From bano to chobo ua: A list of games we played as children

In case you were born past 2000, hold up, you sure don’t know what I’m about to talk about. We from the nineties played real games. Games that tested one’s patience, resilience and critical thinking.

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I’m seated reminiscing about those gone moments and here some of the games we played back in the 90’s:

1. Chobo Ua

This has to be the roughest game among boys back in the days. Millennials, let me break it down to you. Chobo is where a ball passes between your legs. For chobo ua it was all about dribbling the ball and trying to pass it between your other friend’s legs.

chobo ua(1)

Everyone played independent and woe unto you if the ball passed between your legs. Other boys chased you kicking you hard as you run towards the agreed point. Sometimes the touch point was a girl or a teacher. This made it easier for the one being chased. To be honest, how would you run towards a teacher and touch him or her so that the other boys can leave you alone?

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2. Bano

Bano is what you woke kids call marble. This had to be the game that had too much adrenaline while playing. You had to drill a small hole in the ground and basically everyone tried to have the bano into the hole. While hitting the marble, you put your thumb on the ground and used the middle finger to release the bano. You had to aim your opponent bano and try to push it into the hole.


3. Cattie

This was a girl’s game and for the sissies. Basically it involved two girls standing on opposite sides and the other girls being in the between them. They would throw the ball to each other as they tried to hit one of the girls and after being hit, you had no option but quit. This went on and on until only one girl was left in the middle and the other two had to do their best and have the ball hit her.

4. Brikicho

Brikicho is what we call hide and seek. This game involved hiding and having someone else look for you. It went something like this, “Brikicho banture, brikicho banture. Nikuje? Apana Nikuje? Apana.”

hide and seek(1)

When everybody was ready they would respond by saying “eeh” The tricky part was outrunning the lead controller of the game when they found you in your hiding spot. You had to run fast and tap at the place they were spotted while singing the brikicho tune to avoid loosing and having to lead the tune yourself.

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From Tausi to Vioja Mahakamani: A TBT of the 90s programs we loved

With limited programs to watch on TV, majority of Kenyans had no option but to watch what the public broadcaster had to offer. Some of the TV programs included:

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1. Vioja Mahakamani

This perhaps was the most watched local program back in the days. It played out in a court bringing a real scenario of what happens in the courts. With a little humor added to the acting, it was a darling to the larger public.

Screenshot_2020-03-02 #vioja hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

Some of the characters who made the show worth it were; Olexander Josphat who played an ignorant Maasai character, Ondieki Nyuka Kwota, Alfionse dot Makacha dot Makokha and the no nonsense judge, Mama G. The program addressed most of the legal issues Kenyans face and how the courts listen and offer a verdict.

2. Je, huu ni ungwana?

Screenshot_2020-03-02 #leonardmambombotela hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

This program had the legendary TV presenter Leonard Mambo Mbotela as its facilitator. It was aimed at telling about peculiar Kenyan habits and how most of the Kenyans never realized that they had at one time fallen victim to such issues. Mbotela would show a clip of a scenario and when it was over he would ask, “Je, huu ni ungwana?”

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3. Tausi

It was a Swahili soap opera that graced the national TV in the late 90s. Notable acts were Sabina Chege, the current Murang’a women representative who played as Rehema and Ashina Kibibi who was a key actress but later on committed suicide after suffering from a mental illness.

4. Vitimbi

Screenshot_2020-03-02 inspecktamwala citizentvkenya ( davis mwabili) • Instagram photos and videos

This was a comic drama with lead actor being Davis Mwabili, who acted as Mwala. It was a humorous short drama that looked into the daily happenings of a typical Kenya with a little touch of humor that made people glue to the TV.

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From sleeping in class to homework – TBT to high school class moments

High school was fun depending on how gangster you were. For the soft-hearted, it was a boring affair. We had moments we cherished as much as most of them were naughty ones.

1. Sleeping in class


No sleep was great like sleeping on a locker. This feeling sent you into a wonderland. With the surface of the locker being hard, I still never understand how we would fall deep asleep. We are Africans, we are made of steel. We never feared getting punished. To the legends, they slept with their heads in the locker.

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2. Homework

Let’s all agree on this. We hated these loads of assignments which, to be honest never did us any good. We copy-pasted changing a few words here and there to bring out the authenticity of our work.


The teachers were competing on who to give much assignment than the other but we only handled for the tough teachers. They were mostly the Science and Maths teachers.

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3. Class punishments

They ranged from dumb punishments to energy-draining ones. Being asked to stand on top of the locker to kneeling at the back of the class with your hands held high in the air. It was a shameful affair but nonetheless we found fun of these punishments. Been punished gave you a break from the boring class lessons.

4. Sneaking snacks


This was the epitome of being a bad boy. We sneaked foodstuff through the fence and picked the late in the night. No one cared about the expiry date. We sneaked them into the classroom and munched on them without fear. The fact that you had snacks in your locker without the knowledge of the teacher was a heroic feeling. We ensured that the class snitches never had an idea about the sneaked in snacks. They were enemies of fun.

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From fashion to face me cars, here’s a look into random TBT things

Life was full of fun back in the day, but technology has messed up things. Here’s a look into things that made life back in the days:

1. Face me cars

These were either buses or pickup with extended carrier. The seats faced each other with a metal bar running at the roof of the carrier. Excess passengers stood in the middle holding the bar for support. People with luxury were the ones carried at the front seats. They didn’t have to be squeezed like sacks of potatoes. Glaring at the person seated on the other side was really annoying.

2. Fashion

afro nywele

Fashion was a crazy affair. Women rocked in mini skirts with afros. Men, on the other hand, rocked in tight shirts and belly bottom khaki trousers. Why they fixed a comb on the side of the head, I’ll need to ask my dad on that. That dressing style had girls going gaga. If you rocked in such, you stood ahead of the pack.

3. Video joints

They only cost you 5 shillings and you’d be taken one on one to Vietnam by the famous Dj Afro. Forgive the rural kids because English was something foreign to their ears.

Screenshot_2020-03-12 DJ AFRO OFFICIAL VIDEO ( dj_afro_a_k_a) • Instagram photos and videos

They needed a guy to interpret it for them. Movies were scheduled for the weekend. Boys crowded these dens ready to watch the action-packed movies available for the day.

4. Haircut

If it wasn’t that afro it had to be the common box haircut. The hair at the back and the side of the head were trimmed leaving the rest of it intact. This haircut was a bomb. How else would you get the attention of women if you couldn’t get such a cool haircut? This old haircut is becoming a favorite choice for many men nowadays.

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From walk man to phone-booth, here’s a TBT of old 90s gadgets

This article may sound absurd for the millennial. Having being brought up in the face of smart tech gizmos much of what I’m about to write will sound new to these guys. Before the smartphones came to life, laptops and desktops took us by storm, old technology ruled the society back in the days and here are some of them:

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1. Typewriter

This machine was the computer back in the days. It was used for typing documents. It had keys that the user had to press as the paper being typed on moved from side to side as the user placed it manually.

machine ya typewriter

One irritating issue was the noise it created as the user pressed each key. In some of the countries like India, type writers are still used to date in places where there is no reliable power connections.

2. Cassettes

If you never owned a box of these stuff, you must have had a boring childhood experience. These cassettes were made of brownish tape that contained the audio content and would be fitted in a radio with a cassette player.


The worst thing you could ever be seen doing is touching the tape with your bare fingers. This caused the cassettes to have scratches on the touched part which affected the quality of the audio.

In case the cassette got destroyed, boys back in the days would remove the tape and play with it.

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3. Walkman

A real man back in the days had to possess one of this babies. It was a portable media player where one would place a cassette and listen while doing other things. With the advent of CDs, the walk-man took the young men with a storm back in the days. With this gizmo you could easily trap someone’s daughter.

4. Phone booth

These were phones of the time. They were placed in major centers. In case you wanted to make a call, you dropped a coin in the system and you would be given equal call time.

phone booth

The problem was that sometimes your recipient would not be in waiting and you had to stand there like a clown waiting for them. If you used too much time the rest of the callers would start jeering at you to let another person make their call.

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Frog jumping to digging holes: How schools punished high-school students

High school was fun but it came with a price. The teachers were rough and cared less about you as a student. If you crossed them the wrong way, you were in for a long day.

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Here’s a range of the punishments that would be waiting for you:

1. Frog jumping

This tested how fit your body was. You were expected to squat and jump like a frog. The teacher would follow you thrashing your back if you tried walking instead of jumping. By the time you were done with the punishment your feet hurt to your last nerve.

2. Digging holes

This favored the guys from up country. It was just like any other day to them. By tilling land back home and digging wells, they never felt the pain of the punishment. The town kids were in for a rough day.The teacher would ask the student to dig a hole equal to his height but in my high-school it was worse.


Been a catholic run school, the teacher would ask you to dig a hole in the shape of a cross with the depth and height been equal to your height. After all this hustle you were expected to get back the soil and level it nicely.

3. Standing on locker


In case you never revised on what the teacher had taught the previous day, you had a shameful event awaiting you. The teacher would ask you a question and in case you didn’t get it right, he would order you to stand on the top of your locker as the lesson continued. It was really humiliating.

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4. Fools corner

It was a place at the parade ground close to the flag post where a teacher would send you to kneel in case you were on then wrong. The shame that came with it is that when people went for their break they’d see you there and the laughter and teasing that came with it was depressing. Also, any teacher who saw you there gave you a beating cause they knew you had messed up.

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Here’s a TBT of the household items back in the 2000s

Hold up dear millennial, much of what I’m about to write down here will sound new. Don’t worry though, I’ll break it down for you. Technology has brought the likes of microwaves, fridge, tea maker and electric kettle.

Let’s go back to the days when tech didn’t offer us the much needed luxury in the house:

1. Clay pots

clay pots

They were well shaped with fine clay. Githeri made out of them tasted like pizza. Githeri was given ample time to boil until it was ready. The natural rule of law stated that once the githeri was ready everyone had to have a handful before the “kitoweo” was made.

2. “Mabati” cups

These were cups of punishment. Drinking hot tea from them was a hard task. You had to be precise on how you held it and placed your lips on it’s mouth. They easily broke from the inside which looked unpresentable. The broken ones were for the family members whereas the good ones were for the visitors. They were kept locked in big wall units which were the thing back in the days.

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3. Three legged stool

These stool were a mark of authority. The father of the house owned one. You could even dare touch it. It was his “baby” He would sit on it while enjoying the heat of the sun.

4. Battery powered TV

They were about 14″ in size with a curved screen at the edges. They had images in black and white. They were powered with a wet cell battery which lasted about two weeks before running out of power.

tv mzee

Once the pictures displayed started making dance like motion, you knew it was the moment to have the battery recharged. The battery was taken to the nearest center and you had to wait for at least three days until it was fully charged.

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5. Wall unit

They greeted anyone who was a visitor. They were strategically placed in the house. They were used to put the visitors’ cups and plates. The TV was placed in the middle of the wall unit and dressed with a white holed clothe during the day. TV was supposed to be watched at night. The father watched the news and allowed the kids to catch up on the latest wresting match after that you went to bed waiting for the same drill the following day.

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The best TBT moments that every child waited for

Back in the day, every Kenyan child had those days they anxiously waited for – be it Christmas when we all got new clothes, or closing day when our folks bought ice-cream for us.

Let us throw it way back to these moments when we were kids and life was gucci.

Christmas and new year holiday

These were the moments we got to eat chapatis, sodas, juices and other special meals like meat. The best part of it all was going shopping for new clothes and shoes. The houses could be decorated with balloons and flowers as it was a special day.

Tokeo la picha la christmas

Visitors dropping by

Visitors were valued back then. They used to bring gifts along with them whenever they visited. This also gave you a chance to feed on very special meal such an meat because it was in plenty whenever they visited. Before the visitors left, they would most often than not give kids money.

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Church days

Besides going to church this was another resting day. You could wear your best clothes and be allowed to spend the whole day at the church. It was better for one to spend the whole day at church than staying at home where your parent would bother you with housework.

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Going for holiday trips

This was the time you could visit new places and get to see new things that you never saw before. You could also get a chance to play all sorts of games with other people and make new friends.

Family gatherings

This was the moment when you could meet almost all your relatives, regardless of where they lived.

The ones that came from the cities were normally valued more and treated with respect.

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This TBT picture of Harriet Kinga is definitely worth seeing

Classic 105’s Harriet Kinga has been serving lewks for quite some time.

A fan of Harriet tagged her on social media with a throwback photo.

The picture (above) was taken ten years ago and she is still rocking it.

Meanwhile enjoy these cute photos of Harriet with a new look.

Harriet in the Classic 105 studio




TBT! Top 5 Throw Back Kenyan Songs Which Will Take You Back In Time

Throw back songs remind us of our past lives! We have talked too much of 2pac and B.I.G Notorious, its time we now listed some Kenya songs.

Well, check out some top 10 Kenyan songs you might not have heard for the longest time now. This list will make you euphoric.


This song was one of the biggest back in the day. Pam and Karma features Jua Cali, Nameless, Nyashinksi and Abbas. Although Pam and Karma might have given up on music, this track was definately a killer jam.



This jam was released back in 2003 by the trio Tattuu who have since then gone silent. This track is one that made top charts in the music industry back then.

3. Boomba Train

E-Sir is still regarded as one of the artistes who had deadly punchlines and a good command of English. He was a Kenyan hip hop artiste who together with Nameless did good justice to this song.

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4. Amka Ukatike

This was one of the biggest tracks produced by the legendary Clemo. Even if Czars’s left without a trace, his songs still reminds people of him.

5. Ukimwona

This song was one of the hottest yet hilarious ones by Pilipili and the late Lady S, a track by Calif Records that keep’s Lady S voice alive.

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6. Morale

Talk of a nice combination, Ratatat and Pilipili made this jam hit the headlines over the good justice they made to it.

7. Under 18

Jimwat made his debut with this song that became a sing along song to everyone who heard it. I must say it was both educational and entertainment.

Aki Yaoo! Maina Kageni confesses whose songs he prefers between Ali Kiba and Diamond Platnumz

8. Manzi Wa Nairobi

Nonini is a trend setter. This was his first ever video in 2001 which made the phrase ‘Gigagagaga’ famous which also came up with the sheng word “Mahaga” or “Haga”. In this song he featured his sister Slyvia who sang the chorus.

9. Kwaheri

This was one of the songs that made Jua Cali win alot of awards. It features fellow Kenyan artiste Sanaipei Tande. The two are still doing good music to date.

10. Githurai

You know this song famed for the lyrics ‘Wasee Tumetoka Githurai.” My Lenny, Googz and Vinnie Banton released it back in 2004.

I must say this is the real sound of Kenyan songs. Bring back the shine guys!


#TBT Hairstyles From Back In The Day Making A Comeback

We have seen the fashion world go back in time to the 50’s and other eras and pick up a few wardrobe staples and give them life or rather a more modern look.

The same has happened in the hair industry with manufacturers producing wigs with styles reminiscent of those our parents rocked in their youthful days.

Many people are now ditching the chemicals in favor of their natural hair and with that comes the need for hairstyles that are protective and can last given that African hair isn’t exactly silky soft.

Here are some of the styles from back in the day that are becoming common.

Bantu knots – After oiling your hair, you separate it into several parts, twist and roll it around to make a knot. You can either choose to leave them or undo them for a curly look.

Bantu knots – Image/


Twist outs – They are almost like bantu knots only that you don’t coil them. You basically twist your hair and later on style them to your preferred look.



Afro – The good old afro, wash your natural hair, oil it , comb and you’re good to go. You can add a bow, pins or a flower to bump the look.


Corn rows – These can be done with your natural hair if it’s long enough and in case it’s not hair piece or thread can be used instead.


#TBT Unseen Photos Of Janet Mbugua’s Pregnancy

News anchor Janet Mbugua Ndichu who gave birth a few weeks ago had a pregnancy photo shoot that not many had the opportunity to see.

The shoot was not the usual studio type with heels and the mother holding the baby bump smiling, no this was a very fiesty and adventurous shoot for lack of a better term.

The venue for the shoot held at  the Ole Polos country club by photographer/ TV host Michelle Morgan is very tasteful and who knew Janet could also double up as a model.

Here are the photos courtesy of Michelle Morgan/thefemalenomad

DCIM108GOPRO Janet1 Janet2 Janet3 Janet4


#TBT Love Songs From Back In The Day

Forget the songs you hear today that do little for lovers, especially the women. Most songs written nowadays are about drugs and sex and do nothing for people wooing women, the number one way to get someone to accept a date.

Back in the day songs were composed in a way that it made it easier for you to convey your message, from “I love you “ , “I’m sorry”, “forgive me” to “let’s break up”, there were songs for all occasions. Some songs were so famous in their times that they were used to walk down the aisle during weddings. A perfect example is KC and Jojo’s – All my life which was dubbed wedding song of the year in 1994.

Another well received song from back in the day was Mariah Carey’s -Thank God I found you, Celine Dion’s – You’re still the one, Whitney Houston’s – I will always love you etc which were among the best love songs of all time. Here is a list of some of the most epic love songs.

I don’t wanna miss a thing – Aerosmith

I’ll make love to you – Boyz 2 men

I got you babe – Ub40

Loving you – Minnie riperton

Don’t let go – Envogue

Truly, deeply, madly – Savage garden

Alicia Keys – Fallin

My first , my last , my everything – Barry White

Lady – Styx


#TBT Media Personality Jimmy Gathu

Jimmy Gathu is one of the country’s top media personalities of our time. He continues to appear on our screens, be heard on radio and feature in adverts.

From back in the 90’s when he hosted the evening music show on KTN Rap’Em, Kass Kass, Rastrut, Jam-a-Delic and Rythmix on weekdays  to the weekends when he hosted the popular kids’ show Club Kiboko.

He later moved on to radio before going returning briefly to TV. He was the face in the ‘Mpango Wa Kando’ TV commercials which raised controversy as some members of the community felt that it was a bit too much for home viewing.

Watch the advertisement here:

Check out these throwback photos of Jimmy.

jimmy g jimmy_2

Throwback Thursday: Meet Johnson Sakaja ‘The Lyrical Assassin’ (Video)

To many Kenyans Johnson Sakaja burst into the limelight at the launch of The National Alliance (TNA) party in 2012 through his highly publicised speech. Sakaja who is currently a household name was into politics way before Kenyans knew him.

He was the chairman of Students Organisation of Nairobi (SONU) in the mid-2000’s but little is said or known about his life besides politics.

Turns out John Sakaja was a rapper and bass guitarist in a group called Mission Driven in 2006  with popular NTV reporter Dann Mwangi and together they released a song titled ‘save me saviour’

Check it out below

#TBT Whitney Houston And Bobbi Kristina

The life and times of the Late Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina were filled with moments of joy and despair just like it happens to many others. However with a history of alleged drug abuse, both mother and daughter died under the same tragic circumstances.

They were each found in the bathtub supposedly under the influence of drugs , but the difference is that Bobbi was taken to hospital and died 6 months later while her mother was found already dead with postmortem results indicating she died of a heart attack while under the influence of cocaine.

Here are photos of the two over the years.

VH-1 Divas 2002 - Show
Bobby, Whitney and Bobbi Kristina – Image/hellobeautiful
Young Bobbi K, Bobby Brown and Whitney – Image/lipstickalley
Whitney and Bobby Brown – Image/designtrend
houstons w&b
Whitney and Bobbi Kristina – Image/inquistr
Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina – Photo/hellobeautiful
Whitney and Bobbi K- Image/Dailymail


TBT: Barrack Obama In Kenya In 2006 Photos

Barack Obama visited Kenya as a senator in 2006 and thousands of people lined the streets for hours waiting to get a glimpse of him and now come Friday 24th July he will visit Kenya as the President of the United States. The Obama in Kenya excitement is really building up and he is expected to be warmly received.

Obama will not be travelling to Kogelo as many had expected neither will he be accompanied by his wife and children like he was in 2006.

He visited the Kibera slums, Wajir and even took a HIV/Aids test in Kisumu in 2006. He also planted a tree with the late Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai which is one of the most iconic photos of his visit.

He will not get to mingle with people the way he did in the senatorial capacity, but check out this throwback photos of his 2006 visit.

Obama1 obama2 obama6 obama7 obama5 obama3 oba

Check out this 2004 throwback photo of Wahu and Nameless

Celebrity power couple Nameless and Wahu have been together for years and are one of the most celebrated relationships in music. But before the marriage came the dating and Nameless might have just shared why he put a ring on Wahu so fast.

Nameless shared the photo below of him and Wahu 11 years ago when they took their first USA tour. He even had a discussion regarding Wahu’s good looks back in the day with fellow musician Madtraxx.

madtraxx: Eeeeiiiissshhh @wahukagwi wololo… No wonder he put a ring on it! FAAAAAASSSST!
namelesskenya: Hahaha… @madtraxx I had to bro!!!
madtraxx: @namelesskenya she got you good bro! Whipped with one swing!

Check out the photo below

TBT 2004… First tour to stato.. went to visit some childhood friends… had a blast. !!

A photo posted by @namelesskenya on