Lady Jay Dee gushes over hunky boyfriend as he turns a year older

There’s nothing like celebrating your hunky man, with a sweet message.

Lady Jay Dee had gone silent for a while when it came to her musical career but when she was finally signed to a Kenyan management house, she began releasing song after song. Her presence in Kenya introduced us to her man.

Tanzanian singer Lady Jay Dee joins Kenya’s Taurus Muzik


She came for her Kenyan media tour accompanied by her boyfriend, Spicy, who we must admit is very good looking. Lady Jay Dee was not afraid to mention his presence in every interview as the love of her life and also as a great artiste as she was also trying to market him to Kenyans.

Spicy celebrated his birthday yesterday and Lady Jay Dee could not hold back her love for him also appreciating him being there for her for yet another year of his life. She penned down a love letter wishing him nothing but the best in this new year and also appreciated him as her pillar of strength and being there for her even when things were not easy for her.

Lady Jay Dee declared her love for him in the short and simple letter below:

Today is a special day because it marks your birthday. I’m wishing you good health, success in your business and many more years in your life. For a period that we have been together, you have proved to be a true pillar of support during my struggle. I cherish your love and care because you have made me stronger in my daily trials. You’re my rock. Thank you for always being here when I need a shoulder to cry on. I love you today, tomorrow and yesterday ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Happy birthday @spicymuzik

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Tanzanian singer Lady JayDee reveals how she feels about having children

Tanzanian singer Lady Jay Dee is no stranger to controversy.

The no-nonsense singer is known to hit out at fans who poke their noses in her personal life. She responds so swiftly, many are left amused and wondering who hurt her.

Well, recently a fan asked her why she has not had a child, since marrying her second husband. I guess perhaps society always has expectations of us once we walk down the aisle.

But Judith Wambura, her real name, was not having any jokes.


She responded telling the fan to stop poking her nose in her business, at the same time indicating that she may not have a child anytime soon.

The singer who divorced her manager hubby, and quickly found love again doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to fill the earth, as her fans expect of newly-weds.

She wrote;


‘maswala yanahusikaje hapo kwa mfano. Mgneniacha nikapumua mtoto amekuwa mtoto kwani nisipopata itakuwaje kwa mfano? natakiwe nife au? na hii post inahusikaje na mtoto? jifunzeni kuwaachia watu maisha yao binafsi aisee mnnichosha. zaeni nyie mjaze dunia inatosha’.


The bongo singer revealed that she is now being managed by Kenya’s Taurus Muzik, after ditching Ali Kiba’s manager for the Kenyan team.

Her new move was welcomed by Kenyan fans who are eager to see what she has in store for them in 2018.

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Tanzanian singer Lady Jay Dee joins Kenya’s Taurus Muzik

Lady JayDee’s Kenyan fans will be very interested in this latest piece of news.

Tanzanian singer Lady Jay Dee could be leaving her manager for a Kenyan based company.

“I Would Never Go Back To My Ex-Husband” Lady Jaydee Confesses To Maina Kageni (Audio)

The sexy singer is said to have recently signed on to Kenya’s Taurus Muzik, and are gearing up to release new music soon.

Her manager Seven Mosha is also behind heartthrob Ali Kiba, and has been managing these two bigwigs.

Well, rumors from bongo land suggest Lady Jay Dee has parted ways with Seven Mosha to link up with Taurus Musik. It will be interesting to see how things go forward with this change.

A source close to the artiste was interviewed on Tanzania’s Bongo 5, where it was suggested she had done so.

Bongo singer Ali Kiba pictured with his manager Seven Mosha

She now joins Kenya’s Dela, Kagwe Mungai, Alicio Theluji and Urban hype from Zambia who are signed to the label.

Breathtaking: Lady JayDee And Her Husband Release A Steamy Music Video Together As A Couple


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‘Forget The Past, You Deserve To Be Happy!’ Fans Tell Singer Lady Jay Dee As She Celebrates Her Birthday

She celebrated turning a year older recently. Tanzanian singer Lady Jay Dee is in Nigeria, where she was joined by her new hubby and friends to mark her birthday.

The singer has been keeping her private life away from the public, and perhaps it’s because she is working on new things.

The Ndi Ndi Ndi singer is in her hubby’s hometown Nigeria and seems to be having a good time.

Her husband singer Spicy Asa has sent her the most heart-warming birthday message, professing his love for his wife. Read the sweet message below:

Happy birthday to you my Queen, my Empress, My love, Mpenzi wangu, Roho ya Spicy, Malaika, My woman, my everything. As you add a year today, so will Blessings and Long life and all you desire be added unto you forever❤❤💋💘 . Enjoy today Honey. It’s your day. Walk tall, smile and Laugh heartily, live life to the fullest and Have fun. You know how we do..



Her fans have responded, wishing her the best and noting how happy she seems. Read some of the cute comments below.