Kenyans, Including 13 Year Olds, Are Extremely Sexually Active According To a New Reasearch

Remember Project X?

The controversial event was outed when a concerned parent found the poster in her child’s phone and proceeded to share it online, asking what it was about.

It created a lot of outcry and condemnation from the public. But the truth was, that was just one of the many events that had taken place where kids met, had a good time, messed around and went back home.

The parents were none the wiser. The teenagers still have these kinds of private house parties but the info is shared with a small and intimate circle.

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They communicate via apps like Telegram where the administrator of the channel can detect if someone has taken a screenshot of the conversations, thus keeping it secure.


With the help of technology – and other factors, the age that teenagers are engaging in sexual activity is getting younger, fuelled by each phone upgrade or the emergence of new, exciting apps.

The innocence once attributed to a 13-year-old is long gone with the proverbial romp in the hay.

According to the consumer insight WAKENYA report, Kenyans are extremely sexually active. Many may idealise sex as an act of adult maturity, but 7 out of 10 Kenyan women confess to having sex under the age of 16, with 1 out of every 2 Kenyan men also admitting to the same.

The research highlights that 28% of females interviewed had their first sexual encounter before they were 13 years old. This is higher than the men who lost their virginity at that age, who came in at 18%.


At the age of 13-15 years old, only 36% of the males got intimate for the first time while 39% of the females interviewed had their first encounter at that age.

The research doesn’t, however, state whether the sexual encounter was with peers or partners older than them.

That begs the question… Isn’t it about time we all put down the pitchforks and take a seat? It is clearly time to let the sex educators into schools to give advise to our youth before it’s too late.

It’s a fact, whether we like it or not, teenagers are indulging themselves while still very young, regardless of what the law says.