“Tetanus vaccine is birth control in disguise” say Catholic bishops


On Tuesday the bishops appearing before the parliamentary health committee said they had tested the vaccine privately and were shocked to find it was laced with a birth control hormone called beta human chorionic gonadotropin.

“We are calling on all Kenyans to avoid the tetanus vaccination campaign because we are convinced it is indeed a disguised population control program,” said Bishop Paul Kariuki, chairman of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops’ health committee.

The tangle began in March, when bishops became suspicious about the vaccine, which was targeted at women in the reproductive ages of 14 to 49, and excluded boys and men.

An ordinary tetanus shot can protect a person for 10 years, with a booster available for those who have suffered an injury.

The bishops also wondered why the campaign was being rolled out in phases and in secrecy.

“To our surprise, the Ministry of Health confirmed it had not tested the vaccine, having trusted it, since it originated from WHO (World Health Organization), a credible organization in matters of health,” said Kariuki.

The government insists the vaccine is safe. So too does the World Health Organization and UNICEF. The two groups issued a statement saying the vaccine, which has been used by 130 million women in 52 countries, is safe.

“These allegations are not backed up by evidence, and risk negatively impacting national immunizations programs for children and women,” the WHO and UNICEF statement said.

The government began providing the shots in October 2013.

Source :RNS

Catholic bishops urge Kenyans to boycott the Tetanus vaccine

The Kenya Conference of Catholic bishops are calling on all Kenyans to boycott the controversial tetanus vaccine being undertaken in 60 sub counties.

The bishops told the parliamentary health committee that the process is intended to control the population in the country saying original tests of the vaccine contains a hormone that brings infertility to women.

According to the catholic bishops the ministry of health has not tested the vaccine. They called on the government to prioritize human dignity and stop the process.

“Tetanus vaccine has hormone that causes infertility”, Catholic church insists

Independent tests by the Catholic church on samples of the tetanus vaccine promoted by the government show it is laced with a hormone that causes infertility and miscarriages, the church has said.

Samples of the vaccine from independent sources, tested by four unrelated government and private laboratories in Kenya and abroad, were found to contain the Beta-HCG hormone, the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops said at a press briefing in Nakuru on Thursday.

The church has accused the government of dishonesty and misleading Kenyans, and reiterated its call for the people to shun the vaccination terming it a disguised population control programme.

Accusing Health ministry officials of handling the matter casually, the bishops said they had raised their concerns with Health CS James Macharia and the Health Services director who had agreed to test the vaccine.

“We were dismayed that the ministry pulled out of the agreement and refused to cooperate. Joint tests were not done. We struggled and acquired several vials of the vaccine. On October 13, we gave copies of the results to the CS and the director but no action has been taken,” Cardinal John Njue said. The tetanus vaccination campaigns are sponsored by the World Health Organization and UNICEF.