Would you take a bullet for your woman?

Maina Kageni posed a very interesting question for the men during the morning conversation with Mwalimu King’ang’i. “Would any Kenyan man take a bullet for his woman?”

The question influenced by one Ludo Boumbas who died during the Paris terror attacks on Friday after throwing himself in front of bullet to save his woman’s life in the massacre.

Mwalimu King’ang’i was of the opinion that till death do us part doesn’t really apply so practically in marriage as people may want it to.  When asked whether he would take a bullet for his wife. he said that he would cross the bridge if he ever got there.

Listen to all the interesting responses we received from the men

Al Shabab Planning Fresh Attacks In These Public Areas

In a report signed by Central Police Station OCPD Paul Wanjama, Parliament Buildings, Muthurwa market, Nairobi Pentecostal Church and the University of Nairobi are allegedly among the al Shabaab’s major targets.

Other targets for the group’s “high scale attacks” are Holy Family Basilica and St Andrews PCEA Church, according to the situation report signed on April 23.

The terror group has dispatched spies from its elite intelligence unit to launch the attacks, said the report received by Parliament Police Station.

“The group intends to use an operative who is affiliated to Pumwani Riyadh Mosque and who is also a staff member at the Senate to actualise the attack,” it said regarding the Parliament Buildings.

The report said it is believed that the al Shabaab’s intention is to plant a bomb within the premises. Parliament Police Station OCS Samson Chelugo asked the CID to arrest and question the suspect.

Wanjama asked security agencies to enhance pre-emptive measures by gathering intelligence on operatives, and all named targets to tighten security.

The suspect, Ali Abdulmajid was arrested in relation to the report on Sunday night and taken to Kilimani Police Station. He has been the vice-chairman of the Pumwani Riyadh Mosque since 2009.