Photos of Teacher Wanjiku ‘s husband ,the man she goes home to

Teacher Wanjiku is loved by many for her comical nature and her witty character.But behind that character is a wife and mother.

She is married to Victor Ber.The two tied the knot i 2014 in an intimate ceremony attended by close friends and relatives.

Victor might not be much in the limelight but teacher Wanjiku is not shy to flaunt the man in her life.

Teacher Wanjiku's husband Victor

Adorable photos of Kathy Kiuna’s grand kids that will make you go Aawww

Last year Wanjiku showere him with praises adding that he was one in a million and that she was lucky to have him

Happy Birthday my love @victorber my amor, you are such an inspiration in my life, thank you for supporting me over the years, you are truly one in a million, as you turn a year old we thank God for you, keep walking my love!😘.

In another post Wanjiku wrote

Happy anniversary to my one and only true love @victorber24 You are a great husband, a father and a best friend. To many more.😘


Going by their photos it is obvious that the two are madly in love with each other and that is why they are serving couple goals.

Teacher wanjiku wit her hubby Victor






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This what your Favorite Kenyan Comedians were doing before they became famous

Nobody wakes up and just makes it in life. You have to work hard and smart to get what you want. These Kenyan comedians have really hustled their way to the top although some of them still don’t believe they are there yet.

Here is what some of your favourite Kenyan comedians were doing before they were famous,

1. Paul Kimani Njoroge aka Jasper Murume

Immediately after he finished high school he started selling oil and was also a boda-boda driver. He later came to Nairobi to audition to be in Churchill show but lost it twice. He then went back to practice sales and marketing.

It was later that he discovered that there were Churchill show auditions in Meru and he took the next bus to Meru to audition and his big break started when he was invited for his first show at Churchill Raw

Ngina Kenyatta and Nana Wanjiku partying in South Africa (PHOTOS)

2. Timothy Kimani aka Blessed Njugush

He was an actor at Kenya National Theater. His big break came in 2013 when Abel Mutua saw a play he had done in 2011 and he called him because he wanted to cast him in a show he was starting called ‘Hapa Kule’. It gained popularity on YouTube before it became a shown on a local TV network.

3. Eric Omondi

While at Daystar University, he was the drama club chairman. He also declared himself the varsity’s unofficial emcee and also did standup comedy when he got the chance. In 2006, he met Daniel Ndambuki AKA Churchill, who at the time was doing Red Corner. Eric was emceeing an event at which Churchill was to give a motivational talk. Churchill discovered Eric’s ability to do comedy, took his number and promised to get in touch.

His big break happened after two years when Churchill called him back and invited him to perform at the Churchill live show. It was at this show that Eric’s rise to fame and success began. He left the show early 2017 to pave way for upcoming comedians.

Parents, here is the criteria being used for Form one intake

  4. Carolyne Wanjiku aka Teacher Wanjiku

Wanjiku started the character of Teacher Wanjiku in a Heartstrings play called 43rd Kenyan tribe in 2007. She received critical acclaim and went ahead to take part in other set book plays and worked on more than 30 plays.

Her big break was when she started doing stand up on her first performance at the Churchill Show in 2013 getting more than 200,000 YouTube views and more offers thereafter.

5.Herman Gakobo Kago aka Proff Hamo

He was in theatre groups where he performed set books and got a chance to do stand up comedy.  He auditioned six times before he finally performed on Churchill on the Road Nakuru Edition.

His breakthrough came in when a performance of his during Churchill show was uploaded on YouTube and it went viral.

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‘People think a woman can’t make you laugh’ Teacher Wanjiku speaks out

Leading comedian Teacher Wanjiku has said the most challenging thing in comedy is that the industry is fully dominated by men, making it hard for women to shine.

Most people do not believe that a woman is able to make people laugh,” Wanjiku said in an interview heard by Classic 105.

“You have to prove to them that you are better than even the men. There are fewer females in the comedy industry.”

teacher wanjiku3

Anerlisa Muigai’s response to unsolicited advice deserves a round of applause

Teacher Wanjiku made her debut in acting and comedy 10 years ago, and yet she still remains relevant.

“Being away for some time has helped me maintain my brand as a comedian. Understanding my brand and what I am telling my audience helps. While growing up, I always wanted to be a teacher, and when I was in college doing mass communication, that really motivated me, although I was an average student in class,” she said.

teacher wanjiku1

From there, it is hard work that has helped her thrive. “You have to keep pushing yourself in the industry. I am original and I work very hard for my content before I get into the studio,” she said.

As a comedian, Wanjiku has been responsive to feedback.

“I sometimes leave my audience to control me,” she said. “Always allow people to criticize you. If not, you will not manage.”

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Kenyan comedians you did not know were parents, see photos of their kids

Comedians make us laugh but most people don’t appreciate the fact that off the stage they are parents juggling multiple roles.

Here is a list of Kenyan comedians with their kids

1. Dr Kingori

He is witty and a dad to a daughter who is the apple of her father’s eye.


2. tNjoro the comedian

He is known for his comical nature on the ‘Churchil show’ but behind the scenes he is a great dad who does not mind flaunting his twin girls.

He wrote the caption below sharing a photo of his girls

‘Leo hawataki story zangu …ndio kuingia manyumbani’

In another he says

“Barua kwa my daughter’s ..Kwanza I love you so much and I miss you ,but Daddy has to do what he has to do to secure your future ..till the day I will die I will always be thea for you..sucrifices ?nafanya Kila kitu ,be happy and know Dad will do anything for you ..tutatafta kabisa ..Mungu mbele..sad your father’s name will betray u .”


3. Teacher Wanjiku

She is known by many as a teacher but at home she is a warm and loving mother to two adorable girls.

In one of her posts she says

‘My daughters all grown up, My reason for that grind😍😍’

Teacher Wanjiku and her daughters

4. Njambi

She entertains us with her acting skills on Real House Wives of Kawangware, but most noticeably also is her charm and beauty. She has a daughter (below) who by the look of things is a beauty herself.

Njambi RHK

5. Awinja

She makes our ribs ache with her acting prowess on Papa Shirandula, and is a mother of one.


6. Nyce Wanjeri alias Shiro ‘Aunty Boss’




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Team natural! Here are your favorite celebrities without makeup (photos)

Makeup is used to enhance a look, but these celebrities have proved to slay despite the extra layer of makeup. We do understand why once in a while, you need to stay away from makeup. It is very important to remind the world of the beautiful natural self you are.

Here are some of the celebrities who look good without makeup.

1. Teacher Wanjiku

Check out Mike Mondo’s beautiful daughter as she turned two (photos)

2. Catherine Kamau aka Celina

3. Betty Mutei Kyallo

Celebrities who attended Sauti Sol’s Fancy Finger’s wedding

4. Pierra Makena

5. Vera Sidika

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These photos of Teacher Wanjiku while off stage can make a pastor fall into temptation

Teacher Wanjiku is known for her comical nature and funny character on stage despite the fact that the field is crowded with male comedians.

She has created a niche of her own and created a brand for herself something not many people can do.

The mother of one has recently ditched her Polka dot dresses which most people recognized her for and she is now looking all dazzling.

‘ I pray for ur dark heart ‘Dbanj’s sister in law to trollers after his son’s death


Her wardrobe change is making her look good which might attract the attention of team mafisi who might not be aware that she is happily married.

Like every mother Teacher Wanjiku has had her struggle with baby fat but thanx to her dedication at the gym he has managed to lose the weight.

While most ladies are busy crying wolf that they can’t work out because of their babies, Teacher Wanjiku has proven to them that weight loss is all about setting the mind.

Her fans have also noticed this change and from their comments it is obvious they like what they see.

My ex broke up with me for being ‘fat and black’ Cries heartbroken city girl



Tanzania’s AY introduces his extended family as he celebrates birthday



36892907_631307250586777_2651272600172363776_n 36147993_211926696195221_1471119435245813760_n 37209005_346869885846444_2264080929070776320_n

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Kenya’s wittiest, funniest comedians in a grand comeback thrill

Teacher Wanjiku made a major comeback in 2017 at the Churchill show during the Churchill at 40 edition.
Well, Kenya’s top female comedian is now gearing up to make major moves once again. She has since bagged major advertising deals and her fans have been hoping for something even bigger.
Fear not! Teacher Wanjiku or Wanjiku the Teacher whose real name is Carolyn Wanjiku Ber, has something big up her sleeve, and it also involves Larry Asego.
And it’s all set to go down this month.
On the 16th of March 2018, Kenya’s comedy scene is gearing up for a game changer in one of the most grand comebacks and rib-cracking affairs in what is dubbed an easy humor evening.
There is also a part of the script that features Eric Omondi appearing!

Teacher Wanjiku slays at Diamond Platnumz’ album launch event (Photos)

This show will be presented on Thursday 29th of March (Good Friday Eve) at the refurbished auditorium of Kenya National Theatre from 6:00 p.m.

Teacher Wanjiku slays at Diamond Platnumz’ album launch event (Photos)

Comedian Teacher Wanjiku has transformed into a gorgeous woman after giving birth.

Teacher Wajiku, who is giving her male counterparts a run for their money, was part of the invited guests at the Diamond Platnumz’ album launch and she didn’t disappoint.

She slayed. Teacher Wanjiku wore a short black dress, showing off her sexy legs and black and gold high heels to complete her stylish look.

In short, she stole the show. Here are the photos




Teacher Wanjiku


Teacher Wanjiku

A look inside Diamond Platnumz’ album launch event (Photos)

The much-anticipated Diamond Platnumz’ album launch went down at the Kenya National Theatre last night.

Diamond Platnumz and Omarion
Diamond Platnumz and Omarion on stage

The invites only party was attended by local artistes, media personalities, Wasafi crew, Diamond Platnumz’ mother, sister Esma and American rapper Omarion.

In case you were not invited, here are the photos of those who attended, go through and vote for the best dressed


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Diamond Platnumz’ mother during his album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Harmonize at Diamond Platnumz’ album launch


Maina Kageni on stage during Diamond Platnumz’ album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Starehe MP Jaguar


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Classic 105’s Mike Mondo with a friend at Diamond Platnumz’ album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Local artistes


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Diamond Platnumz on stage during his album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
L-R: Kriss Darlin, Timmy Tdat and hair stylist Eric


Diamond Platnumz' album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Elani Kenya


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
DJ Sadiq


Diamond Platnumz' album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Wasafi crew with Diamond Platnumz’ family


Diamond Platnumz' album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Diamond Platnumz and his mother


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Bahati with Eric

“Kiboko Tu Ndio Sikubeba” Teacher Wanjiku Teaches Eric Omondi A Lesson

Amidst controversy surrounding Eric Omondi’s indecent exposure with children, Teacher Wanjiku, a fellow comedian has come to his rescue.

If you are late to the party, Omondi posted a clip of himself naked, accompanied by several young boys, playing in the stream. The video attracted public outcry; from social media influencers to media personalities.

Ezekiel Mutua even chimed in, calling out the entertainer and quoting the constitution, classifying the act as a crime.

HILARIOUS!!! Eric Omondi’s Parody As Donald Trump Will Leave You In Stitches (VIDEO)

Knowing that he had already messed up badly, the comedian took to Instagram to apologize for his mistake, leaving many confused why he was apologizing. There was a rift between his followers, some of whom said that people should taking things too seriously while others hurled endless insults at him.

This comes several weeks after he hit headlines for a raunchy photo of himself wearing shorts, allegedly with no underwear, making his supposedly large testicles hang like a pair of fruits.

Teacher Wanjiku took to Instagram to say that she had just met Omondi to share with him a piece of her mind.

This is what she said:

eric omondi

“My meeting today with @ericomondi : I do not support what @ericomondi did. That was wrong and uncalled for, comedy or not but am glad he apologized and he admits it was inappropriate. This is a lesson to all of us. We should be careful what we post and release to the public.”

Kiboko tu ndio sikubeba😠

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Teacher Wanjiku is cute as hell in this picture and team mafisi can’t help but thirst over her (Photo)

Kenya’s funniest female comedian Teacher Wanjiku is serving goals right about now.

The funny lady has been on a weight loss mission since giving birth to her adorable daughter. And evidence of her journey is now more clearer than ever.

Teacher Wanjiku has lost a massive amount of weight, and her latest picture on social media tells us so. She shared the saucy picture, asking her fans to comment. Team mafisi did not hold back salivating over her.

teacher wanjiku thirst trap pic

Read some thirsty comments

George Mark… My Role model…. cant wait to share a table with you when invited!!! U #Rock

Steve Kinyanjui.. Teacher how about i become your form tharrry four Bae 😂😂😂

Ezekiel Mutai.. Hizo miguu

Kiprono Jeff Mutai …slow down teacher..its too much!

Samwel Wangechi… Assume am the head teacher I will drive you hom teacher wajiku tutafika kweli

Toney Juma.. U look extra ordinary beautiful, God do create wonders….i appreciate u

Vincent Tendie… Waaaaaa where is chepkatineza I need a password for this server, Hae uko on point teacher

Wahinya Chef Ricky….. aki mammy umeivaaa….that gold dress its dope….can i have dinner with u in that dress?

Gerald Shitavo… Inama mbele ndio ujue haujui

Too Saucy: Teacher Wanjiku Looks Amazing After Losing Weights (Photos)

The entertainment industry has grown tremendously and the comedy section is among the fast rising in the industry. Many a times, we made to believe that comedy is only men but these has changed over the years and Teacher Wanjiku is a perfect example.


She joined Churchill Live TV show a few years ago and made a name for herself.

It was pretty clear that she was a favourite of many people and her comedy was totally different as she acted like a teacher.

She later on left the show to venture into a solo career, even starting her own comedy show. But the show was cancelled because of poor ratings.

Teacher Wanjiku, real name Caroline Wanjiku is a married lady and a mother. After giving birth, she gained weight just like most women.


But she is no longer the plump lady you might have been seeing around. She has lost weight and she looks amazing.

Initially, the comedienne weighed 84kgs and after hitting the gym hard, she lost losta weight and now weighs 64 kgs.

She took to social media to share her weight loss journey.

She wrote, “The journey has been crazy full of ups and downs but I have done it, you can too.”

Check out how she looks now;

teacher wanjiku

HOT MOMMY! Teacher Wanjiku Looks Years Younger And Sexier After Losing a Whooping 15 Kgs (PHOTOS)

Veteran female comedian Teacher Wanjiku was one of the biggest and most popular acts in Kenya a few years back.

The comedienne thrived well in the male-dominated industry, making her name on Churchill’s live comedy show but sadly, a year later, she revealed that she had quit to focus on her solo career.

Teacher Wanjiku, real name Caroline Wanjiku, is known for her humor and creative, rib-cracking jokes about life in school and it’s amazing how she’s able to turn a simple fact into a funny gag that gets everyone laughing out loud.

The outspoken celebrity would, later on, start a TV show but sadly, the ratings were not very good, leading to its cancellation.


When Wanjiku took a hiatus from comedy and the entertainment scene, she later on revealed that she was walking down the aisle with the love of her life, Victor Ber.

The lovely couple exchanged wedding vows back in 2014 at a colorful ceremony that saw her fellow entertainers, friends, and family gather to congratulate them.

Teacher Wanjiku’s wedding (photos)

Soon after she revealed she was expecting their first child, and in October 2015, she welcomed into the world an adorable baby girl, Zuri Ber.


As we all know, giving birth comes with its challenges such as weight gain, and that’s the case with Wanjiku, who added a couple of kilograms, but at some point last year, decided it was time to get her sexy back.

Teacher Wanjiku has been hitting the gym hard and now the results are showing, after shedding a whopping 15 Kgs. She’s looking very youthful and more stunning, with a slim figure.

The female comedian looks breath-taking, and to prove she’s not done she still intends to cut down 5 more kgs.

You can do it too 15kgs down 5kgs to go !!!!! #Goalweighttings!

Don’t believe me? Check out the photos below as Teacher Wanjiku flaunts her slender frame as she works out in the gym.






10 Kenyan Celebrities Who Rocked Baby Bumps

‘Fat shaming’, the new word added to the online Oxford dictionary has been a trend lately especially with the rise of social media where everyone has an opinion whether educated or not. Women have been shamed for revealing their boobs while breastfeeding and now in a ridiculous twist of events…body shaming has extended to pregnant women with one such attack against TV Presenter Janet Mbugua Ndichu.

Apparently some viewers are not too pleased with Janet being on TV and reading news while pregnant. One viewer tweeted, “Just wondering why Janet Mbugua must newscast in that condition. Never seen it before on Kenyan TV but me thinks it’s gross.”

I think bumps are beautiful and body shaming a woman who is pregnant whether a celebrity or not is insulting the whole female population, including your own mother who gave birth to you. Whether a woman is in that ‘condition’ as some choose to call it…bumps give life and kudos to the female celebrities who have chosen to show off their pregnancies ignoring the critics and celebrating their new body shapes.

Here are 10 Kenyan celebrities who chose to embrace their bumps

1. Fashion Blogger Silvia Njoki
Clebrities Who Rocked Baby Bumps

2. Former Tahidi High Actress Jacqueline Mwangi aka Jolene

3. Songstress Size 8
 Celebrities Who Rocked Baby Bumps

4. Fashion blogger/Stylist Nancie Mwai
 Celebrities Who Rocked Baby Bumps

5. TV Presenter Janet Mbugua

Celebrities who rocked baby bumps
Photo courtesy: True Love

6. Comedian Teacher Wanjiku
 Celebrities Who Rocked Baby Bumps

7. Radio Presenter Talia Oyando

 Celebrities Who Rocked Baby Bumps

8. TV Presenter Betty Kyalo

9. Machachari actress Sharon Mutuku known as Sophia
Celebrities who rocked baby bumps

10. Radio host Rachel Muthoni aka Mwalimu Rachel.
Celebrities who rocked baby bumps

Check Out Teacher Wanjiku’s 4 Most Stylish Pregnant Moments

Soon to be mum teacher Wanjiku seems to be enjoyed pregnancy and she is not doing it draped in oversized maternity dresses. Teacher Wanjiku is currently 31 weeks pregnant.

The former Churchill show comedian who walked down the aisle last year has been seen spotted on several occasions rocking well-fitted dresses showing off her baby bump.

Teacher Wanjiku was last weekend rocking an animal print dress at Ken Waudo’s wedding who is the head of communications at the Laugh Industry and she looked stunning.

Check out other occasions when the top comedian has rocked maternity fashion


teacher2 (1)



Photo courtesy: Glorious photography