“They pretend to celebrate you when you die, yet don’t celebrate you when alive’ Tedd Josiah blasts Kenyans as they mourn Bruce Odhiambo

Kenyan producer Tedd Josiah is lashing out at what he terms as hypocritical Kenyans, Kenyan media and Kenyan celebrities mourning Bruce Odhiambo.

Bruce, who was former Youth Enterprise Development Fund Chairman, was also a producer who had worked with many celebs in Kenya.

Josiah wrote

“Just last week I wrote “they will write RIP and pretend to celebrate me when am dead”
Kenyan celebrities, Kenyan radio, Kenyan media and Kenyans….
Here is a photograph of Kenyans with both a gold and platinum plaque from sales of their album internationally.
Am sure non of you can name even one person here….
But today you’re going to write R I P to the young keyboardist who shaped the sound of that bad “SAFARI SOUND” and his name was Bruce Odhiambo.

Woman’s husband wants to name their baby after his ex

“SAFARI SOUND” which was founded by the l;ate Bruce Odhiambo
“SAFARI SOUND” which was founded by the l;ate Bruce Odhiambo

I celebrate you and always have,Rest in the Kings Kingdom. The good you did will never go forgotten.
My life changed the day i walked into your studio. I dared to dream…..
R I P to a KING
To the rest of my broken lost radio tv and media… research your Kings and Queens write about them, play their music because the world celebrated them before you trashed them.”

Former Youth Enterprise Development Fund Chairman Bruce Odhiambo enjoying a photo moment with a friend
Former Youth Enterprise Development Fund Chairman Bruce Odhiambo enjoying a photo moment with a friend

Last words of former YEDF Chairman Bruce Odhiambo before his death

In a previous post, Josiah had hit hard at people who are quick to wish you a safe journey to eternity yet they can never support you when alive.

“Get up go get it! Maybe u will win maybe u will loose but the journey will be a beautiful one! My very 1st cd 💿 to produce was in 1995 with very little knowledge just a dream and a strong belief that my purpose was God driven and nothing was going to stop me. No one even bought cds let alone knew of them! I was breaking ground.

Nearly 28 years in the music industry i can say the game shifted, peoples lives were uplifted, pride in who we are became normal and we made people sing “Kenyan boy” “kisumu 100” “atoti” “Unbwogable” “saa zingine” “uhiki” and so much more…….

Ted Josiah
Ted Josiah

‘A gentle giant who loved people’ Maina Kageni joins other celebs in mourning Bruce Odhiambo

Then tv came calling and i made my small mark with VIPI mongolo and Didge….. Then i just needed to learn more and dropped everything and left.

In a way those were great times, maybe someday when am dead you will see them come out of the wood works with their “RIP’s” and all.

But for you reading this. Know this.You will stumble you will fall but you will win you will rise! And ride that dream like your life depends on it!My #TBT #PapaBearSays”

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Top 10 Kenyan celebrity Dads we admire (photos)

In Kenya, not many Dads show off their children or family on social media. Some even prefer to keep that part of their life private.

However, these are some of the Kenyan celebrity fathers who don’t mind showing off their family and giving advice to their followers and with the look of things, fatherhood is going quite well with them.

Some of them include,

1. Timothy Kimani aka blessed Njugush and baby Tugi


2. Nameless and his baby girls, Tumiso and Kio


Male celebrities in the Gospel industry who are driving women crazy(photos)

3. DJ Mo and baby Ladasha


4. Madtraxx and baby Malaika


5. Octopizzo and with Tracy, Zara and Frederick.


‘You made me smile when the world left me shattered’ pens Ben Kitili’s newly wedded wife

6. DJ Moz and his daughters Zara and Alba


7. DJ Soxxy and his first born daughter Eliana and last born son Ethan


8. Frankie just gym it and his sons Alex and Kai


9. Robert Burale and Daughter Lexie


10. Ted Josiah and Baby Jay Jay

Ted Josiah- Zumi


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“You inspire me my brother” Ted Josiah tells fellow widower Dan Sonko

Ted Josiah and Dan Sonko are two inspiring widowers who’ve taken up the task of raising their children alone, following the demise of their wives.

Yesterday, on mother’s day both Ted and Dan gave a shout out to each other on social media for taking and embracing the role of being a mother.

Ted Josiah appreciated Dan by saying,


“You inspire me brother and I celebrate you as a great #DaddyMommy so please do have a happy Mother’s Day knowing that Mommy in heaven is watching after you all.”

Dan Sonko’s Mothers Day message to Ted was,


“Its #MothersDay.This one is different….I raise my glass to a different kind of “mother“.@teddjosiah aka #PapaBear and the King of #Swagamente himself. For taking up both roles in raising #GummyBear I salute you Bro!”

On another post during International Women’s Day, they each gave a heartfet message to their late wives.

Dan Sonko posted a picture of his wife on social media saying,

dans wife

“It never too late to commemorate all Women. Its International Women’s Day today. A day to celebrate those who are ironically regarded as the weaker sex yet the strength they possess cannot be quantified. Women give life. Women are home makers. Women are leaders and Women are trendsetters. Hats Off to you all! #International women’s Day.”

Ted Josiah on the other hand said,

ted wife

“On this special day for women I celebrate 🎊 two Empresses and one angel 👼🏼 up in heaven. I was lucky to meet an angel & to be loved unconditionally by her, i was lucky that she allowed me to become the father of her little #Empress. Anyone who knew @reginahkatar would tell you she would give you the biggest smile and the shirt off her back. I hope that more women will lobby harder for mothers health post birth and make sure more mothers see their children grow. Reginah you are ALWAYS LOVED DEEPLY DEARLY ETERNALLY 😘😘😘😘 look at our #GummyBear 🐻 she’s lighting up the world with that little candle you gave her! Watch over her please #MamaBear our angel.”

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