‘I used my child to revenge against my ex’ Terryanne Chebet admits

Terryanne Chebet admits she once played the game some angry ex spouses are hell bent on playing, which is using your child to manipulate the ex.

On her Youtube channel, Terryanne addressed a question from a fan who wanted to know how she made co-parenting work successfully.

I locked myself in a room and cried! Terryanne Chebet speaks about Citizen TV firing

Terryanne Chebet

She first admitted it wasn’t easy in the beginning over what perhaps were deep issues between her and the ex.

‘Try to be in a place where you respect each other, so have you have to get there first, respect takes a long time to grow especially after trust has been broken or there’s feelings of distress, that has caused problems’

She advised that fighting fire with fire only puts children in the middle and makes them victims of a dispute between their parents.

‘It’s easy to co parent, but I don’t think it’s 100 per cent easy, but it had to get to a place where we put the child first. I always say you don’t have to be best friends with your co parent. Have a cordial relationship that they can call and talk to the child or pick the child’

‘You are just a bored guy growing his finger biceps’ Ex Machachari actor tells haters

Terryanne Chebet and daughter Imani

She also shares other tips of managing the situation, and confesses how she had a hard time in the beginning.


‘Make sure you both understand the child is more important than what you are going through. I have seen women use the child to revenge on the man, I have done that, because you’re upset with the father, but with time and maturity and wisdom, and speaking to older people who have been there and the advise they gave me is that it’s not you who will suffer in the end by denying the child access to the father, so let’s put our egos aside and focus on what is best for the child,’

Dear Classic 105 fam, if you are co-parenting do drop us some comments on how you make it work below.

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Fashion detected! Terryane Chebet shows you simple ways to rock headwraps (photos)

Headwraps have gradually started to take over the fashion space in our closets that was once occupied by wide brim hats.

The good thing about them is they always come through for example, when you got an impromptu event to attend but your hair is in bad condition.

You never know when such emergencies may come along, it’s safe to always have several head wraps for such days.

The best thing about headwraps is that anyone can rock one so long as you learn how to do it.

Terryanne Chebet has also joined in and we can say the head wraps looks good on her.

She told her fans that she will rocking headwraps for a change.

“No one told me that with head wraps you need one that not only matches what you wear but they’d probably need a whole shelf!! I’ve run out of wraps! I have 4. 😱😱 Any pointers?”

23-year-old Nehema Georgina Obiero goes viral thanks to her headwraps

Check out few photos;

terr 1 terr 2 terr 3

Check out some of her posts;

Terryanne Chebet and daughter excite Kenyans with Hallelujah rendition (video)

Terryanne Chebet and her daughter lit up social media after they posted a video of themselves singing the famous song Hallelujah alongside daughter Imani.

The song was first sung by Canadian singer Leonard Cohen and has become a favourite for renditions by many worldwide and Terryanne and her daughter did an excellent job.

Terryanne Chebet

Imani in particular showed her prowess and showed amazing vocal talent that struck many who were moved by her soothing voice. Others believed that her daughter actually inherited the voice from her mum who was equally great.

I locked myself in a room and cried! Terryanne Chebet speaks about Citizen TV firing

NTV news anchor Smriti Vidyarthi said: “Wow! Such beautiful voices. I knew your daughter had a great voice, but I’m taken aback by yours Terryanne. Absolutely love it! This really made me smile. I wish I could sing like that.”

The video was watched by over 45,000 in just 15 hours and many gave their reactions in the comment section. Here are more responses the two got from fans online:

misspretty_jo1 Imani has a very beautiful voice🔥

kendipaula Lovely

celinekeko Beautiful❤❤

kennedyouke Talent mmehide tu….yawa👌👌👌🙌🙌🙌. Niiiceeee….

agnetaagoya96 Amazing voice. Eeh both of you can sing well. Continue with that spirit. Congratulations 🎉

wanjiragitonga Golden👏👏👏👏

miss_myudneey You really are enjoying this quarantine season 😁

ingrid_nantege I needed this 😍

Terryanne Chebet with her two kids
Terryanne Chebet with her two kids

Sharing the good news on her Instagram account, the anchor disclosed she would be taking her recipes to YouTube. She also acknowledged her daughter’s effort who acted as ‘editor in chief’ to ensure the video had no errors.

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I locked myself in a room and cried! Terryanne Chebet speaks about Citizen TV firing

Terryanne Chebet lost her job at Citizen TV back in 2016. The journalist has now admitted that it was one of the lowest points in her life.

The journalist smiling
The journalist smiling

In an interview with NTV’s Grace Msalame, the mother of two narrated that she didn’t see the impending layoff coming as she wasn’t under-performing in her job.

“It was many things. It was very hard in the beginning, just hearing the news crashed me and it crashed from a very personal point, because it is one thing when you lose your job but its another thing when you lose your job so publicly and such a public job. When you have such a strong belief in yourself, I do my work well. So even when there was an announcement that they would be a redundancy, I never imagined it could be me. So when it happened I did not know what to do. I called my friend and I was crying, then I went home, locked myself in a room. And the hardest person to tell was the house-help, because you are just at home, locking yourself in your room. That was so hard because I had lived with her for more than 10 years and she had never seen me cry”.

Terryanne Chebet with Grace Msalame
Terryanne Chebet with Grace Msalame

She added,

“So that was very difficult but I thank God I had a very strong support system. Because one of the people who really came through for me was my business partner at Scarlet Digital (advertising agency). She pushed to focus on the positive. She was like you are not stopping, you can go home and cry later. I didn’t feel woyee for myself because there was no time to feel woyee, I would cry at night but in the morning I have to go to work because there are people in the office and I have to look okay. I was fighting so much internally but then my brain was engaged in so many other things” said Terryanne.

Terryanne Chebet

The Metropol TV General Manager also talked about the importance of having multiple streams of income, instead of just depending on your salary.

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Terryanne Chebet vows to protect her dating life till her wedding day

TV presenter Terryanne Chebet has dazzled and excited Kenyans for many a year when she read the nightly news. While many might know a lot about her professionally, little is known about her romantic side with the mother of two being very secretive about it.

The well-respected journalist has again promised to continue keeping her dating life hidden until the day she walks down the aisle…And even then she added a huge caveat to that.

Terryanne Chebet with Grace Msalame
Terryanne Chebet with Grace Msalame

Speaking during an interview with NTV, Terryanne revealed that there is too much bad energy when someone’s personal life is revealed on social media.

“I believe there is a reason why personal life is actually called personal. If you put too much out there, it invites criticism. Bad energy. There is something bad always with bad energy,” said Chebet.

Terryanne Chebet spends big bucks for milestone birthday

She also added that she would keep protecting her family as they aren’t public figures.

“For me, I said I will protect my dating life, I will protect the people that I date because they are not public personalities. I would rather keep that part of my life as private as possible and it gives me peace. Until when I walk down the aisle, maybe they can know,” she added.

Terryanne Chebet with her two kids
Terryanne Chebet with her two kids

Her stance while bad for us celebrity-watchers eager for gossip is understandable. Kenyan R& B musician Wyre also shares the same sentiment as Terryanne as he has made it a point to keep his wife and kid away from the spotlight.

Wyre with his son in the past
Wyre holding his son in a file photo

Their viewpoint can have some positives as it allows one’s kids to grow up without the constant glow of the spotlight, allowing them to choose their own paths. On the other hand, the spotlight can offer the kid an easy path to celebrity like DJ Mo and Size 8’s daughter Ladehse who know has a following of 351k followers! Talk about a headstart!

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Terryanne Chebet spends big bucks for milestone birthday 


After popping champagne in Laikipia for her 40th birthday, media girl Terryanne Chebet has taken the party all the way to South Africa.

Back in May they went to Mukami house, a Luxury country home in Laikipia overlooking Mt Kenya for the festivities.

She is now currently partying alongside pals Miss Kihoro, Shix Kapienga, Monica Kiragu, Kirigo Ngarua.

They are at Sun City Resort in South Africa.

Sun City Resort is a world-renowned and popular leisure resort. It is easily accessed from Johannesburg (2 hours by road) – and is the ideal addition to any South African itinerary. There’s nothing quite like it anywhere in the world and it’s a completely unique holiday experience for all ages.

Check out how Terryanne Chebet spent her 40th birthday with friends

Sun City offer.


She wrote:

travel makes you realize no matter how much you know, there’s always more to learn.” — Nyssa Chopra


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Terryanne Chebet reveals her most embarrassing moment (video)

Terryanne Chebet is one of the media personalities in Kenya that is always bubbly and open about her life. The television personality who worked at Citizen T.V and is now the founder of natural skincare company, Keyara Organics recently revealed her most embarrassing moment.



According to Terryanne Chebet, she was recently dancing in a club when, to her horror, her wig fell off,

Recently, I was dancing in a club and my wig fell off. I was at Kiza and I can’t remember which song was playing. I just thought ‘oh my God, my wig is on the floor’.I had blonde hair and I hadn’t combed it. I think I had matuta, it was just horrible.

Terryanne Chebet in a contemplative gaze
Terryanne Chebet in a contemplative gaze

Terryanne added that  luckily for her, a friend was hanging out with her and immediately came to the rescue;

She was so fast it (the wig) was back on my head in a matter of seconds, I kept thinking someone is going to post a photo online, it was really embarrassing.”

Check out the video below;

While that is an embarrassing story, singer Vivianne had a much worse one as it happened on stage. Vivianne’s zipper decided to burst out on stage during a vigorous performance.


Vivianne told her story to Massawe Jappani and laughed as she remembered that embarrassing moment in her life as an artiste.

I once had my zipper torn while performing and had to stop my performance and go make it. Sam came on stage and made it for me, a great challenge of managing female artiste. It was the most embarrassing thing on stage.

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‘Love deeply’ – Terryanne Chebet reveals biggest lessons she has learnt this year

Terryanne Chebet is one, if not the most accomplished media personalities that we have in Kenya. She was once a daily fixture on our television sets for many years while she worked for Citizen T.V.

She now works for Metropol T.V as the General Manager and as with many things in life, has gained wisdom through those years. She recently shared some life lessons that she has learnt so far this year, on her Instagram page.

Terryanne Chebet in a contemplative gaze
Terryanne Chebet in a contemplative gaze

Some of those lessons are below;

A few lessons I’ve learned this year 1. Trust the process, in the end it always works out. 2. Invest in friendships. Call. Lunch. Visit. Do dinners. Spend weekends together. 3. Children are a great source of joy. Find time to spend with them and drink from that cup. 4. Focus on your work and give it your best, your work gets noticed. Work hard, work smart. Take risks. Make mistakes. Win. 5. Go big or go home. With everything. Life. Love. Career. Even birthdays😜 7. Love deeply, it is the true source of life. ❤️ 8. Forgive and let go. Close chapters that sadden you. Give it to God and go to sleep. 9. Dress well. It’s a sign of good manners they say. 10. Live. Do the things you really want to do. Because in the end it always works out.

Terryanne Chebet posing in denim
Terryanne Chebet posing in denim

The post inevitably received many positive responses from her followers. Some are below;

kirigongarua; Truth!!! This resonates so deeply with me @terryannechebet..And I will add…choose happiness at all times…regardless of what is said…do what makes you happy!!!its your life..you only have one life to live… 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽
jhnbett; 🙏🙏🙏 well said…
chepkirui12: True👌👌👌👌; orion.tv ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️; ginamuchoki_va
You said it.. Preach girl.. Preach….Tell us…and aren’t those words oozing wisdom…🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
chebetsang; 10 great lessons

Terryanne Chebet posing with Chipukeezy
Terryanne Chebet posing with Chipukeezy

What do you think of her lessons? Do you see the value?

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Chipukeezy, Janet Mbugua, Terryanne, Amina team up to pay girls school fees

Chipukeezy, Janet Mbugua, Terryanne Chebet, and Amina Abdia teamed up with Chipukeezy this week to aid a female high school student who was filmed while drunk a few months ago.

Chipukeezy who is a NACADA board member on Monday visited the 15-year-old at her home in Karatina together with NTV’s The Trend host Amina.

Chipukeezy helping the girl
Chipukeezy helping the girl

The comedian posted the good news on his Instagram page revealing that the girl had thought of killing herself when the video went viral. His caption read;

A few months ago a video showing a 15-year-old girl clearly drunk went viral. When she was on the verge of running away from home because of the video, contemplating suicide etc I took it upon myself as a Nacada Director to reach out and offer help where I could. I promised to offer mentorship, ensure she completes her high school education, receive the much-needed guidance and counseling and today, I’m so happy to say she’s doing so much better.

He also explained that he had reached out to several media personalities who offered to pay for the girl’s school fees for a year each. He added;

I reached out to my sister @aminaabdirabar who not only joined me and came all the way to Karatina BUT she even offered to pay 1 year of her high school. It inspired me to do the same, I then called @officialjanetmbugua & @terryannechebet who both agreed to help and each paid fees for a year as well. Kindly note that the reason I reached out was not to reward her for drinking, but give her the mentorship she requires & to highlight the much-needed discussion on alcohol affecting our youth across the country.

Many fans and followers of his were pleased with the wonderful information and rightfully said so. This great news reminds me of the richest black man in America, Robert F Smith.

Last month, the billionaire pledged to pay the college student loans for 396 graduates from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, that amounted to at least 4 billion shillings!

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Kirigo Ngarua responds to troll by showing off her beautiful legs

Kirigo Ngarua is one media personality who deals with the trolls, meting out her responses with sass and class. Yesterday evening she posted an image of her wearing a little black dress, that also showed off her impeccable legs.

Her caption called out a particular troll who had tried to shame her for dressing ‘indecently’. It is below;

Some human commented somewhere that I should “dress decently”…. Not sure what that means and to be honest I can’t be bothered…Also I have beautiful legs so I have to show them off once in a while 😊😊😊 add this lovely dress from @siristudio and life is complete at this moment… ♥️♥️♥️

Terryanne Chebet with her guests during her birthday
Terryanne Chebet with her guests during her birthday

The snap was taken at her bestie Terryanne Chebet’s Great Gatsby themed birthday party. The birthday girl Terryanne Chebet also commented below the picture, saying,

You looked absolutely stunning! Leg day every day ❤️🔥🔥

Friends Kirigo Ngarua and Terryanne Chebet
Friends Kirigo Ngarua and Terryanne Chebet

Some other comments are below from other media personalities and fans are below;

Lillian Muli; Lol
Neomi Nganga; Hoootnesss.
Kambua; I mean…! 👌🏾💕
Monica Kiragu; Looking gorgeous my love
oshinity; Wenye wivu wapractice yoga wajinyonge na miguu yao
michelle.ntalami; Legs for days! 😍vickykitonga’s profile picture
vickykitonga; You live life once Precious ! Live it to the fullest

The amazing thing is that when people try and dictate what a celebrity wears or behaves, is that they most often double down. earlier in the year Akothee was the subject of some few but vocal critics concerning her way of dress, especially on stage.

The singer was criticised for the way she was dressed on stage

What do you think she did? Did she listen to the haters? Nah! She said she would dress how she damn well pleased!

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Check out how Terryanne Chebet spent her 40th birthday with friends

Terryanne Chebet is grateful as she turns 40 today a new year spent with her family and friends.

Her birthday parties are never done a simple birthday. For her, it’s an opportunity to escape the ups and downs of work and take a trip with her friends somewhere close. Last time she went out with the girls, Jacque Maribe, Shix Kapienga, Kirigo Ngarua, Monica Kiragu and her daughter.


Last time it was courtesy of Bonfire Adventures to the Mombasa and this time the squad is a completely different squad. New faces other than Kirigo.
The destination, Mukami house. A Luxury country home in Laikipia overlooking Mt Kenya.
Kirigo who is pretty excited her close friend has turned a year older penned  a sweet birthday wish that read,

“I remember watching you when you were at CNBC and I kept hoping and wishing we could be friends…and look at us here…😊😊😊 a friendship that has grown over 10 years…we have laughed,we have cried,we have fought,we have “cancelled” each other and we have prayed for each other. I am grateful that you chose me and stuck by us through the good and bad times… as you turn 40, you know my prayer for you.. 😊😊😊😊 happy birthday my love”

The ‘family’ of ladies who were present during her last years birthday have not sent their wishes on social media other than Shix who has taken it to her Instagram story with just ‘Happy Birthday ma’. Different from last year where she put up a long sweet post. This year, the ‘Golden Girls’ are silent and absent.

This year she will be marking her 40th year that came with blessings. Terryanne is the Brand ambassador of Molfix Diapers and the General Manager of Metropol Tv.

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Terryanne Chebet finally opens up on her biggest fear in life

Terryanne Chebet is one of the most celebrated journalists.

After getting retrenched by Citizen TV, she suffered for a time. She even confessed that she went silent and hid from everyone including her close friends and family.

But when Terryanne realized that was just a downfall in life, she opted to look for a solution rather than stew in her misery.

Terryanne Chebet is now the CEO of Fanaka TV. A job bigger and better than the one she held at Citizen. So believe that sometimes bad things happen to pave way for great things.

When she was asked her biggest fear in life, we would expect Terryanne to say losing her job again because that point brought her down but she surprised us.

Terryanne is a mother of two adorable babies and her fear is nothing material. She is afraid of being absent as a parent.

TerryAnne Chebet


Terryanne has managed to juggle being a mother and great CEO for that matter.

Every time she posts a success story on social media, the one thing her fans tell her is that she is their role model. I am sure this feeds her with so much positivity. I guess she can now write a book.

‘I watch what I eat’, Terryanne Chebet reveals the secret behind not aging

It is no doubt that women have a tough time shedding off baby weight. Some gain weight is quite noticeable and especially for those who are pampered with all sought of food stuffs, in a bid to produce more breast milk.

Well, former Citizen TV presenter Terryanne Chebet welcomed her second child late last year and she looked more sexier, without adding much weight. I mean she looks gorgeous.

In an interview with Ebru Tv, she reveled why that happened so fast as compared to other women.


Like Mother Like Daughter! Did You Know That TerryAnne Chebet’s Daughter Has This Incredible Talent?

“I am smaller enough, it’s best feeding. I watch what I eat, I think with my first baby I gained weight after delivery and it was all about the Njahi, the porridge but now I am wiser though still taking good food, soups and other liquids that is good for breastfeeding but not necessarily the heavy food. I am wiser now.

Her skin looks good too and she seems not to be aging. She said;

“Maybe genes, though I like taking care of myself, I eat well, I take care of my skin and coz I like wearing makeup, I have a facial every month without fail, I cleanse my face before I sleep, moisturize it. I am one person who can spend an hour before I get into bed. I can never go to bed with makeup. Plus my pillows are white.

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Terryanne Chebet’s fake pals called out in New Year’s message

Former Citizen TV presenter Terryanne Chebet is reviewing 2017 as it comes to a close. After loosing her job at Citizen TV as an business news anchor, the mother of two stayed strong and kept on encouraging her mentees on social media.

This year has seen her get baby number two whom she’s named Talaa. On this year, she gifted her self with a multi-million ride, a Range Rover Evoque.



Terry says she’s lost friends but gained family, a year of blessings  saying she’s found a new path in life.

“2017 has truly been the year of YES! I started off stumbling, partly anxious, partly armed with courage knowing only too well that God cannot bring your way what you cannot conquer. I’ve grown immensely, in wisdom and in strength, I’ve lost but I have also won. I’ve lost friends but I’ve gained family. 2017 has been the year of learning, of immense blessings, of giving, and of loving. I thank God, and I thank you who encouraged me, prayed with and were patient with me, as I found my way in this new path in life. Asante. God bless. God wins.”

terryanne-chebet-daughter (2)Chebet recently revealed that her second born came into the world the same date she was retrenched from her previous job, only a year later.

A mother’s joy begins when new life is stirring inside… When a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone…. She arrived on the 26th of October. On the exact date last year I received a letter informing me of my retrenchment. Is it just a co-incidence? God does have an incredible sense of humour. I am truly and deeply thankful.”

Is It Just A Co-incidence? Terryanne Chebet Reveals Something About Her New Baby

Former Citizen TV news anchor Terryanne Chebet made a life change a year a go after she was retrenched from her job as a news anchor. Since then she has proven to all and sundry that she is made of tough steel.

Less than a month ago, blessings came knocking at her door.

Terryanne Chebet is happy to have been blessed with a new member of her family.

A few days after welcoming her second born, the lady is already excited to raise two powerful women who will one day become leaders.

Terryanne Chebet shared a special message through her instagram page where she happened to reveal that she was blessed with yet another baby girl, whom she has named Talaa.

Earlier before the birth of her second born child, top media personalities made fashion headlines after throwing a swanky, suprise baby shower for Terryanne.

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Well, today she has for the first time since the birth of baby Talaa, posted her picture with a caption indicating that she came exactly one year after she was given her marching orders from Royal Media Group.


A mother’s joy begins when new life is stirring inside… When a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone…. She arrived on the 26th of October. On the exact date last year I received a letter informing me of my retrenchment. Is it just a co-incidence? God does have an incredible sense of humour. I am truly and deeply thankful.

Well, here are some of the comments from his fans;

rosemarie: If you are a believer then you know in Christ there ain’t no coincidence…I see a child and I see Newness, Abundance, Grace,Love and much more.I speak new beginning for you and those you hold dear.And hope you understand what God is saying to you.So many times we miss it because we’re not in it nor into it.You are blessed and congratulations on your new baby I pray you enjoy this.

wambuiaruri: You remember how you asked God “why ?” when you received the letter? That was his answer . See God! Great testimony that continues to restore my faith in God. His plans…we may question them, we may hate them…but in the end when it all manifests itself , we remain in awe and simply praise him ! Super touched by this! God bless you TC! And your girls! And this beautiful new path that is destined with greatness.

jossiejei: Wait a minute,,,,u were retrenched? Nooo, realy thought twas a personal decision ;,but anyway,,see God he has a way of putting back the joy n smile. Hope to see you back on set

miss_barbrah: Your baby was born the same day as Uhuru’s birthday n the same day as baby Huru’s birthday – Janet Mbugua’s son. Congratulations indeed this is God doings…

Read Terryanne Chebet Special Message To Her Baby Girls

Terryanne Chebet is happy to have been blessed with a new member of her family.

A few days after welcoming her second born, the lady is already excited to raise two powerful women who will one day become leaders.

Terryanne Chebet shared a special message through her instagram page where she happened to reveal that she was blessed with yet another baby girl, whom she has named Talaa.

The new baby has definitely changed her life from being private as she now wants to share details of her life with fans.

Through her instagram page, the former news anchor wrote saying:

“How lucky can I possibly be? Double the fun, double the blessing, double the love! To Imani and our latest one, Talaa, thank you for making me the happiest mummy in the entire universe, may your years be spent shattering glass ceilings! I’m excited to take on this new calling! #Raisingqueens #yummymummy

Screenshot from 2017-10-30 13_21_25_Easy-Resize.com

Down But Not Out! Terryanne Chebet Looks Ravishing And Breathtaking In Her Recent Photos

Former Citizen TV business reporter and news anchor Terryanne Chebet has been in the media industry for the longest time, having started out as a popular actress back in the day.

Terryanne has also worked in key media houses such as CNBC Africa, CCTV Africa and National Broadcaster KBC, and also doubles up as a TV director and producer.


The journalist is also the CEO OF Scarlet Digital and recently, she ventured into her own cosmetics business, where she sells Organic skin care products for women, which she debuted after being fired from Citizen TV.

Away from all the hustle, Terryanne is also a mother to a gorgeous girl, Imani Wambui, and though she’s not married, Terryanne Chebet has done a good job of bringing up her daughter well as a single mother.

You Might Not Believe The Kind Of Job Terryanne Chebet Did Long Before Her Media Breakthrough

terryanne-chebet-daughter (2)

Back in 2016, the Corporate MC was one of the employees whose contracts were terminated by Royal Media Services and according to the company, it was as a result of the changes witnessed in the broadcasting industry.

However, Terryanne Chebet has picked up the pieces and is doing well for herself. Other than her business, she has also been receiving a lot of gigs and projects for her work as a moderator and MC.

Other than that, Terryanne looks more stunning and is glowing, and her latest photos are sure proof. Check them out below.


You Might Not Believe The Kind Of Job Terryanne Chebet Did Long Before Her Media Breakthrough


Last year, Terryanne Chebet found herself in a rather weird and painful situation when she lost her job as a news presenter when the company she was working for retrenched hundreds of its workers.

Everyone was shocked with the move as no one saw it coming even though they had announced that they would lay off some of its employees.

terryanne chebet

She received tons of supportive messages from family, friends, and fans giving her hope that she will be fine. Others even started sending her application forms for different jobs including a position as a forestry officer.

But before that job in the media, she was truly a hustler.

Terryanne Chebet Reveals The Kind Of Job She Was Offered After Her Anchor Days


After completing her high school, she had lots of time on her hands and nothing to do so she started selling mitumba (second-hand clothes).

I’ve always been interested in business and my first business was actually selling mitumba clothes when I had just finished high school and I had nothing to do, I was at home. I’m from Kitale and my mum gave me a couple of hundred shillings. I went to Kimilili where there was a market day that really had amazing things, came home washed, ironed, packaged and sold what I bought for ten shillings for lets say fifty or  seventy shillings.”

Watch the full interview below;