Here’s the list of top celebrities with no tattoos

Tattoos are the new art form of expressing themselves. Everyone at least wants to have one.

As the art gets more professional and more artistes offering a wide range of designs, tattoo is becoming one the most lucrative art to venture into.

Celebrities worldwide have their skins covered all over with tats. But as always, there will always be that pack that doesn’t conform to the trend and here’s some of the world celebrities with no tat:

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1. Christiano Ronaldo

He’s unarguably one of the greatest football players ever. The Juventus striker gets people on their feet every time he catches the ball cause a goal may be in any time. Other than his footwork prowess, the player rocks it hard when it comes to dressing. He never goes wrong whosoever.

Screenshot_2020-03-05 Cristiano Ronaldo ( cristiano) • Instagram photos and videos

Surprisingly enough is that Cristiano has no single tattoo on his body. The reason he doesn’t ink his body is the fact that he donates blood regularly and according to medics one must wait at least four months from the date of having the tat to start donating.

2. J. Cole

The poetic master also made it to the list. The Middle Child rapper has no tattoo. Despite been a prolific American rapper with most of them filling their bodies with tattoos, J. Cole doesn’t have any. Needless to say, his lyrics are mind-blowing.

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3. T.I

He has to be one of the most unexpected celebrities to have his way here. Clifford Joseph as is his real name bears no tattoo mark over his body.

Screenshot_2020-03-05 TIP ( troubleman31) • Instagram photos and videos

Interviewed by American Big Boy TV, T.I said that the reason he doesn’t have a tattoo is because he has never found anything to commit to, to want him get a tat. On the funny side though is that he confessed to fearing the needle and therefore couldn’t get one.

4. Common

He’s one of the back in the days rappers who made his mark in the hip hop world with his edge cutting lyrics. However, common has no single tat on his body.

Screenshot_2020-03-05 Common ( common) • Instagram photos and videos

Other international celebrities with no tats include Big Sean, Childish Gambino, Zendaya, to mention but a few.

Some of the reasons why people don’t wanna get a tattoo are:

– religious beliefs which warn against having a piercing or mark on the body.

– general fear of the needle.

– the belief that tattoos are a demonic form of art.

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The mellow-voiced presenter got married to her husband, JB Masanduku, only 7 months into dating, but they have both proved that love can conquer anything.

Tina and her hubby, Nathan Kimani aka JB are blessed with two lovely children, a boy and the recent addition to the family, a cute baby girl. This is however, Tina’s third child, with a first-born daughter from a previous relationship.


For those who don’t know, Tina Kaggia is a big fan and an enthusiast of tattoos and she has a couple of well defined and polished tattoos on her body and  yes, she’s obsessed with them! Her best being one written ‘Jesus’ on her wrist.

Tina has now revealed a new tattoo that she recently got on the back of her neck, which is a well-painted barcode, with letters on it. She shared the picture with this caption:

New ink #LastOneIPromise @gathuthemadkid you need to stop Michael Schofielding me.hehe

Well, let’s see if this will really be her last one. Check it out below.



It’s Not Always A Bad Idea! 7 Reasons Why It’s Pretty Okay To Get A Tattoo With Your Partner

Are you a lover of tattoos? Well, most tattoos people put have a meaning to them, and it’s more than just inking stuff on their skin.

From the most painful to happy memories, there are a lot of reasons couples should get matching tattoos. Here are 7 good reasons why it’s okay to do so:

1. Symbolise your commitment:
Our culture loves to celebrate commitment — from promise rings to wedding rings to wearing vials of blood around our necks. But, none of those are really forever. If you want to showcase the permanence of your relationship, then what could be a better way than injecting drops of ink into your dermis? That’s love!


2. Engrave milestones:
Some people may take a selfie on their anniversary or tell their diaries about their first date. But, matching tattoos can also mark a milestone. Sharing a thrilling trip together or reaching a landmark in your relationship (engagements, weddings, babies) definitely qualify as happy times that you’ll want to be reminded of every day.

3. Pain is gain:
Just think, the tighter you’re forced to squeeze your eyelids and tense your muscles from the pain of the needle, the more you’ll value that tiny XO on your wrist. And knowing that your partner in crime went through the same thing? Poof. The bond is magical.


4. Birds of a feather…:
Nothing says family like matching navy blue T-shirts and white jeans in your annual family photo… right? Well, donning the same symbol as your sig-o can also make you feel like two of a kind. Think of it as a uniform that only you two wear.

5. Be an open book:
In an article on San Francisco’s tattoo culture,” Joshua Mohr refers to tattoos as a “visible autobiography.” He writes, “They are a time line.” Without our other (better) halves, there would be a significant void in our stories. Getting a tattoo with them only highlights the fact that they are the Romeo to our Juliet.

6. Take your love to the extremes:
When you share a heightened experience with someone — bungee jumping, skydiving or even surviving a meet-the-parents dinner — that moment strengthens a personal bond between you. Getting inked together also creates a high adrenal experience that will deepen the affection you have for each other.






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