show about lifestyle and centered conversations that airs in the morning on weekends.

Sharon Mundia 1

Sharon Mundia is also a queen slayer. Her fashion sense is out of this world. The outspoken spoken young mum has made headlines severally but that has not brought her down. We definitely love and are inspired by this young lady, Sharon Mundia.


Sharon Mundia a.k.a This Is Ess the fashionista extraordinaire (Photos)

Sharon Mundia a.k.a This Is Ess  apart from being a mum and an award winning fashion blogger also has an exquisite sense of fashion itself.

Be it a laid-back casual look or a fancy ensmble,she always looks good.

Furthermore, Sharon has landed a hosting gig with NTV where she’ll be hosting a lifestyle show called Living With Ess starting 30th July.



Sharon Mundia to host her own life style show on NTV dubbed Living With Ess

It will definitely be a treat for all her fans and followers.

All in all, here are some photos that prove what a great fashionista and influencer she is;








ess4 ess5

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A list of Kenyan politicians who sense of style will leave you shaking your head

Fashion is an ever evolving field, new trends emerge every single day but our Kenyan politicians cannot keep up with the radical changes in this sector.

Kenyan MPs are known to work together when it comes to passing bills to increase their salaries and allowances but fail miserably when it comes to  putting their best  foot forward when it comes to their wardrobe.

Racheal Zoe once said “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” is this statement true on our local politicians whose fashion sense leaves us crying.

1. Cyprian Awiti

The Homa Bay governor takes the worst dressed politician award, as the vibrant man has a poor sense of fashion which leaves us wondering who actually dresses him.

A fashion consultant would do the governor good .

tt-696x783 (1)

2. Nanok

The Turkana governor is doing a good job when it comes to working for his people but we cannot turn a blind eye to his bad fashion sense which needs an upgrade.

As much as he comes from a community that is slowly picking itself up that is no excuse to make us wish we were his fashion consultants just to avoid this mess.

The likes of fashion designer John Kaveke and consultant Burale would come in handy in helping the laid back governor.

Image result for photos of nanok
Turkana governor ,Nanok

3. Elizabeth Ongoro

The former Ruaraka MP needs a wardrobe upgrade that will flatter her beautiful body, which is worth appreciating. The former politician is mostly seen rocking oversized African attires which don’t do her any justice.

Services from the likes of This is Ess, Wambui Mukenyi would come in handy in helping her transform.


Mafisi Wa Bunge! See How These Popular Politicians Were Caught Salivating At Woman Rep Sabina Chege’s Buttocks

4. Peter kaluma

Homa Bay MP has literally followed in his bosses footsteps of poor fashion sense. The outspoken man is mostly spotted in colour blocking shirts.

A well fitting suit and a few changes in his wardrobe would do him good.

Image result for photos of kaluma

Apart From Politics Here Are The Kenyan Politicians Devoted To Their Families

5. Bony Khalwale

Known for his love for  bull fighting, the daring politician’s wardrobe is wanting and a few tips from Mombasa governor Hassan Joho would really take him ahead.

His love for bright coloured shirts even in sombre situations is wanting and we suggest he hires a designer.

Bony Khalwale
Bony Khalwale


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Celebrity Birth Stories: Sharon Mundia aka This is Ess reveals giving birth is not easy

Fashion blogger Sharon Mundia aka This is Ess is a happy woman. The sexy mother of one, who parted ways with her baby daddy Lonina Leteipan a few months after giving birth, has been raising her daughter, Naila single-handedly.

Lonina and is said to have parted ways with his baby mama after she was allegedly caught cheating.

According to a story that first appeared on Kahawa Tungu, Sharon Mundia “was caught in her matrimonial bed having a serious threesome with Patricia Kihoro and decorated musician Fena Gitu.”

The story went viral and Sharon Mundia and the mentioned women later came out to dispel the claims.


She went ahead to share Winston Churchill’s quote which read;


Well, Sharon Mundia’s daughter has turned a year old and the excited mother took to social media to thank God for the special gift.

This is Ess

She also talked about her experience after giving birth.

This is Ess first shared this photo

Thisi s Ess

Then wrote:

“This time last year, I had just given birth to Naila. My body was sore and fatigued and I was terrified at the thought that this delicate, little being was now fully in my care. That first night in hospital was baptism by fire because at some point it was just me and her and I couldn’t believe that the nurses and my family thought I knew what I was doing. I had no clue how many more sleepless nights, sore nipples, unexplainable outbursts and snail-clutching moments lay ahead. I think if somebody had told me that giving birth was just the beginning of my body, mind, and spirit being tested and stretched to its limits, I‘d have Googled ‘How to put a newborn back inside after giving birth.’

But I also had no idea how much deeper my love for her would grow. You guys. I can’t explain the joy I’ve experienced from seeing her do the little things we take for granted. Like sitting up, crawling, cooing or walking for the first time. I’m so proud of the person that she’s growing into curious yet reserved, chatty (in the way a one-year-old with basically no vocabulary would be) yet observant

Naila has brought such light, clarity, joy, and love into my life and today my little lady turned one. ONE! Thank you, God. The woman that I am today is so different from the woman on that first night in that hospital bed, all thanks to the journey that has been motherhood. A journey that is full of contradictions and learning moments. And to think it’s only our first year together. In some ways, it feels as if a new layer of me was also born on that night – a layer that I’ve only begun to explore.
I’m so excited for the future and grateful for the family and friends that have showered Naila with love since day one. Thank you, God, for blessing me with one of the purest forms of love. Happy birthday my little bambino! 💋”


“You just have to learn how to trust again” Sharon Mundia gives relationship advice

Celebrity you tuber and fashion blogger, Sharon Mundia, popularly known as This Is Ess, has yet again proved she is a jack of all trades after she stunned her followers with her wise advice to people who are either facing struggles in their relationships, or are trying to dust themselves off and get into new adventures.

On her latest Vlog, Sharon and her colleague, Susan Wong focused on talking about depression and relationships as they had fun showcasing how they do their makeups.

As Susan Wong was taking her viewers through her makeup routine, she happened to mention that she was getting ready for a ‘little date’ later on and that sparked the relationship conversation where she needed advice on how to not be too cautious when you are in a new relationship.

“Meanwhile, I am trying to get my eyes right since I am going on a little date later. So my question is how do you prevent yourself from being too cautious, like it’s something new it’s something really good and it’s going really well but I just want to be the one that f**ks it up?  Wong asked.

The question seemed to have woken up Sharon’s inner relationship counselor skills as she articulately spoke her heart out about it.

“I think even though it is great to be vulnerable and to let yourself be seen, you’ve got to do it where or when people who are worthy of that are concerned. You can’t just deal with necessarily everyone and expect that it’s always gonna work out , you could but you may end up having someone taking advantage of you or not guarding your heart and that sacred space you brought them into.”She advised before adding that people need to learn how to trust their guts and go with their instincts as well as learn to trust again.

The proud mother of baby Naila had crazy 2017 and most of it was based on her marriage, which abruptly came to an end.

It was rumoured that she was the cause of her marriage ending so fast.
It was reported that the cause of the marriage ending was because of infidelity. But she denied all the claims, and the cause of their split is still not known.
What are your thoughts on Sharon’s relationship advice?

Here’s The Special Person This Is Ess Spent Her Valentine’s Day With

Following her widely publicized breakup with her ex hubby, Sharon Mundia AKA This Is Ess seems to have moved on and did it well. Her fans probably expected her to pen an emotional Valentine’s Day message speaking about her troubled past, but the blogger did the unexpected.

She presented the special person that she would spend her Valentine’s Day with. It is her daughter, Naila.

During the height of her tumultuous breakup, Sharon addressed the rumors, saying that she only wishes to focus on creating content online and her baby.

Sharon Mundia’s Husband Spotted Partying Hard With Hot Babe Over The Weekend (VIDEO EVIDENCE)

“A lot of ungracious and untruthful stories have been circulating about me recently. Even though they have crossed the line, I chose, as usual, to focus on my vision of creating and sharing content online that will uplift and spread positive energy all around me.

Right now I am choosing to focus on my work and being the best mother I can be to by sweet love, Naila.”

Today, she took to Instagram to share a beautiful set of pictures of herself and her little one. This prompted fans to share the love with her.


Happy Valentine’s Day from me and my beloved! 💋

susanluckywong 😍
serezillCute cute cute 😘😘😘😘😘
mally_kay_banks beauriful
agnes_amimo I love the backdrop – where is that?! Hugs to the little one.
kagwe_murugu Sooooooo cute 😍😍😍 happy Valentine’s Day to you and Naila
811belle Lovely! Happy Valentine’s day to you both
livras 🌸🌸🌸 beauties! happy valentine’s day 😊
wahitotravels Aaaaaaaaaaaw
tastiedine She’s already walking?? 😍😍😍
theincredible_esa She’s so cute…you gave her the looks mama.where is that?
muiruri_kate Happy Valentine’s too
bellayule cute happy valentines to u n Naila
ruth_wahi Happy Valentine’s too Shazzy & Naila
wangeciwaihenya This is soooo beautiful Sharon

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Too Cute: Fashion Blogger This Is Ess Finally Reveals Her Daughter’s Name

Fashion blogger Sharon Mundia, popularly known as This Is Ess, has been missing from the public for a while now as she was on maternity break. The news of her delivery was first broken by her friend and colleague, Susan Wang, on their Youtube channel, Our2Cents.


Sharon’s husband also made a debut in one of the episodes where he talked about parenthood and what he learned ever since his daughter was born.

Too Cuddly! Sharon Mundia’s Husband Unveils Their Daughter’s FACE To The World For The First Time (PHOTO)

Well, Sharon is back to work and she was welcomed with open arms by her crew who were happy to see her after taking sometime off to take care of her daughter.

Sharon Mundia daughter

During the episode, she revealed the baby’s name which is super cute just like the parents.

She said, “I had to take care of my baby that’s why I was away, but for the most part, you’ll be seeing me around unless there’s something major I can’t do because I still have a baby to take care of. This experience has been incredible and there’s nothing that can be compared to that. My baby’s name is Aria Nailantei Leteipan, but we call her Naila.”

Too Cuddly! Sharon Mundia’s Husband Unveils Their Daughter’s FACE To The World For The First Time (PHOTO)

Celebrated blogger Sharon Mundia aka This Is Ess and her banker husband, Lonina Leteipan welcomed a baby girl on June 6, which was the happiest moment in their lives.

The cute couple had been keeping their relationship off the public radar especially when Sharon revealed that she was expecting their first child together, and then when she was almost popping, they shared their pregnancy photo shoot.

HAPPY COUPLE! Top Blogger Sharon Mundia Finally Shows Off Her HUGE Baby Bump Months After Announcing Her Pregnancy

Lonina and Sharon Mundia exchanged vows at an elegant ceremony in Mombasa, which was attended by their family members, close friends and fellow celebs like; Janet Mbugua and hubby Eddie Ndichu, Edith Kimani, Patricia Kihoro and others.


On Father’s Day, Lonina took time to appreciate the mother of his child by showering praises to his stunning wife, and thanking her for making him the happiest man in the world;

First came love…… Then came marriage….. Then came the little one in a baby carriage! Having been a father for only a short time I’m not sure how to celebrate this day. So allow me to instead celebrate the person that made this possible. I can honestly say she is the champion that not only brought my daughter into the world but also is to me the greatest mother ever. My beautiful wife @this_is_ess
It wasn’t an easy audition but I’m glad you picked me to be your homie, husband and baby daddy. I love you to forever. And even after.

Sharon Mundia made her first public appearance recently when she joined her close pals for a girls night out.

Sharon Mundia And Tycoon Hubby Welcome Their First Child


Now, the moment everyone has been waiting for is finally here. I’m sure you have been wondering how the newborn looks, but now, you don’t have to anticipate anymore.

Lonina decided to share the first ever photo of their cute daughter, revealing her adorable face to the world;

This is me holding the whole world in my hands. #NewLOML #LivingProofThatGodLovesMe #MyBabyMamaAndIMakeGoodBabies #ShesMoreThanJustPrettyFeet #KingOfHashtags #KingToMyPrincess #ThatMakesMyWifeAQueen #TheHairline #TheForehead #AndTheDoctorSayShesMyDaughter #HerCutenessIsFromHerSuperMama #MyWonderWoman #LastHashtagForThisPost

Here the black and white photos of Sharon Mundia’s cuddly newborn daughter. Who does she take after?




Sharon Mundia’s Husband Pens Down A Beautiful Message For His Parents As They Celebrate Their Anniversary

Sharon Mundia’s husband, Lonina Leteipan is one funny guy who has given his followers on social media so much life with his posts.

If you follow him on any platform, you’ll bear me witness that you can’t go through a post without laughing your heart out.

sharon and lonina

He recently tied the knot with his long term girlfriend This Is Ess and their wedding was magical. They are about to be blessed with a bundle of joy, but the two have been missing from the public eye for a while with many people have been wondering if the baby finally arrived.

HAPPY COUPLE! Top Blogger Sharon Mundia Finally Shows Off Her HUGE Baby Bump Months After Announcing Her Pregnancy

They make a great couple and so do his parents. Mr and Mrs Leteipan are celebrating their anniversary today and Lonina couldn’t hide how much he loves and admires his parents. He took to social media to share what he’s learned from them and his love for them.

lonina parents

He wrote, “They say friendship is the cornerstone for a good and lasting marriage.
You guys seem to have kept up with your friendship. Through the relocation, through ups and downs, through three boys that are now men.
Through familial differences, through job changes and dissatisfaction. Through the loss of friends and family over this 42 years of marriage. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Mum and Dad!! To many more years of great adventures. We love you to the end of all time.

Blogger Sharon Mundia Might Be HEAVILY Pregnant With Twins, Here’s Proof (VIDEO)

Fashion blogger Sharon Mundia, who is due in a few weeks’ time, might be expectant with twins.

The sassy lass, known to many as This Is Ess, caused a lot of speculation after referring to her bundle(s) of joy as “they” in a video that was posted on YouTube on Thursday, May 18.


In the video which was shared by Our2Cents, an online show that Sharon hosts with Susan Wong, the former repeatedly says “they” while rubbing her hands against her belly.

As the video begins, singer Patricia Kihoro – who was a guest on the show – and Susan seem fascinated with Sharon’s belly movements so much so that it seems to be a distraction.

He’s A Hopeless Romantic: Read What Sharon Mundia’s (This Is Ess) Husband Wrote to Her

When she noticed that it was taking their minds away from the topic of the day, the fashion blogger said: “I think they are gone, they are done now. Cause they want us to talk today.”

Watch the video below.

But then again, the practice of referring to unborn

A List Of Celebrity Babies We Are Looking Forward To Meeting (Photos)

Mtoto ni baraka, and kila mtoto hukuja na sahani yake are some of the popular Kiswahili sayings Kenyans use to refer to newborns.

This year several female celebrities have revealed they are expecting bundles of joy. From Papa Shirandula’s actress Awinja to Fashionistas’ This Is Ess and Annabel Onyango, here is a list of female celebs whom we’re excited are preggas and we simply can’t wait to see their bundle of joys.

1.Jacky Vyke, popularly known as Awinja on the TV hit show Papa Shirandula. While it’s not known how far along she is. it’s safe to say it’s anytime soon. She has been winning the hearts of many on social media, with her cute pregnancy photos.


2. Sharon Mundia, also known as This Is Ess. This popular fashionista has a blog that team mafisi cannot get enough of. News of her engagement to her fiancé, and eventual nuptials created a frenzy and many hearts were also broken at the same time.


3. Annabel Onyango. This fashion stylist did her best to hide her pregnancy for a while after a little bird whispered to us that she could be pregnant, months after her wedding to Sauti Sol’s manager Marek. Well I guess it’s hard to hide good news and she did post a photo displaying her cute baby bump.


4. Chimami, the beautiful girlfriend to singer VicMass LuoDollar, the popular ‘Pesa Otas’ singer. The two lovebirds confessed their relationship to us a while back when he was in our offices to release a new song. The two also flaunted her baby bump, but they have gone silence since then.



Sharon Mundia’s Mother In Law Is Totally GORGEOUS, Here’s Concrete Proof (PHOTO)

Most women, or at least the ones I know hope that one day when they finally decide to get married, they will get along with the mothers of their partners.

Seemingly, popular fashion blogger Sharon Mundia, popularly known as This Is Ess is among the lucky one if the photo of her mother-in-law is anything to go by.

Sharon Mundia

A few hours ago, her husband Lonina Leteipan decided to introduce the woman who gave birth to him on social media and many couldn’t help but admire her.

“I know it’s not mother’s day or anything but I’d like to appreciate this lady just a little bit. I mean I already feel like she has done enough and yet she continues to want to do more from her heart. Thank you mum and thank God for you and your prayers,” he captioned the photo below.


Lonina went ahead to describe his mother as a prayerful warrior who can give you a lecture on short notice. Judging from the photo, you can tell that she’s a good-natured woman.

Too Adorable: Meet Fashion Blogger This Is Ess’ Unborn Child (Photos)

Fashion blogger Sharon Mundia popurlaly known as This Is Ess made headlines last year after she tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend (now husband) Lonina Leteipan. Their grand wedding was the talk of town with an all white theme affair at the Medina Palms Beach Resort.


Sharon has been missing from the public scene ever since she got married. Even her blog and social media accounts have gone dry for months now, leaving fans wondering what might be the case.

Thisisess named in Africa’s top street style instagrammers

Last year December, she posted a photo on her Instagram account wishing everyone a merry christmas. What caught many people’s eyes was the fact that she was actually pregnant. The photo started raising questions if she got married while pregnant. But only they know the answer to that.

About a month ago, Sharon talked about her pregnancy journey during an episode of Our 2cents with Susan Wang. She revealed that she’s pretty excited about it although she had been experiencing backaches.


Her husband, on the other hand loves his social media accounts and is always posting photos of the two together.

Today is International Women’s day and Lonina shared photos of the women he appreciates in his life. Amongst the photos was a never before seen framed photo of their baby’s ultrasound with the initials ‘DAD’ on the side of the frame.

Could they be expecting a baby girl?

Check out the photo below;