Keep winning  – Maina tells Tedd Josiah about Hollywood walk of fame photo

Music producer and creative director Jokajok luxury bags Tedd Josiah recently shared a picture of one of his bags on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The picture excited Kenyans who were happy a Kenyan brand had made it abroad.

Maina on Wednesday September 22, praised Tedd saying ”
“I  was so proud Tedd when I saw your bag on the Hollywood walk of fame. You are not justa talented creator, but an amazing dad to your daughter. Please give my love to Jay and tell her I love her lots”

The luxury bag has also been in the limelight after Chief Justice Martha Koome appeared with it to a public function.

An excited Josiah shared that picture as an endorsement of his good work.

Congratulations Tedd, and belated happy birthday from the Classic 105 fam.

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Nairobi is per person sharing – Tedd Josiah weighs in 


Music producer Tedd Josiah is weighing in on the dating life in Nairobi.

The entrepreneur described relationships in 2021 as hard sentiments that are held by many others navigating these murky waters.

In a long Instagram post, he said

Thoughts of my older self. Relationships in 2021 specially with technology are so dicey! |Today your with this one and the next day you’ve flipped the screen saver and your e with the guy/girl that was in your DM’s as a friend who you found solace in. I find it hard to even have a relationship because you don’t know if you\re an option, a good time, a I needed a rebound, a just need *ex a forever or a bank.

We’ve learnt to keep secrets and options  and lie straight about it! Without even missing a beat.

I think the phones have come in the way of our relationships and have enabled us to have options, move our attention to hat will give us a quick fix of laughter give us a quick flirty moment to make us feel good when our partner doesn’t give us those things in real life.

Maybe its time to do ourselves a  solid favor and if you’re in a relationship start by giving your partner all access to our mobile devices, let u and them feel free to be open about any one coming to put your relationship in harm, start building a safety net around u and cutting out these  optional fun time people that steal time steal happiness and steal moments that you could have had together.

He finished sips tea sits back to watch the per person sharing life.

His followers were 100 in agreement with his comments some saying he has spoken on behalf of many. Another wrote ‘you just hit the nail on the head earth is becoming harder every day’.

His comments come of the back of the breakup of Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua and Lilian Nganga who announced on Sunday 15th August that they have broken up.


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‘Never be unfaithful even if you think you won’t get caught’ Tedd Josiah shares


The ability to fully trust your spouse is one of the most important parts of a relationship. Trust according to many relationship gurus, is the foundation from which a strong connection can be built by couples and without it, there may not be growth and progress emotionally.

And these are some of the questions music maestro Tedd Josiah posed to hi fans on Instagram.

His tips for building a healthy relationship are below. Do you agree Classic 105 fam?tedd joiah 1 (1)

tedd joiah 3 (1)

tedd jpiah 2 (1)

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Depression had me locked in my room daily – Tedd Josiah sadly says after death of wife

Many times the role of raising a child singlehandedly normally ends up with single mothers’ the world over and we already know how hard it is to raise a kid/kids in a two-parent home.

What happens when the cast is upended and it ends up with the man being in the role of the sole parent? That’s a question that Tedd Josiah has had to answer the past few years since the untimely demise of his wife just months after she gave birth to their daughter.

Tedd Josiah explains why he will not remarry after the death of his wife

The legendary Kenyan producer has made no secret of his journey, sharing constant anecdotes with his fans and followers on his social media page.

Tedd recently revealed that he underwent a couple of struggles during the early months of raising his daughter Jay Jay. He said that not only did he lose his wife but shortly after he also lost his job, with the thought of failure being a constant companion.

”I remember these early months with JayJay. Losing my job, running up rent arrears of nearly 500k, my heart bleeding every day from the pain of loss and grief, having no one around me at all, and the worst part… THINKING TO MYSELF EVERY DAY “YOU’RE GOING TO FAIL! You’re going to lose, you’re losing your mind, your house, your job is gone! You’re now going to fail this child in the worst way!”

The double loss left him a shadow of the man he was before leaving him depressed and broke. At this moment, he felt like giving up, but his daughter and someone he chose not to name gave him reason to keep fighting.

“Depression had me locked in my room daily and the few people who brought light into my life were JayJay and someone else who committed to making sure I don’t break. We are going to our fourth year now without mama, it’s been a process of self-determination and discovery, ups and downs, building upon a legacy and keeping on going….

He finished his emotional message by encouraging Kenyans to never give up.

“God has your back even when you walk through the valley of the shadows of death. I have been there and I know. GOD CAME THROUGH in the valley of the shadows of death. Please never EVER give up…”

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Tedd Josiah shows off daughters natural hair and it’s GOALS


There’s nothing more adorable than a father taking charge of his daughters hair.

Producer Tedd Josiah in the cutest instagram moment revealed his daughters natural hair and we love it.

HE captioned the moment

“I promise there is a bear 🐻 under all that hair! Truly a blessed little bear 🐻 called Empress Jameela Wendo Josiah aka #GummyBear or JayJay




Fans couldn’t get enough of seeing her long natural hair and she is as a cute as a button. Good job Tedd. Oh and please drop the hair care routine below. Thanks in advance.

One fan wrote about her long luscious hair

Aaaaw❤️❤️❤️❤️am just jealous😂😂😂😂shes hot n cute😍

Another added
You are doing an amazing job with her for sure especially with the hair 😁

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Yvonne Okwara huko pekee! Other celebs still grieving for their departed loved ones

We admire and idolise celebrities for all the many achievements and feats that they have accomplished. But they like us go through a lot of struggles that they have to deal with.

One area I have seen many celebs in Kenya struggle with is the loss of a loved one. Earlier this month, TV heavyweight Yvonne Okwara spoke about the pain she still feels after the death of her brother Albert that occurred two years ago.

Taking to Instagram, she asked? “Tough weekend. When does grieving end? Does it ever end? 2 years on and I still feel the pain. Albert, you saw no evil, spoke no evil, heard no evil. I love you, always..”

But she isn’t the only celeb who is still grieving a loved one who passed away some time back. Some others are below:

Njeri Kaberere

In 2014, Njeri lost her husband musician, Peter Kaberere in a tragic accident after he was electrocuted while washing his car. Njeri who was expectant with their second child at the time said that the shock of his death is something that she will never be able to deal with.

The late Peter Kaberere and his wife Njeri

She once told the Nairobian, “I have found ways of coping with grief that are positive. i let my body go through such emotions as crying and feeling sad. I talk about what i feel and express myself. i try not to numb my pain but release it eventually. I have found that reading does help one to cope with grief.

Juliana Kanyomozi

The Ugandan singer also experienced loss when her son Keron died after suffering a serious Asthma attack while admitted at Aga Khan hospital in Nairobi.

In a past interview with the Nairobian Julianna explained that her son’s death had made her angry at God at one time.

“I was very angry with God. He had just taken away the most important thing I had in life. Then again, there’s always a reason for everything single thing. he does,” she said.

View this post on Instagram

Ebony 🖤🖤

A post shared by Juliana Kanyomozi (@julianakanyomozi) on

She went on to explain how she deals with her grief saying that there was no standard way of mourning when a calamity such as death strikes.

I have my bad days where i sit with a box of tissue and let the tears flow. I don’t know how long it will take me to move on. It is something that will always be a part of me. I’m only being a strong woman. It is all part of the healing process. I’m taking baby steps. I’m not yet there emotionally. when you’ve gone through something like this, you have to find the strength first.

Isabella Kituri

TV presenter Isabella Kituri was widowed at the young age 25-years-ol.d. At the time she had a three-month-old baby boy. She spoke about the time in a past interview saying;

“I mourned for eight years between 2005 and 2013. It was a shock, like a never-ending nightmare. I had been married for just one year.”

View this post on Instagram

Amazing journeys are made of a step at a time… Polishing my Gedion boots as I soldier on. #faithoverfear #makeyourownfun

A post shared by Isabella Kituri (@i_am_isabella_kituri) on

It was the timely intervention of her pastor who advised her to move on with the journalist deciding to try and forget what had happened;

“I decided to remove my wedding band seven years later after a talk with my pastor who encouraged me to move on. I had a meeting with myself. I had to stop behaving as if the world owed me for.”

Tedd Josiah

The enigmatic Kisima Awards founder lost his wife Regina Katar. Tedd’s wife lost her life after suffering from a rare disease Thrombocytopenia that saw her blood platelet count fall below normal after childbirth.

Churchill comedian Zainabu speaks on grief after death of her baby

Since her death, Tedd has regularly remembered his wife on his social media page with nary 2 months passing without a mention of her. He normally does so while also mentioning their daughter Queen whom Regina bore before her untimely death.

In a past interview the man narrated; “Imagine calling someone your everything – home, safe place, your all – and watching them slowly fade away on their deathbed in less than an hour. I was left on a free fall and lost. in many ways, Regina was my anchor.”

Tedd says that to keep his wife’s memories alive he chose to keep all her stuff so that he can pass them over to their daughter jay.

“I kept it all. Some precious stuff will stay with me until my daughter is old enough to inherit it all…to let my little jay know that her mom was loved, her memory was kept safe, but so were her valuable things.”

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I didn’t love her – Tedd Josiah confesses about first marriage

Tedd Josiah is one of the most accomplished of music producers in Kenya. The man has seen and done it all, even founding one of the most revered Kenyan award shows, the Lisima Awards.

As much as he has been successful in his professional life, his personal life has been a topsy turvy affair, which he recently spoke about on an episode of Unscripted with Grace that is hosted by Grace Msalame.

Tedd Josiah smiling

The man revealed that his first marriage was problematic as he was pushed into it with a woman that bore him his first two kids.

“I was in a space where I wasn’t ready to be a family man. I was breaking people more than I was building them and everything that I had built was false. You know how you grow up and you are told you are supposed to get married and live in a certain way. I was just ticking boxes and then I realized I don’t even love this person.”

Tedd Josiah smiling
Tedd Josiah smiling

The result of the relationship was two kids who are now all grown-up. Sadly, the producer was to leave those kids and their mother behind as he sought refuge in the UK.

‘I wanna have a baby…’ Tedd Josiah leaks conversation with late wife, Reginah

His actions haunted him and he promised himself that he would make sure he made amends. But that wasn’t to happen as he fell in love with his late wife, Regina Katar who would become the love of his life.

Tedd Wife's Reginah Katar

The couple was blessed with a baby girl but sadly Katar died after suffering complications from childbirth.

“I realized I wanted a second chance, I really wanted it. Now we have a bond with my kids, all three of them. I love them to bits. They spend a lot of time with me at home but because they are in their teens, I isolate them from social media because it can get a bit rough.”

Tedd Josiah cuddling his daughter
Tedd Josiah cuddling his daughter

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Exclusive – Tedd Josiah speaks after rumours that he has a 4th kid in Nigeria surface

Tedd Josiah opened a can of worms last week when he revealed little-known details about his first wife Cynthia and the manner of his relationship with her.

During the interview with Grace Msalame, Tedd confessed that he didn’t love her and that he had gotten married to her due to societal pressures.

“I was in a space where I wasn’t ready to be a family man. I was breaking people more than I was building them and everything that I had built was false. You know how you grow up and you are told you are supposed to get married and live in a certain way. I was just ticking boxes and then I realized I don’t even love this person,” he told Grace.

Tedd Josiah in blue

The interview elicited a reaction from a source close to Cynthia who spoke to a popular Nairobi tabloid. In it, the unnamed source told the tabloid that Tedd was still technically married to Cynthia.

That wasn’t the only bombshell that the source unleashed. The source alleged that the legendary record producer had a child with a certain woman in Nigeria.

I didn’t love her – Tedd Josiah confesses about first marriage

Such details needed a comment from the man himself and I called him about the allegations. On the question on whether they were still married, Tedd was cagey saying that he hadn’t read the interview and so couldn’t speak about it.

Could you please call her and ask her about that interview (Cynthia) cause nobody has told me about it and I have not read it.”

As the interview was on well-known and respected tabloid I asked him whether he wanted to give his own side of the story, and he declined saying that I should call the person who had given the original interview. “No you don’t! Call her and ask her about that interview. I have not read it”

Tedd Josiah looking dapper
Tedd Josiah looking dapper

And what did he have to say about the claim that he had a kid in Nigeria? The producer re-iterated his earlier stance saying that I should ask the source the questions that I was asking him?

How would that help Kenyans find out the deeper truth?

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Being a mom is tough – Tedd Josiah tells daughter in emotional post

Legendary music producer Tedd Josiah has been known to wear his heart on his sleeve especially when it comes to his daughter Jameela and today was no different.

No child should ever be without a mother! Tedd Josiah says about late wife

The man who never misses an opportunity to share anything about his daughter did so again. He did so while celebrating his daughter’s 2 and half year mark! How many parents do that but that is a story for another day?

Tedd Josiah looking dapper
Tedd Josiah looking dapper

The producer penned a lengthy heartfelt message for his cute daughter. Even poet laureate Dennis Itumbi would be impressed with Tedd’s writing.

Tedd Josiah's daughter with her late mother
Tedd Josiah’s daughter with her late mother

Read it below;

HAPPY 2 years and 6 months!! I remember the very 1st 6 month mark and being with u in Malindi on our 1st holiday as i tried to heal & hoped to wish the broken pieces away… ur smile, ur discovery of oranges 🍊 ur love for the water and u loving to be without clothes. U truly showed me that we’d have to figure things out alone & that you’d be gentle and patient with this man as he learned to become your mom. I learnt to wash u, to feed u, to go thru the tough nights with u alone to laugh and play with u and let u know u are loved.
I’ve learnt that being a mom is tough & never celebrated apart from the hugs and kisses u give me 🥰🥰
Thank u to all our IG family for sticking by us, praying, loving and being there for us.
Happy 2 and a half my little #HRH Empress #GummyBear 👑🐻🐾🐾🐾
Remember there’s always someone up above loving u no matter what comes ur way

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No child should ever be without a mother! Tedd Josiah says about late wife

Tedd Josiah lost his wonderful wife and mother of his daughter, Regina Katar 2 years ago. The man has struggled to heal, something that he freely admitted yesterday as he remembered the last moments he shared with her.

Tedd Josiah
Tedd Josiah collage of his family memories

In an Instagram post, the father of one expressed what grief is like as he recounted each and every event they had with Regina. In his own words below;

What is grief like? Well it’s like the waves of an ocean sometimes they are high sometimes low but ur guaranteed they will hit. What causes them? Memories, jolts of confusion, uncertainty and moments of self doubt all play roles in this. How long does it take to heal? U don’t heal u just learn to walk with the limp.
Friday 7:30pm dinner at home with mama and JayJay she’d cooked rice and chicken and was happy beyond words… then a movie…. as JayJay slept between us on the couch.
After the film we went to bed and she’d talked right thru the movie!!!!
3am as she breast fed she complained that heat head hurt, took meds and threw them up. So we dashed to hospital 🏥 and she fell asleep and never woke up again.

5am JayJay and i sat in my car confused lost and alone…. she’d just gone like that.
No child should ever be without a mother! NO CHILD!!!
My friend u were magic, rest cause every Friday it plays back in my head….
But broken crayons 🖍 still paint so i will paint 

Tedd Josiah with his daughter
Tedd Josiah with his daughter

To his great credit, since his wife passed, Tedd has been a wonderful father who is constantly doting on his daughter whom he calls Empress.

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Why you will never hear Maina Kageni sing EVER AGAIN

Hearing his voice will make your heart flutter and even his melodious voice has charmed legendary singer Pete Odera.

One of the talents Classic host Maina Kageni does not and will exploit is his singing skills.

He can croon, but don’t expect to hear him sing as he revealed shyly to musicians Pete Odera and June Gachui on tuesday morning.

Maina while reminiscing about groups like Zanaziki comprising Sue, Susan Matiba  said

If ever I could sing again on stage, it would be a Luther Vandross song (keeping my faith in you).

Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni

He however insisted that in as much as it is tempting, he will never go back on stage insisting

That’s another life

Maina used to work as a truck driver after flying out to study in the USA.

He has also flipped burgers (worked at a food joint).

He is also a really good cook.

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