Is Kenya Ready For These Two Finalists In TV’s Biggest Reality Show

Ythera and Moonboy are two extremely talented young musicians every Kenyan is talking about. The two are on Kiss TV’s The Search, which airs every Sunday at 8 pm.

They have proven they are not your average artistes since the show started.

The two are blessed to have powerful voices that can move you to tears. If you don’t believe me, tune into the show this Sunday as we come to the finals of the show.

However, everyone has a life story to tell. They did not reach there by luck. It has been all hard work and commitment. They got to talk about this recently.


Ythera started singing at a tender age but was always too shy to sing in front of anyone. She fell in love with music very early in my childhood. She’s inspired by Eric Wainaina as she grew up listening to his songs.

When asked what she’d do if she won 1 million shillings, she said, “I will give some of it to my parents and probably treat them to something really nice because they really, really, deserve it. There’s no amount of money that can ever repay my parents for supporting me throughout my music (and life) but it would be my way of showing gratitude. I’ll also invest it back into my music.”

Moonboy on the other hand started singing at the age of 9, humming and vocally trying out vocals from various artistes. His dreams are to be one of the biggest brands worldwide and making platinum albums and doing what he loves. He also wants to fight for the appreciation and acceptance of Kenyan music, globally. He is inspired by American singer Trey Songz.


If he won the money after the competition, Moonboy said, “I will heavily invest in my career and profession which is the music business and give back to the community by entertaining them as a singer with music they have never expected to originate from Africa.”

Ythera and Moonboy will be fighting for the prize alongside Suzziah and Elvis. If you want to see who takes away the cash prize of one million shillings and aa record deal, make sure you tune in to Kiss TV this Sunday at 8pm and experience magical voices.

Why You Must Watch Chris Adwar On Kiss TV #TheSearch

Chris has been in professional music since 1998, when he co-founded the Voices United Choir. Maybe you’ve not heard of VUC, but it rocked the country with amazing gospel jams.

Adwar received his musical training while in the Nairobi School Band as a trombone player between 1993 and 1996. He picked up the piano in 1994 and learnt valuable musical directing skills as he learnt and taught songs to the band.

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He has been featured on TV shows as follows:
1)Tusker Project Fame – Songwriting coach, Band leader, Keyboard Player, Judge, Sound Engineer
2) Tusker All Stars – Musical Director and Keyboard Player
3) The Hatua Show – Musical Director and Keyboard Player
4) Coke Studio Africa– Keyboard Player, Musical Arranger and Assisting Musical Director
5) Samsung Zikistar – Judge
6) Airtel Trace Music Star – Judge

Chris is the Keyboard Player, Musical Director and Lead Singer for The Villagers Band, and also runs his own studio outfit.

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Before you go, you need to know where to see Adwar do his thing. The Search is a huge show that will air on Kiss TV starting Sunday, January 15th 2017 from 8 PM. You won’t miss watching this celebrated judge for anything, no?

You can also catch the Livestream on Kiss TV’s facebook page ( on Sunday 15th January 2017

Patricia Kihoro All Set To Discover Great Artists On #TheSearch

Patricia Kihoro is a singer, actress, radio presenter, improv comedian and sporadic blogger from Nairobi, Kenya. She loves coffee, laughter, books, photography, African music, Kitenge fabric, her phone and smugly cruising past frustrated motorists stuck in traffic, while on her scooter.

Patricia has dabbled in just about everything in the entertainment sphere. Talk about being blessed, and Patricia is too blessed!

Soon after completing her Psychology degree in 2008, she joined a reggae band, and then participated in a regional televised singing competition where she emerged a finalist. She has since acted in numerous musical stage productions, as well as in a few TV series and a couple of award-winning films.

She has written articles for magazines and websites, emceed at events, released a couple of radio singles, been in a few of her friends music videos, hosted a popular radio show, participated in a Nigerian reality series, anchored the news on radio, (and very authoritatively at that), and shared a stage with musical artists such as Just A Band, Aaron Rimbui, Harry Kimani as well as American Jazz great, Gerald Albright.

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She has also been on tour in Europe, singing and dancing on stage 6 days a week for 3 months. Her biggest achievement so far has been writing, producing, directing and performing her own stage show, “Life In The Single Lane”, which was a surprising success, and sold out all six times she put it up.

She may have a bit of an attention deficiency problem and is a self-confessed over-thinker, but she seems to handle it all right.
She currently is part of an improv comedy group, Because You Said So, that puts up a show every two months at Nairobi’s popular Carnivore Restaurant. She is also a keen campaigner for Kenyan and African artists and brands, something she does with enthusiasm with her weekly radio show, Afrocentral, where she showcases and highlights non-mainstream African artists and personalities. She’s not done yet, however, as she still has some albums to work on, a TV series to create, a book of short stories to write, and 12 children to bear. She will, however, never go skydiving. Ever.

Kenyan Music Lovers Will Love This New Reality Show

Catch the premier of #TheSearch showing on Kiss TV this Sunday from 8 PM.

You can also catch the Livestream on Kiss TV’s facebook page ( on Sunday 15th January 2017