‘I was set to get married to Ruge before his death’ cries Nandy

Tanzanian artiste Nandy has confessed that she had a close relationship with businessman and media boss Ruge Mutahaba.

Ruge died in March this year leaving behind children he had had from a previous relationship.

In an interview with AYO TV, the Ninogeshe hit maker – confessed that she dated the media boss for three years

We did not put it out in the public because we did not want social media to dictate our lives.

However everyone else in the company and our parents knew we were dating.

We were trying to build our personal lives.

‘I will never forget,’ Njeri Kaberere on Kambua supporting her during difficult pregnancy 


Nandy continued,

He loved his family and he loved his children. He had no reason to have me meet the mothers to his children and that is why I never did.

We started living together after I finished building for my mum a house…Even then, we both had our privacy.

On being asked whether she still has messages she shared with Ruge, Nandy revealed,

I still have his messages on my phone because I do not know when I will get over the memories we created.

Ruge and I were to get married in March and we had planned everything including how many babies we wanted to have together.

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‘Couldn’t believe my eyes’ Kenyan man left furious after seeing girlfriend groping Lava Lava

On New year’s eve, Tanzanian heavyweights, Wasafi  crew took Nairobi by a storm in a massive concert.

The much anticipated show went down at Uhuru Gardens with a huge crowd ready to be entertained by Tanzania’s Diamond, Harmonize, Lava Lava, Mbosso, Queen Darling among others.

Wasafi crew is top on Kenyans favorite musician list,especially for the ladies who crush on the men.

Lava Lava took to stage and gave the Kenyan ladies more than just a great performance and massive tracks.

Lava Lava stood at the edge of the stage and gave the ladies an opportunity to touch him as they pleased. Phones were ready to capture this moment and one girl was caught in the act.

lava lava

The picture captured her groping Lava Lava’s private parts with a big smile and of course, it found its way on social media and unfortunately, her boyfriend saw it.

He retweeted it and captioned:

couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted out that this is my lady, who was rubbing on @iamlavalava so gently I’m waiting on you at home #WasafiFestival #HappyNewYear2019

We can only hope their relationship is not over this new year. Here is the picture below:


Hatupendi upuzi!!agitated Kenyan women explain why they can’t bow down to a man unlike Ugandan and Tanzanian women:Audio

Kenyan women have been accused of kujiskia sukari on several occasions many argue that they feel more superior than any other women .

Well that might be true to some point but women confidently state that wamechanuka and gone are the days when they used to shiver at every command by their men.

Dads are a gem!!Jacque Maribe’s dad leaves her in stitches in court with this loving gesture that can melt even the hardest of hearts:Video


The debate was ignited during a discussion on the Morning show by Maina Kageni where men professed their undying love for Ugandan,Rwandese and Tanzanian women.

Here is what women had to say on why they feel superior than women from other Countries/continents

“Kenyan women we don’t like upuzi so don’t compare us with Tanzanian women,first of all Kenyan men have no morals so you cannot compare us,we are unique and special you cant compare us with Ugandan women nor Tanzanian women.”

At least 42 people feared dead grisly road accident along Kisumu-Muhoroni highway

Another woman adds

“Why should I thank a man who wants to sleep with the same house girl you have brought to work for you?We cant do that as Kenyan women we are more advanced than the Ugandan and Tanzanian women.”

Another female defends Kenyan women by strongly stating that as women we wont allow ourselves to be used kama kifagio.


Another poses

“If Kenyan women are said to be so proud why do we see men from far and wide looking for Kenyan women as wives and girlfriends?reason is that we are well organized in our lives.”

Just when you think you have heard enough another woman says

“If men think we are better that everyone else let them go and find those women who don’t feel like us,It is them who hardened us ,there are countries with BETTER men its not like Kenyan men are the BEST.”

Listen more on the audio below

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I was buried for three days in Tanzania in search for prosperity,’ Reveals gospel artist Rigan Sarkozi

Gospel singer Rigan sarkozi’s life history is an inspiring yet a scary one altogether.

In a recent interview with a popular Radio presenter, the man who rose to fame thanks to his ‘Wewe ni mungu’ hit song which he featured Daddy Owen shocked many when he revealed that his life has not been a bed of roses, having had to resort to witchcraft services and drug dealing business to survive.

Speaking about his controversial past for the first time ever, Sarkozi revealed that his spirit has been convincing him to speak out on how he turned to the same God he was fighting in search for prosperity.

“As a christian and as a human being, I got saved in 2011 and since then I haven’t spoken about this (practicing witchcraft). So I asked myself why I haven’t and everyday my spirit was constantly urging me to speak out about my life history and I decided to do so since God has a reason why I went through it all. ” Said Sarkozi.


So I did not wake up just one morning and got saved, I have been involved in theft cases, witchcraft among others. I would come in your house and steal your TV set and leave only for you to realize it hours later.

He noted that It all started with the company he kept in the past. His friends were into women and the partying life and since their parents would never give them money for such use, they resorted to stealing household items.

So how did he decide to turn to witchcraft?

Some of our friends were beaten up in the process and that is when we got into drug business which was very closely linked with devil worshiping. So together with eleven of my friends I joined a group called ‘Baduz’ which means ‘twelve followers’ where we got into the drug dealing business where we were tasked to carry out small missions in a bid to earn a luxurious life.

He added, In there, there was a price to pay depending on the kid of lifestyle you wanted to lead, For example I had always admired a big car and a big house, wanted to help people since I used to live in the streets.

I was told in order to gain all that first condition would be; I find a wife and she would have a miscarriage every eight months for a period of five years and that meant that every miscarriage brought with it a different treasure.

The Star
The Star

I have carried out such activities in three countries; Congo, Kenya and Tanzania before I decided to change my ways. In Tanzania I was looking for a job and once I landed a spot in one of the music bands where someone advised me that in order to be successful I had to seek the services of a witch.

Rigan narrates that some of the orders the witch would give out include stealing a child’s body and having sex with it. After that, one would be forced to cut the child’s umbilical cord and store it in a container, together with his sperms.

The witch would then use then instruct her clients to carry the concoction around and always apply it on their lips or their tongues which would bind their ‘competition’ or enemies if for instance they are applying for employment, and they would be successful.

He went on to reveal that on the day he was due to undergo the whole process, he overslept and missed the opportunity to meet the witch. The witch through Sarkozy’s friend, warned him that if he continued to play with fire he would be consumed.


He opted to seek the same services but this time from a male witch who ordered him to be buried from his neck down for three days, a process which ended prematurely after the witch detected that his spirit was in touch with God as he cried for salvation, and he was chased away.

Sarkozy decided to change his ways for good upon receiving a call from his mother who dreamt that her son had died.

It is at this point where he fled Tanzania with the little that he had and came back to Kenya where he was bred as a young boy and decided to give his life to Christ, despite being as drunk as a fiddler back in 2011.

Listen to the HERE.


Vanessa Mdee and Juma Jux in trouble for onstage kiss (Photos)

The two lovebirds are in trouble with Tanzania’s Communication Regulatory Authority (BASATA) for sharing a kiss on stage and posting it on social media.

During their ‘In Love&Money’ tour, while on stage, the two shared a passionate kiss while the crowd cheered them on.


Mdee and Jux then posted a photo of their kiss on social media, which is in breach of regulations passed by their government.


‘In Love&Money’ Tour

According to the BASATA Chief Executive, the two performers behaved indecently and he went ahead to say;

‘“Sasa huyu Jux na Vanessa hata kama ni wapenzi hawakutakiwa kufanya hayo waliyoonyesha jukwaani kwani kama ni mahaba mnatakiwa muonyeshane mkiwa faragha na siyo hadharani kama walivyofanya tunawafanyia kazi ili kukomesha tabia hizo,” said BASATA Chief Executive Geoffrey Mngereza.’

Artists have been warned before on such behaviour for the sake of  sustaining morality.

Hamisa Mobetto attacks Diamond Platnumz and his family in this cryptic message

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Holiday came early! Check out photos of Maina Kageni and Harmonize having fun in Tanzania

Maina Kageni is out and about enjoying and drooling at Tanzania’s beautiful scenery with close pal Harmonize.

I wish I had famous friends that I could travel with or just plan friendly visits to party with just like Maina Kageni.

Well like the saying goes, true friends are never apart maybe in distance but not by heart.

Maina is that guy who will always make time to see his friends no matter the distance proving we all need this kind of person in this cruel world.

He seems to be loving his tour in Tanzania as he shared this on social media,

“What a view!!!! What a place!!! What a tour guide!!! @harmonize_tz I love your country!!!

The pictures too can tell you a lot about his experience there with his friends.

Here are some photos he shared on social media;

tz m
Maina Kageni hangs out in Tanzania
tz m1
Bongo singer Harmonize and Maina Kageni


Maina Kageni and Harmonize doing the masai dance


Tanzanian star Harmonize


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Tanzanian Tour Guide Operator Arrested After Falsely Translating Tourists Remarks

A Tanzanian tour guide operator who was filmed falsely translating the words of a tourist has landed himself in big trouble with the authorities after a video of the incident went viral. If you haven’t seen it please check it out below.

Mwalimu Kingang’i Has Three Reasons Why Politicians Are Visiting Witchdoctors In Tanzania

In the video, the tourist was complementing the country and its scenic features but the tour guide operator completely misrepresents what the tourist meant and instead went on to attack the Tanzanian government about hunger crisis facing the East African nation, further saying she claimed that Tanzanians were always complaining about their plight as a nation…

Here’s a translation of the clip.

Tourist: Hi my visit to Tanzania has been beautiful and gorgeous. The people are fabulous and wonderful and friendly. The animals are wonderful.

Guide: Ansema watanzania mnalia njaa  kila siku mnalia nja wakati mna maua nyumbani. Si mchemshe maua mle. Si vizuri kulia njaa.

Tourist: The variety of animals and is incredible unlike anywhere else. 

Guide: Anasema mnaomba raisi wenye ampikie, kwani raisi wenyu ni mpishi? Chemsheni nguo mkunywe.

Tourist: It will be an experience to savor all your life. It is beautiful and remarkable.

Guide: Anasema mhangaike, na raisi hawezi kutoka ikulu awapikie chakula kwa hivyo mjipikie wenyewe.

VIP for Who? Tanzania’s First Lady Admitted At Government Hospital (Photos)

After the clip, the country’s tourist minister ordered his arrest. The man worked at the Serengeti National Park before he was arrested.

In the video, the ever smiling tourist has no clue that her beautiful remarks have been totally misrepresented.



President Maghufuli Rubbishes Mini-Skirt Ban Reports

Ladies are free to wear mini-skirts. Tanzania’s President Maghufui has denied banning mini-skirts and has termed the reports as baseless.

In a statement, Tanzania’s ministry of foreign affairs said it had noted with “serious concern” and “disapproval” reports that Magufuli had banned miniskirts.

“There is no doubt that His Excellency President Magufuli and his government are strong proponents of decent dressing, but the ministry wishes to put the record straight that the president has not issued any ban on miniskirts for any reason,” read the statement.

Standard media reported on Monday that Magufuli had banned miniskirts across Tanzania on the pretext that they encouraged the spread of HIV/Aids.

The ministry said while it appreciated the “enthusiastic” and “positive reviews” of president Magufuli’s performance in the media, it took “strong exception” at “irresponsible distortions” such as the one on miniskirts.

Following his sweeping victory last October, Magufuli has become an international hero due to cost-cutting measures introduced across the country.



Tanzanian president sweeps streets on independence day

Tanzanian President John Magufuli surprised onlookers Wednesday when he walked out of State House to collect rubbish off the streets, after cancelling independence day celebrations for a national cleanup.

Magufuli, who took power last month after winning October 25 elections, has introduced a swathe of austerity cuts and crackdowns on public corruption.

Dozens of fishermen joined in the clean up with their president, who shovelled leaves and plastic rubbish close to a fish market near the presidential palace as a crowd of hundreds looked on, an AFP reporter at the scene said.

“Let us work together to keep our country, cities, homes and workplaces clean, safe and healthy,” the smiling Magufuli said, as he picked up litter with his hands.

Street cleaning took place across the economic capital Dar es Salaam, with plumes of smoke rising into the sky as residents burned piles of litter.

Tanzania is also struggling to stem a major cholera outbreak, which health officials said last month had infected nearly 10,000 people and killed 150.

The Citizen newspaper carried a cartoon showing Tanzania’s national flag waving on a sweeping brush as the flag pole.

“Tanzania has changed – this is a new Tanzania, ” said Anyitike Mwakitalima, a resident of Dar es Salaam, as he took a break cleaning a stretch of beach.

Former president Jakaya Kikwete, who stepped down in November after serving his two-term limit, took part in cleaning in his home town of Chalinze sweeping and gathering rubbish.

“I am happy with his exercise. Let us give our president full support in his campaign to fight cholera and other communicable diseases,” Kikwete told national television, adding that he was impressed with his successor, who is from the same political party.

“I am very happy with measures he is taking to curb inefficiency, tax evasion and other malpractices in public offices, I am very proud of him,” Kikwete said.

Since Magufuli took office, some officials have been jailed for lateness, the head of the tax authority has been suspended and the use of public funds to pay for Christmas and New Year greeting cards banned.

Annual independence celebrations usually see military parades, choirs and traditional dances at the National Stadium in Dar es Salaam. Tanzania, then Tanganyika, won independence from Britain on December 9, 1961.

Photo Credits : AFP

Tanzania’s Magufuli sworn in as president

Tanzania’s new President John Magufuli was sworn into office Thursday along with the East African nation’s first female vice-president to huge cheers from crowds.

Magufuli’s win in the October 25 poll with over 58 percent of votes cemented the long-running Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) party’s firm grip on power.

Vice-President Samia Suluhu Hassan, who comes from Zanzibar, was also sworn in at a stadium in the economic capital Dar es Salaam, an AFP reporter at the ceremony said.

Elections were largely peaceful, but the opposition said the vote was rigged and also claimed victory, while semi-autonomous Zanzibar — which also voted for its own president — annulled polls over irregularities.

Outgoing President Jakaya Kikwete has said he is “so happy” to be leaving his job after a decade in power, having stepped aside after serving his two-term limit.

Magufuli, a 56-year old former chemistry teacher, ran on an anti-corruption platform, securing a convincing victory over his closest rival, ex prime minister Edward Lowassa who won 40 percent.

Those at the ceremony included African Union chairman, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, as well as regional leaders including Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta, Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni and Rwanda’s Paul Kagame.

Other neighbouring leaders included Filipe Nyusi of Mozambique and Zambia’s Edgar Lungu. South Africa’s Jacob Zuma was also present.

On Zanzibar, opposition supporters on the Indian Ocean archipelago said they were “unhappy” that the mainland had pressed ahead with the swearing in ceremony.

Zanzibar’s electoral commission ruled last week that the October 25 vote on the islands — where the 500,000 registered voters also cast ballots for Tanzania’s national president — must be carried out again, citing “violations” of electoral law.

The annulment came after a key candidate, Seif Sharif Hamad of the opposition Civic United Front (CUF), declared himself the winner before the results were officially announced.

Homemade bombs exploded in Zanzibar town over the weekend. No one was wounded, but the explosions sparked concern on the islands, whose economy is dependent on foreign tourists.

Photo Credits : AFP

Tanzania’s ruling party picks presidential candidate

Tanzania’s ruling party on Sunday anointed government minister John Magufuli as its candidate for presidential elections due to be held in October, party officials said.

Magufuli, 55 and currently the east African nation’s minister of works, will be widely expected to succeed President Jakaya Kikwete, who will be stepping down after his second and final term.

Presidential, parliamentary and local polls are due to take place on October 25.

The ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) party has been in power since independence in 1964, and currently has two-thirds of seats in parliament.

“This is the man we are sending for the campaign for our party,” said parliament speaker and leading CCM member Anne Makinda, after ballots were counted in Tanzania’s administrative capital of Dodoma.

The party said Magufuli scored 87 percent of the votes, beating off Justice Minister Asha-Rose Migiro, a former UN deputy secretary general and ex-foreign minister, and Amina Salum Ali, currently the African Union’s ambassador to Washington.

Magufuli had not initially been seen as a frontrunner, but was among three shortlisted from a field of nearly 40 other candidates that included Vice-President Mohamed Bilal, Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda, and former prime ministers Edward Lowassa and Frederick Sumaye.

Tanzania, with over 50 million people, is east Africa’s most populous country, with economic growth of more than seven percent, according to the World Bank.

Despite advances, the country “remains very poor by regional and international standards”, the World Bank says, with agriculture the key sector, providing a quarter of gross domestic product, and employing three-quarters of the population.

The government has also been criticised for failing to stamp out rampant corruption, and conservationists also say the number of elephants being slaughtered for ivory by poachers is among the highest anywhere on the continent.

Opposition politicians have meanwhile started the process of seeking party nominations for the presidential race.

Ibrahim Lipumba of the Civic United Front (CUF) will be making his fifth attempt to become president of Tanzania, having lost to Benjamin Mkapa in 1995 and 2000, and Kikwete in 2005 and 2010.

Some however believe the opposition could do better this time if they manage to unite.

The opposition said in October it would present single candidates at all levels, something analyst Nicodemus Minde from the International Law and Policy Institute (ILPI) said could provide “tough opposition”.

“There is no doubt that CCM remains an experienced grand old party, whose history and formation resonate with the ideals of Tanzania as a nation,” Minde said, but noted the party had been beset by “corruption scandals and internal schisms”.

Photo Credits : AFP

18 die in head-on crash in Tanzania

Eighteen people were killed and ten others injured, some seriously, Sunday in a head-on collision between a bus and a lorry in central Tanzania, a local official said.

“It was a head-on collision involving a bus and a lorry… the two vehicles then caught fire that burnt some of the victims to death,” Kilosa District Commissioner John Henjewele told state-owned Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation.

The accident happened in the Iyovu district of the central Morogoro region.

Henjewele said 15 passengers on the bus and three others in the lorry including the driver died at the scene.

The injured were taken to a nearby hospital with burns, some in a serious condition.

Photo Credits : AFP

Tanzania must halt violence against albinos: UN rights chief

The UN human rights chief harshly condemned Thursday the murder and mutilation of an albino toddler in Tanzania, demanding authorities protect albinos, whose body parts are used for witchcraft in the country.

“Violence and discrimination against people with albinism must be halted,” UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein said in a statement, condemning “the horrific murder and mutilation of Yohana Bahati.”

The one-year old boy was seized by men with machetes from his home in northern Tanzania’s Chato district overnight Saturday, and his mother was badly injured in the attack.

Police found his body, with his arms and legs hacked off, on Tuesday.

Zeid said attacks on people with albinism, which are often motivated by the use of body parts for witchcraft rituals, had claimed the lives of at least 75 people since 2000.

He warned that the attacks seemed to be on the rise, with at least three incidents over the past two months.

“I call on the Tanzanian authorities to swiftly investigate and prosecute perpetrators of this terrible crime and to strengthen its protection measures for people with albinism,” Zeid said.

The UN repeated its fears that the uptick in attacks against albinos could be linked to looming general and presidential elections in October 2015, as political campaigners may be turning to influential sorcerers to improve their odds.

“This is the year of elections in Tanzania and, as some analysts have suggested, it could be a dangerous year for people living with albinism,” UN country chief Alvaro Rodriguez warned Wednesday.

Albino body parts sell for around $600 in Tanzania, with an entire corpse fetching $75,000, according to the UN.

Albinism is a hereditary genetic condition which causes a total absence of pigmentation in the skin, hair and eyes. It affects one Tanzanian in 1,400, often as a result of inbreeding, experts say. In the West, it affects just one person in 20,000.

Photo Credits : AFP

I did not disrespect Kenyan artistes, Diamond

Bongo star Diamond Platnumz has denied claims that he treated Kenyan artistes with disrespect during a show held in Mombasa last week.

It was reported that during the show – dubbed Mashariki Festival, which took place at the coastal city’s Flamingo Hotel, the Nataka Kulewa hit-singer undermined the artistes by ordering his bouncers to evict them from the hotel’s VIP lounge. However, during an interview with the Word Is, Diamond debunked the reports.

He said, “I am very shocked by the stories published on the social media. I never refused to recognise Mombasa artistes or treated them disrespectfully. I was with them all over. I even had lunch with Nyota Ndogo as well as with some less privileged orphans at the hotel.”

The hotel’s management also refuted the claims, saying that all the artistes lounged at the VIP area and retired to their rooms after the performances.

“Every artiste was at the VIP area and later went straight to their rooms after the show. They were all accorded VIP treatment,” said Roslyn Kweyu, the hotel’s administration manager.


Tanzania’s attorney general resigns amid scandals

Tanzania’s Attorney General Frederick Werema has resigned, making him the first casualty of a corruption scandal that has rocked the government.

MPs last month called accused him of authorising the fraudulent transfer of about $120m (£76m) to an energy firm.

He denied wrongdoing, but quit because the controversy had “disrupted the country’s political atmosphere”, a presidential statement said.

The corruption allegations have led to donors suspending aid to Tanzania.

President Jakaya Kikwete took office in 2005 with a promise to tackle corruption in government, but critics accuse him of failing to live up to his pledge.

Tanzania’s parliament, dominated by the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) party, passed a resolution last month, calling on him to sack Mr Werema.

It also called for the dismissal of Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda, Energy and Minerals Minister Sospeter Muhongo and other senior officials.

All the officials and companies implicated in the scandal denied any wrongdoing.

An investigation by a parliamentary watchdog committee found that about $120m of government money had been taken from an escrow account, paid to an energy firm and then given to various government ministers.


Tanzania may evict Maasai’s to make way for Dubai royalty

Tanzania has been accused of reneging on its promise to 40,000 Masai pastoralists by going ahead with plans to evict them and turn their ancestral land into a reserve fro the royal family of Dubai to hunt big game.

Activist celebrated when the government said it had backed down over a proposed 1,500 sq km “wildlife corridor” bordering the Serengeti national park that would serve a commercial hunting and safari company based in the United Arab Emirates.

Now the deal appears to be back on and the Masai have been ordered to quit their traditional lands by the end of the year. Masai representatives will meet the prime minister, Mizengo Pinda, in Dodoma on Tuesday to express their anger. They insist the sale of the land would rob them of their heritage and directly or indirectly affect the livelihoods of 80,000 people. The area is crucial for grazing livestock on which the nomadic Masai depend.

Unlike last year, the government is offering compensation of 1 billion shillings (£369,350), not to be paid directly but to be channelled into socio-economic development projects. The Masai have dismissed the offer.

“I feel betrayed,” said Samwel Nangiria, co-ordinator of the local Ngonett civil society group. “One billion is very little and you cannot compare that with land. It’s inherited. Their mothers and grandmothers are buried in that land. There’s nothing you can compare with it.”

Nangiria said he believes the government never truly intended to abandon the scheme in the Loliondo district but was wary of global attention . “They had to pretend they were dropping the agenda to fool the international press.”

Source : Guardian

Rare titanosaur unearthed in Tanzania

In what has turned out to be a big surprise to many paleontologists and fossil hunters, a titanosaur fossil has been discovered in a cliff wall in Tanzania.

The titanosaur is also known as the Rukwatitan bisepultus, a mightily large dinosaur that weighed as much as a dozen elephants and with forelegs that were as long as 6 ½ feet.

Paleontologists from Ohio University who unearthed the titanosaur fossil described their findings in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, and stated that the unearthed vertebrae, ribs, legs, and pelvic bones of the extinct animal were discovered in Rukwa Rift Basin in southwestern Tanzania.

And although the most dreaded and largest of all dinosaurs, the dreadnoughtus schrani discovered recently in Argentina, became extinct about 66 million to 84 million years ago, the titanosaur or Rukwatitan bisepultus was estimated to have died 100 years ago.

READ MORE: http://thewestsidestory.net/2014/09/11/16318/paleontologists-unearth-rare-titanosaur-tanzania/