Jail me even for a 100 years ,but release Anne Ngirita,Meru man pleads

A man from Igembe Central is offering to be jailed on behalf of NYS suspect Ann Ngirita saying that she is too beautiful to be in jail.

Amos Mugambi, a miraa businessman, swears he’s ready to serve any sentence handed to the woman suspected of   receiving Sh60 million from NYS despite not knowing her prior to the scandal.

Meet Ann Ngirita the woman on the spotlight for being paid Sh60million in NYS saga

Ann Ngirita a suspect involved in NYS scandal

According to The Nairobian the 30 year old says beautiful Ngirita should not be in jail and is appealing to the government to allow him suffer on her behalf because “I am ready for any crime she has committed to be pinned on me even if it means a jail sentence of 100 years.”

This comes after Ngirita complained that she was starving in the cells and having a hard time in there.

 The man from Mwiyo village argues that he was offering himself for the sole reason that she appears innocent and “she is very beautiful to be behind bars.”

Mugambi recognized that Kenyans might mistake him for being insane but “I am expressing what I felt when I saw the way Ngirita was treated during her arrest and even when she appeared in court.”


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Kisumun man lynched by a mob for killing woman and stuffing body in a suitcase

An angry mob in Kisumu lynched  a man yesterday after finding the body of a woman he had killed stuffed in suitcase in a bid to hide it.

According to The Star the body had stab wounds in the neck and thigh and the throat was slit. the murders took place at Car Wash, Manyatta estate.

Kerugoya Woman kills 5yr old son by throwing him into river Rutui


Residents raised an alarm after hearing a commotion and rushed to the man’s house only to find blood oozing from  a suitcase and on opening it found the womans lifeless  body .

The residents raised the alarm and other wananchi cornered the man as he tried to flee.

The building’s security guard, Michael Odhiambo, said the man and woman came home at 3am. “The two were not talking when they arrived. They got into the house and [started playing] loud music,” he said.

House girl who stabbed woman to death in Kisumu arrested in Uganda

Odhiambo had never seen the woman before. He said the man usually comes and leaves at night.

“When I heard the commotion I locked the gate and alerted police but the suspect attempted to escape through the back door before being cornered by the mob,” Odhiambo said.

A source said the man picked up the woman at a nightclub in Kondele. She said the woman was a commercial sex worker.

Kisumu county police boss John Kamau said they have launched investigations.

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Cop Sammy Ngare nominated for Diaspora Awards for his charity work

Turkana policeman -cum-gospel artiste  Sammy Ngare has been nominated in the ongoing Diaspora Awards for Kenyans who have done extraordinary things in the world.

The policeman who is  vocal when it comes to promoting  good vices through his social media platform is known for his music prowess and his philanthropic acts through his foundation Askari ni Binadamu. He is also a founder of PamSon foundation and a director in MaxFacta Rescue Centre.

Speaking to Word Is, he said he has been nominated in the ongoing Diaspora Awards for Kenyans who have done extraordinary things in the world.

“I had appealed to Kenyans to nominate me because I deal with matters affecting the less fortunate children in the country,” he said.

This is not the first time Sammy’s exemplary work is being noted as he has won different awards before fro being The best individual cop of the year and Extra mile award



Mc Jessy awarded charity ambassador for children with celebral palsy

According to The Star  Sammy works in Kibish, an interior location in Turkana county, where education is not considered a basic need and girls are married off for dowry and not taken to school. Sam has recognised that and has met some who he wants to take to school.

“These are Turkana girls in a village called Kibish tribe Kwatela. Kibish is 450km from Lodwar town. In this village, there is only one school, and the people here depend on relief food from the government. It’s also hard for parents to even afford school uniforms and books, making it hard for kids to attend school. Kibish is on the border of Ethiopia and southern Sudan,” he said.

Sammy Ngare with his fellow artistes in the National Police Service
Sammy Ngare with his fellow artistes in the National Police Service

Zambian MPs in Kenya to learn how to fight corruption in their country

“The fact that our camp is near Kijiji, as they call it, makes it easy for them to come for food and water, since we are supplied by the government, so I was able to meet some girls. Turkana people are nice and most of the times when we are attacked here, they always come for our rescue.”

His main agenda is to help the girls attain education.

“My main agenda is to encourage the community to know the benefit of taking kids to school. The kids ndio wanafanya job ya kupeleka ngombe malishoni, and girls go to fetch firewood. They value a girl child more because she brings wealth to the community after dowry of 50 cows, a 100 goats and 10 donkeys,” Ngare said.


Children reading under a tree for lack of proper infrastructure

7 Things women should do during the Russia World Cup 2018 period to avoid boredom

“I appeal to leaders like the woman representative, area MP and governor to support their education. Through my initiative Askari ni Binadamu, together with my Pamson Foundation, I will ensure they get good life.”

He looks forward to leaving Kibish for a better place.

“My transfer to Kibish in Turkana county is a blessing to this people. God knew why I was transferred here. I will leave the place better than I found it,” Ngare said, adding that serving Kenyans is what he was called for.


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Maasai Girls School in Narok closed indefinitely over rape allegations

Days after Nairobi’s Moi Girls school reopened,Maasai Girls’ School in Narok county has been closed indefinitely after rape claims against a teacher arose

Concerned parents  had camped outside the school from as early as 6am after reports that a male teacher had been demanding sexual favours from the girls.According to The Star it was said that some students alerted their parents who dashed to the school.

Maasai Girls School ,Narok
Maasai Girls School ,Narok

The students protested by refusing to go to class and demanded action against the teacher who reportedly hid in the principal’s office.Principal Rose Oteko told the media that the administration asked police to investigate.

“We acknowledge receiving the information about one of our teachers demanding sex from the girls. We did not [dismiss it as a rumor],” she told reporters. “The school will remain closed until further notice.”The school has about 1,300 students.

‘When we tried to raise our voice on the issues, the school said the victims were pretending,’ disturbing details about Moi Girls rape case

She added, however, that they suspected a former teacher had incited the students.

Oteko’s sentiments were echoed by county Education Director Samuel ole Sankale who said they would speed up investigations.

The claims follow the case of Moi Girls’ School in Nairobi, where a student was reportedly defiled and two others assaulted leading to a panic by both students and parents who urged the Education ministry to help ensure of their children’s security.

Students of Moi Girls going home after CS Amina Mohammed ordered its closure
Students of Moi Girls going home after CS Amina Mohammed ordered its closure

Moi Girls Nairobi has been reopened amid protests

The school was reopened on Sunday but some parents demanded details on the allegations and said they would not take their children back since they were not sure of what to expect if the issue was not properly handled.

At a protest on Monday, activists demanded the arrest of suspects so justice is served. They held demonstrations in the CBD before handing a petition to Education CS Amina Mohamed.


Kerugoya Woman kills 5yr old son by throwing him into river Rutui

Kerugoya residents are in shock after a woman identified as Nancy Nyawira was arrested for killing her son by throwing him into a river.

According to The Star the woman killed  her five-year-old son by throwing him into a river.She later admitted to have committed the inhumane act at Rutui river in Kerugoya county on Friday evening.

Officers from Kerugoya police station arrested aged 23 on Saturday night after being alerted by concerned neighbours who noticed the absence of the innocent child.

Speaking to The Star on phone the  area OCPD Yawa Chome said

“She confessed that she threw the kid in the river upon interrogation by detectives,” adding investigations would help them establish her motive.

Man, 26, dies after jumping into river to escape armed thugs

Nyawira will be arraigned on Monday.The woman’s neighbours said she had seemed stressed for weeks but condemned her for killing an innocent child.

”Nyawira kept to herself but we did not suspect she would kill her son,” said one identified only as Muthoni.

Things people born after 2000 will never enjoy nor have to deal with

The county’s disaster management team pulled the boy’s body out of the river and took it to the morgue at Kerugoya Level Four Hospital.

This killing comes days after  a woman identified as Jacky Auma stabbed her employer and her three month baby before tying their lifeless bodies by the bed .

Drama in Kitale as couple is stuck during an illicit sexual escapade

The woman who has since escaped had been working for the family for almost a month and had not portrayed any signs that would have given her off as a murderer

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Killer tout who threw man out of moving bus over Ksh 10 in Westlands arrested

Luck seems to have run out for a bus tout who allegedly threw a passenger out of a moving vehicle over a Ksh 10 tussle leading to the passengers death.

The  security guard who was identified as Walter Ochieng was on his way to work when he met his death after he was crushed by a bus.The incident happened on Sunday 2nd June 2018 near St Marks ACK Church on Waiyaki Way.

The driver of the KBW 110E bus, which belongs to City Shuttle Sacco and plies the Kangemi-CBD route, is still at large.


City Shuttle bus at the scene where Walter Ochieng the deceased is said to have had an argument with squad conductor over transport fee, a fierce argument ensued before the conductor pushed him out of the moving city shuttle.photo Patrick Vidija

According to The Star, Police say the conductor, who is being held at Parklands police station, denied pushing Ochieng out of the vehicle.

“We are appealing to the passengers who were in that vehicle to give us information to help us with investigations,” Nairobi DCI boss Ireri Kamwende said yesterday. Ochieng was allegedly pushed out of the bus after a disagreement with the conductor over Sh10.

STYLE UP!!! Annoying Habits Kenyans Should Stop In Matatus

He had boarded the bus in Kangemi and was to alight at Safaricom after he paid Sh20.

“An argument later ensued between the two and the conductor, who was manning the door, pushed him out of the vehicle after he told him he was a bother,” a witness told the Star.

The bus then ran over Ochieng, killing him instantly. Yesterday, the management of City Shuttle declined to comment on the incident.

Ochieng worked for First Force Security Company as well as G4S. He lived at Gatina in Kawangware.

The vehicle is being held at Parklands police station as Ochieng’s body was taken to City Mortuary.

Mr Ochieng is among the many victims who died in the hands of careless drivers and conductors ,in 2015Mr Alex Madaga, 37,died after speeding many hours in ambulance unattended after a hit and run accident on Waiyaki Way.

Prior to his death he was bleeding in his brain and every second was crucial for his survival something that was taken for granted leading to his death.

Else where a 24- year-old woman from Ainamoi constituency was killed by being thrown out of a moving Toyota Probox vehicle. Joseph Kiarie is also a victim of touts brutality ,after he was killed on Sunday, December 24, 2017 in Zimmerman after being attacked by touts following an altercation.

Umoinner Matatu Crew Save Woman From Kidnappers

The Marimba Sacco touts and drivers attached  attacked Kiarie with kicks and blows and crude weapons inflicting serious injuries to him leading to his untimely death.
Former student leader beaten to death by touts laid to rest as family demands for justice
The late Joseph Kiarie who died at the hands of touts in Zimmerman



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Media council threatens to close The Star

The Media Council of Kenya is threatening to close down the Star newspaper.

Today it issued a press release saying that it was contemplating “withdrawal of accreditation of its journalists and excommunication of the paper from media enterprises regulated under Media Council of Kenya.”

Only accredited media outlets and journalists are allowed to work in Kenya under the Media Act of December 2013. Withdrawal of accreditation would be equivalent to closure.

The press release signed by Grace Munjuri, Chairperson of the Ethics and Public Information Committee, complained about “persistent publishing of offensive stories and pictures by the Star.” It did not specify which stories or pictures had been deemed offensive.

The press release stated that the Media Council had “summoned the management of Radio Africa Group on Thursday, 22 January 2015 to explain the unprofessional conduct of its journalists before an appropriate action is taken.”

Today the Star Managing Director, William Pike, wrote to the Media Council requesting a formal communication to appear on January 22 as neither the Star nor the Radio Africa Group has received any such request from the Council.

He also requested the Media Council to specify which articles had caused offence as the Star was at risk of being found guilty without the chance to prove its innocence.

He said that the Star had always respected requests to appear before the Media Council Complaints Commission where several cases are presently under adjudication.

The Commission had found the Star at fault in only one case and the paper duly published an apology as directed.

– The Star