Harmonize released from police custody, denies beating Eric Omondi

Tanzanian musician Harmonize has been released from police custody.

He was arrested today morning for failing to honour paid for performances in various clubs in Kenya. 

Eric Omondi alleged that the artiste also punched him in front of the OCPD in Kileleshwa Police station.

While addressing media people after his release, Harmonize said he will perform in Mombasa tonight. 

He denied beating Eric Omondi in front of Police officers.

“Wewe unaweza kupiga mtu kwenye kituo cha polisi? Kama Polisi wanakuangalia? Can you really punch a person while inside the police station while the cops are present?)”

Eric had accused the Kwangwaru hitmaker of assaulting him at the police station in front of ex-governor Mike Sonko. 

“Harmonize has punched me in front of Kileleshwa OCPD, he has punched my face infront of Mike Mbuvi Sonko, it was inside a police station. I am bleeding,” he said.

“I gave him money and he refused to perform, so we told him to return the money. I told him there is no need to fight…’I have given you money and you have been arrested, I do not want to embarrass you, lets go to Mombasa and do a show because you have been paid, yesterday you refused to go to Kokoriko, yesterday you caused problems at Captains and I covered you,’ While talking, he punched me.


Harmonize arrested in Kenya for missing club performance

Tanzanian star Harmonize was today morning arrested for conning Kenyan their money and failing to perform.

According to reliable reports from Kileleshwa Police Station, Harmonize, was arrested and is currently in custody.

His arrest came a few hours after performing at the Africa Moja concert at KICC.

Harmonize was scheduled to do a series of performances but is alleged to have not honored the contract that he had been paid for.

A close source to Mpasho also alleged that there have been five people who complained leading to his arrest.

He is said to have appeared at Captain’s Lounge for only five minutes instead of the agreed upon 1 hour and 30.

According to the event poster, tickets were retailing at Sh 1,000 for regular, Sh2,000 for VIP and sh 5,000 for VVIP.

Eric Omondi defended him saying he was only paid for appearance and not for performance.

Harmonize was scheduled to perform in other clubs today.

See the Sh80,000 shoe singer Harmonize can’t get enough of

Bongo singer Harmonize has officially made it to the Gucci gang club.

The singer could not contain his excitement as he shouted his joy on finally owning some luxurious items.

Just in case if you don’t know gucci it’s my favourite brand but it’s too…!!! expensive

He is learning to master the Gucci trend just like other A list celebrities in East Africa.

Money Talks! Marya’s Lavish Boyfriend Brags About His Expensive Ksh 210,000 Designer Shoes (Photos)

His close pal Rayvanny sent over some Gucci Falacer Glitter sneakers estimated to cost 800 dollars. In the package was also Gucci socks, that he insisted are not fakes.


He was also gifted several pairs of socks

– Gucci game patch socks worth Sh13,000

– Gucci cotton socks with Tiger worth Sh14,000

– Interlocking GG socks worth Sh18,000


The bright, eclectric colors and patterns seem to have caught his eye.

This is the shoe that has excited Harmonize as it appears on the Gucci website;


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Never before seen photo of singer Harmonize’s Mother (Photo)

The WCB artiste Harmonize’s mother has for the first time appeared on social media.

This is after Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni posted a photo with her and the Tanzanian star’s manager.

Maina who is out and about on holiday in Tanzania enjoying the country’s beautiful scenery over the Easter Holiday which he seems to be loving as he shared this on social media,

“What a view!!!! What a place!!! What a tour guide!!! @harmonize_tz I love your country!!!

Holiday came early! Check out photos of Maina Kageni and Harmonize having fun in Tanzania

Well, check out Harmonize beautiful mum;

“With mother to @harmonize_tz and his MONEY MANAGER @mrpuaz



Bongo singer Harmonize’s ex-girlfriend Jacqueline Wolpers stunning birthday photos as she turns a year older

Ex-girlfriend to Bongo star Harmonize has hit 30. Jacqueline Wolper a fashion icon cum actress hit the headlines after she and the Show Me hitmaker were seen exchanging saliva at a public event.

The two dated for months after which Harmonize, real name, Rajab Abdul, ditched the yellow-yellow slay queen for a rich mzungu.

Wolper later came out to expose the singer saying he was cheating on him with the Italiano girl whose name is Sarah. Wolper added that Sarah had been sending her naked photos of the two (Sarah and Harmonize) even while Harmonize was still her boyfriend.

She told Millard Ayo;

“That woman bought him a phone, gold chains and told him if he wanted to be with her to first break up with Jackline. She even told him to delete all my photos.”

She added;

“Akaona naenda kushoot video South Africa na Harmonize, akanitumia picha za uchi za kitandani.”

Days later, Harmonize released a track titled Nishachoka, one that is said to be dissing Wolper.

The two have since moved on. Harmonize is dating the mzungu chick while Wolper is in love with another ben 10 by the name Brown.

Well, the actress has hit 30 and is still slaying. Check out her photos;

Cheers to life




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Harmonizers! The Hunk Singer Has A Fresh One For You

The Tanzanian star has just dropped a new one.

After his recent hits Show Me and Happy Birthday that received too much love, Harmonize has released another one. The song goes by the name ‘Sina’. It is an emotional song that will definitely definitely get everybody’s feelings moved.

He talks about how youths get easy cash and behave like they have it all, forgetting their parents while spending stacks of cash showing off to their friends, buying them drinks and partying all round the world.


They forget that money is like water, once it’s poured it can’t be recovered and the people you spend your hard earned money on really matter. Many people forget family comes first and they are the ones who will always be there to lift you up when you fall. When rich you will have friends, but when broke they all will disappear.

Harmonize is also scheduled to perform at The Nakuru 032 Youth Concert to be held tonight at Nakuru athletics Club in Nakuru, Kenya .

‘Sina’ will surely be a hit considering it was released yesterday, July 27 2017 and just within a day it has already gained 153,904 views on you tube. It reveals the true picture of the current world. The artist seems to have made his way to the top and is not coming down soon.

Is it a hit or miss? Leave your comments below:

Drama After Drama!!! Did This Popular Artiste DUMP Ancestor Girlfriend For Mzungu?

News has it that Tanzanian singer Harmonize and  girlfriend Jacqueline Wolper are done!

Harmonize and actress Wolper have been in an on and off relationship but its seems the two have decide to call it quits.

The Bado hit maker shocked many fans when he confessed that he was very single, days after he showered love to Wolper on national radio.

‘Thank You For Blessing Me With Your Gift’ Maina Kageni Tells Bongo Singer Harmonize (AUDIO)


Talking to Maina Kageni, Harmonize admitted;

“I’m single by the way.

He further revealed that he was searching for a lady who would warm his heart. It was then that fans new Harmonize had left his long time celebrity girlfriend but who was he going for? You ask?

Dr Ofweneke Kwisha! Look At The Conversations His Ex Wife Nicah Is Having With Bongo Star Harmonize

Harmonize is now rumoured to be dating a mzungu, something that he has kept a secret since he parted ways with Wolper. Rumour has it that the mzungu is heavily pregnant. When called to confirm the rumours, Harmonize’s manager did not want to say a thing.

“Tuzungumze biashara, utakapopata Harmonize utazungumzia tuhuma ambazo umezisikia…Mimi simanage mapenzi ya wasanii wangu namanage biashara na kazi zao.”

‘Thank You For Blessing Me With Your Gift’ Maina Kageni Tells Bongo Singer Harmonize (AUDIO)

Finally he is here! The much awaited tour of Tanzanian singer Harmonize to Kenya is underway.

The singer was hosted this morning by Classic 105 morning presenter Maina Kageni, who was completely floored by the musician. The ‘Matatizo’ singer has been promising his Kenyan fans that he would come and visit the country, but has been canceling his plans for unexplained reasons.

Here is Maina Kageni’s Q & A with the music sensation.

1.Maina; Karibu Nairobi na Classic 105. What do you people in bongo eat or drink because your music is amazing.

Answer; (laughing) tunajaribu tuu kufanya kazi nzuri ambacho watu wengi watafurahia. ila pia tunafanya kitu kidogo ttu tunapresent kwa mashabiki wetu ambayo inafanya wakipokea vizuri na kukipenda unajua. sithandhi tunafanya musiki tofauti na watu ambao wanafanya sijui sis tunaruka juu ..apana.. so tunasukuru sana kwa mafans wetu Kenya na mataifa nyingine pia.

2. Maina; How long have you been in music?

Harmonize; Ah now I think its been four years.

3. Maina; how did you start, ulianza aje?

Harmonize; Nilianza tuu kwa kuimba mtaani watu wakaniambia niko na talent.

4. Maina; Sauti uko nayo by the way.

Harmonize; so watu wakaniambia niko na talent nikaanza kufuatilia. So nikaanza kuhangaika baadhi ya studio, kutafuta record label na management, hapo ndipo nikakutana na management ya WCB, ndio waka ni sign nikawa official.

5. Maina; Mlipatana wapi na Diamond Platnumz?

Harmonize; Nilikuwa na numba yake. Alikuwa ana fanya show nika mtext nikamwambia mi naitwa Harmonize nafanya muziki na nikatuma ngoma yangu. Alikuwa na event kubwa huko dar, nikamwambia naomba nije nikaperform tuu katika hii event yako. So akaniambia haina shida hii ni numba ya manager wake akaniambia ongea naye

6. Maina; What was your thought process ukiandika the song matatizo?

Harmonize; unajua maisha ya wafrika wengi sio mazuri. Wenye maisha mazuri ni wachache sana. So mie ni kati ya watu ambo wamepitia maisha magumu. Nilikuwa nachukua histori yangu ya maisha na maisha ya wafrika kwa jumla. Sometimes nilikuwa na kosa hela ya kula nilikuwa na kosa pa kulala.

7. Maina; Would you ever consider doing a collabo with Jose Chameleone?

Harmonize; Ukizumgumzia Chameleone, uanzungumzia legend. Ame inspire watu wengi sana wasanii kufanya muziki. So ni mtu ambaye tunaweza fanya collabo kwasabau mie naheshimu talent ya mtu na heshimu sana ukarimu wa mtu.

8. Maina; Alot of ladies on social media want to know, are you single?

hHrmonize; laughing, without answering. I’m single by the way.

9. Maina; are you searching now that you’ve declared you’re single?

Harmonize; Kazi na dawa.

10. Maina; When are you going to perform in Nairobi?

Harmonize; I’m not sure right now I’m just focusing on doing a media tour. Because Kenyans are one of my biggest fans

11. Maina; What’s your favorite song that you’ve ever done?

Harmonize; I think it’s my new song that I’m yet to release, haijatoka bado. inatoka this Friday.